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Lawrence Kids a resource guide for parents

Autumn, 2009 - Free

Lawrence Kids a resource guide for parents

Autumn, 2009 Ranjbar Orthodontics..........5 Wheat State Pizza..............17 a beautiful smile, naturally

fresh, healthy & local

Custom Classics Blue Plate Dinners.............18 Photography..........7 meals made easy stopping time, for a lifetime

White Lotus Photography...20 Dr. Lenahan & The Spectacle......7

timeless portraits

the eyes have it

Blue Dandelion..................21 Hedges Real Estate..............8

children’s boutique

practical home buying tips

Googols of Learning..........23 John Gladman Photography..........11 capturing timeless moments

Kruger Photography..........13

the science of fun

Community Living Opportunities.......24 support for special needs

preserving the innocence

Lawrence Memorial Hospital...................15

Americana Music Academy.......25 music for all ages

Car seat safety

Lawrence Gymnastics Academy................27 Sunfire Ceramics................16 painting with the family

lessons, camp and parties

The Arts and Anatomy..............10 Mom’s Taxi or Sex Machine?.....19 by Julie Dunlap by Liz Weslander

Let Them Eat Cake......................12 Not So Great Outdoors...............26 by Tasha Keathley by Derek Helms

Parent Resource Guide..........28 cover photo: Ella by Tasha Keathley

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Ranjbar Orthodontics a beautiful smile, naturally A smile is a personal thing, and creating a naturally beautiful smile designed specifically for you is the goal of Ranjbar Orthodontists. From the koi pond in front of the office, to the warm architectural elements and friendly disposition of Sunny (Dr. Ranjbar’s yellow Labrador retriever), Ranjbar Orthodontics strive to make each visit to the clinic a relaxed experience. The state-of-the-art treatment bays overlook an unobstructed view of the McGrew Nature Preserve and natural tones are used throughout the building to create a calming atmosphere. Children can watch the tropical fish and pet Sunny while parents are assured the experienced staff is doing all they can to ensure patients receive the best possible care. Dr. Ranjbar understands that some adults and children may be apprehensive about getting braces. As a father, he recognizes the sensitive nature of orthodontics and will only do what he would do for his own family. Ranjbar Orthodontics provides a variety of treatment options for you and your family. Some of these include traditional metal

braces, clear braces, Invisalign (invisible braces), surgical orthodontics and more. These options supply both adults and children with a path to a natural beautifully aligned smile that is custom tailored to each individual. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child’s first orthodontic visit occur by age 7 or earlier if a problem is detected by parents, the family dentist or the child’s physician. Orthodontic treatment can be started at any age. Early treatment may mean that a patient can avoid surgery and more serious complications. Ranjbar Orthodontics offers free initial consultations for all patients. During this visit, Dr. Ranjbar will address your primary concerns as well as provide you with a general overview of your dental status. In most cases, he will let you know specifically what, if any, treatment is needed. Dr. Ranjbar will monitor your child’s development to help prevent any complications. Ranjbar Orthodontics truly appreciates the opportunity to serve their patients. From fair and caring treatment to pool and bowling parties, Dr. Ranjbar and his staff will give you and your children something to smile about.



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Creating a naturally beautiful smile, designed specifically for you.

Custom Classics Photography stopping time, for a lifetime

When Quinn Hancock photographs children, his goal is simple. “My job is to stop time,” says Hancock, owner of Custom Classics Photography. “Quite literally, my goal is to stop time and show your child in a way you will always cherish.” Hancock’s nearly 15 years of experience are invaluable when working with children. “I’ve learned how let kids be themselves,” Hancock says. “Parents know that kids are adaptable, but we don’t want them to adapt to us. When I photograph children, I adapt to them. I try to learn their quirks and personalities. Then we capture that essence of their youth.” A great photo isn’t just a keepsake; it’s a work of art. Hancock urges parents to consider the importance of great photography before simply settling for their own snapshots. “Think about where you will display it, and for how long it will be shown. Would you rather have a headshot from their school or an image that captures a great moment in your children’s lives?”

Finding that great image isn’t always easy in a studio. Some of Custom Classics Photography’s best images are captured on location. “We do everything we can to make the kids feel comfortable. Maybe your son is most comfortable in his room or your daughter loves ballet, we’ll find the place that best represents your children and makes them the most comfortable.” Hancock’s talents haven’t gone unnoticed. He was named the 2009 Photographer of the Year by the Kansas Professional Photographers Association and has won numerous international Kodak Fuji awards. “As a father of two, I know how precious a great picture of your kids can be,” Hancock says. “I have photos of my kids I look at everyday that remind me of that day and that time in their life. We’ll do everything we can to capture a moment like that in your child’s life.” For more information about Custom Classics Photography, to view images or to set up a consultation, please call 785-883-4166 or visit www.customclassicsphotography. com.

Dr. Lenahan & thethespectacle eyes have it For Dr. Kevin Lenahan, helping people is a passion. The habit of helping others was instilled in Dr. Lenahan while becoming an Eagle Scout. “I learned early in life that helping others is, truly, the best way to be happy,” Dr. Lenahan said. A proud product of Tonganoxie, Dr. Lenahan shares his passion for helping with all of his patients. “Knowing that my crew here work everyday to help families is the best motivation,” Dr. Lenahan said. After graduation from optometry school from Northeastern State University in Talhequah, Oklahoma, Dr. Lenahan returned home in Kansas and opened clinics in Topeka and Lawrence. He has expanded to clinics in Lyndon and Tonganoxie as well. Dr. Lenahan is a family primary care optometrist with emphasis on children’s vision, ocular disease, contact lenses (including cosmetic contacts, bifocal contacts, and monovision), and laser surgery co-management. Dr. Lenahan is a member of the American Optometric Association) and the Kansas Optometric Association.

“We take great pride in our work with children,” Dr. Lenahan said. “When a child is having trouble seeing, it affects everything they do. Their concentration is off, often times they have headaches and it all results in delayed learning.” Dr. Lenahan encourages parents to pay close attention to their children’s eyesight. Often times children will lose interest in things because of failing eyesight. “Really intelligent kids, if they are having trouble seeing a blackboard or a book, will easily become discouraged in school,” Dr. Lenahan said. “That’s why it is essential to have your children’s eyesight tested annually. We will pick up on the slight changes in eyesight that could have significant consequences in your child’s eyes.” Children should have their first eye examination by three. Common problems include lazy eye, crossed eye, farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and color deficiencies. Many of these visual problems are best managed when detected and treated early. Lawrence Kids 7

Home Buying with Hedges Real Estate Bryan Hedges, owner of Hedges Real Estate, can’t remember a better time to buy a house. “Interest rates are at all-time lows and first-time home buyers can save $8000,� Hedges said. While many markets are suffering, the Lawrence real estate market remains relatively strong. “Home prices are lower then two years ago,� Hedges said. “However, the Lawrence market remains strong and isn’t expected to fall much. Buying now is really insuring you get the best price on a home in town.� Before signing the mortgage, Hedges suggests four simple steps to help guide families through the home-buying process.

the importance of securing a good buyer’s agent,� Hedges said. “Chances are the seller will have an agent, and you certainly want someone working on your behalf.� A buyer’s agent worth their salt will negotiate the best price and guide you through the paper work.

