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Mölnlycke Health Care launches new BARRIER® surgical gown ULTIMATE Gown offers improved protection and comfort Mölnlycke Health Care, one of the worlds leading providers of single-use surgical products, today announced the launch of a new BARRIER® surgical gown made from soft SMS material for advanced protection. The new gown, ULTIMATE, combines both high protection and high comfort, meaning that the surgical team no longer has to compromise between being safe and being comfortable when choosing a gown. The gown is made from a soft yet highly repellent material with an ergonomic design for freedom of movement. This allows the hospital team to efÀciently carry out demanding surgical procedures, safe in the knowledge that their surgical gown is equal to the job in hand. The new surgical gown forms part of the complete Mölnlycke Health Care BARRIER gown range, which includes a selection of models in different materials to provide various protection and comfort combinations, to meet the diverse demands of different surgical procedures.

This range enables operating teams to select the best gown for each surgical procedure whilst providing hospitals with a cost-effective and convenient solution. The soft SMS material is superior to other standard gown materials, and provides an increased barrier that is highly repellent, strong and durable while also being breathable all without compromising on its protective capabilities.[i] According to customer preference studies, 92% of test users prefer BARRIER surgical gown ULTIMATE to the current surgical gown they use.[ii] With the surgical gown ULTIMATE, we have taken the best from our current range of BARRIER gowns and combined it with the soft SMS material to improve the protection and comfort, said Lisa Reck, Category Director, Surgical Division, Mölnlycke Health Care.

We strive to deliver quality products that meet the diverse needs of surgical teams whilst ensuring cost-efÀciency for hospitals. Each BARRIER surgical gown is developed by Mölnlycke Health Care using the highest quality materials to ensure both patient safety and the maximum protection and comfort for healthcare professionals, as well as complying with the required health standards. In addition to the innovative and purpose-designed products that Mölnlycke Health Cares BARRIER range offers, there are obvious delivery and logistical advantages to selecting one complete range, thus creating savings in time, effort and cost for hospital teams. For more information, visit: Please quote ‘OTJ’

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MERLIN® Condensing Lens Assembly Facilitates Switches Between Corneal and Retinal Views Reduces microscope working height, maximizes working space during vitreoretinal surgery Volk Optical has built on its recently launched manually operated MERLIN® with a new Condensing Lens Assembly (CLA). This new option provides vitreoretinal surgeons the same detailed retinal views through the microscope, with the convenience of fully automated operation. The MERLIN® provides precise control of non-contact lens position and focus for clear, crisp views during vitreoretinal surgery. With the CLA, lens positioning is system directed via a footpedal or the devices lens positioning unit (LPU). When the LPU is swung into the surgical Àeld bringing the Volk lens into position, the CLA automatically moves the condensing lens into the optical pathway to provide crisp retinal views. A footpedal control for the CLA is also available if preferred. With the condensing lens in place, microscope working height is reduced and refocusing between corneal and retinal views is minimized. A low proÀle design minimizes the microscopes stack height. The ROLS¥ is available in a manual conÀguration, or a foot switch operated powered version. The unit installs easily and can be removed quickly for cleaning and sterilization.

Volks MERLIN® with Condensing Lens Assembly and choice of three surgical lenses.

Aesculap Implant Systems Launches iPad® App featuring OrthoPilot® Navigation System

The LPU is fully rotational around the optical axis for optimal lens position in relation to the patient. The LPU and lens swing completely out of the surgical Àeld when working on the cornea, maximizing space for surgical manipulation.

Aesculap Implant Systems launches a new mobile digital device application (App) for use with the Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®. The new App, dedicated to providing all you need to know about OrthoPilot navigated surgeries, features animated surgical techniques, operating room (OR) videos, product information, and an interactive gap balancing tool for training and education purposes.

Compatible with all major surgical microscopes, with Volks new ROLS¥ (InÀnity) reinverter, and the choice of three lenses, the modular MERLIN® system is the most advanced method for non contact retinal viewing. Volks ROLS8 allows users to adjust the prism to Àt each individual microscopes optical pathway, reducing image shift and vignetting when engaging the optical prism.

Aesculap pioneered the CT-free navigation market with the debut of the OrthoPilot Navigation System. The OrthoPilot Navigation System features intuitive software packages within the HipSuite™, KneeSuite™, and SportsMedSuite, all of which are featured in the App.

The MERLIN® lenses include: a wide angle with the widest Àeld of view available; a small diameter wide angle exclusive to Volk for working with narrow-browed patients; and a mid Àeld with higher magniÀcation for more detailed examination of the posterior pole to the equator. The autoclave sterilizable glass lenses offer the higher optical quality and lower lifetime costs than comparable systems using disposable lenses.

The OrthoPilot mobile device App allows surgeons, nurses, and hospital staff access to surgical techniques, videos, animations, and product information. The App also serves as a training tool for Aesculap’s sales team as product information and techniques are at their Àngertips. With optional media downloads, users can access the information whether or not an internet connection is available. The OrthoPilot App serves as an advanced tool that will aid in surgeon, patient and employee education. The App is compatible with the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and is available for free download through the iTunes App Store. Learn more about the OrthoPilot Navigation System and the App at


For more information on the MERLIN® CLA, or to arrange an on-site surgical demonstration, visit, phone Volk direct at +1 440942-6161, or contact your Authorized Volk Distributor. Volk Optical is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of aspheric optics. Glass lens construction and the companys patented double aspheric technology result in the highest resolution imaging with the best stereopsis for precision diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical work. The company is based in Mentor, Ohio, USA and has representatives and distributors around the world.


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