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ATTRACTI ON June, 2016

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Gr egg Br aden : Th e Key t o Li f e's Jou r n ey Let 's M an i f est M on ey! How I Used LOA t o W i n a Tr i p t o


Pow er Ti ps f or Cr eat i n g By Hem al Radi a

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M ind Your M edicine

The Key t o Our Journey Gregg Braden - Page 4

7 LOA Power Tips Hemal Radia - Page 50

5 Power Quest ions f or Weal t h!

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Pat rick Prohaska - Page 12

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I Feel Pret t y... Oh So Pret t y! St ephanie Wood - Page 8

Mind In Your Medicine - The Druggist wit hin - Dr. Joe Dispenza - Page 16

How I Used LOA t o Win a Trip t o Las Vegas Kat hl een l er - Page 46 Page 2 - June,Mil 2016

June, Jul y 2016 Ast rol ogy Report by Manish Kamur Arora - Page 26

Ret urning t o our Bl ueprint Parisha Tayl or - Page 42

TABLEO FCO NTENTS Jew els Johnson, The Key t o Lif e's Journey By Gregg Braden


At t ract a bet t er Body Image By St ephanie Wood, Your Body Image Expert


5 Power Quest ions t o Reprogram your mind f or Weal t h By Pat rick Prohaska , LOA Expert


Mind Your Medicine - The Druggist Wit hin Dr. Joe Dispenza


Can You Ident if y Wit h My St ory? Hel p is on it s way Luke Broad, LOA Coach


June & Jul y 2016 Ast rol ogy Forecast By Int ernat ional Ast rol oger Manish Kamur Arora


Agrrrr! And I t hought I was so Spirit ual ! By El l en Wood, Feat ured Col umnist


What is Keeping You From Manif est ing Abundance? LOA Coach Cassie Parks


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Have a Lit t l e Fait h


Joshua as Channel ed by Gary Templ e Bodl ey Ret urning t o Our Divine Bl ueprint By Parisha Tayl or How I Won A Free Trip To Las Vegas Using LOA By LOA Coach Kat hl een Mil l er

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7 Power Tips t o Get t he Most Out of LOA By Hemal Radia Did Nancy and Ronnie Reunit e? By Jul ie Ryan, Psychic and Medical Int uit ive

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I am so excited about this issue w ith an exclusive ar ticle by Dr. Joe Dispenza r evealing how our m agnificent bodies know how to heal our body! This is exactly w hat w e need to know befor e w e take another aspir in. Want to know how to m an i f est a t r i p... like our upcom ing Cr uise using the Law of Attr action? Just r ead Kathleen M iller 's ar ticle how how to do it! You have plenty of tim e to secur e passage as you pr ove to your self that YOU HAVE THE POW ER TO CREATE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT. After you finish r eading this issue, please be sur e to tune into our LIVE Show s on Law of Attr action Radio Netw or k and ask your questions dir ectly. We ar e so happy to be pr oviding oppor tunities to gain fir st hand know ledge fr om the exper ts to m ake your m anifesting skills hone in on exactly w hat you w ant. Please r em em ber that you ar e a pow er ful Cr eator. Som etim es all it takes is for getting w hat you w er e taught in the past. So let's star t the last 6 m onths of 2016 cr eating the best life ever ! Love to ALL~

Mindf ul ness, Key t o At t ract ion Good Things By LOA Coach Craig Merrit t


Law of At t r act i on M agazi n e Jew el s Joh n son , Edi t or -I n -Ch i ef

Scient ist PROVE Lif e Af t er Deat h! By Sean Mart in

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Gi n a Appl egat e - Ad Ex ec St even Li k i ar dopou l os, Gr aph i cs/Au di o/Vi deo Page 3 - June, 2016

Our Journey, Our Desti nati on and Th e K ey By Gregg Braden Our Journey

Our Dest inat ion

We?re all on a journey, and it?s a big one. Our journey is leading us to a place no one has ever been. There are no travel guides or Internet trip advisors to tell us precisely what our destination looks like. There are no time-tested lists to tell us what we?ll need when we get there. Rather than planning a temporary excursion to an exotic place that we can return from after a few days, we hold one-way tickets. This is a different kind of journey altogether. We?re not just going to another location somewhere on Earth. We?re going to another world hidden within our everyday lives? and it?s the choices we?re making today that are taking us there. Together we?re barreling down the fast lane of a superhighway that?s crossing the boundaries of traditional beliefs, religions, and habits of the past. In doing so, we?re also blowing right past the limits of what we thought was possible. These very experiences are our passports leading us to the new world that?s emerging before our eyes.

I can?t say for sure what our destination will look like. After the dust settles and we learn to adapt to our changing climate rather than trying to control it, after new and sustainable economies replace those that are fractured and failing today, after we embrace the technology that provides every bit of the energy we need without the devastating side effects of fossil fuels, I can only imagine what our lives and the world will be like. And when I do, I see a better place for us all.

Page 4 - June, 2016

I see a world where we?ve raised the standard of living for everyone, rather than lowering it for many in order to support only a few. I see a world where the differences in the color of our skin and the religion we believe in is obsolete and using the threat of war to solve our problems no longer makes any sense. I see a world where our love of cooperation is greater than the fear that drives us apart. And I see the shift in thinking that makes each of these things possible. To get to that shift, however, we must begin by recognizing the

realities that we face and the promise that they hold. A good place to begin is by acknowledging the fact that we?re living in a time of extremes. A Time of Ext remes We?re living in a time when we can expect big things to happen? big shifts in the world and big changes in our lives. And just to be clear, the extremes I?m talking about don?t necessarily have to be only bad things. And they don?t even need to be good things for that matter. It?s just that they?re big things. And big things are happening all around us in our lives as well as our world. While I?ll describe the reasons for the extremes in the upcoming chapters, the key here is that we?re living a rare era of transition. We?re living the emergence of a new ?normal,? and the success of our transition hinges upon: (1) our willingness to acknowledge the shift, and (2) our ability to embrace it in a healthy way. Our globalized culture of jobs, money, markets, and resources means that it?s now impossible to separate the extremes in the world from what they mean in our everyday lives. The crisis of climate change is a perfect example of this connection; the record-setting droughts caused by shifts in global weather patterns translate directly into scarcity of seasonal crops and the higher prices we pay for food at our local markets. The extreme debt and failing economies on the other side of the planet translate directly into higher costs at the gas pump and higher ticket prices for the buses, trains, and taxis that take us to work each day. Because of these and other extremes, business loans have become less available, and the interest we?re being paid on our savings, checking and retirement

accounts hovers near an all-time record low zero percent. The global slowdown of industry translates directly into the loss of jobs and job security in our local communities. These are the kinds of extremes in the world that are creating big changes in our lives. Among the many uncertainties they bring, though, there?s one thing that we can be sure of: our lives are changing in ways that we?re not used to, not prepared for, at a speed that we?ve never known. The Key I?m an optimist by nature. I see real reasons for optimism in our lives. At the same time I?m also a realist. I am under no illusions when it comes to the huge amount of work that it takes to find our way into the new world that lies before us. Our ability to successfully meet the challenges that are converging in our lives begins by our acknowledging what may be the most obvious yet difficult question we could ask of ourselves: How can we deal with the issues unless we?re willing to acknowledge the issues? Our willingness to embrace this simple question is the key to developing more resilience in our time of extremes. Everyone Is on t he Journey A big difference between trips that we may have taken in the past and the big journey that we?re on now is that today we don?t get to pick our traveling companions. The reason is simple: Everyone on the planet is part of our journey. No Page 5 - June, 2016

one can be left behind. Our world today is so deeply interconnected on so many levels that it?s impossible for the transformation that?s emerging in one part not to show up in other places as well. I?ve seen this firsthand in my travels to some of the most remote and isolated places remaining in the world? like Tibet, for example. In 2005, following a number of previous pilgrimages to the monasteries of the Tibetan Plateau, I I'milluminating so Pret tthe y.... saw for the first time the eerie glow of cell phones dark recesses of centuries-old buildings as they lit up under the robes of the monks and nuns. For the people living in these secluded monasteries, their former world based in isolation is now on a path of newly found connectivity. The new technology promises that their world, and their lives, will never be same. A Crisis in Thinking We don?t need to go to Tibet, however, to see the evidence of how dramatically the world is shifting. Change is reflected everywhere, both in the ways in which things in our lives work, as well as in the ways things of the past no longer work. The old era of an oil-based economy, for example, is giving way to a new economy based upon cleaner forms of energy that are more sustainable. The old ideas of centralized production of our food from corporate farms half a world away is giving way to the new, healthy and sustainable production of food from small farms that invigorate local economies. The old practice of creating wealth from industries that destroy our planet is giving way to new, socially responsible models of investing. And as the world of the past slips away and the new one emerges, the clash of new against old highlights another, even greater crisis, one that we all face, yet which we?ll probably never read about or hear discussed in the popular media. It?s a silent crisis that?s like the proverbial elephant in the room? something that everyone sees yet no one acknowledges. Arguably the greatest crisis that we face in our time of extremes is a crisis in thinking. And our thinking is the very key to the way we deal with our needs in the new normal. You and I are being tasked with something that?s never been done. We?re being challenged to radically shift the way we think of ourselves and our relationship to one another and the world, and to do so faster than any generation in history has ever done before. Our willingness to think differently will be the key to the success of our journey. And while it?s definitely a big journey that we?re on, it?s also a very short trip, because the world we?re traveling to is already here. It?s with us right now. Gregg Braden, latest book Resil ience From t he Heart - The singl e eye of t he heart ? the state of harmony that we create for ourselves in heart-brain coherence? accesses what?s true for us in the moment of a given situation. Please visit Gregg's Website: GreggBraden.com to purchase your copy and to sign up for his newsletter. Page 6 - June, 2016