1. Get Pre-Approval – After deciding you’re ready to buy a home, getting pre-approved for a home loan is the most important step. By meeting with a mortgage broker, you’ll know exactly how much you can spend on your mortgage. In addition, many sellers won’t consider your offer unless you have proof of pre-approval.

4. Find a Type of House – “In a town like Lawrence, there are so many different types of homes,� Hedges said. “You really need to decide which features you most value in your new home. Maybe it’s a large master bedroom or a great kitchen or the perfect backyard, but don’t just go looking at random houses. Spending time decided what you want will help you get what you want.�

3. Research the Area – A number of things, not just next-door neighbors, go into making a neighborhood livable. Hedges suggests looking into schools, traffic patterns, Homeowners Associations and city zoning of areas of town in which you are interested. “If you have children, obviously the school district is incredibly important,� Hedges said.

2. Find a Good Buyer’s Agent – “I can’t stress enough

Support Lawrence. Save Money.

Give Back.

Tired of watching YOUR hard-earned MONEY go to someone else’s bank?

Never worry about your credit card, car or mortgage payments again.

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Checker’s Pachamama’s Global Cafe Bambino’s Zen Zero India Palace Ten Paisano’s Zig & Mac’s Bigg’s BBQ Genovese La Parrilla Set’em Up Jack’s Johnny’s 23rd St. Brewery Buffalo Bob’s Smokehouse Mariscos Local Burger Wheat State Pizza 

8 Lawrence Kids






Arts Anatomy by Julie Dunlap of My youngest daughter, Caroline, is an interesting creature in our home. She lights up our days and fills our nights with song - and has provided me with much writing material. Last fall she began the wondrous journey of Kindergarten. And every day I was in awe of her teachers who not only instructed with love and patience, but allowed her to come back, morning after morning. I was never more in awe, however, than one particular Monday morning. Let me begin by saying that Caroline, by this point, had been publicly (and correctly) recognized by her teacher, Mrs. MyHero, as being “not like the others,” relative to our three oldest (and model citizen) children. The distinction came early but soon snowballed, starting with her near-sabotage of parent-teacher conferences. My husband and I had planned to address Caroline’s chronic complaints about a supposed bully in the class. A real monster. The kind of kid who will likely finish high school in juvie, with a rep for teasing, taunting, and terrorizing classmates, according to our daughter. And we were more than ready to call this child out. But just hours before c o n f e re n c e s were to take place, we got a call from the principal. Caroline, apparently, had stabbed said “bully” in the hand with a pencil in a fit of vigilante passion. But just when we feared this would greatly reduce the likelihood of our concerns about a classroom terrorist being taken seriously, Mrs. MyHero forgave her without a second thought. And the “bully” (actually, the entire class) did not mess with our Caroline again. I know she learned things at school too, though. She came home eager to share her newfound knowledge nearly 10 Lawrence Kids

every day. Her Catholic school once presented a lesson to the children on “good touch, bad touch,” and I greatly appreciated their willingness to protect my child from molestation with dignity and a sense of security. Caroline couldn’t wait to let us all know, however, that it’s not really called a “fanny,” but rather, a “ba-gina.” We always look forward to seeing what Caroline brings home. So I was happy to sit down with her one Friday and read the “Alphabet Book” she had constructed at school over the course of weeks. We had flipped nearly halfway through pages of impressive writing and illustrating, all by Caroline, from apples and bears to ice cream and jars. And then came the letter K. Caroline had very beautifully copied the sentence, “The man has keys” across the bottom of the page as instructed. Above the sentence she had, very thoroughly, brought the story to life with her own illustration. Standing gingerbread-man-posed above her written piece was, indeed, a man holding keys in his right hand. He also had a bad comb-over atop his head and a great big smile. And we know without a doubt that this was a man, as opposed to a woman, or even a boy, as he was not only drawn completely and 100% buck-naked, but anatomically correct as well. Yes, indisputably a post-pubescent man with 10 fingers, 10 toes, all other appropriate appendages and hair growth, and a bellybutton. And keys, of course. But when others might have greeted me arm-in-arm with SRS upon seeing such art, Mrs. MyHero did not question or judge. She had simply smiled at me after school that Friday as she scooted Caroline (and her backpack filled with hand-drawn soft porn) into my arms, knowing quite a surprise awaited me for the weekend. So my 5-year-old, quite graphic, artist was welcomed back to school each new day. And for that, among many other things, I am extremely thankful. Julie is a wife and mother of four living in Lawrence with a love of laughter and absolutely no artistic talent. Follow her hilarious blog at

John Gladman Photography

capturing timeless moments

Great photography is simple: capture that single moment that tells the story words cannot. By creating an environment in which families and children are comfortable to express who they are, John Gladman Photography captures in pictures the moments and emotions that are cherished for years. “Too many people take for granted the power of good photography,” John Gladman said. “The right picture can become a family heirloom, cherished by many generations.” John has a knack, you could say, for finding that right moment on film. He has been named to the Kansas Professional Photographers Associations’ list of Top-10 photographers 11 years in a row, and the Kansas Photographer of the Year 3 times (2000, 2004 & 2008). “With children, the best photographs are often taken in the moments between poses,” John said. “Especially with younger kids, the sly smiles and innocent laughs really come through when they are comfortable and confident. We really work with parents to help bring out and cap-

ture the great personalities of their kids.” But photos are just for kids. Some of Gladman’s best work is done including the entire family. “Parents are always finding excuses not to be in pictures with their kids. They’ll say they need to lose weight or get a haircut, but the kids almost always like having them involved,” Gladman said. “And years down the road, the family photos are always some of the favorites.” Gladman’s studio is a relaxed, welcoming space – far from the hectic, distracting studios found in malls or stores. Appointments are not rushed and John’s focus is on capturing the photo his client wants. If someone has a favorite spot (a field with a view, the front porch, etc.), John works with them. “We’ll scout locations to find the best perspective and when the natural light is best for the photos.” “It’s simple, really,” John said. “With photography, we capture that moment, maybe a smile or a glance, that people try to describe, but just can’t find the words.”

