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Jew el s Joh n son We ar e com ing up on our one year anniver sar y of The Science Behind the Law of Attraction M agazine! W hat a year it has been. We have all lear ned fr om tr ials and tr ibulations, and w ith ever y issue, w e have gr ow n in leaps and bounds. Thr ough it all, our dom inating thoughts w er e "Can We," "Should We," or "Just Let It Be," and alw ays ended up letting the Univer se take over the helm . We noticed that our r eader ship gr ew so m uch and our em ail list expanded so fast that w e ar e still tr ying to catch up. Those ar e just som e of the w onder ful pr oblem s that w e have. I'm not com plaining and I am extr em ely gr ateful. Please feel fr ee to com m ent and tell us w hat you like and don't like. We plan to continue on for year s to com e. This has been a gr eat issue to w or k on, especially w ith my dear fr iend Dee Wallace w ho is a tr ue inspir ation to the Law of Attr action cr ow d. I hope you all pur chase at least one "Buppalapaloo" and give it aw ay to a child for Chr istm as. Ever y child needs this and its the br illiant br ainchild of Dee. Don't for get to listen to Law of Attr action Radio Netw or k because w e have got som e gr eat new show s. It's m or e Law of Attr action Action that you can listen to on your daily com m ute. Please never for get that YOU ar e the r eason w hy w e ar e doing this. We ar e so honor ed to be a par t of your life! ~ Jew els

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St even Li k i ar dopou l os, Gr aph i cs/Au di o/Vi deo Con t act : St af f @l oar adi on et w or k .com

53 Page 3 - Oct ober, 2015

How M edi t at i on Can Hel p An x i et y By Deepak Chopra, MD Fear is a negative emotion unless you are facing an actual threat and need to fight or flee. The usefulness of fear is minimal in daily life, particularly in the form of anxiety. Stressful events can produce short-term anxiety in almost everyone, which disappears after the event. But for an estimated 6.8 million Americans with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), anxiety is a chronic condition they can?t shut off. All of us know people we accept as ?born worriers,? but in reality being in a state of chronic anxiety can severely limit their daily activity. You probably know already if you worry excessively. Almost nothing is free from worry, in fact, if you have chronic anxiety, even the smallest thing can trigger it. You find yourself with fearful thoughts about finances, family, your health, and what?s happening at work. Some days you?d rather hide under the covers. The first thing to realize is that reality isn?t what?s actually worrying you, but it?s your fixed habit of mind that is causing you to respond to everything with anxiety. Second, you need to look rationally at the anxiety response and concede that you are not improving it by feeling anxious. This seems obvious to non-worriers, but somewhere inside, many ?born worriers? believe they are taking care of situations that others are overlooking, like whether they remembered to lock up the house or turn off the gas stove. Any trigger can provoke worry, so the question is how to prevent this from happening. Because of the mind-body connection, you should also consider the physical side of anxiety. Even if you have accepted worry as a tolerable trait, it exacts a price in the form of insomnia, easy startle response, fatigue, irritability, muscle tension, headaches, inability to relax, trembling, twitching, feeling out of breath, and various stomach and digestive problems. If these persist for more than six months after something bad has happened to you, a diagnosis of GAD may be appropriate. Even if your symptoms are manageable, you shouldn?t have to live this way. Anticipating the worst, which has become a habit even when no threat is in sight, distorts how you Page 4 - Oct ober, 2015

approach work, family, and the world in general. There are many theories about what causes chronic anxiety, but they are as diverse as explanations for depression. It?s more useful to consider how to retrain your mind so that your worry subsides and is replaced by a normal undisturbed mood. The standard medical advice is to take medication (usually some form of tranquilizer), augmented by talking to a therapist. However, self-care has other tools, such as meditation, diet, sleep, massage, and exercise that you can pursue on your own. One aspect of anxiety is racing thoughts that won?t go away. Meditation helps with this part of the problem by making the overactive mind quiet. Instead of buying into your fearful thoughts, you can start identifying with the silence that exists between every mental action. Through regular practice, you experience that you are not simply your thoughts and feelings. You can detach yourself from these to rest in your own being. This involves remaining centered, and if a thought or outside trigger pulls you out of your center, your meditation practice allows you to return there again. Being able to center yourself is a skill that anyone can learn, once they have the intention and the experience of what it feels like. Anxious people often shy away from meditation for various reasons. ?I can?t meditate? is code for feeling too restless to sit still or having too many thoughts while trying to meditate. With a patient teacher, these objections can be overcome. Anyone can meditate, even if the first sessions are short and need to be guided. Being on tranquilizers, which for some anxious people has become the only way they can cope, isn?t a block to meditation. Numerous scientific studies have found meditation to be effective for treating anxiety. One study, published in the Psychological Bulletin, combined the findings of 163 different studies. The overall conclusion was that practicing mindfulness or meditation produced beneficial results, with a substantial improvement in areas like negative personality traits, anxiety and stress. Another study focused on a wide range of anxiety, form cancer patients to those with social anxiety disorder, and found mindfulness to be an effective management tool. The researchers analyzed 39 studies totaling 1,140 participants and discovered that the anxiety-reducing

benefits from mindfulness might be enjoyed across such a wide range of conditions because when someone learn mindfulness, they learn how to work with difficult and stressful situations. All mental activity has to have a physical correlation in the brain, and this aspect has been studied in relation to anxiety. Chronic worriers often display increased reactivity in the amygdala, the area of the brain associated with regulating emotions, including fear. Neuroscientists at Stanford University found that people who practiced mindfulness meditation for eight weeks were more able to turn down the reactivity of this area. Other researchers from Harvard found that mindfulness can physically reduce the number of neurons in this fear-triggering part of the brain. Here?s a simple, practical way to take advantage of all this knowledge: Regular meditation allows your brain to develop new pathways besides the old worry grooves. The mind begins to experience itself without being overshadowed by anxious thoughts.Exercise puts the body in an active state. High-intensity aerobic exercise is more effective than anaerobic, and a 12-15 week long program is better than a short routine.A diet of natural organic foods without additives, along with avoidance of refined sugar, evens out the metabolism. Meals should be regular and satisfying. Originally published in SF Gate - On September 14, 2015 DEEPAK CHOPRA MD, FACP, founder of The Chopra Foundation and co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism. He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Chopra is the author of more than 80 books translated into over 43 languages, including numerous New York Times bestsellers. Page 5 - Oct ober, 2015

Cal l ing in Your Highest Soul Connect ion To Find Love By Maya Kah Nah St arseed, A Twin Fl ame, & a Light Worker

choosef ait hnot f

Page 6 - Oct ober, 2015

Right now

? as you read this sentence ?

walking somewhere on this planet is your highest soul connection...your closest soulmate, your twin flame, your one true love. He or she is probably drinking your favorite coffee, listening to your favorite music, and thinking about you. Yes, you! As it turns out, Rumi was correct ? what you seek is seeking you. Humans come in many exquisite forms. Despite our differences, we all seem to have one thing in common ? we all dream of true love. I have met plenty of people who do not seek the perfect job, who do not thirst for a lavish home, and who balk at the idea of manifesting a bountiful bank account, but I have yet to meet a person who does not wish for their one true love. The hunger for love does not discriminate. No matter our background, age, class, or gender, each and every one of us seems to be hardwired for a reunion with our soul?s highest counterpart. This is why I am confident that your true love is seeking you. The question is, are you seeking your true love? Before you say ?yes,? ask yourself this: In my day-t o-day l if e, am I act ivel y procl aiming my readiness f or l ove? Which of the following is more representative of your inner-dialogue? Opt ion A: ?I am a magnificent soul with a wide-open heart. I radiate love at every moment. My aura-of-love magnetizes my soul?s highest partner to me.? Opt ion B: ?I am a good person who deserves a loving relationship. When I am healthier, when I have more time, and when I am finished working on myself, I will surely be reunited with my one true love.? Despite our best intentions, many of us have thought patterns that resemble Option B. Particularly pervasive is the negative affirmation that, ?I must complete my inner work before I can be reunited with my one true love.? While I enthusiastically support all forms of inner work, I find it unhelpful when we use our ?inner work? as a barrier to our deepest desires. The truth is, if you are seeking soul-based love, than you have nothing to worry about. Your soul needs no work ? it is perfect already. Sadly, it seems that so many of us have

forgotten this truth. Some of the most kind-hearted spiritualists I know are still patiently (or sometimes impatiently) awaiting that moment when they can finally see their truest essence ? their unconditional love ? reflected in the eyes of another. They are waiting to be reunited with their soul?s highest partner. My best advice for anyone who is patiently awaiting a reunion with their divine partner is this: stop waiting! Call in your highest soul connection right now! So again I ask, ?are you seeking your highest soul connection?? If you are, you will be glad to know that manifesting your true love is an inherently simple process. You won?t need any books, classes, crystals, or coaching in order to make it happen. If you are ready t o cl aim t he connect ion t hat al ready bel ongs t o you, repeat af t er me, ?I now call in my highest soul connection. I am ready for true love.? You may be asking yourself whether this affirmation is a bit too simple. I like to think that it is just simple enough! So many of us (myself included) have made love more complex than it needs to be. We create manifestation lists detailing our future-lover?s gender, hair color, eye color, height, weight, hobbies, profession, and annual income, but we somehow forget to include the most important criteria... the statement that this person is our soul?s highest match. It is helpful to ask yourself what you really want. Are you truly seeking a partner with a beautiful body? Is it your greatest desire to be with someone who shares a similar lifestyle? Or, are you seeking a feeling?...An excitement?...A fire in your soul? If your deepest desire is true love, waste no time. Call in your highest soul connection today. You may be wondering why I recommend calling in your ?highest soul connection? rather than manifesting your ?soulmate,? ?twin flame,? or ?one true love.? Think of it as shortcut ? by focusing on your highest soul connection you can ensure that you are drawing in the soul with whom you share the greatest resonance. Not everyone believes that their one true love is currently incarnate, but we all know that there is someone on the planet with whom we share our closest soul-based match. When we Page 7 - Oct ober, 2015

focus on calling in our highest soul connection, we can more easily ?let go? and allow space for the universe to coordinate the details. By calling in your highest soul connection you are likely to connect with a nuanced individual who possesses an array of qualities that you love and admire, including many qualities that you had never thought of yourself. In contrast, after using a manifestation list, you may find yourself in a relationship with a partner who possesses every criteria you specified, but who lacks some unwritten soulful quality that you did not realize you preferred. It is al so hel pf ul t o not e t hat if you put your f ocus on manif est ing a person, you are l ikel y t o f ind yoursel f in a human rel at ionship t hat is based on desires of t he body and mind. In cont rast , if you f ocus on manif est ing your highest soul connect ion, you are l ikel y t o end up in a soul union t hat ref l ect s your t ruest essence. Beyond all of this, there is one other reason I believe that we should all be calling in our highest soul connection...the planet needs this frequency of love. Somewhere along the way we ? as a society ? lost our belief in true love. We think of love stories as something reserved for the pages of a best-selling novel or the pixels of the silver screen. We have separated ourselves from the experience of true love. We tell ourselves that true love is something that is only possible ?out there,? while forgetting that finding love outside of ourselves is wholly impossible. By placing true love on an unattainable pedestal, we forget that we are made of true love... we forget that divine love is the only real thing about us. The world needs more soul unions. We need more soul mates and twin flames who stand up and proudly claim their soul connection. We need soul partners who enthusiastically revel in the profound love they share. And, perhaps most importantly, we need divine partners who actively demonstrate how to love from the soul. It is not selfish to call in your soul?s highest partner, but perhaps it is selfish not to. By calling in your highest soul connection, you are making a commitment to love from the deepest place within you and to realize true love while you are in this reality. When you think of it this way, reuniting with your highest soul connection is less of a privilege and more of a mission....I like to think that is is one of the most important missions that any of us can have. Websit e Link: www.choosef ait hnot f Maya is a psychic and int uit ive rel at ionship coach who hel ps cl ient s re-ignit e t heir passion f or divine l ove and re-unit e wit h t heir divine part ner.