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I Feel Pretty.... Oh So Pretty... I Feel Pretty and Wi tty and Bri gh t!!

Attr a ct a Better Body I ma ge w i t h Th e Body Kn ow l edge Syst em ® by Coach St eph an i e Wood, PCC, You r Body I m age Ex per t C?mon, sing along with me, ?I feel pretty, oh so pretty.?* Look at your reflection in the computer screen. Are you smiling? Of course, you are! So am I. Do I feel pretty now? Yes! And so do you! That?s a short, sweet practical application of raising your vibration with a positive affirmation set to music. Where ever you are on the pretty-face scale from ?ugly?to ?Ah? is irrelevant to the Law of Attraction?s successful application of affirmations. For the statement to be effective, you need to tell the truth in the present tense. The energy behind the words affirm the honesty of the statement. It doesn?t matter if you are or are not ?pretty? by anyone?s standards when singing the phrase, the only thing that matters is how you FEEL when singing the affirmation. Since ?pretty? isn?t a feeling, rather it?s an adjective without emotion, your positive feeling when singing the affirmation is enough to make it true. That?s a simple introduction to the Body Knowledge System® , a process of communicating with your body to raise your vibration in order for your higher energy to attract positive things into your life. Body Image Coaching has much in common with the LAW OF ATTRACTION, as it?s about raising your vibration to match your value to the world. *Music & lyrics by Pat Vidas. © Warner/ Chappell, Music, Inc. written for Leonard Bernstein?s ?The West Side Story? 1959,

Page 8 - June, 2016

?My sist er?s t he pret t y one? .?

sang her new theme song. Several weeks later, she called fifteen minutes early for her Early in my coaching career, my client Frances regularly scheduled coaching session to tell me called for some guidance in losing the baby weight she added with the recent birth of her third she had just zipped up her pre-baby blue jeans for the very first time in years, without passing child at age 45, no less. A legal professional, Frances waited to have her first child until fear of out due to lack of oxygen! her fertility clock running out inspired her to ?So, who?s feeling pretty now?? become pregnant at age 39 with her first. Three It works! The Body Knowledge System® is a pregnancies in five years hardly allows the product of my years of training as a professional mother?s body to recover completely before dancer, choreographer, and personal trainer/ having to nurture another offspring; combine that lifestyle coach. After becoming certified in LAW with the normal hormonal changes that occur with OF ATTRACTION, I expanded THE BODY perimenopause, and we can all feel her pain. KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM® to include LAW OF Before I could begin to explain the Body ATTRACTION as an effective, practical Knowledge System® , she interjected. ?My sister?s application in my process to help women (and the pretty one? ? men) who want to improve their body image in today?s world. Frances was my first client who I ?Huh?? I thought, now that?s a non-sequitur. She intentionally inserted LAW OF ATTRACTION into laughed and then lowered her voice. ?Oh, I don?t her program, and it worked so well, LAW OF know where that came from? ? ATTRACTION became an underlying principle in After years developing the process of The Body my coaching practice, publications, and Knowledge System® , I know exactly the source of interviews. Frances?non-sequitur. We constantly compare If you work it? . ourselves to others to assess our personal value. LAW OF ATTRACTION and THE BODY KNOWLEDGE Perhaps, work is too heavy a word when SYSTEM® begin at the origin of who we are: referring to the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Yet work inside, not outside of our bodies. What an AHA! requires ACTION, as does LAW OF ATTRACTION. moment for me that was. Rather than defining ?Attract? is an action verb, meaning to draw herself as an accomplished professional, nurturing something or someone to you, i.e. magnet. mother of three children under 5 years old, (Encarta Dictionary online) Magnets attract Frances compared herself to her sister, ?the pretty metal through the energy produced by the one?, as if that had anything to do with her---other alignment of the particles making up the whole. than lower her self-image. Rather than challenge Human beings have magnetic potential through her statement, or agree with her self-assessment, I the alignment of the cells in their body. started humming the song. ?I feel pretty, oh so Regardless of appearance, magnetic attraction pretty.? is the result of personal energy rather than the ?What?s the name of that song?? asked Frances. ??I feel pretty?,? I replied. ?Come on, let?s sing it together.? And off we went into another success story with the Body Knowledge System® . Frances raised her vibration every time she whistled, hummed, or

physical manifestation a person presents to the world. The appearance of the magnet on a scale from ugly to beautiful is as irrelevant to its effect as the appearance of the person whose energy affects us positively. We are energetic beings in a physical presence Page 9 - June, 2016

on the planet. That statement is the reason behind the success of Law of Attraction. Similarly, the Body Knowledge System® goes directly to the energetic being within the person?s body to address the separation between them. Unified at birth, body and person, separate as we mature subject to external influences in our environment. The Body Knowledge System® ends the estrangement between the energetic being within and its external representation in life. In both programs, to improve the physical appearance, we raise the internal energetic vibration and the external representation follows, becoming a single influential being.


-> INTENTION-> ACTION= Body Knowledge System®+Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is intention in ACTION. The practitioner converts personal energy into positive, intentional action to lure the desired results. No part of the LAW OF ATTRACTION is passive, rather to be effective it requires positive action. However, it works from within---and only from within. Happiness is the result of each of us going within to discover our unique intention, and then applying the tools of LAW OF ATTRACTION to fulfill it. The same principle applies to THE BODY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM® . Before my clients understand and accept the principles of THE BODY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM® , they are looking for satisfaction with themselves outside of the essence of who they are? in other words, they are living by or up to standards of appearance set by other people. Better Body Image is possible only when the client goes within to discover, accept, and share their positive qualities. The first step in practicing THE BODY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM® is to reopen the line of communication with your own body, the source of wisdom within. My system encourages you to your own standards of appearance and behavior, based on the higher vibration within your body. Living up to them is the natural result of any actions you undertake to improve your health and well-being. Taking action is part of LAW OF ATTRACTION beginning with focusing your attention on what you want, an honest intention from within rather than someone else?s idea for you. When you commit to bettering your Body Image with the BODY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM® , you take action to communicate openly and freely with your body. That?s your body providing information to benefit both of you. Our theme song does not say ?I am pretty?, the lyric is ?I feel pretty?. Your body tells you how she feels, not how she looks. The synchronicity between LAW OF ATTRACTION and THE BODY KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM® is just beginning. The more I learn, the more I combine both in my coaching practice and the better the outcomes!

Coach St ephanie Wood, ICF Cert if ied Coach, PCC is a Body & Business Coach for Entrepreneurial Men and Women, Author of ?Body Knowledge System® , an Awesome Intelligence?. Her playbook helps you to stop thestruggle with your body, to walk with confidence to share your unique talents with the world. Allow me to help you with your body issues. Contact me: 1-866-76-COACH or CoachSt ephanieWood@gmail .com. visit: www.BodyAwe.com Page 10 - June, 2016


Page 11 - June, 2016


Essen t i al Pow er Qu est i on s t h at Repr ogr am You r M i n d f or

Weal t h By Pat r i ck Pr oh ask a

Page 12 - June, 2016

Asking questions is one of the easiest and most effective ways to hack the subconscious mind. In fact, a well-chosen question can be vastly more powerful than an affirmation for creating change in your life. Both affirmations and power questions take advantage of one of the most important aspects of the subconscious mind, the fact that it?s not capable of logical analysis. The subconscious mind is designed to react instantaneously. It has no time for logic, which is the role of the cognitive mind. Whenever you make an affirmation, your subconscious mind instantly compares the statement to its pre-programmed beliefs. Either the statement resonates as true to the subconscious mind, or as false. The subconscious mind either embraces the statement, or it resists. This is why muscle testing is such a powerful tool for accessing subconscious beliefs.

to repeat the affirmation hundreds or even thousands of times for the programmed belief to shift. Saying your affirmations with emotion speeds up the process dramatically, but it still takes a lot of time and effort. When you ask a question, the subconscious mind reacts differently. Instead of embracing or resisting the question, it opens its database of beliefs in order to help find an answer. Here?s the powerful part ? because the subconscious mind cannot logically analyze the validity of the question, it must accept the premise of the question as true. Remember, it?s designed to react instantaneously. It takes time to transform the question into a statement, and then resonate with a yes or a no. The subconscious mind simply assumes the question is valid and begins to search for an answer.