Let Them Eat Cake by Tasha Keathley

I have one memory of my third birthday. My mom and I were standing outside my preschool classroom waiting for my teacher to open the door. The janitor grinned at me and asked “is today your birthday?” For him it seemed obvious. With a huge smile on my face I clung to three pink helium filled balloons and my mom carried the most beautiful birthday cake a girl could hope for. But, to his surprise, I shook my head from side to side and chirped “nope, we haven’t eaten any cake yet.” For me, it just couldn’t be a birthday without a cake. And my cake was gorgeous, perfect actually. It was a twotiered white butter cream piece of pastry heaven. Foil covered columns separated the tiers and a plastic Cinderella sat in her magical horse drawn carriage wishing me the happiest of birthdays. Every year on the anniversary of my birth my mom made me a decorated chocolate cake. The lights would be turned out and, surrounded by my family, I would make a wish as I blew out my birthday candles. Now that I am a mother of four I know what went into those fabulous cakes, but as a child I was oblivious. I had no idea that my mom would not go to sleep until 4 am because she was using the #4 star tip to cover every last inch of the bunny head shaped birthday cake in which I would bury my face on my first birthday. I didn’t know that on my fifth birthday my mom learned that buttercream falls apart if you add too much red liquid food coloring. And, I was unaware that my dad would be forced to go back to the store to buy more pink candles because there were not enough in the four packages of assorted candles he had brought home the night before I turned 13. All I knew was

every birthday I would have the cake of my dreams. Today, we are bombarded with images of over-the-top celebrity kid birthday bashes, aisles and aisles of party goods at our local big box stores, and entire television shows dedicated to super sweet 16 celebrations. With all the hype it is easy to feel pressured to put on a production for our favorite birthday boys and girls. But, before you stress out over frosting color, streamers, and party hats, take a breath and remember what stood out for you on your special day. I don’t remember much about my third birthday. I can’t remember what I wore. I don’t know what gifts I unwrapped. I’m not even sure my preschool class sang to me. But, I do remember the cake. I also remember the anticipation, the excitement, and knowing the day was mine. When planning your little one’s celebration remember that she probably won’t recall the details. Making her birthday special doesn’t need to be stressful. Make a tradition that you will love to keep. Fill your child’s bedroom with tons of balloons. Plant a special tree each year. Surprise her with her favorite dessert – for breakfast! Buy her a book that you loved at that age and write a note on the inside cover about the funny and amazing things she did the year before. Use her personalized birthday plate and let her eat as much cake as she can. Take a photograph of her blowing out candles and keep it in a special birthday album for a treasured keepsake. Break a piñata every year. Have dinner at the restaurant of her choice. Create a scavenger hunt for her to find her birthday gift. Or, do like my mom did and make a special cake in her favorite flavor. Whatever you decide to do for your child’s birthday should be memorable not because it is expensive, stressful, or difficult, but because it makes her feel fabulous. Tasha lives in Lawrence with her husband and four children. She is currently busy planning her son’s 6th birthday party.

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Kruger Photography preserving the innocence Few things in life are as treasured as the innocence of a child. Preserving that innocence in a photograph is what Maggie Kruger does. “I find great joy in capturing a child’s emotions during a photography session, smiling and serious,” says Maggie Kruger, owner of Kruger Photography. “Knowing that I’ve created a memory that will be cherished by families for generations is an awesome feeling.” Kruger has had a passion for photography since she was a child. “I’d flip through my parents’ copies of National Geographic and knew that’s what I wanted to do,” Kruger said. Though her career hasn’t taken her to the wilds of Africa, she has honed her photographer’s eye on capturing the wilds of youth. Her 22 years of experience has provided some unique experiences on which she can build. “Children are absolutely the best,” Kruger said. “They have the most unguarded expressions. If they’re happy, they smile. If not, you just need to step back and let them get com-

fortable. Patience is the key.” One of Kruger’s great joys is watching kids grow. Her unique photography is suited for parents to document their child’s growth. “I’ve photographed kids from the time their mother was pregnant to their graduation pictures,” Kruger said. “I can’t count the number of senior photo shoots I’ve done, and then photographed their wedding 5 years later.” With the onset of digital photography, Kruger urges families not to forget the power of the printed image. “Sure, it’s easy to take 100 pictures with your camera, but so many people never actually print their photos,” Kruger said. “If you leave your images on a CD or in your computer, the chances of being able to read them in 50 years are just about zero. Is this what you want to leave for your grandchildren? These images are part of your child’s history to be treasured for years to come - putting them in an album is a great option and a decision you won’t regret.”

Photography that captures the innocence of youth, from birth to graduation.

. .


Limited Edition Sessions Family Photos Pets Holiday New Born Packages

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Car Seat Safety Tips from LMH is your child safe? Using car seats for children is the law and the only way to keep them safe in moving vehicles. In fact, car seats are so effective that thousands of lives have been saved simply by putting children in approved car seats every time they ride. Choosing a seat and installing it correctly can be challenging, however. Safe Kids Douglas County and Lawrence Memorial Hospital offer the following tips. • All children 12 and under should ride in the back seat. • Read your child safety seat instruction manual and vehicle owner’s manual carefully for proper installation instructions. • The seat should be locked tightly against the vehicle seat. When installed correctly it should not move more than one inch forward or side to side. • Replace any child safety seat that has been involved in a crash. • Like other consumer products, child safety seats are occasionally recalled. Send in your registration card to be sure you’ll be notified. You can call the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Auto Safety Hotline, (888) 327-4236, or check the Safe Kids USA Web site at usa. for updated recall information. Infants • Infants should be in rear-facing child safety seats as long

as possible, but at least until they weigh 20 pounds and are one year old. Never put a rear-facing seat in the front seat of a vehicle with an active passenger air bag. 1-4 Years Old • Children older than one and between 20 and 40 pounds can be in forward-facing child safety seats or in rear-facing convertible seats if the child has not reached the maximum rear-facing weight. 4-8 Years Old • Children ages four to eight (about 40 to 80 pounds) should be in booster seats and restrained with lap and shoulder belts every time they ride. Adult safety belts alone do not adequately protect children this size from injury in a crash. Safe Kids Douglas County offers free child safety seat checks by certified child passenger safety technicians. For community check lane event information or to set up an appointment, call LMH ConnectCare at (785) 749-5800 or visit

Locally Owned, Full-Service Automotive Repair

Slimmer’s Slimmer’s Auto Service 2030 Service E. 23rd St Auto Lawrence, KS

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State-of-the-Art Alignment & Brakes

Whole Body Health Amber Belt, ND Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine 901 Kentucky, Suite 102 (785) 218-0606 New Overland Park Office

Lawrence’s NEWEST Pizza Place!