Maya and her twin flame Christopher have been sharing their video journey since the week they met. Visit their YouTube Channel to see more exciting videos. Page 8 - Oct ober, 2015

Page 9 - Oct ober, 2015

This past summer I was moved to allow an amazing flow of my passion and understanding on how to strengthen my own personal foundation. I wrote the eBook, The 3 Pillars: A Simple 3 Step Process to Manifest Positive & Permanent Change In Your Life, and it literally just flowed seamlessly and effortlessly through my typing fingers. When I write, it?s a beautiful symbiotic relationship with my Divine Source providing the knowledge and wisdom, with my body and mind as the vehicle of the communication. I?ll finish up writing, and read it, and say out loud to myself, ?Did I write that?? However, in the instance of The 3 Pillars, I have to say that I did provide my life experience as the laboratory so you can skip the stupid mistakes I made, and build your own rock solid personal foundation. This frees-up the Law of Attraction to effortlessly orchestrate all that is needed to manifest that which you desire. For a long time, I, like many, didn?t Page 10 - Oct ober, 2015

understand why I couldn?t get the Law of Attraction to work, at least not with any consistency. Some shout in frustration, ?This crap doesn?t work!? Finally I put that frustration to good use, as I one day realized that the man I am had a shaky personal foundation, and that no structure will stand strong and long if the foundation it rests on has flaws and cracks. I also realized that these same flaws and cracks were actually a detriment to allowing the Law of Attraction to do its natural work. So let us take a closer look at just what it takes to solidify the foundation of your very being so you can live the life you love, and love the life you live? Pil l ar # 1 ? Ment al : This is where your very

highest aspirations, dreams, and goals dwell ? in your mind and in your heart. However beautiful and desirable your dreams may seem, those life-long lessons of lack and attack, of having it beat into your gray matter that you?re not worthy, and the world-wide acceptance of negativity as ?reality?, have created a big crack in your mental pillar. Any architect will tell you that even though two of your pillars may be strong, anything that undermines the strength of that third pillar to support the house means that eventually the structure will collapse. The paradigms of lack, attack and judgment that have been instilled in your mental pillar are not only negative, but brutally energy draining and counter-productive to allowing the Law of Attraction to do its work in your life, in your dreams. The answer here is to literally do a 180 degree turnabout, and turn on the light, love, enthusiasm, faith and trust that your Divine Source will deliver to you that witch you desire with all your heart and being. This new, rock-solid mental pillar of yours will now allow you to be a beautiful co-creator with the Universe.

to the fact that the knowledge and understanding of medicine, nutrition, exercise, and personal hygiene are at an all time high. Yes, it is hard, especially if you have spent much of your life tearing down your body through poor eating and hygiene habits, self-medication, and lack of exercise. Building a strong physical pillar takes work, but oh, the long term benefits! Live with a shaky physical pillar, and once again a blockade is thrown up that stymies the work of the Universe and the Law of Attraction to manifest your ultimate dream life. Pil l ar # 3 ? Spirit ual :

If one of those three pillars carries a heavier load, it is the Spiritual Pillar. How many people have we seen throughout history, especially high-profile people such as Pil l ar # 2 ? Physical : politicians and athletes (I chose them simply Much of what I write about building and having a because they are more visible than most), but they strong personal physical pillar is not new. As a have a huge crack in their spiritual pillar. The matter of fact, most of it is common sense, but yet spiritual pillar, of course, encompasses more than most of what it just what the world thinks as religion and morality. takes to have a It?s about walking the walk that you talk, and living, healthy, fit, and speaking and teaching with integrity. It is about well-functioning living, thinking and acting with a right-mindedness body is actually based on eternal Universal Truths and Laws. It is ignored and about being in harmony, alignment and resonance poo-poo?ed as with your true, Divine inner self. Yes, we all face being too hard to and live in a world filled with lack, attack, judgment, do, and stupid. guilt and feelings of unworthiness, but unless you While many may strengthen this very important spiritual pillar, and consider this life continuing to allow it to rest on the ever-shifting as nothing but an illusion and a dream, it remains sands of this fickle world, your ?house? ? your life that within this dream you are still in a body, so why will come crashing down eventually. The 3 Pillars not allow that body to be able to handle the rigors Mental, Physical and Spiritual are the key to of life? It is generally accepted that a fit and creating the life you truly desire, and paving the healthy body correlates to a better quality life and way for the Universe and the Law of Attraction to longer, happier life span. The fact that obesity, high do the work of creating for you. Now there are no blood pressure, and diabetes are now a virtual blockades. Now your very being, your very essence plague throughout much of the globe runs counter are in harmony with those eternal Universal Truths Page 11 - Oct ober, 2015

of Love and Light for nothing hinders them anymore. Now you can manifest the positive and permanent changes in your life that you have for so long desired to be your reality. The one thing I haven?t covered is what I call The Keystone to the entire structure and foundation of your very being ? Forgiveness ? but that is another story, another article, another book, but it is a key that should not be overlooked. As I am so fond of doing, referring to A Course In Miracles, ?But you are merely asked to see forgiveness as a natural reaction to distress that rests on error, and thus calls for help. Forgiveness is the only sane response. It keeps your rights from being sacrificed.? Finally, in understanding the prime importance of having your 3 Pillars as strong as possible, consider one of the main principles of Dr. Stephen Covey?s amazing best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and that is to begin with the end in mind. How do you want to be remembered at the end of your life? What do you want to have accomplished and succeeded at during this lifetime? Believe me, it won?t happen, at least not the way you really wanted it to be, unless you build a strong personal foundation based on The 3 Pillars.

Karl Gruber is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach who focuses on helping people to remember and awaken to their inherent power they were born with. His Life coaching philosophy, his teaching, and speaking are based on a "whole"-istic approach based on the 3 Pillars of our being mental, physical & spiritual. A marathon runner and triathlete (In 1996-'97) Karl became the ninth man in the world to successfully run and complete 52 marathons in 52 weeks ? all of which he did for leukemia research and awareness). His personal motto is, "Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things!" My website:

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You f eel th at you l ack support? And t hat peopl e do not recognize you in your essence, f or your qual it ies, your val ues, f or who you are? Just a l it t l e quest ion t o f ind out what you can change in your home t o change your answer: What hangs or st ands as image or as symbol behind you where you work? - - When it is wat er - t here is no st rengt h - it l acks support . - - When it is f l owers - f l owers do not l ast l ong - it is short t erm support - - When t here is not hing, you wil l have zero support - - When it is a mount ain or cryst al s, you have st rong support in your l if e - - When it is an image represent ing Divine Energy l ike angel s, mast ers, saint s : it is st rong - - When it is images of your f amil y: your f amil y is support ing your l if e and your career - - When it is an image of your t eam: your t eam support s you - - What ever it is, it is a symbol ic represent at ion of your support in l if e and in your career. I t hink you get t he message? So change t oday your support in your l if e and you wil l immediat el y st art f eel ing st ronger and receive support of t he peopl e around you. Feng Shui Advice and Transf ormat ional Teachings, go t o Page 13 - Oct ober, 2015

Page 14 - Oct ober, 2015

Bul l yi ng and th e Law of A ttracti on By Dee Wal l ace October is anti- bullying month. It's a sad thought that we have one. Period. Of course, part of the challenge is that we cannot NOT have one as long as we are fighting against it. We know from the Law of Attraction that what we focus on, persists. If you don't want war, you focus on peace. If you don't want sickness, you focus on health. If you don't want bullying, you focus on love. What creates the need to bully another? Fear is the first cause: "I fear I am not enough and do not create myself and my safety." If we are in fear of our own power, we fear others have power over us. The belief that 'we are not enough' creates the need to be powerful over others so we can have the illusion of being more powerful within. When we truly know that we are the power, love, joy and choice that creates ?Who I Am?, we are safe to let others create themselves without threatening our choice to be who we are, also. And what does it mean to know that ? I Am the power, love, joy and choice?? What does that look like? It means being conscious. Really conscious. It means mining the parts of you that are still out of harmony with the love of you. It means being conscious of thoughts that do not support yourself love: I can?t, I?m not smart enough, I?m too old, what if this doesn?t work, they won?t like me, I always fail, the world isn?t a friendly place, the world isn?t on my side, blah, blah, blah. It means being conscious of your perspectives about yourself, the world, and you in the world! Do you love the

world, and does the world love and support you? Now, THAT?S a friendly world where the concept of bullying cannot thrive. Another component feeding the flames of anger and bullying is that we simply cannot let go of 1our victim story. Victims are angry because they are in grief of their past and angry that they believe they can do nothing about it. And thus, as the Law of Attraction is a law, they create that in perpetuity. The cycle and pattern keeps repeat1ing itself as a self created prophecy: "I tell my story of victim hood, I believe my story of victim hood, I live my story of victim hood, and the reality of victim hood keeps replaying in my life." Of course, the victims who are being bullied are also....victims. They are part of the scenario of bullying, because someone has to be bullied. So, in essence, there are the aggressors who are the bullies, and the victims who believe somewhere in their consciousness that they are bullied and that bullies do, indeed, exist. And the game continues. So

Page 15 - Oct ober, 2015

what is the anecdote to disrupt and redefine all this? Love. Simple, isn't it? It is also scientific. We know our brain can only hold one us/ thought/ perspective at a time. Ergo, hate cannot live as a thought when love is living as a thought. Hate attracts hate. Love attracts love. To create a state of love in the world, you have to live the thought of love. Like attracts like... And multiplies... And creates more. Do you know that how a child sees himself in the world, his value, his relationship, his worth, is set into motion by the time he is eighteen months old? This is before the part of our brain that reasons is even developed. Most of us are trying to reason why we feel inferior and unloved, and why the word feels unsafe and hostile to us. But we have no reasoning to explain it, because the energetic feelings we picked up about our love and acceptance in the world are implanted before we could reason what they were or if they were the truth. A child?s brain is set by the time they are about four years old, and the rest of his life is built around that self-confidence, that self-image of himself with, or against, the world. It stands to reason, then, that to reason why we are challenged in feeling good about ourselves is fruitless. The Law of Attraction cannot bring the experience of self- worth while we are focused on why we do not feel worthy! It can only come forward for us when the focus is on what we want: the experience of unconditional love Page 16 - Oct ober, 2015

and acceptance of ourselves. Our beauty? Our amazing Us? The Wonderment of Who We Are. The little child in all of us wants to own this truth, but has been frightened and damaged and taught to buy into the illusion of judgment and unfairness. It is our little child that we have to refocus. We must create new synapses...and teach new truths of love early to our turn this tide of bullying and fear back to the only focus that will not allow it to survive: love. Love for ourselves, our magnificence, our beauty, and our unique gift of selfcreation. We are the answer. We are the charge that goes out and attracts back to us our focused electrical impulse. Teach it early, and live it now. What the world needs now, is love.

Dee Wal l ace is a licensed school teacher, intuitive life coach, author, actress and motivational speaker. She is passionate about teaching the right and need for selflove and creation to the world. As a teacher, she knows that reaching a child with these principles at an early age is imper- ative to the ultimate happiness of the child, his adult self, and therefore society as a whole. Dee has created a cuddly teddy bear to teach children to love themselves! Please visit to buy a bear or donate to the Kickstarter: http:/ / 1K4ei6o now underway. Visit Dee at : www.Iamdeewal l

Be The Change.

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Dr. Andrew Wei l 's Ant i -I nf l ammat ory Food Chart

Page 18 - Oct ober, 2015

Dr. Andrew Wei l 's Ant i -Fl ammat ory Di et HEALTHY SWEETS

ounces cooked poultry or skinless meat)

How much: Sparingly

Healthy choices: High quality natural cheese and yogurt, omega-3 enriched eggs, skinless poultry, grass-fed lean meats

Healthy choices: Unsweetened dried fruit, dark chocolate, fruit sorbet Why: Dark chocolate provides polyphenols with antioxidant activity. Choose dark chocolate with at least 70 percent pure cocoa and have an ounce a few times a week. Fruit sorbet is a better option than other frozen desserts. RED WINE How much: Optional, no more than 1-2 glasses per day

Why: In general, try to reduce consumption of animal foods. If you eat chicken, choose organic, cage-free chicken and remove the skin and associated fat. Use organic dairy products moderately, especially yogurt and natural cheeses such as Emmental (Swiss), Jarlsberg and true Parmesan. If you eat eggs, choose omega-3 enriched eggs (made by feeding hens a fl ax-meal-enriched diet), or organic eggs from free-range chickens.

Healthy choices: Organic red wine Why: Red wine has beneficial antioxidant activity. Limit intake to no more than COOKED ASIAN MUSHROOMS 1-2 servings per day. If you do not drink alcohol, do not How much: Unlimited amounts start. Healthy choices: Shiitake, enokidake, maitake, oyster SUPPLEMENTS mushrooms (and wild mushrooms if available) Why: These mushrooms contain compounds that enhance immune How much: Daily Healthy choices: High quality function. Never eat mushrooms raw, and minimize multivitamin/ multimineral that includes key antioxidants consumption of common commercial button mushrooms (vitamin C, vitamin E, mixed carotenoids, and selenium); (including crimini and portobello). co-enzyme Q10; 2-3 grams of a molecularly distilled fish oil; 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 Why: Supplements help fill any gaps in your diet when you are unable to get your daily requirement of micronutrients. Click here to learn more about supplements and get your free recommendation.