Why Does The Universe Love & Support Me So Much???

For example, if you say ?The Universe loves and supports me,? your subconscious mind doesn?t examine the statement to determine logically whether or not it?s true. Instead, it instantly compares the statement against its database of pre-programmed beliefs, and responds with a yes or a no. If your subconscious programming opposes with your affirmation, you may need

So, when you ask the question ?Why does the Universe love and support me so much?? the subconscious mind has no choice but to accept the premise of the question (our affirmation from above, ?The Universe Page 13 - June, 2016

loves and supports me?) as true. Immediately, the very first time. And because it?s not in resistance to the premise, the pre-programmed subconscious belief can and will shift much faster. Here are five powerful questions you can start asking right away to reprogram your subconscious mind for wealth:

1. Why am I so weal t hy? When you ask this question, the subconscious mind hears and accepts the premise ?I am wealthy? with no resistance, even if your actual financial situation is dire. Once this belief takes root in the subconscious mind, you automatically begin to act ?as if? and wealth begins to materialize. 2. Why am I so l ucky? Luck isn?t about random and unexpected instances of fortune. It?s about recognizing opportunities when they appear and taking action. The premise of this question, ?I am lucky,? opens your eyes to opportunities you may otherwise ignore. All you have to do is act. And if you choose not to take action, don?t worry ? rest assured that many more opportunities are on the way. 3. Why does money f l ow t o me so ef f ort l essl y? Taking action when opportunities arises is essential, but you don?t want to get stuck in the belief that receiving abundance always requires work. The premise ?money flows to me effortlessly? opens you to the inflow Page 14 - June, 2016

of abundance without resistance. 4. How do I become even more prosperous? This question helps you to avoid getting stuck in a plateau by reminding your subconscious mind that we live in not just an abundant universe, but an infinitely abundant one. 5. What hidden opport unit ies am I overl ooking? This is one of the most cunning questions you can ask. The premise here is two-fold. First, hidden opportunities exist, and second, you might be overlooking them. This nudges your subconscious mind to be on the constant lookout for creative new opportunities for growth and abundance. When you ask these questions, you don?t need to find an answer. In fact, it?s best not to. Seeking an answer engages the cognitive mind, which might start hunting for logical reasons why your questions are absurd. Simply allow the words to soak into the subconscious and rewire your brain for wealth. Also, be wary of self-effacing or critical questions, as these have an equally powerful impact on the subconscious mind. When you ask something like ?Why does this crap always happen to me?? the subconscious mind doesn?t care how often it really happens. What it hears is ?Bad things always happens to me? and it accepts this as true. The belief becomes

encoded in your subconscious programming, and you automatically begin to act ?as if.? Asking questions is not only one of the most effective techniques for subconscious reprogramming, it?s also the cheapest and quickest to learn. So ask yourself this set of 5 questions several times a day and watch as your wealth consciousness begins to shift. What coul d be easier t han t hat ?

After a long and stressful career as an upscale restaurant manager, Patrick Prohaska left the hospitality industry to embrace his calling as an authenticity Coach and Energy Healer. He is an expert in Law of Attraction life Coaching, subconscious reprogramming, and energetic activations for healing and personal growth. With a BA in history of science and an MA in the religions of ancient India, Patrick is a well-rounded exert in the interplay of science and religion, and he applies higher dimensional tools for Awakening and growth from a foundation based in science. He has studied massage therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, Law of Attraction life coaching, various schools of Yoga, Theta Healing, Awakening Dynamics, and other healing systems, and has developed his own unique system of energetic activations called Thrive Energetics. Patrick is based in Southern California, and is available for lectures, seminars, and workshops around the globe. To learn more visit: Thrive Energetics (www.thriveenergetics.com). Page 15 - June, 2016

M ind in Your M edicine T he D r uggist W ithin

Th e l at est r esear ch su ppor t s t h e n ot i on t h at w e h ave a n at u r al abi l i t y t o ch an ge t h e br ai n an d body by thought a lone so i t l ook s bi ol ogi cal l y l i k e som e f u t u r e even t h as al r eady h appen ed. Becau se you can m ak e t h ou gh t m or e r eal t h an an yt h i n g el se, you can ch an ge w h o you ar e f r om a br ai n cel l t o a gen e gi ven t h e r i gh t u n der st an di n g. Dr . Joe Di spen za

Page 16 - June, 2016

Have you ever wondered why a certain percentage of people can be administered a sugar pill, get a saline injection, or receive a false treatment, and in the process accept, believe, and surrender to the thought? without any analysis? that they are receiving the real substance or actual treatment? What actually occurs as a result of the thought is that their autonomic nervous system makes the exact pharmacy of chemicals that they believe they need. It makes you wonder: If the substance, for example, is nothing more than a sugar pill, is it the inert material that?s doing the healing or is it the body?s innate ability to heal? The placebo effect is one way to describe how many of us can heal by thought alone. As high as 81% of patients who are given the placebo in depression studies respond as well as the subjects who are on anti-depression medications. (footnote # 1) The brain scans that have been taken of the patients verify that these people weren?t just feeling well? they were well. The people who had improved on the placebos hadn?t just imagined feeling better, they actually changed their brain-wave patterns. Over the course of the study, the EEG recordings taken so faithfully showed a significant increase in activity in the prefrontal cortex, which in depressed patients typically has very low activity. (footnote # 2) The placebo effect was not only altering their minds, but also bringing about real physical changes in their biology. Some

patients even reported feeling nausea, which is notable because nausea is one of the common side effects of the drugs? which they knew ahead of time? they were being tested for. Those common side effects might have even influenced them to embrace the thought that they surely must have gotten the active drug, especially if the depression was lifting and they were experiencing side effects. What was actually occurring, however, was that they were making their own pharmacy of anti-depressants just by thinking that they were getting better. In other words, the subjective changes weren?t just in their mind? objective changes occurred in their brain. Without taking any drug or doing anything differently, by the end of the study the placebo subjects had a different brain. Another groundbreaking study showed for the first time that a placebo could trigger the release of endorphins (the body?s natural painkillers), just as certain active drugs do. In the research experiment, Jon Levine, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of California, San Francisco, gave placebos instead of pain medication to 40 dental patients who had just had their wisdom teeth removed. (footnote # 3) Because the patients thought they were getting the real medicine that would indeed relieve their pain, most reported significant relief. But when the researchers gave the patients an antidote to morphine called naloxone, which chemically Page 17 - June, 2016

blocks the receptor sites then expectation is If the human body can act like its own for both morphine and based on the future. pharmacy, producing its own pain drugs, endorphins (endogenous Think of it this way? the then might it not also be true that it?s fully morphine) in the brain, pill is a symbol that capable of dispensing other natural drugs the patients?pain when they?re needed from the infinite blend represents the thought returned. This of a new possibility in of chemicals and healing compounds the demonstrated that by our future reality called body houses? drugs that act just like the taking the placebos, the getting better or healthy. ones doctors prescribe? patients had been Once we are reminded creating their own of what it can do, we endorphins? their own begin looking forward to apothecary of natural pain relievers. the outcome we want. In essence, we can naturally If the human body can act like its own pharmacy, producing its own pain drugs, then might it not also be true that it?s fully capable of dispensing other natural drugs when they?re needed from the infinite blend of chemicals and healing compounds the body houses? drugs that act just like the ones doctors prescribe? Demyst if ying t he Pl acebo Ef f ect If you contemplate this phenomenon for a moment, you might realize that the pill, which is nothing more than a placebo, is a ?symbol of possibility? for the patient. It represents a new potential for future outcomes in their personal health. They simply associate the pill with getting better? and it?s all based on their past experiences when other pills worked to improve their symptoms. We have been conditioned into believing an external substance can change or heal our internal states, and for the most part that?s how conditioning works. Conditioning is based on the past. It?s grounded in the known. But what happens next is quite amazing. Once we associate the known external cue with an internal chemical change, we naturally anticipate the future outcome to be like our past memory, and as a result, the expectation of the event produces a change in the body?s physiology. We could say that the thought of getting better is a new potential in an infinite realm of possibilities that await us. Thus expectation of a future reality, called feeling better, causes the body to change in anticipation of the event. If conditioning is based on the past, Page 18 - June, 2016

combine the clear intention of getting better with an elevated emotion like inspiration, enthusiasm, excitement, joy, or gratitude. The more we are educated with the potential knowledge and information on how the substance works, the more we can assign meaning to how it can help us (which by the way isn?t even true? remember it?s a placebo). Another way to think of it is the more clearly we can create images in our mind of how it can literally heal us, the better chance we have of actually being healed. So if the doctor tells us how the drug (placebo) works, and we believe him or her because we saw the pictures in a brochure, then we will have more intent on it working.