(913) 961-6308 Specializing in nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy & physical medicine

Natural medicine for the whole family

Kids Pizzas & Great Deals for Parties Dine In / Salad Bar / Buffet / Delivery / Carry out 3514 Clinton Parkway . (785) 856-5577 .

Lawrence Kids 15

Sunfire Ceramics painting with the family tery to a minimum. Paint, set-up, cleaning and firing of the piece is $4 plus the price of the piece you choose to It’s on the walls, the finished paint. pieces of pottery and shining in through the windows. “We cater to families, so keeping the cost down is very Color fills the rooms at Sunfire Ceramics and creates an important,” Roth said. environment in which families relax and create handsSunfire carries a great selecon pottery projects. No art experience is necessary. In tion of pottery pieces, including fact, inexperienced artists are encouraged. From infants decorative accents, piggy banks making footprints to adults painting margarita glasses, (from pigs to hippos) picture the entire family can have fun painting and end up with frames, light switch plates, ice a work of art to enjoy. cream bowls, vases, and a variety Owner Cheryl Roth’s staff is happy to offer ideas and of garden statues. Some of the most popular pieces are provide guidance throughout the painting process. “Everyone here loves to help,” she said. “Creating your own the functional dinnerware from teacups to platters. The plates, cups and bowls are safe for the dishwasher and design is the best part. We’re here microwave after being fired. to help with the set-up, answer Birthday parties (and adult parties!) can be held in questions and clean up afterthe Garden Party Room - free of charge. The Birthday wards.” Package includes the pottery project and a complemenThe shop has a variety of tary Birthday Plate. Families bring the cake, presents and finished sample pieces, books, guests. Sunfire provides guidance and does the clean up. stencils and stamps to use. SunA more recent option Sunfire offers are shimmering fire offers more than 40 colors of bright, non-toxic glazes, along with speckled, crackle and projects made from kiln fired fused glass. The projects are surprisingly simple to create and strikingly beautiful stoneware specialty non-toxic glazes. Roth keeps the cost of painting a unique piece of pot- when fired.




Learn Pottery Painting & Fused Glass techniques to make your own Functional Dinnerware and Artistic Accents. Picture Frames, light switch plates, cabinet knobs & backsplash tiles. Garden Art and Great Gift Choices


Kids or Adults, Birthdays to Bridal Showers. Enjoy Unique and Creative Fun in our Free Garden Party Room.


Birthdays, Babies, Weddings & more. You provide the Names, Dates and Details, we paint your Custom Work

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It’s the color that grabs you.

Wheat Statefresh, Pizza healthy & local In 2004, Ryan Murphy, a veteran restaurant manager in the Lawrence area, opened a single pizza shot at 23rd and Louisiana in The Malls Shopping Center. Just 5 years later, Wheat State Pizza has 10 locations throughout northeast Kansas. “Our goal has always been to create pizza that is delicious, all natural and healthy,” Ryan Murphy said. “I know others say it, but our success is directly related to the quality of our pizza. I started Wheat State Pizza with one goal: make great pizza using the freshest local ingredients.” Wheat State Pizza makes their own pizza sauce, dough from scratch, shreds their cheese fresh, slices fresh vegetables daily and offers unique toppings from which to choose. Murphy is proud of the ingredients Wheat State uses and boasts of the variety of options available. Wheat State promotes its Kansas roots by featuring topping such as sunflower seeds, spinach and Portobello mushrooms. If your kids aren’t adventurous eaters, Wheat State also makes an “awesome” pepperoni pizza.

“Each pizza we make is created to order,” Murphy said. “To ensure each pizza is fresh, we slice our own vegetables for each individual pizza. Nothing comes frozen in a box.” The ingredients are fresh and the pizzas are unique, but Wheat State offers something no other pizza shop in Lawrence does: multiple flavors of ice cream. Flavors are available for both in-shop dining and delivery orders. “We are really proud of being a locally owned business,” Murphy said. “Being able to offer the best pizza in Lawrence, along with great ice cream, is really invaluable.” Wheat State recently became the newest member of The Lawrence Originals, a group of locally owned restaurants dedicated to supporting Lawrence. “By joining The Lawrence Originals, we can accept and promote the Lawrence GiveBack Card,” Murphy said. “So come by, have a great pizza made from fresh ingredients, enjoy a cone of best ice cream in town and help support your favorite Lawrence charity.”

Blue Plate Dinners Looking for an easy, fun and tasty way to solve the daily dinner dilemma? How about a way to save tons of time and money? Then get yourself and your kids to Blue Plate Dinners. The locally developed, owned and operated meal assembly kitchen opened in January 2007 and has been helping families with dinner ever since. A “meal assembly kitchen” is a unique place where the menu planning, shopping for ingredients, slicing, dicing and (maybe most importantly), clean up is all done for you. The staff at Blue Plate Dinners creates easyto-make recipes, which change every month. This allows your family to make a month’s worth of meals in an hour or two, take them home and freeze them. Enjoy restaurant quality meals without the time involved in cooking from scratch, and without the expense of dining out. “I’ve put pen to paper and I know I’m saving money getting meals from Blue Plate Dinners,” said Samantha House, a new customer. “And the food is great. My kids love it!”

Meal assembly at Blue Plate Dinners turns a monotonous chore into a fun outing. It’s not just meal preparation, however. Plan an outing with your friends or family, and you’ll find that time spent at Blue Plate is not only productive, but fun. “Blue Plate meals are delicious,” said Joni Appleman, a Blue Plate regular. “I have so many favorites and my family really looks forward to the new menu each month. It’s great that Blue Plate is child friendly. My daughter loves coming with me. Involving her in meal preparation is a great lesson in nutrition and having meals prepared and ready to go lowers my evening stress level.” Though assembling the food at Blue Plate is fun, it’s not necessary. Assembly, delivery, preassembled meals, side dishes, appetizers and desserts are all available. Menus are designed to have enough variety to please adult palettes, while being kid-tested and approved. Although the concept was originally designed for busy families, the “typical” customer is anyone who likes good food. Singles, couples, empty-nesters, and families all flock to Blue Plate for great food and good fun at a low price. Blue Plate Dinners is located at 6th & Wakarusa in Lawrence. Store hours are Monday-Friday 10am-7pm and Saturday 10am-4pm. Visit the or call (785) 856-2656 to get started