WHOLE SOY FOODS How much: 1-2 servings per day (one serving is equal to ½ cup tofu or tempeh, 1 cup soymilk, ½ cup cooked edamame, 1 ounce of soynuts)

TEA Healthy choices: Tofu, tempeh, edamame, soy nuts, soymilk How much: 2-4 cups per day Healthy choices: White, green, oolong teas Why: Tea is rich in catechins, antioxidant compounds that reduce inflammation. Purchase high-quality tea and learn how to correctly brew it for maximum taste and health benefits. HEALTHY HERBS & SPICES How much: Unlimited amounts

Why: Soy foods contain isoflavones that have antioxidant activity and are protective against cancer. Choose whole soy foods over fractionated foods like isolated soy protein powders and imitation meats made with soy isolate. FISH & SEAFOOD How much: 2-6 servings per week (one serving is equal to 4 ounces of fish or seafood) Healthy choices: Wild Alaskan salmon (especially sockeye), herring, sardines, and black cod (sablefish)

Heal t hy choices: Turmeric, curry powder (which contains turmeric), ginger and garlic (dried and fresh), chili peppers, Why: These fish are rich in omega-3 fats, which are strongly anti-inflammatory. If you choose not to eat fish, take a basil, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme molecularly distilled fish oil supplement that provides both Why: Use these herbs and spices generously to season EPA and DHA in a dose of 2-3 grams per day. foods. Turmeric and ginger are powerful, natural HEALTHY FATS anti-inflammatory agents. OTHER SOURCES OF PROTEIN How much: 1-2 servings a week (one portion is equal to 1 ounce of cheese, 1 eight-ounce serving of dairy, 1 egg, 3

How much: 5-7 servings per day (one serving is equal to 1 teaspoon of oil, 2 walnuts, 1 tablespoon of flaxseed, 1 ounce of avocado) Healthy choices: For cooking, use extra virgin olive oil and expeller-pressed organic canola oil. Page 19 - Oct ober, 2015

Dr. Andrews Wei l 's Ant i f l ammat ory Di et Other sources of healthy fats include nuts (especially walnuts), avocados, and seeds - including hemp seeds and freshly ground flaxseed. Omega-3 fats are also found in cold water fish, omega-3 enriched eggs, and whole soy foods. Organic, expeller pressed, high-oleic sunflower or safflower oils may also be used, as well as walnut and hazelnut oils in salads and dark roasted sesame oil as a flavoring for soups and stir-fries Why: Healthy fats are those rich in either monounsaturated or omega-3 fats. Extra-virgin olive oil is rich in polyphenols with antioxidant activity and canola oil contains a small fraction of omega-3 fatty acids. WHOLE & CRACKED GRAINS How much: 3-5 servings a day (one serving is equal to about ½ cup cooked grains) Healthy choices: Brown rice, basmati rice, wild rice, buckwheat, groats, barley, quinoa, steel-cut oats Why: Whole grains digest slowly, reducing frequency of spikes in blood sugar that promote inflammation. "Whole grains" means grains that are intact or in a few large pieces, not whole wheat bread or other products made from flour. PASTA (al dent e) How much: 2-3 servings per week (one serving is equal to about ½ cup cooked pasta) Healthy choices: Organic pasta, rice noodles, bean thread noodles, and part whole wheat and buckwheat noodles like Japanese udon and soba Why: Pasta cooked al dente (when it has "tooth" to it) has a lower glycemic index than fully-cooked pasta. Low-glycemic-load carbohydrates should be the bulk of your carbohydrate intake to help minimize spikes in blood glucose levels. BEANS & LEGUMES How much: 1-2 servings per day (one serving is equal to ½ cup cooked beans or legumes) Healthy choices: Beans like Anasazi, adzuki and black, as well as chickpeas, black-eyed peas and lentils Why: Beans are rich in folic acid, magnesium, potassium and soluble fiber. They are a low-glycemic-load food. Eat them well-cooked either whole or pureed into spreads like hummus. VEGETABLES How much: 4-5 servings per day minimum (one serving is Page 20 - Oct ober, 2015

equal to 2 cups salad greens, ½ cup vegetables cooked, raw or juiced) Healthy Choices: Lightly cooked dark leafy greens (spinach, collard greens, kale, Swiss chard), cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, bok choy and cauliflower), carrots, beets, onions, peas, squashes, sea vegetables and washed raw salad greens Why: Vegetables are rich in flavonoids and carotenoids with both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Go for a wide range of colors, eat them both raw and cooked, and choose organic when possible. FRUITS How much: 3-4 servings per day (one serving is equal to 1 medium size piece of fruit, ½ cup chopped fruit, ¼ cup of dried fruit) Healthy choices: Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines, oranges, pink grapefruit, red grapes, plums, pomegranates, blackberries, cherries, apples, and pears - all lower in glycemic load than most tropical fruits Why: Fruits are rich in flavonoids and carotenoids with both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Go for a wide range of colors, choose fruit that is fresh in season or frozen, and buy organic when possible. Addit ional It em: WATER How much: Throughout the day Healthy choices: Drink pure water, or drinks that are mostly water (tea, very diluted fruit juice, sparkling water with lemon) throughout the day. Why: Water is vital for overall functioning of the body. Andrew Weil, M.D., is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, a healing oriented approach to health care which encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Weil is Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, where he also holds the Lovell-Jones Endowed Chair in Integrative Rheumatology and is Clinical Professor of Medicine and Professor of Public Health. You can find more health articles at

Page 21 - Oct ober, 2015

?If you t hink you?re enl ight ened, go spend a week wit h your f amil y.? By El l en Wood Boy, Ram Dass knew what he was talking about. I found

frequency, awareness, consciousness. I invite you to

that out this past summer when part of my big family,

practice this method often ? not just if you have a toxic

including my sister, and I met at a vacation rental home on


the Jersey shore. Don?t get me wrong ? I never thought I was enlightened, but in my talks and forthcoming book, I

1. Notice your thoughts and feelings.

do share practices for living happy so I?m sure it?s equally

2. If you?re feeling anger or shame or another emotion

valid to say, ?If you think you?re wise enough to tell other

that makes you miserable, really feel it. Stronger.

people about habits for living happy, go spend a week


with your family.?

3. Drop the story. If the story tries to creep back in, focus

Amazing! I really had thought I was mature enough and

totally on the emotion. You?ll find that it?s impossible to

had been practicing mind/ spirit techniques long enough

feel the emotion without the story and each time you do

to sail right through, having fun, enjoying the beach,

this, you?ll release some of the negative charge of the

playing with the kids, being non-judgmental no matter

destructive emotion.

what came up in conversation. Wrong! Anyway ? it rained

4. Turn your focus to gratitude. Recall what you?re

every day I was there and, long story short, my childish

thankful for and what makes you feel good. Play that

behaviors floated to the surface and bubbled over at the

movie. If you need to make amends with someone,

end of my stay. Everything?s hunky-dory now with all of us

swallow your pride and just do it.

and we?re more loving than ever, but I had to take a long, hard look at myself and what?s going on inside me. And I used a practice I?ll share with you because it works for me every time ? even though in that instance, I didn?t use it until a couple days later when I was back home but still smarting. So here goes (it?s best to use this technique

The hardest part of this process is dropping the story. Sometimes we get addicted to our story, and we want to play it over and over. Breaking that pattern takes work ? hard work. But it?s so worth the effort for our health and well being. And especially our happiness.

right away ? so don?t do as I do, do as I suggest). I firmly

We?re all human and we all have stresses and worries and

believe that the most important thing for us to do in this

traumas from time to time, but we can handle unexpected,

life is to manage our inner show. By ?inner show? I mean

crummy life situations in ways that bring more love into

the movie that?s playing in our heads: our state of being, Page 22 - Oct ober, 2015

the world, or in ways that fuel rage and joylessness.

It all depends on our choices. So choose how you want to feel. That doesn?t mean jumping for joy, pretending enthusiasm when you?re feeling down in the dumps. It means not criticizing yourself if you?re letting









acknowledging that you?re doing this. Just becoming aware of what?s going on inside, whether you?re feeling miserable or fabulous, is a giant step in the right direction. Once you acknowledge what?s playing in your inner show, if it?s toxic and you?ve done the process above, very






deliberately playing better-feeling movies ? and

MP3's Instant DownLoads

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experience the change inside. It?s an unmistakable transformation in energy and vitality. Next, go for it! Visualize your ultimate desire. Paint a picture in your mind of something that makes your heart roar with sheer delight. Then when love and joy are the main feature in your inner show, go out and share that feeling with other people. Especially your family.

Ellen Wood of Taos, NM, is a humorous inspirational speaker who shares techniques to rejuvenate your life








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Dr. Jewels Johnson, CHT Page 23 - Oct ober, 2015

Page 24 - Oct ober, 2015

Page 25 - Oct ober, 2015

Oct/ Nov 2015 A strol ogy Forecast By I nternati onal A strol oger M ani sh K umar A rora mani sh astrol oger@redi f f mai l .com Aries ( 21 March ? 19 April ) ? A month of work and health concerns begins in October. But before it does, you have one last decision to make; it might involve romance, a creative project, a financial gamble, or the pursuit of a special, pleasurable vision - all which involve risk - versus hanging on to what you already have. From 23rd October, a period of triumphs, victories and new beginnings - or even the rebirth of something starts. It indicates an end to pain (physically and emotionally). You may have an alliance or favorable friendship in adversity, a suspension of judgement and a resolving of outstanding differences. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21, 28 & 29 Nov 1, 5, 10, 14, 19 & 28 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Bl ue. Taurus ( 20 April ? 20 May) This period will bring the opportunity for a new beginning. It could even signal the conclusion of an important transaction (successful or otherwise) This period indicates that you should stop wasting your life, should cut out your excesses of living, put the past behind and choose a brighter future because you have reached a transition point, and need to make changes in the way you approach life and embrace the result, be it good or bad. It?s time to rebuild, you get to choose what you want to replace, and what to leave in the wreckage. The circumstances surrounding are about to change in visible and dramatic ways. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 2, 7, 11, 16, 20 & 25 Nov 3, 8, 12, 17, 21 &30 Favorabl e Col ors : Brown & Whit e. Gemini ( 21 May ? 20 June ) You will experience deep anxiety about your business or monetary state - while all the time yearning for success or financial solvency. You need to be persistent, may be highs and lows on the road to get are there, but sometimes the motion it takes to arrive somewhere is what the journey was all about. The action, over the four weeks ahead, will probably lie in domestic, real estate, security, retirement, foundational or "withdrawal" zones. In the month ahead in November, examine your relationships and projects: withdraw from those that are stale or unrewarding; throw your efforts into those that promise growth. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 3, 8, 12, 17, 21 & 26 Nov 1, 3, 10, 12, 19 & 28 Favorabl e Col ors : Red& Yel l ow. Cancer ( 21 June ? 22 Jul y ) Your ability to initiate and accept change will help you excel. Your varied experiences will allow you to branch out and pursue a wider variety of interests that will contribute to what you have to offer. Changes made to your financial situation will bring strong results. The period ahead is likely to start on a strong financial note, with an opportunity to generate extra bucks in November, Time spent doing a good job will ensure that you have more work coming your way You will be blessed with good fortune. Love is highlighted, and spending extra time nurturing a relationship that is important to you will help enhance the connection. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 2, 4, 11, 13, 20 & 22 Nov 3, 5, 12, 14, 19 &23 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Purpl e. Leo ( 23 Jul y ? 22 August ) You can expect some changes in your near future. Your popularity has reached a temporary low so use this time to plan, fulfill old obligations, and clear your decks for later action. You could sense something worrisome about your position at work or your dealings with parent during October. Be skeptical of romantic, creative and speculative urges that arrive. After 23rd Oct when Sun transits in next sign you will receive encouraging messages or data. Dive into domestic, property and security interests. You might not feel particularly positive, but you are clearing the way for better things, particularly in terms of romance. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 4, 5, 13, 14, 22 & 23 Nov 2, 5, 11, 14, 20 & 23 Favorabl e Col ors : Brown & Bl ue. Virgo ( 23 August ? 22 Sept ember ) Your star is shining brightly within every social and professional circle you take part in. Business and personal relationships will flourish with a little charm and encouragement. Use your imagination and you will make a good contribution to a job or project. You?ll find that others tend to be willing to lend a hand now to get things under way; those closest to you could well be instrumental in the eventual success of your great ideas. Channel your energy into learning and self-improvement. Love is on the rise and can lead to a stronger bond. Show willingness to accept the inevitable and to promote whatever changes will benefit everyone. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 1, 7, 9, 16, 25 Nov 4, 7, 13, 16, 22 & 25 Favorabl eCol ors : Red & Viol et . Page 26 - Oct ober, 2015

Libra ( 23 Sept ember ? 22 Oct ober ) Mix business with pleasure and you will get ahead. Love is in a high cycle and will bring about a sudden change regarding your future. Those who are not so young will be a little quieter in this respect, while already existing family relations will be getting even stronger. You have to follow your head, not your heart, if you want to come out on top. Socializing, networking and meeting with new people will all lead to positive changes. Put your efforts into a creative pursuit and being with the one you love, or if single, finding your dream partner.Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 1, 7, 9, 16, 25 & 27 Nov 1, 5, 10, 14, 19 & 23 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Yel l ow. Scorpio ( 23 Oct ober ? 21 November ) There would be some fabulous opportunities, as a series of conjunctions bring some much needed harmony and order to your routine. You?ll be on a roll, as you absorb some of the better qualities associated with Cosmos energies: determination, patience, charisma and an unnerving ability to get straight to the point. Sharing knowledge will allow you to pick up valuable information that will enable you to do things you haven't done in the past. Romance is in a high cycle. If you are single, engage in activities conducive to meeting someone special. If you are in a relationship, make plans for serious commitments. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 4, 7, 13, 16, 22 & 25 Nov 1, 7, 10, 16, 19 & 25. Favorabl e Col ors : Yel l ow & Bl ue.