Consequently, when we associate that new thought with a different feeling, our body (as the unconscious mind) does not know the difference between the actual event and the one that we created by thought alone. Therefore, the body begins to respond as if the new future reality is occurring in the present moment. Think of ?thoughts? as the vocabulary of the brain and ?feelings? as the vocabulary of the body. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. It

is this process that begins to program the autonomic nervous system to make its own pharmacy of chemicals to match our new state of being. Our autonomic nervous system or limbic brain is the subconscious system, housed just below the conscious thinking brain, which keeps all of our automatic functions happening behind the scenes of our awareness. Actions like body temperature, blood sugar levels, digestion, assimilation, hormonal control, and heart rate (to name a few) are under the control of the innately intelligent system? and it seems to endorse whoever we are being. From t he Known t o t he Unknown Here?s a question: Do you really need a sugar pill, a saline injection, or some ?known? external object that triggers an associative memory in order to move into a new state of being? Or can you select a new potential outcome (which by the way, according to the quantum model of reality, already exists)? an unknown? and repeatedly combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion, thereby moving into a new state of being until that unknown becomes a known? In other words, instead of relying on something outside of you to change your internal state of being, can you begin to heal yourself by thought alone using the very scientific principles of the placebo? That?s what we have been teaching people to do in our workshops from cultures all around the world. In the process, we have witnessed healings from cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, various endocrine disorders, anxiety, depression, Parkinson?s disease, cardiac conditions, impotence, tumor growth, asthma, lupus, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis, and even rare genetic disorders that medical science has no solutions for. So the next time you see a television commercial that tells you that something outside of you can heal you, remember that there?s a doctor within you that already knows how to heal you. You just have to make an appointment. ` Dr. Joe is a Bestselling author (Hay House) and was featured in the "What the Bleep Do We Know: Down the Rabbit Hole. He is a practicing Chiropractor in Washington State and has lectured in 24 coutnries around the world. For more information, please visit www.drjoedispenza.com References # 1. I. Kirsch, B. J. Deacon, T. B. Huedo-Medina, et al., ?Initial Severity and Antidepressant Benefi ts: A Meta-analysis of Data Submitted to the Food and Drug Administration,? PLOS Medicine, vol. 5, no. 2: p. e45 (2008). # 2. Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Networks Europe, Discovery Channel University, et al., Placebo: Mind Over Medicine? directed by J. Harrison, aired 2002 (Princeton, NJ: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2004), DVD. # 3. J. D. Levine, N. C. Gordon, and H. L. Fields, ?The Mechanism of Placebo Analgesia,? Lancet, vol. 2, no. 8091: pp. 654?657 (1978); J. D. Levine, N. C. Gordon, R. T. Jones, et al., ?The Narcotic Antagonist Naloxone Enhances Clinical Pain,? Nature, Page 19 - June, 2016

Page 20 - June, 2016

Page 21 - June, 2016

Ca n YOU I dentify with my stor y? I f you ca n - help is on it's way! By Luke Br oa d Ten years ago I was depressed, suicidal and a regular visitor to a psychiatrist. Around the same time, I also contracted an illness that specialists told me was incurable. I was also single and lonely and had no direction or sense of purpose in life. In a nutshell, I was lost like a ship with no captain or crew drifting aimlessly in the vast and perilous ocean. My thoughts were somewhat scattered and I would attempt to fill the void inside of me with excessive amounts of alcohol. Can you identify with this? Today, I am happy and healthy and I have my ideal relationship with my beautiful, caring, generous and loving partner, Nicola Marsh. I now have a sense of purpose, connected to life with a clear direction. My conscious mind is the captain of my ship and my unconscious mind is the crew. My ship therefore sails in the direction in which it is instructed. My purpose now is to assist people to find their direction and connection. Perhaps my story will give you the hope you have been looking for. My working life began in the British Armed Forces and it was during this time that I became severely depressed. It was also during this time that I first put the Law of Attraction in action without even knowing what I was doing. I was in the Parachute Regiment and so as part of my training I had to do a number of parachute jumps. One of the jumps was a night jump and it was a low jump, below cloud level. ?The less time in the air, the less chance of the enemy shooting you down?, they said. Since the night jump was below the cloud level, it was pitch black. I was the first one to jump and so I was at the door waiting. As the door opened and the red light was to imminently turn green, I felt the ferocious Page 22 - June, 2016

force of the 120mph wind from the velocity of the plane. As I stood there waiting to jump into the pitch blackness, it was like I was jumping into the unknown.

Jumping into the unknown is scary and it is easy to turn back and stay with familiarity. When an individual first begins learning about the Law of Attraction and practicing it, it is also akin to jumping into the unknown. You are going against the status quo, against the grain, and you begin to stand out from the crowd. Some may call you weird, some may vilify you, some may just distance themselves from you, and this can appear to be a lonely journey at first. However, what?s actually happening as you grow and develop yourself is that the Law of Attraction is moving you away from those people who are no longer a match and, in time, new people who are now a match will be delivered. Although jumping into the unknown is scary, it is necessary in order to attract that which you desire to attract and to create the life you want. After almost two years in the Army, I?d had enough and wanted out. But I was trapped by my 4 year contract, which if broken would result in a military prison sentence. It was at this point that I began to change how I

thought about the circumstances in which I found myself. I didn?t change how I thought for any other reason than to feel good. Every day, throughout the day, I would imagine myself on a beach in Australia with the hot sun beating down on me, the warm sand on my feet and the sound of the gentle ocean in the background. I imagined myself as happy with lots of like-minded people around me. Anytime I was walking around camp, I would go into my visualisation and really feel like I was there. It was like an intense daydream. After about a month, out of nowhere, circumstances shifted and a way out was presented to me without breaching my contract. Three months later, I was on a beach in Australia with the hot sun beating down on me, with my feet on the warm sand and the gentle sound of the ocean in the background. I was surrounded with like-minded individuals and I was happy, exactly as I had imagined myself to be. Two years passed and I was still suffering with my illness. I had Meniere?s disease, an inner ear disorder that causes loud tinnitus, dizziness and vomiting. Now, I?m not talking about ordinary tinnitus here, I?m talking about a ringing that was so loud that I was almost deaf in the effected ear. Over the course of the two years, my attacks became more frequent and the medication that I was taking to manage it became ineffective. It got to a point where I returned home and I was bedridden for a number of weeks. I had been studying the Law of Attraction for some time now and I decided to apply it to my health. Again, every day, I visualised myself telling the story of how I healed myself. I actually threw my medication away at Page 23 - June, 2016

this time as it wasn?t doing anything anyway. I also desired to go back to Australia but I had no money, so I added that to my daily visualisation. About a month later, the illness disappeared! Two months after that, I was back in Australia with the money I needed!

The key to visualization is belief. Visualization without belief is just fantasizing or wishful thinking. It must also feel natural to you. In order to feel the energy of the manifestation of your desire, you must believe it. Visualization with belief and passionate feeling impresses the new images on the unconscious mind and sends out energy that draws in what you want. But a belief isn?t just a string of meaningless words that you put together in a sentence. A belief is something you accept as a truth. A person can say something positive but not really believe it. Beliefs must be changed at the unconscious level before your predominant vibration changes. A few years ago, I was alone but I desired my ideal relationship. And with regards to the Law of Attraction, the question is often asked ?Can you attract a specific person?? Well, the answer is yes, you absolutely can! When I first met Nicky, she was both alone and unavailable. I, however, fell instantly in love with her and I Page 24 - June, 2016

knew she was the one for me and that we would make each other extremely happy. Everybody around me, including Nicky, told me that I must move on. And to a degree, I did. I accepted that it wasn?t to be at this moment in time and I began changing my focus so that I was happy without my ideal relationship. However, at the same time, I visualized every day Nicky and I together as a couple. I visualized our holidays together, our business projects together and our love and happiness together.

