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Pre-departure Information Session 1: Pre-departure Checklist • Conduct some research on your host university, destination city and country o Apply for a valid student visa o Ensure your current passport will remain valid throughout your exchange period o Book your flight o Purchase relevant travel/medical/health insurance (Refer to Session 2: Insurance) o Settle academic matters (Refer to Session 3: Academic Matters) o Obtain emergency contacts of persons in your home university in case you need to seek assistance during your stay abroad. Simultaneously, leave a name of contact person of your host university to your family so that they can reach you through this person, if need o Emotional and physical preparation

Session 2: Insurance All outgoing exchange students are required to purchase relevant travel/ medical/health insurance for the entire period of exchange. You should ensure that you are covered by comprehensive health, accident, personal property and travel insurance, especially if you plan to travel for personal leisure during the exchange period. 1. Make sure you are medically fit and you have met the health requirement set by the host country before you depart. 2. Leave a copy of the insurance policy and number to your family.

Session 3: Academic Matters Before your departure, you need to settle some academic matters.

Maintain your student status at UM While studying abroad as an exchange student, you are still required to maintain your normal student status at UM. In order to do this, you must follow these important steps: 1. Inform and confirm with the program coordinator and/or exchange coordinator at the General Office of your faculty. You may need supporting documents such as Acceptance of Offer/Admission Letter issued by the host university. It is crucial that you obtain an official letter of approval from the university you will be exchanged to. 2. Apply for credit transfer, if applicable, at your faculty office. Students are advised to consult the relevant programme coordinator/academic advisor for advice on academic issues. It is important that you keep your exchange coordinator updated of any changes of the courses taken during exchange, especially, when you find that some of your chosen courses are not offered during your exchange, or when you wish to select other courses that you consider more interesting/ useful. Before making any changes, you must seek approval from the relevant faculty in UM. Otherwise, there would be a chance that your courses taken during exchange will not be transferred back to UM.

Arrival Information Session 4: Arrival Checklist • Meet your buddy or representative from your host university, if any o Report to your family right after arrival o Familiarize yourself with the campus and the neighborhood of your hall/ residence o Register your arrival at the International Office or the Office in-charge of your exchange programme o Apply for identification documents, like university identity card, library card, etc. o Sign up for orientation sessions o Select your courses and register; Consult and seek prior approval from your academic advisor if you find that some of your pre-approved courses are not offered during your stay, or if you wish to select other courses that you consider more interesting or relevant o Get an university email account and inform your family and friends of your new email address o Open a bank account, for depositing a large amount of cash (if any) and settle all outstanding bills before you end the exchange

Session 5: Arrival Arrangement • Check the date of orientation programmes. If there is no specific programme for incoming students, try to arrive at least a few days in advance of the first day of teaching. • Confirm your arrival details and inform your hall/hostel/host family of your arrival date and time well in advance. • Make sure you have the necessary information and local currency to get from the airport to the hall/residence.

Safety Abroad Session 6: Personal Safety Tips Before you travel abroad: • Check the outbound travel alert in Macao Government Tourist Office’s website ( After arriving at Host University: • Keep your door locked all the time. • Never allow strangers to enter your apartment or room. • Report any suspicious behavior to the hall manager/host family immediately. • Learn the fire exits in your dormitory and know your escape route. • Make sure all the fire and smoke alarms are in working order.

Session 7: General Safety Guidelines for Natural Disaster • • • • • • •

• •

• •

Stay calm! Do not use elevators. Disconnect all electrical appliances. Secure an escape by opening a window or door. Discuss emergency evacuation sites and routes with friends, host family members, and work out methods of contacting each other. Place a wet towel across your nose and mouth to prevent smoke inhalation. If you are in country prone to earthquakes, ensure you have secured furniture and other easily toppled items so that they do not fall over. If there is an earthquake, get under a study table or desk to avoid falling objects. Stay away from concrete block fences or large object such as vending machines that could fall over. Find something thick/hard to protect your head. Listen to the radio for news and instructions. If you are in the train or other public transportations, follow the directions of the personnel in charge. If you are on the street, find something hard to protect your head from falling objects. If you are in a public area, be careful to avoid panic-stricken crowds rushing toward exits or stairways. Do not try to drive during or after a severe earthquake. After an earthquake or fire, report to the International Office/Office in-charge of your location and safety.