Sagit t arius ( 22 November - 21 December )Your drive, determination and convincing way of dealing with others will help you get your way. You can make professional gains if you are practical and realistic. After 23rd October when Sun enters next sign, emotions will surface, and sensitivity will mount.. It's all about focus and refusing to let the little things bother you and you need to be emotionally balanced. Helping others will allow you to view your own situation with greater objectivity. Get in touch with someone who has been on your mind. Attending a reunion or revisiting old ideas, places or friends will help you rethink your future. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 3, 4, 12, 13 21 & 22 Nov 5, 6, 14, 15, 23 & 24. Favorabl e Col ors : Brown & Bl ack. Capricorn ( 22 December ? 19 January ) You need to stimulate your mind and be creative. A change at home will help you develop a way to increase your assets. Make a deal, and you will be able to stabilize your situation and build a better future. Take a closer look at a partnership that has the potential to help you achieve your personal or professional goals Stipulate what you want in return, and you can build an equal partnership that can benefit all involved. Love and romance should be included in your agenda. You can learn a lot if you watch how other people do things. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 2, 11, 12, 20, 21 & 24 Nov 4, 6, 13, 15, 22 & 24 Favorabl e Col ors : Bl ue & Yel l ow. Aquarius ( 20 January ? 18 February ) You will instinctively know what will work and what won't. Invest in your ideas. Self-improvement projects will pay off, enabling you to diversify. You will pick up information if you discuss your plans with someone knowledgeable. A window of opportunity will lead to a new way of doing things and an interesting alternative to your current lifestyle. Don't let love stop you from heading down the path best suited to you. Stabilize any relationship that is important by laying down ground rules and compromising when necessary. A serious relationship can develop if you are single or improve if you are already a couple. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 23 & 28 Nov 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 &24 Favorabl e Col ors : Whit e & Bl ue. Pisces ( 19 February ? 20 March ) If you share your thoughts and actions, everyone who counts will come on board and help you make your plans pan out. Career objectives will take precedence over playtime.You will see that everything you require to meet those challenges and plans is already there for you. The strength, the knowledge, the inspiration are all already within you to help you channel the energy and make the magic happen. This could be the time for a fresh start in love. If you?re single, this is you could meet someone new. For those already in relationships, the Cosmos could be sweeping in to give you deeper levels of commitment and enjoyment. Favorabl e Dat es : Oct 1, 2, 10, 11, 19 & 20 Nov 1, 7, 10, 16, 19 & 23 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Bl ue. Page 27 - Oct ober, 2015

Page 28 - Oct ober, 2015

Page 29 - Oct ober, 2015

Think LiketheRich By Coach Mark Starr It was Nelson Mandela that said, ?Poverty is not an accident. Like Slavery & Apartheid, it is man made and can be removed by the actions of human beings. I believe that the reason that most people stay in poverty is because they have a poverty consciousness. Poverty consciousness is a set of attitudes, feelings, beliefs and values associated with material lack or fear of material lack. Poverty consciousness almost always include fear and equals a belief in limitation. Contrary to what most people think, poverty consciousness is not directly related to the amount of money that one has, it is the relationship that one has to money or to material possessions. If you worry about not having enough money, then you have a poverty consciousness. If you believe that there is not enough for everyone in the world, then you have a poverty consciousness. You can live in conditions of Page 30 - Oct ober, 2015

poverty without necessarily having a poverty consciousness. A poverty consciousness is more about a person thoughts and feelings towards money. It is a state of mind and a state of heart. You cannot have negative thoughts and feelings towards money and expect to have an abundance of it in your life. If you believe that you don't deserve to be wealthy, or think money is filthy you always get what you truly think, feel, and believe. If you have a negative attitude towards money, you will not try hard to get it, you won't pay attention to opportunities, and you may make errors that cause you to lose the little money that you do have. On the other hand, if your attitude is positive and your open and willing to have it in your life, you

will attract money into your lives in various ways. Most people that like money say they wish they had more money, but deep in the subconscious mind, they are repelling opportunity to improve their situation. It will always be difficult to track money, if you are negative about it. You can?t attract something that deep in your heart you despise. If you want to attract money, you have to get rid of all the negative thoughts and attitudes towards money. Many of us have a poverty consciousness because of the negative verbal programming that we experienced when we were growing up. We constantly heard phrases like:

committed and determined. 4) Rich peopl e t hink big. In life, we get what we think about so if we think small we could only get small if we learn to think big that's when we start to receive big and our lives. 5) Rich peopl e f ocus on opport unit ies and they see the opportunity in every obstacle. 6) Rich peopl e act in spit e of f ear. They also become afraid, but they don't allow the fear to paralyze them. Just as we were trained to have a poverty mindset, we always have the power to retrain ourselves. Once we do this, we open ourselves to all the abundance that we deserve and that the universe has waiting for us.

- Money is the root of all evil - Save your money for rainy day - Rich people are greedy and are criminals - Money doesn't grow on trees - Money doesn't buy happiness - You can't be rich and spiritual - Not everyone can be rich - There's not enough for everyone to go around These are all the negative statements that we repeatedly heard over and over that helped to form our negative poverty mindset. Just because we may have a poverty consciousness right now doesn't mean that we are sentenced to a life of poverty thinking. Once we become aware of the problem, we can take steps to retrain our minds. The easiest way to do this is to model those that have an abundance mindset, so let's look at some of the ways that rich people think.

Coach Mark shares the success tips, tricks, and techniques of the Millionaires and Billionaires of the last 100 years. These are the same tools that Coach mark used to build (2) successful businesses and retire before the age of 40. Listen to Coach Mark in his Power in Half Hour Radio Show on Law of Attraction Radio Network at coach-mark. You can stay in contact with coach mark on IG & Twitter - @coachmarkspeaks ? on facebook at therealmarkstarr ? . Download his new book for free at

1) Rich peopl e t hink I creat e my l if e. They realize that them and only them are in control of their lives. They take responsibility for their lives. 2) Rich peopl e pl ay t he money game t o win. They understand you have to aim for riches to become rich. 3) Rich peopl e are commit t ed t o being rich. Most average people would like to be rich but that's not enough to be rich. To be rich you have to be Page 31 - Oct ober, 2015

W oul dn?t you agree not a day goes by that each and every one of us isn?t forced to rely on that one thing everyone says we were born with---good old common sense? Well, I believe that we were all born with something even more important, something each and every one of us should be relying on a lot more than we do---our twice as good and even older cosmic sense.

COSM I C SENSE: Our Unconsci ous Connecti on to th e Uni v erse

By M argueri te M anni ng Ll ew el l yn Worl dw i de Image credit: NASA/ JPL-Caltech

Page 32 - Oct ober, 2015

It?s true. While common sense is the good judgment we?ve learned to develop by living in this practical world, cosmic sense is the incredible insight our soul couldn?t help but develop while struggling to evolve in the spiritual one. Think of it as that remarkable sense of deeper understanding that only comes to us through our higher awareness. When we use it, we?re able to make sense of the cosmos and our place in it because when we apply it, we?re actually taking our common sensibilities to the next level. The highest level. Our spiritual level. The only level that gives us direct human access to all the universal know-how that we could possibly need to fulfill our earthly destiny. Why? Because it?s the same level of hard-earned spiritual savvy that?s now available to our soul for fulfilling it?s own chosen universal purpose. Yes, chosen, because based on the wisdom of our ancient astrologers (who, fortunately for us, had enough cosmic sense of their own) ?by choice? is exactly how we humans come into this earthly existence. What?s more, because our soul does the actual choosing before we do, that?s exactly why those choices are celestially reflected in the astrological energies of our own natal sky once we get here. To remind our unconscious soul of its earthly purpose by bringing every one of those choices into our conscious awareness. Not a moment too soon either because with our very first human breath they become our earthly promises. The ones that we were literally born under so that our soul could be physically born into. Good to know, especially since, in this particular lifetime, we?re the ones who have to live up them. Is it any wonder then why the ancients proclaimed that our destiny was ?written in the stars?? Universally

speaking it is but only because astrologically speaking (or, by applying your cosmic sense), that?s precisely what the energies in our natal sky reflect. Our very own universal endorsement to be great and shine bright in this lifetime. Really. But that?s only if our soul keeps it?s cosmic commitment to aim higher and do better than it did in the last one. So, yes, of course, our birth energies reveal just how and where we?re destined to succeed down here in the material world. What they?re really up there illuminating is our soul?s promise to evolve in the spiritual one. If our soul makes good on its commitment, the universe makes good on its endorsement. Evidently, our fate here on terra firma is a lot less predetermined than we?ve been led to believe because when we view our natal sky from this perspective it?s a lot more than just a celestial reflection of our earthly destiny. It?s a universal documentation of the agreement we made to live up to it. An agreement the ancients called a horoscope, but based on their scientific principles I prefer to call our very own ?contract with the universe.? Now before you start thinking you?re not ready to embrace the science of our first astrologers, think again. These ancient stargazers had cosmic game. After all, they were not only our very first astronomers; they were the very first scholars to achieve that lofty status. That?s because they were also the first scientists to devote their dreary lives to the selfless study and mind-numbing observation of the even drearier universe they lived in. Unlike our astronomers today, they practiced astronomy and astrology as one comprehensive science because, while they knew our existence on this planet was designed to be depressingly physical, after years spent doing the medieval math, they were equally convinced that the universe we inhabited was more than just one-dimensional. In their primitive world, how could they know? In their line of work, how could they not? As professional astronomers they not only studied the heavens to discover how celestial objects moved and the universe worked as a whole; as equally professional astrologers (a job that was in many ways more difficult and in every way more mathematical) they analyzed those findings to determine how those movements affected all of us down below. ?All of us? meaning the minds bodies and souls of us. In fact, for that reason and despite the political correctness and religious pressures of their time (and there were many) these seasoned sky watchers were among the first to adopt the principle that ours was a multi-leveled universe made up of

nothing but well-ordered energy. Talk about impressive! But, while this kind of thinking puts them clearly ahead of their own time, it?s not what puts them ahead of ours. This does: in their professional opinion, in this particular universe, all of that well-ordered energy was divine, and (wait for it) one of the levels it operated on was spiritual. This is where things go from impressive to amazing, because this means that by embracing these very basic principles, these very basic stargazers not only managed to subscribe to the theory that everything in this universe consisted of energy, but they collectively concluded that all energy within this universe was powerfully creative, infinitely connected, and traveled on its own frequency. To their way of thinking, mental energy vibrated on the intellectual level; body energy vibrated on the physical level; and the eternal part of anything, or the ?soul,? vibrated on yet another level. A level, incidentally, that today?s ?hard? scientists still refuse to acknowledge as being a scientific one---the spiritual level. And while we all know that just about every scientist today embraces the concept that all energy is connected, these very best minds of yesterday were the first, and in many cases the only, to officially acknowledge all of the levels in our particular time space continuum that were necessary to actually connect it. They had no choice. To them, a universe could only be ?divine? if it was available to all energy on all levels. If ours was a divine universe (which they decided it was based on the way they determined it functioned) then it had to be available to the mind, body and soul of everything that vibrated to it and, therefore, existed in it. A category, by the way that included us. All of us. Therefore, it had to be a universe in which mental, physical and spiritual energy flowed continuously, harmoniously and circularly---a universe where the physical science of astronomy included the spiritual reality of astrology. It was that simple because to them it was just science. But here?s the amazing part, according to the Universal Laws of Divine Order, that concept still is. And that means everything to an astrologer, as it should to everyone who isn?t, because when it comes to the principles of Universal Law, a multi-leveled universe of divine energy means two very significant things to all of us. First, it means everything in this universe is energy including us. Second, all energy within this universe always moves in a circular pattern for one very important reason---divine order is only achieved by maintaining Page 33 - Oct ober, 2015