About two months later, circumstances shifted and we now have the exact life together that I had imagined. When I was single, had I said that I desired a relationship that is free from arguments and disagreements, I would have probably been told that my desire was unrealistic and more like a fantasy. Happily, Nicola and I never argue or disagree. Our relationship is filled with only love and happiness.

Where the Law of Attraction is concerned, it is often said that you cannot create in another person?s reality. It is true that nobody can

create your reality or impose their will upon your experiences. But it is also true that you are always contributing to everything that manifests in the world and you have the power to influence another. This apparent contradiction disappears when you understand the true nature of reality. We are in fact collectively creating the events and circumstances in the world and we have the power to create more national and global peace and harmony.

of the Law of Attraction, please visit our website. While there, subscribe to our popular FREE newsletter, designed specifically to assist you on your wonderful new journey. Nicola and I have helped countless people to resolve their issues, change unwanted behaviours in order to achieve their goals and attract their desires into their reality. We have successfully helped others with releasing unwanted habits, weight issues, phobias, relationship issues, While it is absolutely true that you cannot create in depression, and especially low self-esteem issues. Nicola and I are eager to assist you in another person?s reality because you cannot impose your will on their experiences, it is possible creating your dream life. to attract a specific person and to positively influence another person?s reality, and there is a specific reason for why this is possible without imposing your preference or creating in another person?s experience, but that?s a different subject. Here is the most important aspect behind the Law of Attraction that I?m sure will bring you hope and lasting power: Never give up on your desires. It doesn?t matter what obstacles you hit, what you are told by other people, what failures you endure or how many rejections you encounter. There is always a very specific reason why we must attract failure and rejection en route to the manifestation of a desire or goal. Just keep moving forward and never give up!

Luke Broad is an Author, Life Coach, LOA

Practitioner and a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching. Luke began his working life in the British Armed Forces where he learnt invaluable communication skills. Nicola is a Certified Practitioner of Clinical Hypnotherapy, a nurse and holds a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming. Smoking Cessation. Contact them today at

If you would like to learn 12 MAJOR things that www.TwoTherapistsAreBetterThanOne.com WILL change your life easily by using the principles Page 25 - June, 2016

June/ Jul y 2016 A strol ogy Forecast By I nternati onal A strol oger M ani sh K umar A rora mani sh astrol oger@redi f f mai l .com Aries ( 21 March ? 19 April ) You'll likely have more energy and drive for your hobbies and just having more of a good time, wanting to get out more with people instead of staying at home. You can start to improve neglected areas of life and fix whatever problems may have come about, and feel more like yourself. You can end a relationship or take one to the next level. If there had a lot of disharmony in your love life, and you had a hard time dealing with any problems in the past, you can now bring more balance into your life, and strive to give everyone an equal amount of your time. Favorabl e Dat es : June 1, 5, 10, 14 19, 23 Jul y 4, 7, 13, 16, 22 25 Favorabl e Col ors : Whit e and Bl ue Taurus ( 20 April ? 20 May) You can go through your list of things to do one at a time and cross them off quickly. You will work efficiently and try to be as productive as possible. You?re concerned with the facts and the details, but struggle with imagination or the bigger picture. Logic and reason are what you adhere to. You can have more communications at work, use more technology with your work, get important news regarding your work, or research health matters. You can settle a health issue, or see one get worse if you haven?t been taking care of it properly. This is an excellent time to quit something unviable. Favorabl e Dat es : June 2, 4, 11, 13 20, 22 Jul y 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Grey Gemini ( 21 May ? 20 June ) Probing deep into issues is likely the focus in June, but you may become a bit more light-hearted and fancy free after 20th June. You may want to try new things and explore in a less serious, more curious way in July. It will possibly bring some more lightness to you, and could make you look and feel good. You may commit yourself to a person, project, or idea. You would want to be alone with your loved ones and enjoy the company. You can also try to improve your mental health by finding ways to channel your mental energy and give yourself a mental outlet. Favorabl e Dat es : June 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26 Jul y 6, 7, 15, 16, 24, 25 Favorabl e Col ors : Whit e & Red Cancer ( 21 June ? 22 Jul y ) In this period, you can finish a financial agreement or finalize a transaction This can be a good time to get back together with an old business or financial partner. You?re more sensitive to what other people have to say, and your confidence can sway because of that. After 20th June, when Sun changes sign, you can focus on a new dream for your future, come up with an innovative idea, pick up a new cause, join a new group, or make a new friend. You may find yourself in the spotlight getting praise. You may spend more time with the friends you have or in the groups you already belong. Favorabl e Dat es : June 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 Jul y 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21 Favorabl e Col ors : Yel l ow & Bl ue Leo ( 23 Jul y ? 22 August )You can start something new in your life, whether it?s a project, going on a new journey, or down a new path in life. You?re more optimistic and enthusiastic and you can be presented opportunities unexpectedly, but you?re ready to hit the ground running. You want to experience success in your life and feel that if you work hard enough and make smart decisions, you?ll be able to do anything you set your mind to. You will have discipline, restraint, and focus, and plenty of energy for your goals when you want to work on them. If single, you would want someone attractive, charming, polite, and sociable. Favorabl e Dat es : June 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 25 Jul y 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24 Favorabl e Col ors : Whit e & Bl ue Virgo ( 23 August ? 22 Sept ember )You begin the period questioning yourself and your hopes and dreams, and consider if you should alter them in any way. The more you focus on them, the more you focus on changing your life for the better. You can also tap into your subconscious and old issues, letting them go and giving yourself the freedom to roam as a result. Expanding your life and exposing yourself to new experiences is your main focus. Transforming some aspect of your life is your main attention and it?ll likely be related to your dreams for your future. This period would be an eye opener and bring a sense of awakening. Favorabl e Dat es : June 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Jul y 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Favorabl e Col ors : Yel l ow & Green Page 26 - June, 2016

Libra ( 23 Sept ember ? 22 Oct ober ) Libra ( 23 Sept ember ? 22 Oct ober ) - Your mind moves a bit quicker and you can focus for a long time on one subject that interests you. You?re more open to ideas that are unusual and different and are willing to try innovative solutions to problems that you?d normally think were too radical. Mid June your focus may shift towards your work environment, like looking for or getting a new job; focusing on promotion, improving your health or dealing with a health issue. You can do some travel, be offered a new opportunity that expands your life in some way, take a course or see a legal issue go in your favour. Favorabl e Dat es : June 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 Jul y 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Favorabl e Col ors : Whit e & Red

Scorpio ( 23 Oct ober ? 21 November ) You would feel more optimistic and try to see the brighter side of everything. You can begin a new writing or mental project, come up with a new idea to pursue or buy a new piece of technology, You would want to be an independent, unique person, and embrace that which makes you who you are. You may not want to be put in a box, and strive to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You can take up a cause and do something good for the world and mankind. You can start to improve those areas of life and fix whatever problems may have come about. Favorabl e Dat es : June 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Jul y 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24 Favorabl e Col ors : Yel l ow & Red Sagit t arius ( 22 November - 21 December ) You would feel most like yourself when you?re focusing on your goals and accomplishing them. You can set smaller goals for yourself and get through them quickly. The more success you have, the better you would feel about yourself. You will look at the path you?re on and assess if you?re going in the right direction. You can come across as more realistic, hard-working and disciplined. Spending time alone with your thoughts is your main focus during this period. You have a lot on your mind, and you need time by yourself to think things through. Commitment in romantic relations will take you to next level. Favorabl e Dat es : June 3, 4, 12, 13, 21, 22 Jul y 5, 7, 14, 16, 23, 25 Favorabl e Col ors : Bl ue & Green Capricorn ( 22 December ? 19 January) You?re driven towards intellectual pursuits, and want to learn more and more in June. You?re also driven to pursue what you feel makes you an individual, what sets you apart from other people. You would be desiring freedom and can be a little rebellious. In July, you can begin a new money-making venture, or focus on how you can improve your budget to improve your financial situation. You may come across as more sensual, practical, and dependable. You will have a creative approach, and you can focus on innovative ideas, but have a hard time with anything related to love commitments. Favorabl e Dat es : June 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Jul y 1, 7, 10, 16, 19, 25 Favorabl e Col ors : Yel l ow & Bl ue Aquarius ( 20 January ? 18 February ) This can be a high point to start the process of making good decisions and doing the right thing and putting in the work toward a goal. You can see it come to fruition soon. You can work well on creative projects and find inspiration everywhere. You?re dramatic when you converse and you command attention for what you say. If in a relationship, you?re more romantic and affectionate with your partner. You will enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones, wanting to be as close to them as you can be. If single, you can start a new relationship and commit to someone. Favorabl e Dat es : June 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Jul y 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 Favorabl e Col ors : Yel l ow & Whit e Pisces ( 19 February ? 20 March ) You could see something leftover from the past that now comes to a breaking point or is finally resolved. It could deal with an uprising or rebellion, technology, or something planned for the future. You can be presented with a new money-making opportunity, take on a second job or side gig for extra cash, make an important financial transaction, increase your sense of safety and security, and feel more confident. You?ll want to explore unusual ideas, think outside of the box, and talk things over with like-minded people. You can begin projects that deal with your home or family first, and you get through them quickly. Favorabl e Dat es : June 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24 Jul y 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Favorabl e Col ors : Purpl e & Whit e Page 27 - June, 2016