Mom’s TaxiorSex

Machine? by Liz Weslander

I want a minivan. Although it sounds like an innocuous desire, I am often met with a barrage of disparaging groans and snickers when I admit this in mixed company. “Don’t do it!,” the crowd will yell as they look at me with mix of horror and pity on their faces. Apparently, minivans symbolize something undesirable to many people. From what I can gather, many believe that purchasing a minivan is tantamount to surrendering any chance of being hip, spontaneous, and most importantly, sexy. I think this population of kneejerk minivan-phobes is sorely misinformed. I will concede that my desire for a minivan is pragmatic, even banal. Basically, I want the ability to transport more than just my family of four in a safe and comfortable fashion. Right now, I can offer an extra passenger in our car about eight inches of butt space (complete with lap belt) between two booster seats in the backseat. I know that in the good old days, we piled ourselves two deep into the front seat and such, but there are laws against that now. Besides, I want a vehicle with some room to stretch out during long road trips. So, the only vehicles still currently being manufactured that offer the kind of space I want are oversized SUVs and minivans. While an oversized SUV might render me cool in some circles, my personal belief is that if you own that type of vehicle, you better damn well be using it to pull a large boat or horse trailer - not to take your kids and their friends to the movies. This belief makes the minivan the obvious choice for me. When I explain my logic to the anti-minivan camp, they inevitably conclude that I can circumvent this dilemma by purchasing the apparently now hip and ironic full-size station wagon. Strangely enough, nobody ever suggests the full-size conversion van - complete with swivel seats and card table -which, if you’re into being ironic, has far more bang for the buck. But that’s beside the point. My point is that I’m not going to choose some piece of shit station wagon over a minivan. It may be hip in some circles, it is certainly has an air of spontaneity, but in my world view

there ain’t a damn thing sexy about a station wagon. So lately, I’ve taken a different tack. It is this. I am claiming, with a straight face, that minivan is really the sexiest ride around. First of all, if you need a minivan, you’ve been getting busy on a regular basis in the past few years and you have the goods to prove it. Secondly, anybody who has taken a ride in the recent crop of minivans cannot tell me these vehicles don’t offer a smooth ride. If a smooth ride brought Prince to a falsetto in Little Red Corvette, the minivan can do the same for fathers in their 30s and 40s. Finally, all that space I’ve been talking about? I have a friend, a mother of three (I am not making this up), who insists that the biggest advantage of her minivan is the ample space it has for her and her husband to get down to business while the kids are at piano lessons. If a vehicle in which you can have sex is

not sexy, then I guess just don’t get it. While I don’t really expect people to believe that the minivan is the sexiest vehicle out there, I do think that people should realize that things like hipness and sex appeal are both relative and subjective. I’m going to buy the car that suits my needs regardless of what other people say, but I’m going to have some fun doing it, and part of that is changing the image of the minivan, one group of naysayers at a time. So all you folks with your Subarus, your mini-SUVs and your cramped sedans, listen up. The question is no longer “is the minivan cool?”, but rather, “are you cool enough for the minivan?” Liz lives in Lawrence, but travels whenever she can (despite her lack of proper transportation). Lawrence Kids 19

White Lotus Photography

timeless portraits

It’s the glimmer in the eye of your daughter and the sly grin creeping across your son’s face. Parents know their children’s slightest expression is often the most precious. Lasting memories are made from children’s natural emotion, not from saying “cheese.” Laura Wolfe of White Lotus Photography understands capturing the smallest emotion often makes the biggest impression. “With kids, it’s all about making them comfortable,” Laura said. “When they’re happy with me and the environment, they will open up and show their raw emotion. I capture that.” The soft natural lighting and soothing music in the studio help Laura create an atmosphere that encourages children to express themselves naturally. Her relaxed demeanor makes it easy for children and parents to relax and enjoy the portrait session process. Parents of newborns are encouraged to take all the time they need to feed, change and soothe their baby. “I understand that, sometimes, children need time,” Laura said. “I don’t rush the session. When a parent feels rushed, their children pick up on that and they get uncomfortable.” Laura has experience with wedding, portrait and artistic photography. She is happy to do maternity, family and High

School senior sessions. Her passion, however, is photographing infants and children. It’s a passion that has been recognized regionally and nationally, with awards including Fuji Masterpiece, Top 10 Professional Photographers in Kansas, national Loan Collection publication, and 1st place in Children’s Portrait Photography for Kansas. “I started White Lotus Photography because I saw a void in Lawrence,” Laura said. “There wasn’t a place in town that offered high-quality portrait options, framing, and most importantly a place that specialized in photographing infants and children.” Laura’s All About Baby program is designed to create a portrait history of your baby’s first year. White Lotus will schedule 3 portrait sessions at the growth stages of your choice. Stages begin as soon as 5-days old. The program includes personalized birth announcements and access to special discounted prices. All portrait sessions at White Lotus are guaranteed. If you’re not pleased, you don’t pay the session fee. “It’s so important to have great portraits of your children,” Laura said. “Because we keep things simple, our portraits have a timeless quality that will be cherished for years. We create personalized works of art for family enjoyment, and our portraits are heirlooms that preserve family history.”

Blue Dandelion

children’s boutique

Kris Bailey couldn’t find a unique baby gift. Her husband’s partner had a new baby and she needed something special.. “There wasn’t a place in town where you could get unique baby items,” said Bailey, owner of Blue Dandelion Children’s Boutique. “Sure you could grab something from Target or Baby Gap, but come on, that’s not original.” So the registered nurse, mother of 4 and budding entrepreneur had an idea. “It really seemed obvious. If I had a need for a local store that sold unique children’s items, surely other moms did too,” Bailey said. Bailey opened Blue Dandelion Children’s Boutique in 2005 and the shop has evolved since day one. When the boutique opened their doors, most of the inventory was high-end furniture. Now the engaging shop on Massachusetts St. has a growing selection of clothing, toys, literature, gifts and, most of all, smiles. “Everyday here is like a baby parade,” Bailey said. “A

lot of moms come in often so we get to know them and their kids. It’s such a joy to watch children grow.” Blue Dandelion’s inventory is vast, but Bailey knows she doesn’t have everything. “I know parents are busy and have a lot of options, so we do our best to make each trip into Blue Dandelion enjoyable,” Bailey said. “We pride ourselves on offering distinctive items, but if we don’t have something you’re looking for, we’ll do all we can to get it.” Bailey is adamant about supporting Lawrence. Blue Dandelion offers multiple lines and products from locally owned companies (some of them talented stay-athome moms), and the boutique is involved in various children’s charities. “Being able to offer these great products for parents is a thrill,” Bailey said. “Seeing people walk out with one of our blue bags is satisfying because I know a child is going to get a special present. A present they couldn’t get anywhere else in Lawrence.”