divine balance. So then according to the first principle, in this universe, every one of our human thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all individual forms of universal energy. That being the case, then according to the second principle, when our bodies put these energies out on one level in this incarnation---the physical level, they are forced to continue on in that divine circular pattern and come back to us through the spirit of our soul on the next level---the spiritual one. They have to, every one of them, good, bad or fattening. Not because, as most of us were taught to believe, the wrath of God is punishing us, but because (and think about this for a minute) as universal law would have it, the divine order of the cosmos is just balancing itself. What goes around must come around. Yes, it?s that simple, because in a multi-leveled universe of divine energy, it?s just science. Of course, in the beginning, when all universal levels were present and accounted for, our science was also that spiritual which is exactly why our ancient astronomers were among the first to get it. (It?s also exactly why most astrologers, like myself, won?t analyze a birth chart without implementing it). Human actions have spiritual consequences. If this sounds a lot like karma to you that?s only because, as I explain in my book Cosmic Karma, Understanding Your Contract with the Universe, that?s what the universal Law of Compensation is. Nothing more than the spiritual version of cause and effect. In fact, as far as I?m concerned, nothing less than the same principle practiced in just about every religion known to man. Good old fashioned accountably for the soul. So why is that? Why is such a proven scientific principle like ?cause and effect? such a fundamental part of most religious teachings? As interesting a question as that is, the really interesting question to me is, why not? I mean really, why isn?t the development of our soul considered a recognized field of scientific study? It is when it comes to any field that involves the development of our minds or bodies. So then, why not the soul? After all, if spirit is the highest intellectual dimension, as many believe it is, wouldn?t the wonderful world of science in general and the field of astronomy in particular be better off if this overlooked dimension were invited to the cosmic party? Wouldn?t it be a more interesting party? At the very least, wouldn?t it be a more stimulating one? I think so. But then, I?m someone whose life and belief system were as much transformed by the readings of the psychic, Edgar Cayce as they were by the writings of the astronomer, Carl Sagan. And while I have Sagan to thank for my life-long passion for Page 34 - Oct ober, 2015

the stars above, it was actually Cayce who furthered that zeal by instilling in me a life-changing passion for the spirit within. Through the work, words and wisdom of these two enlightened souls I learned that physical science and the immortal spirit are not mutually exclusive. Through their separate and distinct philosophies, I came to adopt one of my own, science and spirit only work divinely when they work together. That?s because in this universe, our spiritual reality is a fundamental part of our physical actuality. As spiritual beings having a mental experience in this physical world, I came to realize that we are not relevant to this universe without either the science that got us here or the soul that keeps us coming back. The even bigger epiphany for me, however, is that here on planet earth, neither one of them is relevant to us without the other. But then as I learned from the best ancient minds in the stargazing business, in a divine universe, it?s just a matter of cosmic sense.

Marguerit e Manning, Llewellyn?s best selling author of Cosmic Karma, Understanding Your Contract With The Universe, and Sign Language, Decoding Your Contract With The Universe, is a professional astrologer, editorial contributor and the founder of Cosmic Connections, a personal enlightenment and astrological counseling service in the Washington, DC area. Her articles have appeared in such magazines as The Mountain Astrologer, Dell Horoscope, the Llewellyn Journal, New Worlds and Astrology on the Web. In addition to conducting group workshops throughout the U.S., Marguerite makes many personal and radio appearances to discuss her breakthrough astrological concept of the soul's "Contract with the Universe?. Find out more about her upcoming ebooklet series on the karmic influence of the asteroids in your birth chart at: http:/ /

Page 35 - Oct ober, 2015

I n recent w eek s a number of people have contacted my office with concerns about the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe. Millions have fled their homes in places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. These people are leaving behind countries torn apart by war and economic hardship in hopes of finding a better life elsewhere.

Gl obal M edi tati on & Th e Cri si s i n Europe: How You Can Hel p By Dr. Joe Di spenza

The question many ask is: what can I do? More than seven billion people live on Earth. This is an intimidating number, one that makes any attempt by an individual to solve a problem seem fruitless. After all, what happens if you do something to help? There?s no guarantee others will follow your lead and you may not know for sure if your efforts made a difference. Let?s take a second to reframe this issue in the context of our own lives. Think about some problem in your life, maybe you?re falling behind on bills or maybe you?re having relationship issues. Whatever the concern, it can seem insurmountable. However, we know this isn?t true because we?ve seen people make incredible life changes by investing a little time and energy into themselves. We know what it takes to create change in our lives. The process involves combining a clear intention with an elevated emotion. Through mental rehearsal we can populate a future outcome with such detail that our brain and body biologically look like it has already happened. If done properly, in this state we are more caring, grateful and selfless, which opens the door to possibility. Coming back to the situation in Europe, what if we were able to harness that skill needed to produce individual change and apply it globally? Is this even possible? When it comes to the research the answer seems to be yes. In 1993 a group of 2,000 practitioners of transcendental meditation took part in a unique two month study. Researchers wanted to see if this group could raise the level of coherent energy by focusing on peace and reduce the stress level in Washington DC and thus lower the rate of violent crime. The study ran from early June to late July that year. Researchers controlled for a number of variables

Page 36 - Oct ober, 2015

including temperature, changes in policing practices, and overall violent crime trends. The data yielded some astonishing results. Overall, the violent crime rate in Washington DC fell by 48% during the time of the experiment and the biggest drop came when the most people were meditating.

Another study looked at the impact of the 9/ 11 terrorist attacks. Princeton University?s Global Consciousness Project (GCP) maintains a network of 40 random event generators (REGs) in cities around the world. Think of an REG as a computerized coin flipper that spits out 0?s and 1?s instead of heads and tails. In theory an REG should, as the name implies, produce an unpredictable series of events regardless of what is happening in outside world. And like a coin toss, if you flip a coin 10 times, at the end of the experiment, there will likely be an equal number heads vs. tails (5-5). The same if true for the REG. It will produce an equal number of 1?s and 0?s almost every time. A team at the GCP examined the data in the period after the attacks and found a high level of deviations during that same period. Essentially, the REGs started to churn out number strings in a much more orderly way. Patterns started to develop where normally there isn?t as more and more people heard the news and had an emotional response. This response is believed to be what triggered the change in the REGs. These findings support the notion of a global collective consciousness. The HeartMath Institute has been investigating this idea for a number of years and they suggest we?re all connected by a global information field that sends and receives information. Not only are we always plugged into this field but we can also impact how it works. How is this possible? Think about it for a moment. We know that all frequency carries information. We see this every day in the form of

our radios, televisions, and cell phones. These devices all receive invisible electromagnetic signals across different frequencies that are sent by a signal of some kind (think an antenna) and that frequency signal is translated into sounds or pictures. What most people don?t know is that our bodies are capable of doing the same thing. There is a measurable field of energy that comes directly from the heart (there is in fact a magnetic field around our hearts) when we create loving elevated emotions. Therefore, by becoming heart-centered, and cultivating the higher energy emotional states of care, love, and compassion we are able to generate a greater level of coherent energy that benefits both ourselves and the world.

There?s a really simple way to visualize this idea. What happens when you throw a rock into a lake? The first thing that happens is a splash followed by a rippling that spreads across the smooth surface. The results change depending upon different variables like the size of the rock you throw, how high you and how hard you throw it. Research shows that when you become heart-centered your heart area actually creates a broader, more enhanced magnetic field that can be up to nine meters in diameter. Put another way, your elevated emotion is now able to send out more information, and the longer you can sustain that emotional state, the more this coherent energy is broadcasted into a measurable field. Therefore, by maintaining a heart-centered Page 37 - Oct ober, 2015

emotion for an extended period of time, it is like dropping rock after rock in a rhythmic fashion. The result is that the waves are now continuously being projected outward instead of just once. And the more deeply and profoundly the emotion is felt, the more it?s like throwing a boulder and not a pebble into the lake.

global consciousness together. Instead of combining a clear intention with an elevated emotion and using it to create a new future for ourselves, what would happen we did this to help affect change in the world? We?ve seen that the possibility exists and now we?re going to try it for ourselves. For the first time at one of our events, we?re going to ask our community of students to participate (either in person or by streaming it live) in a global meditation at the Advanced Follow Up in Seattle on Sunday November 1. This will be an amazing and transformative experience that I look forward to sharing with everyone. In the meantime, to return to crisis in Europe, there is something you can do. You can meditate by yourself or with others to bring the situation to an end or to help these people get to their new destinations safely. Whatever your goal, just follow the process, have patience and embrace the possibility of a better tomorrow.

We?ve partnered with the HeartMath Institute to conduct research experiments with our students. In each advanced workshop, we instruct our students to become heart-centered at the beginning of each meditation by resting their attention in the heart area. They are then asked to cultivate an elevated emotion like gratitude, compassion, kindness, and care while they slowed down their breathing. They were then asked to broadcast that energy beyond their body, therefore creating an enhanced magnetic field. At the same time they sent the thought or intention for the greatest good to 40-50 participants sitting in the front of the room wearing heart rate variability (HRV) monitors. In most cases, the students wearing the HRV monitors, showed a significant change in heart coherence at the exact same time in the exact Joseph Dispenza D.C. meditation. Our students were affecting other Researcher, Chiropract or, Lect urer and Aut horJoe students in a non-local field beyond space and time. Dispenza, D.C., first caught the public?s eye as one of To return to our example above about frequency and the scientists featured in the award-winning film information, think of the elevated emotion which What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Since that movie?s creates a measureable magnetic wave carrying release in 2004, his work has expanded, deepened, specific information in the form of a particular and spiraled in several key directions? all of which thoughtful intention. So if other students?hearts were reflect his passion for exploring how people can use moving into a coherent signature, it likely meant, that the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience they were feeling some elevated emotion at the exact and quantum physics to not only heal illness but also same time? and their bodies were responding to a to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Dr. Joe is field effect without any physical interaction. It begs driven by the conviction that each one of us has the the question: if it could happen in a room of 550 potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. students, could it happen on a greater scale? Let?s bring these two ideas of personal change and Page 38 - Oct ober, 2015

No m at t er w h er e you ar e i n t h e w or l d, you h ave access t o:

Th e Sci en ce Beh i n d LAW OF ATTRACTI ON M agazi n e Now i n Pr i n t (by Su bscr i pt i on On l y)

Law Of At t r act i on M agazi n e.n et For Adver t i si n g or Con t r i bu t or Oppor t u n i t i es: St af f @l oar adi on et w or k .com Br ou gh t t o you by: Law of At t r act i on Radi o Net w or k Page 39 - Oct ober, 2015

Th e Wi sdom of Grandmoth er Pa'Ri s'Ha

NOW i s True Noth i ngness As we do the summer season of Ceremony and holding of Ancient pathways, the focus is Nunda / Sun. Our Old Ones remind us again of the true meaning of it all; living in the state of the Sabbath, meaning be of the

ability to hold focus and maintain the present now, state of pure coherence. Our whole life is living in ceremony, doing, being and living as Spirit in form. Thus, we have a ceremony for all of life and live it. All is Great Spirit. All is given Respect. In the principle of Everlasting and in the Spirit, we are always in the Now. All Mind Is Energy, Space and Time, and is illusion. NOW is true Nothingness. In the Now we are 100% perfect and of the ONE, that is in all things. When in MIND, we are in thought. In this body-mind, we have become the distractions of time, things, places, people, and events. In the body/ altar, we are God experiencing form, in the field of duality, opposites. Positive and negative. ALL "is" and it is perfect.