Ar r r gggh ! An d I Th ou gh t I Was So Spi r i t u al By El l en Wood, Feat u r ed Col u m n i st Yes! I know I am a powerful, magnificent being ? a spark of the infinite. And yes, I know that by taking regular breaks from my own thoughts I can open to inspiration from the divine. Easier said than done, though, especially when life sends us challenges. I know. My last challenge was a doozy: someone I had been close to decades ago sent me a mean, hurtful letter. Although I decided not to respond, I could feel the vibration of anger seething through my body as my mind kept chewing on those words over and over. I prayed: I can?t carry this any longer; take it from me ? but it wasn?t working. That?s because, I soon realized, my prayer wasn?t truthful. While one part of me was saying I want to ?let go and let God?, another part was saying: this really hurt and I want to keep playing this movie. Why do things happen that we seem to have no control over? Things that anger us or make us fearful or cause us physical pain. Maybe it?s Page 28 - June, 2016

so we can realize that we can?t control life?s distressing situations ? they just happen. To everyone. Or maybe it?s to discover that they are enormous gifts helping us surrender our personal agenda in favor of the greater truth. Or maybe it?s so we can understand that the only thing under our control is how we react to what happens. Perhaps it?s all of these. I stayed close to home so my emotions wouldn?t spill onto anyone else. Weighed down by what seemed like anvils on my shoulders, I went for long walks on a deserted path near my house to be swaddled by nature. Soon I felt prompted to practice releasing toxic emotions: allowing my anger to spill out by focusing on the intense feelings, then dropping the story. Over and over ? focusing on feelings, dropping the story ? until I could actually feel the release of that negative charge and I became lighter. I said prayers of gratitude. Then little by little, I could detect the subtle sensation of loving energy activating my body ? and a whisper of peace. That was when I realized that this is what the shift in consciousness is all about. It's a

coming home to our true self. Have you read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle? That book spoke to the core of me ? it lifted me up and inspired me to pay attention to insights and intuition. In fact, there was one section that I found so profound and touched me so deeply, I wrote it on a card that I have on my desk: Be absolutely present and sense Alert Awareness in the background. Every time I see that card I rest my thoughts and listen. (The trick is to distinguish whether it?s the divine or ego responding.) We are all born with intuitive capability but as we identify with the mind, which breeds feelings of separation and individuality, we gradually override our intuitive sense. Observing our thoughts objectively, in a detached manner, helps us regain that gift. It just takes lots of practice and Grace.

Ellen Wood of Taos, NM, is a humorous inspirational speaker who shares techniques to rejuvenate your life and ?Live Happy.? She is also the award-winning author of ?Think and Grow Young: Powerful Steps to Create a Life of Joy.? Her website is www.ellenwoodspeaks.com. Contact her at ellen@ellenwoodspeaks.com .

Page 29 - June, 2016

Wh at's K eepi ng You From M ani f esti ng A b undance?

By Cassi e Park ss Are you dreaming of having the money to take a trip to the beach or buy new clothes? Have you tried visualizing a big number in your bank account or spent hours rewriting your money story, only to experience little to no success drawing in those magical dollars? After working with hundreds of people to manifest hundreds of thousands of dollars into their lives, these are the mistakes I see people make most often that keep them from manifesting money quickly and easily. Read on to trouble shoot your money manifesting techniques.

Are Limit ing Bel ief s Get t ing In Your Way? The first mistake I see people make when it comes to manifesting money is they believe that they have to fix their limiting beliefs in order to manifest more money. It is in fact the focus on limiting beliefs that often keeps people from manifesting abundance into their lives. The focus on limiting beliefs and ?fixing? them actually creates more of them because you always get what you focus on. There is no way to ?fix? all your limiting beliefs, because if you believe you have to ?fix? them in order to manifest, you will keep finding them to fix. Instead of focusing on what needs fixing you want to turn your attention to what you are experiencing that is already abundant and you desire more of.

Are You Doing Enough t o Manif est ? The next thing I see people do that keeps money just beyond arm?s reach is the amount of ?manifesting? things they are doing. So often when people come to me they have a to-do list a mile long. People come to me thinking they have to do more. Honestly, you are probably doing too much. The most typical thing people Page 30 - June, 2016

do when they are trying to manifesting something that feels really important, like money, is add on a whole bunch of things to their manifesting ?to-do? list. And often that does not work so they add more and more. They read every book and add more and more. However, the list never gets done? They end up feeling bad about themselves because they are not doing everything on the list and then they feel even worse because they haven?t manifested any more money. If you think about it, it?s the Law of Attraction working. If you are focused on doing ?more,? you keep finding ?more? to add to your to-do list. Then you don?t have enough time, so you keep running out of time. It?s a viscous cycle that creates more of the same. When it comes to manifesting often LESS is MORE! Deliberately choosing the technique that works best and doing just ONE thing can create a HUGE shift in momentum.

Are you Act ing as If ? The third thing that keeps the money from leaping into your wallet is walking around acting ?as-if? not. You have probably heard numerous times, ?act as if? or maybe you?ve heard, ?fake it until you make it.? But are you doing it the right way? Does it feel like you are making it when you fake it? The key to ?acting as if? is doing it most of the time and not some of the time. Most people pick one time to do their manifesting techniques or maybe they even focus on ?acting as if? once a day. However, the majority of the time they are ?acting as if not?. What does that mean? The thoughts that run through your head, the beliefs that run your life, the decisions you make and the actions you take are all part of your ?beingness?. Your ?beingness? overpowers ?acting as if? every time. When it comes to ?acting as if? it has to be about everything in your ?beingness? focused on ?acting as if? you are experiencing abundance. That means you have to ?act as if? on all fronts at all possible times. Acting as if the majority of the time is key to manifesting abundance quickly and easily.

Cassie Parks loves the ocean, dancing for no reason, and celebrating with champagne, but what she loves most of all is living a life a she loves. She is a best-selling author, international speaker and coach whose passion is leading others to live the life they have been dreaming about. Want to up level your manifesting game?

Go t o Manif est 10K.com Page 32 - June, 2016

Page 31 - June, 2016

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Page 33 - June, 2016

Tools of Creation By M ar tin N eil Cam pbell Doubt and disbelief weaken our creative thought abilities. Thus, it is fortunate that creative power is driven by not one, but three forces: what we consciousl y t hink, say and become, each being more powerf ul t han t he f ormer. Quantum physics theorizes that what we observe we change. It is also my belief that our perceptions change what we observe, as we can't observe something without thinking about it. I believe we are surrounded by a frequency of wave patterns created by our thoughts as they travel in every direction and intermingle with all other thoughts. The amplitude of the wave pattern we send out is determined by the level of focused consciousness we direct into every thought, combined with our strength of belief. Similar to ripples in a pond - but our pond is the universe itself, as we are One. Focused thoughts create larger wave amplitudes than unconscious day-to-day thoughts. Since the wave amplitude is increased with the strength and certainty of your belief, if your belief is Page 34 - June, 2016

absolute that something will happen, it will. When you have pure belief, free of doubt, the wave amplitude intensifies the creative energies needed to manifest your desires immediately. Since most of us do not have absolute belief, repetitive thoughts will strengthen our creative process. Creation occurs after the wave amplitude reaches a specific energy threshold. What should be understood, is that you do possess what you desire. Your desires are already in your life and it is through thought that you acknowledge their reality. It is not just hoping they will magically manifest, it is the act of acknowledging their existence that brings them to you. Too many times we mistakenly assume our desires are out of reach when in fact, they already exist. Our positive creative abilities provide the