gear • 841 Massachusetts •


• Lawrence, Kansas • (785) 856-8210 •

Best Advice Internet Safety for

“Kids and the Internet” is a topic DoctorDave gets asked about a lot. His business focuses primarily on home office and small office clients so he often sees the unique challenges families face in the fast-paced world of the Internet. Parents often feel intimated because their children understand the technology better than they do. In reality, the basic rules of the real world apply to the “cyberworld” as well. The most obvious tip Dave gives parents is to put the computer in an area easily accessed by the entire family. Don’t hesitate to simply walk by the computer and “peek” at what’s going on. Not in an intrusive way, but just as you’d do when passing by their room. Ask them about websites they go to and what they do on the Internet. If the computer screen turns off, or your child quickly changes screens, that’s a sign of something being hidden. Too often parents rely on “parental control” software to filter content. Savvy kids know how to get around these blocks and often see them as hurdles to overcome. If you choose to use such software, be sure to lock out other family member accounts that may have unfiltered access, otherwise, parents might walk away from the computer and forget to log out, defeating the filtering software. Families should agree on guidelines as to what websites are allowed, what personal information is shared over the Internet and the limits of when and how often Internet usage is allowed. Include consequences for behavior outside those guidelines. Additionally, when your child goes over to a friend’s home, make sure these same guidelines apply. Don’t rely on your child’s knowledge of what is or isn’t safe on the Internet. When your children tell you a website is free, use common sense rules. Is it too good to be true? Is the site reputable? No computer knowledge is necessary to make good value judgments. When in doubt, always feel free to drop an email to DoctorDave for a second opinion. While parents may not be up on the latest Internet fads, old fashioned ideas of parental involvement go a long way to preventing modern problems. Specializing in Residential and Small Of!ce On-Site Support

Bakery Hearth Breads • European Style Pastries

Computer Repairs

Café Breakfast • Lunch •Dinner

Dave Greenbaum has been making “mouse” calls on Macs and PCs since 1990

Mon-Fri 6:30-8:00 Saturday 6:30-6:30 Sunday 7:30-4:00


904 Vermont • Downtown Lawrence 785. 841.5553 22 Lawrence Kids Evening and weekends at no additional charge

Googols of Learning the science of fun Wanting to provide fun and educational activities in Lawrence for her Lawrence kids, Amy Gottschamer opened Googols of Fun in 2003. The “edutainment” center (complete with science experiments, computers, art center and a climbing structure), was an immediate hit. “I wondered, after we’ve been to gymnastics and kindermusik, where do we go the rest of the week? It was a great place for the family to spend time together having fun, while incorporating education.” The center was a popular weekend destination and hosted “countless” birthday parties. Gottschamer and the staff wanted to do more, however. Googols of Fun wanted to teach in-depth lessons by offering hands-on interactive learning where kids would learn by doing. Those lessons needed more consistent attendance from kids. So, in June 2005, they started Googols of Learning within Googols of Fun. Soon they saw an opportunity to grow in a different direction. In June, 2008, the crew moved to 500 Rockledge Road and re-opened Googols of Learning. The all-day child care facility is exactly what Gottschamer had envisioned. “Within a structured environment, Googols teachers can build on previous days’ lessons and really

provide learning opportunities for children.” The 5 classrooms offer unique learning environments for children. Kids are encouraged to participate in experiments and spend time in the center’s science museum. “We are more than just childcare,” Amy said. “We offer preschool programs, full-day care, after-school programs, and summer camps (the center accepts kids age 1 to 12) and have adopted a curriculum including science, social etiquette, Spanish and Sign language. We keep the kids active and engaged in the learning process.” Googols of Learning moved the famous climbing structure to the new location. “Inclement weather days are not a problem here.” Gottschamer said. “Whether snowing or 110 degrees, our kids work on gross motor skills and get their exercise.” “We love to show guests around,” Gottschamer said. “Anyone should feel free to stop by and ask for a tour. We’re very excited about the new facility.” What about the famous birthday parties? “We’re still open for birthday parties on the weekends. We want to share the new Googols with all of Lawrence.”

Community Living Opportunities

special needs support

Community Living Opportunities (CLO) has provided services for men, women and children with developmental disabilities for more than 30 years. Today CLO implements several unique treatment models developed in partnership with the Applied Behavioral Sciences Department at the University of Kansas. For many reasons, some families are not able to take care of their special need children. Parents may be ill, not present, or have challenges that prevent them from raising a special needs child. CLO has been a licensed child placement agency since 1999 and has provided specialized foster services for many adults with significant developmental disabilities. The complete spectrum of supports offered by CLO makes it uniquely situated to make a meaningful difference in creating and supporting families with special need children. CLO’s Children’s Network works to make meaningful differences in the lives of children with special needs and the families who support them. Meaningful differences are positive changes in the quality of children’s and their families’ lives. The Children’s Network provides a number of specialized support programs and evidence-based inter-

vention programs. Their programs serve children with autism and other developmental disabilities from 18 months to 20 years of age by providing individualized assessments. Targeted Case Managers develop comprehensive teaching and behavior support programs for families in their homes, in the community and in the children’s schools. CLO’s Targeted Case Managers are professional, well qualified and dedicated to achieving high quality outcomes for the children they serve. Case Managers, in most cases, are also trained in the provision of needed services, like Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention for children with autism or Positive Behavior Support. Positive Behavior Supports programs are designed to address the needs of families in the community who are struggling with their children’s challenging behaviors. Children with developmental disabilities who are between the ages of 5 and 21 and live at home may be eligible to receive support without cost through Medicaid. For more information on any of CLO’s programs, please call 865-5522.

music for all ages The music reverberates through the walls of the old house. In the lobby, a banjo harmonizes with a fiddle. Down the hall the sounds of a trumpet and trombone fill the air and an acoustic guitar is lightly strummed. Nestled at the southern end of Massachusetts, in an inviting and remolded house, The Americana Music Academy celebrates the music of America’s roots, offers group and private music lessons in a relaxed setting with some of the region’s most notable musicians. In addition, Americana provides Music Therapy for the disabled community in Lawrence and the greater Kansas City area. “Music goes beyond all borders, colors and religions,” said Thom Alexander, Americana’s Executive Director. “Americana type of music has always celebrated the diversity of the country. It is also forms the basis for almost all other forms of modern music.” The Academy has nearly 20 teachers, with instrument instruction ranging from drums to violin to trombone. One major rule has governed what instruments are taught: if someone wants to play it, the Academy will find someone to teach it. “When we started this in 2002, I never thought we’d be

teaching bagpipes,” Alexander said. “But, we had a few students interested so we made it happen.” Though the Academy offers instruction to any student of any age, a large number of students are kids. That’s fine with Alexander. “Kids learning how to play any instrument is always a good thing,” Alexander said. “One of the greatest joys we have is seeing a child pick up an instrument for the first time, work and work at it, then perform with it. Skill level won’t prevent anyone from playing here, though. It’s important to me that people feel comfortable, no matter what their skill level.” It’s not all about the music, however. Alexander sites study after study that demonstrates the psychological benefits of children learning music. “Music helps kids in every subject in school,” Alexander said. “It gives them confidence, give them an outlet and getting better is a great goal for kids to reach for.”