God state of presence. NOW. Just be NOW. No body, no thoughts, just Be and present, Now; ceremony is entering the state of nothingness. Preparation for ceremony is a purification process, clearing body toxins and clearing cells/ body of emotional chemistry and these effects, empowering the Page 40 - Oct ober, 2015

We call this Life: The Will to BE. And Be-cause of God, we each are individual and chosen / commanded into Life. We, in this experience, have created the imperfections, the challenges, the right and the wrongs, the good and the bads. In moments of deep presence and mindfulness,

when we ponder and focus on spirit, we are forever and mind eternal; we are of The ONE that is perfect. When we are in pure state of the presence, it is love. Then as life, body, is the focus, we move into time. Experience is whatever you are creating as reality. You exist as you think and what you think. Through the thought of all that, we begin to lose the perspective of what it means to be in the now. Then we put ourselves into the trap, in the web called time, the illusion of measuring ourselves, and try and hold ourselves into a very, very, limited manner of being. As God Is, liberation is nothing more than being able to remove the trap and the illusions, experiencing the Not hingness of just BEing with, and in, the Spirit of NOW. So as we begin to sit in peaceful and comfortable states, focus on and realize that in the now, all is perfect. This is the meaning of The Sabbath. In reality our whole state is Sabbath. Living as God is.

A f ter Years of Oppressi on US to Pay Out Nearl y $ 1 Bi l l i on to Nati v e A meri cans By Jay Syrmopoulos on September 19, 2015 Albuquerque, NM ? In a historic settlement, Native American tribes have been awarded nearly a billion dollars. The U.S. Department of Justice announced this week that a settlement was reached with 645 Native American Tribes for the sum of $940 million dollars. The settlement stems from a 1990 lawsuit, which claimed the U.S. government failed to pay its portion of federal contracts for housing, education, law enforcement and healthcare, as well as a number of other support programs. When the federal government failed to meet its obligations, people on the tribal lands were decimated by suffering, according to tribal leaders. ?The federal government?s conduct was not just cruel and wrong, it was illegal,? said Governor Val Panteah Sr. of the Zuni Pueblo. Tribal leaders believe the massive payout to compensate the tribes will assist in combating major issues faced on reservations such as alcoholism, rampant unemployment and almost non-existent healthcare system. The settlement is meant to compensate the tribal contractors and tribes that were underpaid from the years of 1994 to 2013. The failure of the US government to meet financial obligations to the tribes is one of the historic means used to keep Native Americans disenfranchised.

Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha is a highly sought after teacher and has an international public reach of millions of people. She is an international speaker, Philantropist, Cherokee Spiritual Elder and has a 55 year history of being a successful health, wealth and happiness coach. Listen to her radio show every day of the week at http:/ / parisha Websites: http:/ / https:/ / Ven.Pa.Ris.Ha

?I?m very satisfied with this settlement, but in other areas of those treaty obligations we need to work like we did here,? President John Yellowbird Steele of the Oglala Sioux tribe told ABC 7. There is hope among tribal and government leaders that this agreement could lay the foundation for future healing. There is cautious optimism, with hopes that broken treaty obligations can be eventually remedied. The settlement must be approved by a federal judge, with the tribes scheduled to begin to receive payments within the next six to ten months. Jay Syrmopoulos is an investigative journalist, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu. Read more at http:/ / nk38row

https:/ / parisha.taylor.3 Page 41 - Oct ober, 2015

Th e Ch eat Codes to Li f e By Josh ua Th rough Gary Templ e Bodl ey

W e h ave com e for th in to ph ysical r eal ity becau se we h ave been su m m on ed by th ose of you wish in g to u n der stan d th e m ech an ism of ph ysical r eal ity an d th e l aws of th e u n iver se ~ Josh u a In other words, ?we come bearing cheat codes.? Here they are: 1) You are a wort hy being, as wort hy as any who has ever l ived. Therefore you are worthy enough to receive all that you want. It is your divine right to be, do, and have anything you desire. 2) You are unique in al l of t he worl d, in al l of hist ory, and in al l of t he f ut ure. No one who has ever lived or will ever live is anything like you. You are truly unique and this fact is evidence of your complete worthiness. 3) You creat e your own real it y. Your life is your creation and you are fully responsible for how that life unfolds. It is in your control. You are not a victim to fate, you are the captain of your life. 4) You have been given f ree wil l . You can think any thought you like. However, those thoughts create your reality. You can choose to look at the negative side of things and bring more of that into your experience or you can choose to look at the positive aspects of anything and bring more of that into your experience. Page 42 - Oct ober, 2015

5) You det ermine what is posit ive or negat ive; t he universe is neut ral . You bring judgment to something and how you see it determines whether it is positive or negative. 6) You creat e t hrough your t hought s, words, and act ions. Chose t hem caref ul l y. Thoughts you continue to think are called beliefs. You have many beneficial beliefs and these help you create the life you desire. You have some limiting beliefs and these hold you apart from what you want. Since you can choose your thoughts, you can also choose your beliefs. 7) The basis of l if e is wel l -being. Everything you want is coming to you as long as you allow it. 8) You came f ort h int o t his physical real it y wit h a set of int ent ions. Most of those intentions were general in nature, such as the desire to feel joy, love, freedom, happiness, fun, abundance, and to expand through contrast. One or more intentions were more specific. These contain the essence of what you are here to explore in this lifetime. These are your interests and passions in life.

your attention. If you focus on what is wanted, it will come. If you focus on what is not wanted, it too will come. If you appreciate the abundance in your life, you will experience more abundance in your reality. If you focus on the lack of abundance, you will attract more lack. Those are the cheat codes to physical existence. These are the keys to creating the life you desire, but like anything, there?s a bit more to it than that. You must learn to operate from the approach to life that incorporates these cheat codes. This is very different from how you have been approaching life up to this point. Practice implementing these codes and you?ll radically improve your experience of life. This is how you will master physical reality.

Follow your interests to discover your passions and you will live a life of bliss. 9) Fear is what hol ds you apart f rom al l t hat you want . Realize that much of what you fear is irrational and learn to analyze your fears. Do not simply accept that there is something to be fearful of. 10) You have a guidance syst em t hat al ert s you t o t hose occasions when you are moving t oward what you want or away f rom what you want . When you encounter positive emotion, you are heading in the right direction. When you feel any negative emotion, you are uncovering a fear and the limiting belief behind it. Stop and analyze what you are afraid of and realize it is irrational and has no affect on your life. Dismiss the irrational fear and move on. 11) You have an inner sel f who can see your l if e f rom t he higher perspect ive. Learn to communicate with your inner self and see things from that higher, broader, and wiser perspective. 12) You have an inner worl d and an out er worl d. The outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world. The outer world is what you experience with your physical senses. The inner world is what you experience with your thoughts, beliefs, and imagination. Create from the inside out. 13) Everyt hing is right , t here is no wrong anywhere in t he universe. If you look at something and judge it as wrong, you are simply attached to your limited perspective. See it from the higher perspective and you will feel better. 14) This is a f eel ing real it y. The only thing that really matters is how you feel. You are meant to feel good, so start demanding and expecting to feel good. If you feel bad, turn the other cheek, pivot to a new thought, and do whatever it takes to feel better. Move towards feeling good.

We Are Joshua! Joshua is a group of nonphysical t eachers channel ed by Gary Templ e Bodl ey. Their pract ical t eachings provide a great er underst anding of t he mechanism of physical real it y, t he Law of At t ract ion, and how t o l everage universal f orces t o enhance our l ives. Joshua?s f irst book ?A Percept ion of Real it y? expl ains t he nat ure of real it y using pl ain Engl ish in an easy-t o-underst and f ormat . This book is t he next st ep f or t hose awakened individual s seeking higher l evel s of consciousness and awareness. See al l t he books and t eachings at : ht t p:/ / t het eachingsof

15) This is an at t ract ive universe. Nothing can be pushed away, everything is attracted. Everything comes to you by the focus of Page 43 - Oct ober, 2015

?M y

pr eci ou s ch i l d, I l ove you an d I w ou l d n ever l eave you . Du r i n g you r t i m es of su f f er i n g, w h en you cou l d see on l y on e set of f oot pr i n t s, i t w as t h en t h at I car r i ed you .?

GOD?S GOT YOUR BACK By Con st an ce Ar n ol d Ar e you i n t h e m i ddl e of a l i f e cr i ses an d cu r r en t l y f aci n g a di f f i cu l t t i m e? Wel l , you ar e n ot al on e. We al l h ave ex per i en ced t i m es i n ou r l i ves w h en u n cer t ai n t y an d f ear h as gr i pped an d par al yzed u s. Per son al l y, t h er e h ave been t i m es i n m y ow n l i f e w h en I f el t scar ed, al on e, over -w h el m ed an d st u ck . I f you r cu r r en t si t u at i on seem s h opel ess ? I h ave gr eat n ew s f or you ? God?s Got You r Back . I h ope t h ose w or ds can begi n t o br i n g peace i n t o you r l i f e. I l ove t h e f am ou s qu ot e ? ?I f you k n ew w h o w al k ed besi de you at al l t i m es, on t h e pat h t h at you h ave ch osen , you cou l d n ever ex per i en ce f ear or dou bt agai n .? I t i s so r eassu r i n g t o k n ow t h at a l ov i n g, su ppor t i n g, car i n g an d W i se God of t h e Un i ver se i s pr esen t i n you r cu r r en t si t u at i on t o h el p, com f or t an d gi ve you t h e w i sdom t h at you n eed t o ch an ge you r l i f e. Rem em ber , t h at you ar e on e w i t h t h e God of al l w i sdom an d k n ow l edge an d you r posi t i on i s si m pl y t o t r u st an d h ave f ai t h . How t o St ay Focu sed on t h e f act t h at ?God Has Got You r Back ?: Ack n ow l edge t h at you ar e t h e m i ddl e of a cr i ses an d ask f or h el p. Begi n f ocu si n g i n on t h e f act t h at you ar e con n ect ed t o an al l -k n ow i n g, al l -w i se, al l -k n ow i n g God w h o l oves you u n con di t i on al l y. TRUST an d pl ace you r h ope an d f ai t h i n t h e f act t h at God w i l l gi ve you t h e gu i dan ce an d w i sdom t h at you n eed t o ch an ge you r cu r r en t si t u at i on . Begi n l ook i n g f or som e posi t i ve sol u t i on s i n t h e m i ddl e of you r si t u at i on . Begi n bei n g gr at ef u l f or w h at you do h ave i n you r l i f e NOW. Begi n v i su al i zi n g you r l i f e beyon d you r cu r r en t si t u at i on . Rem i n d you r sel f t h at you w i l l n ot w or r y an d t h at ever yt h i n g i s goi n g t o t u r n ou t f or you r h i gh est good. Li ve on e day at a t i m e; bet t er yet , m ak e t h e m ost of t h i s m om en t , k n ow i n g t h at God h as God you r back . Fi n al l y, r em em ber t h at God?s pl an s f or you r l i f e ar e bi gger t h an you r cu r r en t ci r cu m st an ces.

Con st an ce Ar n ol d is an Author, Success Coach, Radio Per sonality and contr ibuting w r iter for the Huffington Post. She has 30 year s as a psychother apist w ith over 10,000 clients ar ound the w or ld. For m or e info: w w w.f u l f i l l i n gyou r pu r Listen to Constance on her Th i n k , Bel i eve an d M an i f est Radi o Sh ow , celebr ating her 6th year on Law of Attr action Radio Netw or k! LOAr adi oNet w or k .com /con st an ce-ar n ol d Page 44 - Oct ober, 2015

TOUCHI NG THE W ORLD Linda Cruse is a one of a kind gal who goes into the devastated areas after tsunamis, typhoons and earthquakes, often ALONE, and volunteers to get things moving forward. As the rescue workers finish all they can do, Linda stays on for months and months, helping the community to rebuild their businesses and their dignity. Her mantra is a Hand-UP, not a Hand-OUT. She gathers the business community together and helps residents to find ways to support their families by thinking outside the box. Linda is magical and she lets nothing stop her, especially her fear. Believe me, she has experienced many fears of her very survival during these last 15 years as a humanitarian. I highly recommend reading her book, Marmalade and Machine Guns, where she relays terrifying moments and yet the most beautiful life changing moments I have ever read. Having talked to her many times, it?s clear that she is a master at the Law of Attraction bringing what she needs to literally transformed devastation. ~ Jewels