focused energy to attract them into our reality. Modern spirituality bandies the word positive about frequently; we should be positive in our outlook, use positive energy and think positive thoughts. This word has many definitions and uses, but from a spiritual perspective you should be clear on what positive means: confident, optimistic; focusing on your desires; to be certain and not in doubt; when the outcome is beyond doubt or question. Positive energy is love, joy, unity and understanding directed. Negative thoughts cancel positive thoughts. With regard to creativity, negative and positive thoughts are opposing low and high amplitude waves. Waves from these two thought patterns overlap and the opposing low and high amplitudes negate each other. This is why it is important to be firm in your belief. It is essential that you empower your desire with trust, confidence and conviction that it will come to be. Do not despair if negative thoughts keep surfacing. They are merely there to help you recognize where you don't want to go. Use the negative to recognize what you do not want and focus on the positive outcome you do want. Do not focus on how it will come about; focus only on the desired outcome. When you do this, your creative abilities will manifest the changes that will enable your desires to be realized. Unlike the wave patterns present in nature (as with sound for example), we have the ability to focus our energy on any point in the universe. This is similar to dropping a pebble anywhere we choose in a pond, the pond of course representing the universe. We simply envision where we want to

direct the energy, drop the pebble and it is done. This is my understanding of how long-distance healing works. We don't have to be with the person to concentrate our healing energy. Speaking affirmations aloud creates an even greater amplitude in the wave patterns, giving the manifestation of your goals tremendous power. Statements are magnitudes stronger than thought alone. By speaking an affirmation, I have experienced a tremendous boost in belief and clarity that does not come from thought alone. This practice adds a physical dimension to our desires that goes beyond thought. When you have absolute faith and belief, thought alone is sufficient for manifestation. Regrettably, the majority of us still need all the help we can get to manifest our desires because our faith is shadowed with doubt. This is yet another example of how well our minds have been coerced into a limited understanding and thought pattern.

The final piece for creating is when you act out your desires or ?become? what you desire by Page 35 - June, 2016

changing your behaviors and mannerisms. The most powerful way to become who you wish to be and to obtain your desires is by behaving as though you already are that person. When you envision what you desire you must start living and being that within your daily life. You must be who you desire to be. This is the action of becoming, for becoming is about taking action. We have all heard it said that actions speak louder than words. This has specific application to our creative nature as there is no quicker way to achieve our desires. Do you want more love in your life? Become love and share love with others. Do you want more happiness? Become a person who strives to bring happiness to others. Do you want to be a millionaire? Behave as a millionaire would and also become more generous with your money; use your money in a manner that demonstrates you have money. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that none of this can be achieved if you do not believe it is real. Belief is extremely powerful. Likewise, when you bring to others what you desire in your life the resultant wave amplitude will return to you tenfold. And for this, as always, give thanks!

Martin Neil Campbell is an author and business executive who is dedicated to helping people improve their lives by assisting them to find out who they are and who they want to be. As a dedicated supporter of individual spirituality, he believes humanity?s last major hurdle is in achieving individual empowerment and freedom. You can listen to Martin every day of the week with his Radio Show, Sovereign Self on Law of Attraction Radio Network. To purchase his outstanding Book called Receiving the Gift That we Give, Visit www.ReceivingtheGiftthatwegive.com

Page 36 - June, 2016

Page 37 - June, 2016

Th e Teach i n gs of Josh u a

Have A Li t t l e Fai t h Ch an n el ed by Gar y Tem pl e Bodl ey Faith is the belief in something unknown and lacking in evidence. By practicing faith, you?re really practicing a habit of thought. You?re looking at reality from another perspective. Practice your faith in whatever you want to be and you will change your life. See reality not as it appears through your current perspective, but as what it could be. Have faith that what you want is on its way. Have faith that the universe is designed to bring you what you desire. Focus on whatever you truly want and have faith that it will come. Do not take action unless inspired and have faith that the inspiration will come at the perfect moment. Have faith that the universe knows the smallest details of your desire and will bring it to you in a way that exceeds your wildest expectations. Have faith that your life experience to this point has unfolded perfectly to bring you to this moment in time. Had you not lived your life exactly as you did, you would not be here now. You would not have the set of beliefs necessary to find this very article. You would not have the wanting needed to attract this material. Have faith that you can move from this place where you now stand to the place you truly want to be. You are not trying to get away from a place you don?t like. Rather, you are moving to a new place that calls to you. Have faith that you?re on the right path. If you have not found your passion in life, have faith that you will soon. If you have not found the mate of your dreams, have faith that you are attracting that person and you will be ready for his or her arrival. Page 38 - June, 2016

Have faith that you can achieve and maintain perfect health. Listen to your body and strive to feel good. Pay attention to how you feel and have faith that you can and will feel better if that is what you truly want. Realize your body is a community of cells, each seeking alignment and well-being. Understand that well-being flows through you unless you think thoughts that hinder the flow. Release the fear and doubt you?ve been carrying and allow yourself to relax and find ease in your life. Have faith that abundance exists all around you. Realize that you have an abundance of air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat. You have an abundance of time, whether it seems that way or not. You have an abundance of love flowing to you from all around. You have an abundance of people to interact with and things to capture your attention. You have an abundance of freedom. You must now realize that the abundance of money you seek is waiting for you as well. There are no limitations in this world except those you place on your own experience. We want to bring you to an understanding of the nature of physical reality and the laws of the universe. If you do not quite believe all we have to say, have faith that the evidence for our assertions will present itself to you. If you can suspend your belief for a moment and allow for the possibility that you create your own reality, you will start to notice the evidence of that

statement showing up in your own experience. As you see evidence of your own powers of creation, you will move from belief to knowing. Knowing is simply very strong belief. A fact is nothing more than a strong belief. When you think of the statement that you create your own reality as a fact, then you have come to a place of knowing. Belief has doubt within it. There is much less doubt contained in knowing. As doubt is removed, fact is created. Nothing in your life exists until you know it to exist. Gravity is a law of physical existence. You know that the ball will hit the ground when released and bounce back up. You know the ball has certain features and will react to your movements with consistency. You can depend on the ball to perform in a certain manner as long as it is properly filled with air. But the ball is no more real than the gravity by which it is controlled. It is all vibration, so it moves within the larger scope of the Law of Attraction. You know gravity as a fact, yet gravity is quite a simple law in comparison to the Law of Attraction. You can see the obvious evidence of gravity and therefore doubt does not exist. By this evidence, you can arrange your life. You can navigate your world knowing that gravity will always be a part of your life experience. The consistency of gravity seems Page 39 - June, 2016

unquestionable. The same is true of the Law of Attraction. There was a time when the mechanism of gravity was unknown to man, yet it always existed in physical reality. You are only now coming to understand the Law of Attraction, yet it too has always existed. One day, not long into the future, your society will understand the Law of Attraction as well as you currently understand gravity. If you could see the Law of Attraction as a fact now, you could work with it to create an improved life experience. If you could understand that all of the mechanisms of reality are facts as we have described them, you could see your world from an entirely new perspective.

We Are Joshua Joshua is a group of nonphysical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction, and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua?s first book ?A Perception of Reality? explains the nature of reality using plain english in an easy-to-understand format. Visit: TheTeachingsofJoshua.com. Listen to The Teachings of Joshua Roundtable on Law of Attraction Radio Network every day of the week. Listen to all the archives here: http/ / LoaRadioNetwork.com/ joshua-roundtable.

Page 40 - June, 2016

Cal l i nto our LI V E Sh ow s Cal l i n: 605-562-3140 A ccess # 533677 5:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM Mount ain / 7:00 PM Cent ral / 8:00 PM EDT

Dr. Mosl ey - Every Wed.

1st Tues. of Every Mont h

Dr. Mosley is a professional hypnotherapist, and a PROFOUND Spiritual Intuitive that communicates with the highest energy. He will help you discover your life purpose or answer any question about your journey in life.

Is the Law of Attraction Working for YOU? Ask your question of the Law of Attraction Experts and get back on the easy path to realizing your dreams!

Jul ie Ryan - Every Thurs.

3rd Tues. of Every Mont h

Julie Ryan is a medical intuitive and highly psychic that can: - scan your body for health issues - scan and communicate with your pets (even horses) - Assist those ready to transition turning fear into bliss. - Communicate with your loved ones who have passed.

Would you like to ask Constance Arnold, MA., a personal questions about an issue you have, i.e., business, love, relationships? She will guide you into moving forward in the direction of your dreams.