not so

Great Outdoors by Derek Helms

If you ask my son Jack about his first time camping, his face lights up. He will tell of hiking to the lake, sailing his sailboat, feasting over an open flame and, most importantly, peeing outside. What he won’t tell you is how much it sucked. And I mean really sucked. In a past life, before the wife and 4 kids, I lived an adventurous life on a ranch in the mountains of Montana, 26 miles from the nearest town. For extra cash on the weekends a friend and I led back country camping trips into the Bitterroot Mountains. Those two summers I slept outside more than not. That being said, I’ve had some bad camping experiences. Waking up on July 4th covered in 3 inches of snow was bad. Coming back from fishing to see our 3-day food supply ransacked by a grizzly bear was bad too. Sitting through a lightning storm on a ledge 10,000 feet up a mountain wasn’t real great. Nothing, however, compared to that first camping experience with Jack. My wife and twin daughters were headed to Chicago with friends for a girls’ weekend and Jack and I wanted ‘dude time.’ We packed up the Jeep and headed to the wilds of Clinton Lake. We pitched our tent and hiked down to the lake. Jack played with his sail boat and I skipped some rocks. All was well. We didn’t care that the wind was blowing 45 mph and we couldn’t sustain our campfire long enough to make smores. Jack and I huddled in the wind-ravaged tent, told stories and read some books, taking breaks to pee outside (just because he could). All was well.

We didn’t mind when the storm woke us at 2:45 am. Jack had been sleeping soundly, despite the bottom quarter of his sleeping bag being underwater. My feet, our clothes, two books, a flashlight, box of graham crackers and cell phone were soaked. The news report the next day said Clinton Lake received nearly 2 inches of rain in 3 hours. No worries. We curled up in the dry corner and watched the lightning show outside the tent. All was well. The next day at home Jack was getting ready for a bath. The water was running and we were talking about our adventure. Just as he was climbing into the tub I saw something, the thought of which still makes me quiver. Three small black dots on his, ah, ‘boy part.’ Ticks. Ticks on the wiener. All was not well. Not well at all. The bathroom floor surgery (complete with a towel to bite on - for me, of course) resulted in lunch at McDonalds, a movie and an emotionally scarred father. Jack shrugged it off. Two years later he still talks about how great the camping trip was. He never mentions the wind, rain, flooded tent or even the ticks. He talks about time with dad “having an adventure” and how much he wants to do it again. The experience is a testament to the importance of time with your kids. I concentrate on the rain and ticks. Jack concentrates on the time with his dad. He’s always ready to talk about peeing outside, of course. Derek sleeps inside his house with his wife and 4 kids in Lawrence. He hasn’t been camping at Clinton Lake since.

Kelli Henderson, DDS Pediatric Dentist 1425 Wakarusa Drive, Suite D Lawrence, KS 785.856.5600

Contact Lawrence Kids PO Box 571 Lawrence, KS 66044 785.393.0710 26 Lawrence Kids

Lawrence Gymnastics Academy lessons, camps and parties Stop jumping on the couch… Get off the bookshelf… Our house is not a gym! Sound familiar? Parents know that one of the great challenges of raising children is harnessing their never-ending energy. Pillow fights can be a bad idea and video games aren’t going to help. Enter Lawrence Gymnastics Academy (LGA). “Kids absolutely love it here,” said Carol McGarity, manager of Lawrence Gymnastics Academy. “But parents love it because we provide a healthy way for kids to release their energy, get exercise and develop so many important skills.” Since 1994, LGA has worked to build better kids with classes, camps and various lessons. Children can begin classes as early as 12 months and progress to competitive gymnastics, cheerleading and dance. The gym even has open gym for “grown ups” a few nights a week. “Getting kids up and active is so important,” McGarity said. “The great thing about LGA is the variety we offer.

Sign the kids up for a weekly class, come to open gym or drop them off for one of our Mom’s Morning Out.” LGA is one of the most popular places in Lawrence for birthday parties, and for good reason. The crew spends nearly every Saturday helping kids of all ages celebrate the big day. “We have different party plans, depending on the budget,” McGarity said. “We have a party room available and can host parties in the viewing loft as well. Of course, we make full use of the gym and get the kids jumping and running.” The gym isn’t just for kids, however. LGA hosts open gym for “big kids.” Two nights a week, the gym is open to adults. “Watching the adult open gym is a hoot,” McGarity said. “Who doesn’t watch the Olympics and think ‘Yeah, I could do that’? Needless to say, seeing 30 year-old men try the pommel horse the first time is entertain ing!”

Lawrence Gymnastics Academy 4930 Legends Dr • Lawrence, KS • (785) 865-0856 •

photo: Kimberlynn Jo Purintun

Lawrence Parent Resource Guide SCHOOLS Broken Arrow Elementary 2704 Louisiana Street 832-5600 Bishop Seabury (private) 4120 Clinton Parkway 832-1717 Central Junior High 1400 Massachusetts Street 832-5400 Century School (private) 816 Kentucky Street 832-0101 Cordley Elementary 1837 Vermont Street 832-5640 Corpus Christi (private) 6001 Bob Billings Parkway 331-3374

Deerfield Elementary 101 Lawrence Avenue 832-5660

Lawrence Free State High 4700 Overland Drive 832-6050

Quail Run Elementary 1130 Inverness Drive 832-5820

East Heights Early Childhood Family Center 1430 Haskell Avenue 832-5680

Lawrence High School 1901 Louisiana Street 832-5050

Raintree Montessori 4601 Clinton Parkway 843-6800

Lawrence Virtual School 2145 Louisiana Street 832-5620

Schwegler Elementary 2201 Ousdahl Road 832-5860

New York Elementary 936 New York Street 832-5780

South Junior High 2734 Louisiana Street 832-5400

Pickney Elementary 810 West Sixth Street 832-5800

Southwest Junior High 2511 Inverness Drive 832-5550

Prairie Moon Waldorf 1853 East 1600 Road 841-8800

St. Johns Elementary (private) 1208 Kentucky St 843-9511

Prairie Park Elementary 2711Kensington Road 832-5740

Sunflower Elementary 2521 Inverness Drive 832-5870

Hillcrest Elementary 1045 Hilltop Road 832-5720 Kennedy Elementary 1605 Davis Road 832-5760 Langston Hughes Elementary 1101 George Williams Way 832-5890 Lawrence DiplomaCompletion Center 711 West 23rd Street 830-9119