Useful Information Session 8: Macao SAR Official Websites Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO): Tourism Crisis Management Office: Macau SAR Government Portal: Overseas Chinese Consulates:

Important Notice from Macau SAR Identification Department for Macao Residents 上的損失。為 帶來金錢及時間 您 為 將 件 證 行 起。 ,補領旅 的防蟲片放在一 的護照或旅行證 行證件與衣櫃裡 旅 「請小心保管您 的 您 將 勿 請 成損壞, 和國外交 免對旅行證件造 與中華人民共 o),透過網頁內 .m ov 中華人民 i.g 得 ds 獲 w. , w 接 署網址的連 覽本局網頁(w 公 瀏 員 先 派 可 特 , 區 前 政 在外出 地址、電話及有 門特別行 他駐外機關)的 和國外交部駐澳 其 共 的 民 權 人 授 華 部 中 交 、 部 館或外 (大使館、領事 共和國駐外機構 。 息 信 務的 關領事保護和服 華人民共和國 後前往附近的中 然 , 失 的 報 方 警 應向當地 您可以查閱當地 護照或旅行證, 外機關)求助。 失 駐 遺 證 他 地 份 其 外 身 的 在 的 權 您 您 授 如 交部 您能出示 館、領事館或外 地址及電話。如 的 關 機 述 上 駐外機構(大使 詢 查 助。 、旅行社及警方 資料亦能有所幫 電話簿或向酒店 供在澳聯絡人的 提 , 理 處 速 加 於 境當局 明文件,將有助 地警方及出入 ,請立即向當 難 困 境 機關) 入 外 他 駐 或遇到其 部授權的其他 件問題被扣查 領事館或外交 、 ) 2857 館 53 使 (8 如在外地因證 大 線 ( 熱 察局24小時 和國駐外機構 警 共 安 民 治 人 澳 華 本 中 電 要求與 過在澳親友致 也可親自或通 C)」 聯繫。此外, 求助。(DSI-0408 53) 2878 26 3333 或傳真 (8

If you are a Macao resident or UM student in need of assistance while abroad, you may contact the following representations of Macao SAR or Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) representatives.

Session9: Representations of Macao SAR Mainland China - Tourism Sector of Office of the Macau SAR in Beijing 中國內地 - 澳門特別行政區駐北京辦事處 - 旅遊組 Address: 16th/F Macau Center, No. 8, Wangfujing East Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100006, CHINA 地址: 中國北京市王府井東街8號澳門中心16層 郵政編號:100006 Tel: +86 10 58138000 Fax: +86 10 58138999 E-mail: Taiwan, China - Macau Economic and Cultural Office 中國台灣 - 澳門經濟文化辦事處 Address: Block A, 56/F Taipei 101 Tower, No.7, Xin Yi Road Sec 5 Taipei 110, Taiwan, China 地址: 台北市信義路5段7號台北101大樓56樓A座 Tel: +886 2 81011056 Fax: +886 2 81011057 E-mail: Belgium - Macau Economic and Trade Office Address: Avenue Louise, 480, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium Tel: +32 2 6471265 Fax: +32 2 6401552 E-mail: Geneva – Macao Economic and Trade Office to the World Trade Organization Address: Avenue Louis-Casai, 18, 1209 Geneve, SUISSE Tel: +41 22 7100780 Fax: + 41 22 7100788 E-mail: Portugal - Macau Tourism Promotion & Information Center in Portugal Address: Av. 5 de Outubro, No. 115, R/C, 1069-204 Lisboa, Portugal Tel: +351 21 7936542 Fax: +351 21 7960956 E-mail:

Session 10: Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) Representatives Asia/Pacific

Australia Address: Level 11, 99 Bathurst Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia Tel: +61 2 92641488 Fax: +61 2 92677717 E-mail:

Hong Kong, China Address: Room 1102, 11/F, The Centre Mark, 287-299 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong Tel: +852 28388680 Fax: +852 28388032 / +852 31182993 E-mail: India - Mumbai Address: 504, Marine Chambers, 43, New Marine Lines, Opp SNDT College, Mumbai - 400020, India Tel: +91 22 22000262 Fax: +91 22 22070131 E-mail: India - New Delhi Address: 72, Todarmal Road, Near Bengali Market, New Delhi - 110001, India Tel: +91 11 41669277 Fax: +91 11 41669577 E-mail: Indonesia Address: Jl. Dr. Sahardjo, No. 96A, Jakarta 12960, Indonesia Tel: +62 21 8305664 / +62 21 92869560 Fax: +62 21 83705913 E-mail: Website: Japan Address: Tel: Fax: E-mail: Website:

Sanden Building, 3rd Floor, 5-5, Kojimachi 3-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan +81 3 52752537 +81 3 52752535

Malaysia Address: Level 6, Office Tower, No. 1, Jalan Nagasari (Off Jalan Raja Chulan), 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: +60 3 21442500 Fax: +60 3 21435886 / +60 3 21481357 E-mail: Website: New Zealand Address: Level 10, 120 Albert Street, PO Box 6247, Wellesley St., Auckland, New Zealand Tel: +64 9 3085206 Fax: +64 9 3085207 E-mail: Philippines Address: Suite 11-D, 11th Floor, The Valero Tower, 122 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City, 1227, Philippines Tel: +63 2 8122595 / +63 2 8130947 Fax: +63 2 8925232 E-mail:

Singapore Address: 371 Beach Road, #12-06 KeyPoint, Singapore 199597, Singapore Tel: +65 62925383 Fax: +65 62925882 E-mail: South Korea Address: Suite 908, Baiknam Building (President Hotel), 188-3, Euljiro 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea Tel: +82 2 7784402 Fax: +82 2 7784404 E-mail: Website: Thailand Address: Tel: Fax: E-mail: Website:

8th Fl., Maneeya Center Building, 518/5 Ploenchit Road, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand +66 2 2555989 +66 2 6520509


USA - California Address: 1334 Parkview Ave., Suite 300, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, USA Tel: +1 310 5453464 / Toll Free 866 OK-MACAU Fax: +1 310 5454221 E-mail: USA - New York Address: 501 5th Ave., Suite 1101, New York, NY 10017, USA Tel: +1 646 2270690 Fax: +1 646 3668170 E-mail:


France Address: Tel: Fax: E-mail: Website:

5 Bis, Rue du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France +33 1 44778806 +33 1 42600545

German - Speaking Markets Address: Schenkendorfstrasse 1, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany Tel: +49 611 2676730 Fax: +49 611 2676760 E-mail: Website: United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland - London Address: 2nd Floor, Magdalen House, 136-148 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2TU, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 8454989983 Fax: +44 (0) 2031170951 E-mail: United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland - Oxford Address: Clarendon House, 52 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OX1 3HJ, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 8454989983 Fax: +44 (0) 2031170951 E-mail:

Source of Support Session 11: Contact Details of Exchange Coordinators Global Affairs Office Contact Person: Carmen Mok Email: Tel: (853) 8397 4392 Faculty of Business Administration Contact Person: Matilda Ng Email: Tel: (853) 8397 4731 Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities Contact Person: Karen Leong Email: Tel: (853) 8397 8357 Faculty of Science and Technology Contact Person: Sara Sio Email: Tel: (853) 8397 4969 Faculty of Education Contact Person: Bonnie Wong Email: Tel: (853) 8397 8779 Faculty of Law Contact Person: Suyanto Chan Email: Tel: (853) 8397 4773

Session 12: University Support Student Affairs office For matters related to general student services and activities, sports and dormitory services: Email for enquiries: For matters related to student counselling and development, future studies and career services: Email for enquiries: Student Counselling Address: Room A101, 1/F, Administrative Building Tel: (853) 8397-4681 Fax: (853) 8397-4683 Email: Counselling Rooms Room 8A-2, 8th Floor, Block I Room 904, 9th Floor, East Asia Hall

Emergency Cards Name: Mr/Ms Blood Type: Allergies: Other Medical Information: Ambulance (at host country): Police (at host country):

Name: Mr/Ms Blood Type: Allergies: Other Medical Information: Ambulance (at host country): Police (at host country):

Name: Mr/Ms Blood Type: Allergies: Other Medical Information: Ambulance (at host country): Police (at host country):