Ev erybody Di es But Not Ev erybody Li v es By Li nda Cruse I encourage you to learn how to say ?No more!?, so you can say ?YES!? to experiences, to people, to places that can stretch you and stimulate you. Be daring and be surprised by how wonderful it is to feel so alive. Just for a moment think back over your activities last week, the time you got up, went to bed, the route you took to work, the times you went to the gym or called your mother? How much of what you did was similar to the last week or the week before? Did you buy your groceries at the same shop, meet your friends at the same pub and sit in the same seat on the train? We are creatures of habit. There is something reassuring and comforting to repeated patterns. Don?t get me wrong certainty and routines are good. It is good to know that we turn on the tap and that water will come out, that your mother will pick up the phone at 6pm on a Sunday night and that the bus to work will run on time. You may also find that you naturally surround yourself with people who agree with what you say and who support the same football team. But believe me, and I know from my own experience, too Page 45 - Oct ober, 2015

much certainty can dull us, life can lose its edge, it?s excitement. Predictability creeps up on us slowly and unknowingly we slip into a semi happy, semi alive state, operating on semi autopilot. We expect and anticipate certain things will happen as they always do and so only need to half engage. Does any of this ring true? Mind you, uncertainty can be uncomfortable. As we step out of our known world we may have to face a fear or two or change an opinion. But believe me the rewards are worth it ten-fold. I started breaking free of my own sleep walk through life with tiny steps. I began by creating ?everyday adventures?by Simply doing ordinary everyday things differently. For years I had toast for breakfast so I started to have porridge. I always got up at 7am ready to dash out the door with a coffee in my hand, I changed and got up at 6am with time to take a 30 minute walk or in the winter sit in my warm bathrobe with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the sunrise. I drove a different way to work, I added a splash of color to my black wardrobe, when I went out for dinner I intentionally chose something on the menu that I had never eaten before, I sought to make friends with someone from a different culture, religion or country. Try it, it?s easy and it will start to reconnect you with that wonderful exhilarating tingle that life outside your comfort zone can bring you life My 15 years on the frontline as a humanitarian worker has catapulted me into smashing through many of my fears, assumptions and expectations. Until the age of 39 I had always taken ordinary, relatively safe, forms of transport; a car, a bus, a plane ? my time in Tibet changed all of that. It was summer and the rivers were pounding, high and fast from the nearby Himalayas. For hours and hours the caravan of donkey and yak plodded slowly alongside the river, weaving up and down the hills. Being in the last third of the caravan my vision was obscured by the heavily laden animals but the commotion up ahead made me pull myself up and peer over the top. To my horror the lead yak had plunged straight into the river. My mind raced ahead and my fearful brain leapt into action, ?What are they doing? Are they crazy? Where is the bridge??I saw myself already washed away, disappearing downstream caught up in the torrent. I looked around to see who I could alert that this was suicide, to warn them against it, but no one was paying any attention and as we were all tied together, if the first animal was in the icy cold water, we would all be soon. There was nothing I could do, I had to face my fear, let go and quietly I said a few prayers. It was soon my turn and the freezing water lapped against the shoulders of Page 46 - Oct ober, 2015

my yak and seeped up my trouser legs. There was no turning back as this hefty beast weighed down by baggage and me carefully placed one foot after the next on the slippery riverbed of stones and moss. The applause that greeted me when I reached the bank safely was comical, a crowd of relieved nomads who face this challenge daily recognized that I was clearly way outside of my comfort zone and praised me with their eyes and hands for my courage. I smiled sighed a deep breath and felt exhilarated, if inwardly hoping that we didn?t have too many more ahead of us. I have made a personal promise to regularly stretch myself, not to take outrageous risks, but to feel the fear, weigh the situation up and when it?s right, push on through. I have, as a very ordinary woman and not a natural risk-taker, jumped off the side of a mountain and para-glided down to earth whilst sharing the thermals with hawks, has driven a snowmobile in minus 30, 200kms north of the Arctic Circle and has ridden a camel deep into the Sahara desert. My message to you is to not waste time because it will run out unless you live it? the inevitable will eventually happen to us all? so make the most of it now. You will be so glad you did. For more information on how you can become a humanitarian contact Linda Cruse directly via email at To find out more about her crusades, visit:

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12 A mazi ng Uses of Hydrogen Perox i de Immune Syst em Boost er

Eye Care

Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide via certain leukocytes, aka, white blood cells. It helps the body to fight off bacteria, viruses and toxins.

You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your contact lenses ? it is very effective in eliminating the dust that can build up on the lenses over time.

Wat er Purif ier

Sinus Inf ect ions

Hydrogen peroxide can also be used for water purification. Add a pint of hydrogen peroxide to one gallon of the water you use and it will ensure that the water stays safe and sanitary.

Stuffy sinuses can be painful. A tablespoon of 3% Hydrogen peroxide added to 1 cup of non-chlorinated water can be used as a nasal spray. You can adjust the amount of hydrogen peroxide depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Ant isept ic mout h rinse Hydrogen peroxide is a perfect mouth rinse. It will help you whiten your teeth and kill the germs responsible for bad breath. Hydrogen peroxide has been found to make a very effective and inexpensive every day mouthwash.

Toot hache pain Hydrogen peroxide can also help you cure toothache pain. Mix some coconut oil with hydrogen peroxide and use this mixture for gargling. The antibacterial properties of the hydrogen peroxide will help you eliminate the bacteria that are causing the toothache.

Common Col d Hydrogen peroxide might help keep you away from a cold. According to some people, applying a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears will keep the common cold at bay.

Disinf ect your hands Hydrogen peroxide works great for disinfecting wounds, and it can also be used for hand washing. Just dip your hands into it or spray them with a diluted version of hydrogen peroxide.

Toot hpast e If you mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, for example, you?ll get an effective toothpaste that will whiten your teeth and keep your mouth germ free. Remove ear wax Hydrogen peroxide can help you remove ear wax easily. Just put a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide into your ears. After a minute or two, put a couple of drops of olive oil. After few minutes, drain the fluid from your ears. The ear wax will come out. Heal t h The body produces hydrogen peroxide to fight infection which must be present for our immune system to function correctly. White blood cells are known as leukocytes. A sub-class of leukocytes called Neutrophils produce hydrogen peroxide as a first line of defense against toxins, bacteria, parasites, viruses and yeast.

Keep your veget abl es f resh Hydrogen peroxide can keep your vegetables fresh. Add about Âź a cup of food-grade hydrogen peroxide to a sink full of cold water and put your vegetables into it. Soak them for about 15 minutes, and then rinse them and leave them to dry. Treat animal wounds You can use hydrogen peroxide on animal wounds just like you would use it on human wounds. Be careful when using hydrogen peroxide on your pet, and it will heal its wounds within few days. Sources:

http:/ / 12-incredible-facts-hydroge http:/ / hydrogen-peroxide-use Source: healthylifetricks

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Law of At t ract i on Li fest yl e Desi gn How t o End Frust rat ion and Tap int o Knowing You Get Your Happil y Ever Af t er By LOA Coach, Cassie Parks

Do you feel like you know for certain that you are going to get your happy ending? Everything you truly desire? What if you did know that? What if the picture of you living your dream life was so crystal clear that you knew it was going to come true? If you could see it, almost taste the details do you think you would be manifest it quicker and easier? That is what happens when you use the LOA Lifestyle Design process. By following the process you create that vivid picture in your mind of you sipping coffee watching the waves roll in, listening to the seagulls and loving every second of the day you are about to live. LOA Lifestyle Design works because it introduces you to your future self, which allows that future self to start leading the way to your dream life. Below is the step by step LOA Lifestyle Design Process: First, take out a blank piece of paper and write down everything you desire. Treat it like a brainstorming session and just let your soul speak. Write down everything you come up with. Next, think about if you were living that life on the paper, how would you categorize everything into three dream days? Look over your list and highlight or circle everything that fits together in each day. These are your dream days. Now that you have them categorized, you want to script them out with as much juicy detail as you can. Take out your computer an aim for 2000 words juicy. Basically you are scripting out your three dream days. Scripting is a LOA technique used by many people. I have found it to be the most effective when you write it in Page 50 - Oct ober, 2015

first person, past tense and follow the formula below:

your brain now has a new story to story to reference.

Det ail +Sense+Feel ing+Grat it ude/ Appreciat ion

What does this have to do with the Law of Attraction? Thoughts become things, so when you start thinking the thoughts of your future self and of the experiences he or she is having those are going to become things quickly and easily.

Here?s an example: I woke up this morning as I felt the cool breeze come through the window. I could hear the waves crashing as I opened my eyes. I took a deep breath as a I felt joy fill my heart. I am so grateful to be living this life. When you read the description above don?t you feel like you are right in the middle of that juicy experience? This is how you want the scripting of your dream days to feel like. After you have written all three of your dream days in juicy detail in a way that draws you into them, enlist a friend to help you with the next part. Have your friend interview you from the middle of your dream life asking you how you got there and what you had to overcome to be living in your dream life. By doing this you will get to hear your future self come through as you answer the questions. Expect some amazing ?ah-ha?s? during this part.

W hen you read t he descri pt i on, don't you feel l i ke you are ri ght i n t he mi ddl e of t hat jui cy experi ence? After your future self has been interviewed, it is time to script a new story; the story of how your dream life came to be. It?s easiest to follow the Hero?s Journey outline (you can Google that) and write your story from the place of living your dream life looking back and telling how your dream life came true. Most of this will be easy because you have scripted your dream days and your future self has had a chance to speak during your interview. Once you have finished writing your dream life story, it is time to make your current life mirror your dream life as much as possible. Compare your dream life to your current life. List out everything that you are already experiencing from your dream life and start appreciating those experiences as much as possible. Take the list of what does not already exist in your life and ask yourself, ?How can I experience ____, now?? The answer might come immediately or it might come in the next few days. Find as many ways as possible to experience more of your dream life every day and watch how quickly everything you desire starts coming true! Why does this process work? The reason you keep experiencing the same story, like not being successful or not getting what you desire, is because that is the only story your brain knows. When you create the story above

This process is a great way to short cut straight to thinking the thoughts of your future self so that you can attract your dream life quicker and easier. Does it work? It sure does. Workshop participants who have gone through the process report knowing ?I get my happy ending? and everyone reports feeling like a new person, tapped into their future self. Some have even experienced their business doubling 10 days after they completed the process and all have reported experiences from their dream life happening right away. Your dream life already exists. It?s just waiting on you to come true!

Cassie Parks, Author, Award winning Law of Attraction Coach and radio personality` on Manifest it NOW on the Law of Attraction Radio Network. Cassie has just launched her new book called Lifestyle Design for a Champagne Life, which is now available on Amazon. To learn contact Cassie about her next workshop on The Next Script of Your Dream Life go to: ht t p:/ / l iveyourchampagnel if Page 51 - Oct ober, 2015

Wh y We A re Nev er Rej ected, We A re Onl y Re-Di rected By Ch ayl a Baer Sometimes in life we feel rejected. You may feel rejected due to feeling like you were passed over for a promotion. You may feel rejected due to feeling like you were left out of an activity with friends or a significant other. You may feel rejected due to losing a job. You may feel rejected when you were not accepted into the university you wanted to attend. For me physically, rejection feels like an ache or tingles in my spine. For others, it may feel like a knot in their stomach. Rejection is actually a false sense of reality. Rejection is not real. We are never rejected, we are re-directed. We are re-directed to people, places and activities that best serve our divine purpose. Have you ever heard stories of people who thought they were rejected from getting the job of their dreams, when they actually were guided to something better? My sister, for example, applied for a job at a technology company and went on an interview. The company seemed like a great fit for her ? great pay, location, perks. Fortunately for her, she didn't get the job. She felt defeated, low and confused. She pondered what she did during the interview process that warranted her not getting employment. She began to ponder if she had a purpose. I said to her, ?Why don?t you think about how you can best serve others?? ?Have you thought about your passion and how it can impact others positively, while still having fun?? A short while later, she found out about a company that is dedicated to helping those in the community with medical needs. She applied for the position, went on an interview and landed the job! Her boss told her weeks later that she knew they had found the right person as soon as my sister walked through the door. Due to her previous experience, coupled with her positive attitude and demeanor, my sister felt that she would be an asset to the company. She was not rejected from the technology company she interviewed with; she was re-directed to something better. Once we figure out how we can best serve the world at large, with our individual, unique talents - magical things can happen for us. Doors open just for us ? sometimes suddenly and swiftly. Other times, it seems that it takes a long time to get where you need to be, but that's okay! Maybe you are being re-directed to take a course or seminar to help you fine-tune your gift. Maybe you are being re-directed to meet the right person who can help you on your path.