Sunset Hill Elementary 901 Schwartz Road 832-5880 Sunshine Acres Montessori 2141 Maple Lane 842-2223 Veritas Christian School 256 North Michigan 749-0083 Wakarusa Valley Elementary 1104 East 1000 Road 832-5900 West Junior High 2700 Harvard Road 832-5500 Woodlawn Elementary 508 Elm Street 832-5920

ART ACTIVITIES Americana Music Academy 1419 Massachusetts Street 830-9640 Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire Street 843-2787 Lawrence Community Theater 1501 New Hampshire Street 843-7469

Sunfire Ceramics 1002 New Hampshire Street 749-2828

BIRTHDAY PARTIES Balloonarts 856-2004

Blue Plate Dinners 4931 West 6th Street 856-2656

711 West 23rd Street 865-2323



Enhance Dental Care 3514 Clinton Parkway 832-2882

Community Living Opportunities

Growing Smiles 865-5522

1425 Wakarusa Drive, Suite D 856-5600


Jayhawk Dental 826 Iowa Street 843-9122

Wheat State Pizza

Gambinos Pizza 3514 Clinton Parkway 856-5577 G Force Athletics 725 North 2nd Street 843-5387

Googols of Learning 500 Rockledge Road 856-6002 Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire Street 843-2787 Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center 4706 Overland Drive 832-7946

Lawrence Gymnastics Academy 4930 Legends Drive 865-0856

Sunfire Ceramics 1002 New Hampshire Street 749-2828 South Wind 12 Theater 3433 Iowa Street 832-0880


Baby Gap 643 Massachusetts Street 838-3234

Blue Dandelion 841 Massachusetts Street 856-8210 Old Navy 3234 Iowa Street 865-3748

DANCE / GYMNASTICS Dance Gallery 4940 Legends Drive 838-9100

Oread Orthodontics 1425 Wakarusa Suite C 856-2483

Ranjbar Orthodontics 4828 Quail Crest Place 832-1844 River Rock Family Dental 1100 East 23rd Street 856-8600

Dazzlers Christian Dance 925 Iowa Street 749-2251

Wilkerson, Saunders & Anderson 831 Vermont Street 843-6060

G Force Athletics 725 North 2nd Street 843-5387

GIFTS Blue Dandelion 841 Massachusetts Street

Lawrence Arts Center 940 New Hampshire Street 843-2787


Sunfire Ceramics

White Chocolate

Vinland Valley Nursery

Lawrence Gymnastics Academy

933 Massachusetts Street 856-9246 785-594-2966

4930 Legends Drive 865-0856

30 Lawrence Kids

McColm Orthodontics 12 West 8th Street 832-0809

1002 New Hampshire Street 749-2828 The Toy Store 936 Massachusetts Street 331-3218



Ben & Jerry’s 818 Massachusetts Street 841-0015

Americana Music Academy

Cold Stone Creamery 647 Massachusetts Street 842-8900 Dairy Queen 1835 Massachusetts Street 843-3588 2545 Iowa Street 842-9359 Sheridan’s Frozen Custard 2030 West 23rd Street 331-4426 Sylas & Maddy’s 1014 Massachusetts Street 832-8323 Tad’s Tropical Snow Cone 939 Iowa Street 865-0112

LIBRARY Lawrence Public Library 707 Vermont Street 843-3833

MUSEUMS Haskell Cultural Center 155 Indian Avenue 832-6686 KU Natural History Museum 1345 Jayhawk Blvd 864-4450 Spencer Museum of Art 1301 Mississippi Street 864-4710 Watkins Community Museum 1047 Massachusetts Street 841-4109

1419 Massachusetts Street 830-9640

OPTOMETRIST The Spectacle Dr. Lehahan 935 Iowa Street 832-1238 Lawrence Family Vision 3111 West 6th Street 841-5288 Peoples Optical 2600 Iowa Street 842-6999 Wink Jr. Eyewear 4 East 7th Street 841-1113

PEDIATRICS Amber Belt, ND 901 Kentucky, Suite 108 218-0606 First Med 2323 Ridge Court 865-5300 Haskell Health Center 2415 Massachusetts Street 785-843-3750 Health Care Access www. 841-5760

842-5070 Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine 346 Maine Street 842-4477

PHOTOGRAPHY Creative Images Photography 936 Avalon Road 842-5049 The Crystal Image 1201 Wakarusa 393-1958

Mt. Oread Family Practice 3510 Clinton Place

Papa Keno’s Pizzeria 1035 Massachusetts Street 841-7272 Pizza Shuttle 1601 West 23rd Street 842-1212 Rudy’s Pizzeria 704 Massachusetts Street 749-0055

Custom Classics 785-883-4166 Insight Photography 729 1/2 Massachusetts Street 865-4334

John Gladman 613 North 2nd Street 842-1233

Kruger Photography 1117 Stonecreek Drive 842-7078 Maria Hays Photography 6318 W 22nd Court 727-9911

White Lotus 1405 Massachusetts Street 856-5588

PIZZA Blue Plate Dinners

Lawrence Family Medicine 1220 Biltmore Drive 331-1700

Glory Days Pizza 4821 West 6th Street 841-5252

4931 West 6th Street 856-2656

Wheat State Pizza 711 West 23rd Street 865-2323 The Wheel Pizza Company 507 West 14th Street 749-4335

ZOO Kansas City Zoo 6800 Zoo Drive Kansas City, MO (816) 513-5700 Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure 625 N Hedville Road Salina, KS (785) 827-9488 Sunset Zoological Park 2333 Oak Street Manhattan, KS (785) 587-2737 Topeka Zoo 635 SW Gage Blvd Topeka, KS (785) 368-9180

Gambinos Pizza 3514 Clinton Parkway 856-5577

Lawrence Kids 31

Dr. Kevin Lenahan & the spectacle


Eye Exams for Glasses & Contacts Full Line of Children’s Frames Diagnosis & Treatment of Eye Disease Most Vision Insurances Accepted 935 Iowa St. Suite 3 / (785) 838.3200 /

Lawrence Kids  

A resource guide for parents in Lawrence, KS.

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