Home University: University of Macau (UM) UM General Phone Number: (853) 2883 1622 MGTO 24-hour Emergency Hotline: (853) 28 333 000 Public Security Police Force 24-hour Hotline: (853) 2857 3333 Insurance Policy Number/Agent:

Home University: University of Macau (UM) UM General Phone Number: (853) 2883 1622 MGTO 24-hour Emergency Hotline: (853) 28 333 000 Public Security Police Force 24-hour Hotline: (853) 2857 3333 Insurance Policy Number/Agent:

Home University: University of Macau (UM) UM General Phone Number: (853) 2883 1622 MGTO 24-hour Emergency Hotline: (853) 28 333 000 Public Security Police Force 24-hour Hotline: (853) 2857 3333 Insurance Policy Number/Agent:




Open your eyes, open your mind





澳門世遺景點 The World Heritage Sites of Macao

大三巴牌坊 Ruínas da Antiga Catedral de São Paulo

3 4

聖母聖誕主教座堂 Catedral Igreja da Sé

2 崗頂前地 Largo de Santo Agostinho

5 1 7

媽閣廟 Templo de A-Má


東望洋燈塔 Farol da Guia




玫瑰聖母堂 Igreja de São Domingos

民政總署大樓 Edifício do Instituto para os Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais

鄭家大屋 Casa do Mandarim



Weather The climate of Macao is moderate to hot. It is fairly warm tropical climates. The annual temperature ranges from 10ºC to 35ºC. The humidity level is high and with an average range between 75% and 90%. Mostly during Summer months, the annual rainfall is 1.778mm. Month

Jan – Mar (Winter)

Apr – Sept (Spring, Summer)

Oct – Dec (Autumn)



Levels rise in April



Cold but sunny

Hot, humid and rainy

Sunny and warm

Temp (approx.)

10ºC – 20ºC

20ºC – 35ºC

15ºC – 25ºC


Woolen clothes, thick jackets or overcoats

Light cotton clothes in Summer

Light jackets, cardigans, sweaters



With tropical storms (typhoon) from May to Sept

Most pleasant season

Typhoon and Rainstorm

If a signal 8 is hoisted, bridges between Macao and Taipa and the isthmus between Taipa and Coloane are closed. As a preventive measure, sea and air connections between Macao and Hong Kong as well as most flights are cancelled. When rainstorm warning is issued, the public and private entities should take adequate prevention measures. Students should pay attention to reports from radio or TV (TDM) for any safety arrangements.

Emergency and Useful Phone Numbers and Websites *** Making International calls from Macao: 00 +(country code) + (area code) + (local subscriber number) (When making international calls, remember to omit the first zero of the area code.) Emergency Services Emergency Fire Brigade Police Ambulance services (Conde S. Januario Hospital) Ambulance services (Kiang Wu Hospital) Taipa Island (Health Center) Coloane Island (Health Center)

Tel 999 2857 2222 2857 3333 2831 3731 2837 1333 2881 3089 2888 2030

Language The official language of Macao is Chinese and Portuguese. Cantonese is being widely spoken and English is generally used in trade, tourism and commerce, especially in tourist establishments.

Currency The official currency in Macao is ‘Pataca’ (MOP$). There are banknotes and coins in the following denominations: Coins: 10, 20 and 50 avos (cents); 1, 2, 5 and 10 Patacas. Banknotes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 Patacas. HK$ and is widely accepted in Macao, however, some shops do not refund the currency difference. Chinese Yuan (CNY) is accepted in most tourist areas, hotels and shopping districts. Money and traveller’s cheques can be changed in larger hotels, banks. Authorized exchange dealers can be found all around the city.

Reference of Different Currencies

Country Currency Country Currency Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Europe Euro (EUR) Macao Pataca (MOP) United Kingdom British Pound (GBP) USA U.S. Dollar (USD) Switzerland Swiss Franc (CHF) Japan Japanese Yen (JPY) Canada Canadian Dollar (CAD) Taiwan, China Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Australia Australian Dollar (AUD) Mainland China Chinese Yuan (CNY) New Zealand New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

中國澳門氹仔徐日昇寅公馬路 Av. Padre Tomas Pereira, Taipa, Macau, China URL: Email: Tel: (853) 28831662 Fax: (853) 28831694

Pre-departure Notebook  

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