Chayl a Baer is a 30 something mom, wife, Zumba enthusiast, cupcake loving, optimist, truth seeker and spiritual intuitive blogger coming live to you from the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois. She launched Captivated Heart in August 2015 after finally answering my calling to serve. My goal is to help provide you with the emotional tools needed to move forward in your life. Page 52 - Oct ober, 2015

Th e Li k el y Cau se o f A d d i ct i o n Has Been Di sco v er ed , an d It Is No t W h at Yo u Th i n k By Johann Hari t is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned -and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction by our teachers and by our governments. This story is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we take it for granted. It seems obvious. It seems manifestly true. Until I set off three and a half years ago on a 30,000-mile journey for my new book, Chasing The Scream: The First And Last Days of the War on Drugs, to figure out what is really driving the drug war, I believed it too. But what I learned on the road is that almost everything we have been told about addiction is wrong -and there is a very different story waiting for us, if only we are ready to hear it. If we truly absorb this new story, we will have to change a lot more than the drug war. We will have to change ourselves. I learned it from an extraordinary mixture of people I met on my travels. From the surviving friends of Billie Holiday, who helped me to learn how the founder of the war on drugs stalked and helped to kill her. From a Jewish doctor

who was smuggled out of the Budapest ghetto as a baby, only to unlock the secrets of addiction as a grown man. From a transsexual crack dealer in Brooklyn who was conceived when his mother, a crack-addict, was raped by his father, an NYPD officer. From a man who was kept at the bottom of a well for two years by a torturing dictatorship, only to emerge to be elected President of Uruguay and to begin the last days of the war on drugs. I had a quite personal reason to set out for these answers. One of my earliest memories as a kid is trying to wake up one of my relatives, and not being able to. Ever since then, I have been turning over the essential mystery of addiction in my mind -- what causes some people to become fixated on a drug or a behavior until they can't stop? How do we help those people to come back to us? As I got older, another of my close relatives developed a cocaine addiction, and I fell into a relationship with a heroin addict. I guess addiction felt like home to me. If you had asked me what causes drug addiction at the start, I would have looked at you as if you were an idiot, and said: "Drugs. Duh." It's not difficult to grasp. I thought Page 53 - Oct ober, 2015

I had seen it in my own life. We can all explain it. Imagine if you and I and the next twenty people to pass us on the street take a really potent drug for twenty days. There are strong chemical hooks in these drugs, so if we stopped on day twenty-one, our bodies would need the chemical. We would have a ferocious craving. We would be addicted. That's what addiction means. One of the ways this theory was first established is through rat experiments -- ones that were injected into the American psyche in the 1980s, in a famous advert by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. You may remember it. The experiment is simple. Put a rat in a cage, alone, with two water bottles. One is just water. The other is water laced with heroin or cocaine. Almost every time you run this experiment, the rat will become obsessed with the drugged water, and keep coming back for more and more, until it kills itself.

the drugs the isolated rats used. None of them died. While all the rats who were alone and unhappy became heavy users, none of the rats who had a happy environment did. At first, I thought this was merely a quirk of rats, until I discovered that there was -- at the same time as the Rat Park experiment -- a helpful human equivalent taking place. It was called the Vietnam War. Time magazine reported using heroin was "as common as chewing gum" among U.S. soldiers, and there is solid evidence to back this up: some 20 percent of U.S. soldiers had become addicted to heroin there, according to a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry. Many people were understandably terrified; they believed a huge number of addicts were about to head home when the war ended. But in fact some 95 percent of the addicted soldiers -according to the same study -- simply stopped. Very few had rehab. They shifted from a terrifying cage back to a pleasant one, so didn't want the drug any more.

The advert explains: "Only one drug is so addictive, nine out of ten laboratory rats will use it. And use it. And use it. Professor Alexander argues this discovery is a profound challenge both to the right-wing view that addiction is a moral failing caused by too much hedonistic partying, and the liberal view that addiction is a disease taking place in a chemically hijacked brain. In fact, he argues, addiction is an adaptation. It's not you. It's your cage.

Until dead. It's called cocaine. And it can do the same thing to you." But in the 1970s, a professor of Psychology in Vancouver called Bruce Alexander noticed something odd about this experiment. The rat is put in the cage all alone. It has nothing to do but take the drugs. What would happen, he wondered, if we tried this differently? So Professor Alexander built Rat Park. It is a lush cage where the rats would have colored balls and the best rat-food and tunnels to scamper down and plenty of friends: everything a rat about town could want. What, Alexander wanted to know, will happen then? In Rat Park, all the rats obviously tried both water bottles, because they didn't know what was in them. But what happened next was startling. The rats with good lives didn't like the drugged water. They mostly shunned it, consuming less than a quarter of Page 54 - Oct ober, 2015

After the first phase of Rat Park, Professor Alexander then took this test further. He reran the early experiments, where the rats were left alone, and became compulsive users of the drug. He let them use for fifty-seven days -- if anything can hook you, it's that. Then he took them out of isolation, and placed them in Rat Park. He wanted to know, if you fall into that state of addiction, is your brain hijacked, so you can't recover? Do the drugs take you over? What happened is -again -- striking. The rats seemed to have a few twitches of withdrawal, but they soon stopped their heavy use, and went back to having a normal life. The good cage saved them. (The full references to all the studies I am discussing are in the book.) When I first learned about this, I was puzzled. How can this be? This new theory is such a radical assault on what we have been told that it felt like it could not be true. But the more scientists I interviewed, and the more I looked at their studies, the more I discovered things that don't seem to make sense -- unless you take account of this new approach. Here's one example of an experiment that is happening all around you, and may well happen to you one day. If you get run over today and you break your hip, you will probably be given diamorphine, the medical name for heroin. In the hospital around you, there will be plenty of people also given heroin for long periods, for pain relief. The heroin you

will get from the doctor will have a much higher purity and potency than the heroin being used by street-addicts, who have to buy from criminals who adulterate it. So if the old theory of addiction is right -- it's the drugs that cause it; they make your body need them -- then it's obvious what should happen. Loads of people should leave the hospital and try to score smack on the streets to meet their habit. But here's the strange thing: It virtually never happens. As the Canadian doctor Gabor Mate was the first to explain to me, medical users just stop, despite months of use. The same drug, used for the same length of time, turns street-users into desperate addicts and leaves medical patients unaffected.

Everyone agrees cigarette smoking is one of the most addictive processes around. The chemical hooks in tobacco come from a drug inside it called nicotine. So when nicotine patches were developed in the early 1990s, there was a huge surge of optimism -- cigarette smokers could get all of their chemical hooks, without the other filthy (and deadly) effects of cigarette smoking. They would be freed. But the Office of the Surgeon General has found that just 17.7 percent of cigarette smokers are able to stop

If you still believe -- as I used to -- that addiction is caused by chemical hooks, this makes no sense. But if you believe Bruce Alexander's theory, the picture falls into place. The street-addict is like the rats in the first cage, isolated, alone, with only one source of solace to turn to. The medical patient is like the rats in the second cage. She is going home to a life where she is surrounded by the people she loves. The drug is the same, but the environment is different. This gives us an insight that goes much deeper than the need to understand addicts. Professor Peter Cohen argues that human beings have a deep need to bond and form connections. It's how we get our satisfaction. If we can't connect with each other, we will connect with anything we can find -- the whirr of a roulette wheel or the prick of a syringe. He says we should stop talking about 'addiction' altogether, and instead call it 'bonding.' A heroin addict has bonded with heroin because she couldn't bond as fully with anything else.

So t he opposit e of addict ion is not sobriet y. It is human connect ion. When I learned all this, I found it slowly persuading me, but I still couldn't shake off a nagging doubt. Are these scientists saying chemical hooks make no difference? It was explained to me -- you can become addicted to gambling, and nobody thinks you inject a pack of cards into your veins. You can have all the addiction, and none of the chemical hooks. I went to a Gamblers' Anonymous meeting in Las Vegas (with the permission of everyone present, who knew I was there to observe) and they were as plainly addicted as the cocaine and heroin addicts I have known in my life. Yet there are no chemical hooks on a craps table. But still, surely, I asked, there is some role for the chemicals? It turns out there is an experiment which gives us the answer to this in quite precise terms, which I learned about in Richard DeGrandpre's book The Cult of Pharmacology.

using nicotine patches. That's not nothing. If the chemicals drive 17.7 percent of addiction, as this shows, that's still millions of lives ruined globally. But what it reveals again is that the story we have been taught about The Cause of Addiction lying with chemical hooks is, in fact, real, but only a minor part of a much bigger picture. This has huge implications for the one-hundred-year-old war on drugs. This massive war -which, as I saw, kills people from the malls of Mexico to the streets of Liverpool -- is based on the claim that we need to physically eradicate a whole array of chemicals because they hijack people's brains and cause addiction. But if drugs aren't the driver of addiction -- if, in fact, it is disconnection that drives addiction -- then this makes no sense. Ironically, the war on drugs actually increases all those larger drivers of addiction. For example, I went to a prison in Arizona -- 'Tent City' -- where inmates are detained in tiny stone isolation cages ('The Hole') for weeks and weeks on end to punish them for drug use. It is as close to a human recreation of the cages that guaranteed deadly addiction in rats as I can imagine. And when those prisoners get out, they will be unemployable because of their criminal record -guaranteeing they with be cut off even more. I watched this playing out in the human stories I met across the Page 55 - Oct ober, 2015

world. There is an alternative. You can build a system that is designed to help drug addicts to reconnect with the world -- and so leave behind their addictions. This isn't theoretical. It is happening. I have seen it. Nearly fifteen years ago, Portugal had one of the worst drug problems in Europe, with 1 percent of the population addicted to heroin. They had tried a drug war, and the problem just kept getting worse. So they decided to do something radically different. They resolved to decriminalize all drugs, and transfer all the money they used to spend on arresting and jailing drug addicts, and spend it instead on reconnecting them -- to their own feelings, and to the wider society. The most crucial step is to get them secure housing, and subsidized jobs so they have a purpose in life, and something to get out of bed for. I watched as they are helped, in warm and welcoming clinics, to learn how to reconnect with their feelings, after years of trauma and stunning them into silence with drugs. One example I learned about was a group of addicts who were given a loan to set up a removals firm. Suddenly, they were a group, all bonded to each other, and to the society, and responsible for each other's care. The results of all this are now in. An independent study by the British Journal of Criminology found that since total decriminalization, addiction has fallen, and injecting drug use is down by 50 percent. I'll repeat that: injecting drug use is down by 50 percent. Decriminalization has been such a manifest success that very few people in Portugal want to go back to the old system. The main campaigner against the decriminalization back in 2000 was Joao Figueira, the country's top drug cop. He offered all the dire warnings that we would expect from the Daily Mail or Fox News. But when we sat together in Lisbon, he told me that everything he predicted had not come to pass -- and he now hopes the whole world will follow Portugal's example. This isn't only relevant to the addicts I love. It is relevant to all of us, because it forces us to think differently about ourselves. Human beings are bonding animals. We need to connect and love.

The wisest sent ence of t he t went iet h cent ury was E.M. Forst er's -- "onl y connect ." But we have created an environment and a culture that cut us off from connection, or offer only the parody of it offered by the Internet. The rise of addiction is a symptom of a deeper sickness in the way we live -- constantly Page 56 - Oct ober, 2015

directing our gaze towards the next shiny object we should buy, rather than the human beings all around us. The writer George Monbiot has called this "the age of loneliness." We have created human societies where it is easier for people to become cut off from all human connections than ever before. Bruce Alexander -- the creator of Rat Park -- told me that for too long, we have talked exclusively about individual recovery from addiction. We need now to talk about social recovery -how we all recover, together, from the sickness of isolation that is sinking on us like a thick fog. But this new evidence isn't just a challenge to us politically. It doesn't just force us to change our minds. It forces us to change our hearts. Loving an addict is really hard. When I looked at the addicts I love, it was always tempting to follow the tough love advice doled out by reality shows like Intervention -- tell the addict to shape up, or cut them off. Their message is t hat an addict who won't st op shoul d be shunned. It 's t he l ogic of t he drug war, import ed int o our privat e l ives. But in f act , I l earned, t hat wil l onl y deepen t heir addict ion -- and you may l ose t hem al t oget her. I came home determined to tie the addicts in my life closer to me than ever -- to let them know I love them unconditionally, whether they stop, or whether they can't. When I returned from my long journey, I looked at my ex-boyfriend, in withdrawal, trembling on my spare bed, and I thought about him differently. For a century now, we have been singing war songs about addicts. It occurred to me as I wiped his brow, we should have been singing love songs to them all along. The full story of Johann Hari's journey -- told through the stories of the people he met -- can be read in Chasing The Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs, published by Bloomsbury. The book has been praised by everyone from Elton John to Glenn Greenwald to Naomi Klein. You can buy it at all good bookstores and read more at Republished from the HuffingtonPost - June 19, 2015

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The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine october 2015  

This month is featuring Dee Wallace, better know for her role as the Mom in E.T. Movie. She has written an exclusive story about the Law of...

The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine october 2015  

This month is featuring Dee Wallace, better know for her role as the Mom in E.T. Movie. She has written an exclusive story about the Law of...