Page 41 - June, 2016

We each have a beautiful Spirit. It is our very essence, but we are sometimes unable to have a clear, inner connection, to our physical body. We live our lives unable to have health, wealth, and the happiness that is our birthright. The frequency of our souls and the frequency of our bodies are, more often than not, misaligned. We might experience resistance and incoherence between the two if they are in outright conflict and disassociation. All too often, we make choices early in life that separate us from the blue print of our purpose; our reason for being. As we distrust our original purpose, we start to feel unworthy of the magnificence of who we really are. When this happens, we get confused and begin to let take root in our being, that there is a dis-connect between what we desire and what is showing up in our lives. We begin to judge the segments of our life?s moments. When we lose sight of the Source of our lives we invite separation to move in, we become alone in our illusions.

Ret u r n i n g t o Ou r Di v i n e Bl u epr i n t By Par i sh a Tayl or Page 42 - June, 2016

This occurs because of disappointments and grief in our lives, even as early as birth. As children, we had experiences that were traumatizing. In particular, events in which we were injured physically or were subjected to strong emotional situations that left us feeling frightened, betrayed, angry or sad. We made decisions based on those moments about how the world treats us. We then began to expect similar experiences and now the world around us responds to our expectations. We have fallen victim to our own negative expectations.

Stumbling along without the full power and presence of our Spirit, in many ways we lose synergy with our purpose and codes that allow for our divinity to be expressed through our body/ Altar. The understanding that our bodies are altars is perfectly illustrated by our fingerprints. Every human ever born has totally unique fingerprints. No two are alike. Each one of us embodies our own specific purpose, that only we can carry out. ?Altar?, in this sense, refers to a physical object where ?spirit? meets ?matter?; the ?above? meets the ?below? or the ?macro? meets the ?micro?. The body/ Altar then is the vessel through which the soul implements its purpose in the world. We could say that we are the arms and legs of God. Sometimes, when you are feeling your spirit, your body gets ungrounded, like you don't belong. You can't be so spiritually bound that you are no earthly good. Your spirit and body need to work together. When presented with a lofty idea, my Grandmother always asked, will it grow corn? Do you know that you should have more energy and better health, but can't seem to get there? Feel like you?re doing the right things, but see no progress? There is a reason you are not getting there, even though you feel like you are doing the right things. For example, you could be getting plenty of exercise and eating all the right foods yet your health is declining; you can barely get out of bed in the morning. Those decisions you made early in life and reinforced with emotional responses, formed beliefs in lack and unhappiness that are now so powerful, they override even your best intentions. They are silent shadows that cloud your conscious mind, sabotaging your health and your success. This can be changed by clearing these beliefs and making different decisions.

Imagine how it will feel to have clear mind permanently and know you are living your purpose. Our Spirit is crying for reality, genuine experiences, which only physical life can give to it. We are God?s intention in this world, designed with a specific purpose that no one else can fulfill. Only in our beautiful bodies can we experience love. The negative thoughts that poisoned our spirit must be rooted out. We are created for health, wealth and happiness, not to be sick, broken, poor, confused or any other incoherent state of mind. And yet, what the body is crying for in mortal experience, only the Spirit can fulfill. As you permit this union of Spirit and body, so will you directly know what it feels like to be the love that you are. When more of your spirit is merged into you, an undeniable shift is created. It becomes the starting point for a new reality in which health, happiness, abundance and meaning are supported from the highest frequencies. We become more light and energy, and less matter, hence the term ?enlightenment.?

Gloriously, we remember who we are and our divine origins. Enlightenment is a state of indescribable peace, a deep passionate peace. We can now more fully experience the present moment in all its wonderment without the burden of the past or concerns for the future. Page 43 - June, 2016

There is a profound coherence between Body and Spirit; old programs, limitations, states of dis-ease have effortlessly resolved themselves. It is then that you can profoundly understand and experience what Love is all about. We have trillions of cells in our body and they all respond to vibration: light, sound, energy, love. All that exists can be measured and resonates a frequency. Research from the science of human vibrations over decades now has found that there is a scale of frequencies that corresponds to a person's level and state of mind. Love is the highest vibration we can hold. We encompass the greatest light and potential that we consciously invoke. In this way, everything the Observer/ Spirit does is translated into a process in the body. You literally cannot have a body without being connected to your Observer/ Spirit. Love realigns the body at a cellular level with the highest possible spirit or highest light that the body can hold.

Pa'Ris'Ha is a highly sought after teacher and has an international public reach of over fifty million people. She has presented in over 125 countries . Known for her philanthrophy, AND Ancient Tablet Keeper and Interpreting, Parisha is a Master Coach with over 55 years of experience and who specializes in Business and Success Coach. Listen to her very popular radio show at LOAradioNetwork.com/parisha and please follow her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ven.Pa.Ris.Ha Please visit http://www.parishas-world.com/ Page 44 - June, 2016

Page 45 - June, 2016

How I WON A Tri p to Las V egas Usi ng Just Th e Law of A ttracti on By LOA Coach K ath l een M i l l er

Page 46 - June, 2016

I t all started one day last September when I heard my favorite classic rock station ask, "Would you like to win a trip to Las Vegas?" To which I instantly replied to whoever could hear me, "Well of course I would, are you nuts?" The announcer then proceeded to explain that several times during the week they would announce the contest and you had to be the tenth caller in order to get your name in the drawing. Then, on a specific day in October, you had to be listening at a specific time and if your name was drawn you had ten minutes to call them up and claim your trip. I thought about it for a few minutes, imagining myself winning, and how much fun it would be for my Sweetie and I to go to Vegas. I hadn't been there since I took my daughter for her 21st birthday and that was over eight years ago, and he had never been to Vegas at all. It was definitely time. So right then and there I decided that was for me. I wanted to win the trip to Las Vegas. I immediately started to prepare. I checked my calendar to make sure I didn't already have something planned for the date of the trip. (The radio station had a specific date you must take the trip.) I didn't have anything scheduled so I wrote it in. "Going to Las Vegas" Then I put the date in my phone calendar with an alert to remind me to be up early on the day of the drawing so I could be listening and prepared to call in when they drew my name. Next, I contacted my nephew to see if he could run my retail shop while I was away. I got online and ordered a free copy of the Las Vegas Visitor's Guide. So I could start planning my

activities right away. I was really excited! Woo hoo! We were going to Las Vegas! Each time the radio announcer gave the cue, I started calling, and calling, and calling. It actually took me about three weeks before I was finally the tenth caller and my name in the drawing, but I was in. I felt so confidant I would win, every time I heard them announce another contestant?s name, I just thought about Vegas and how fun it would be. The Wednesday morning of the drawing, I got up early and tuned it. Sure enough the DJ announced, "A**** Miller you are the winner and have ten minutes to call us and claim your trip". WHAT?? A. Miller? I'm Kathleen Miller. Hmmm, I must admit I had a moment of disappointment. Then suddenly, I got really excited because I realized, I was only half a name away from winning. I know it sounds crazy but I actually jumped up and down in excitement because I was so close. That meant the Universe was working on it, it was on the way! I celebrated the closeness of the match. After that, I just let it go. When my Vegas visitor's guide arrived in the mail, I looked through it still thinking I would love to take my Sweetie to Vegas. Who knows? All possibilities exist. A couple of weeks went by, the weather turned colder, and it was close to the date I had marked "going to Las Vegas" in my calendar. I admit, I felt kinda down, and a wee bit cranky when I saw it right there in print, in my calendar, reminding me I was not the winner. Knowing that what I am feeling is what I am vibrating and Page 47 - June, 2016

Page 48 - June, 2016

attracting, I knew I needed to find some way to shift into "a better feeling place". So I decided to go home from work, relax, kick off my shoes, sip some hot coffee, (it was already snowing here), and enter some online sweepstakes while listening to Christmas music. I just love Christmas music. It always makes me feel good. So for about the next hour, that's what I did. It felt like inspired action. I subscribe to a sweepstakes newsletter online, so I entered for all kinds of things. Cars, trips, computers, cash, etc. I find it lots of fun to enter because there's always the possibility you may win. I love that feeling, hopeful and full of possibilities. After all, you have to enter to win. I went on about my routine after that, never giving it anymore thought. Then Wednesday, Dec 12th, I received a phone call to verify that I was indeed Kathleen Miller, birth date, etc. because I was t he grand prize winner of a t rip t o Las Vegas! Am I excited? Absolutely! Am I surprised? Not at all. Why? Because, I was really clear about what I wanted. I had imagined how much fun it would be and vibrationally aligned with that. I prepared to receive it, and took inspired action. I didn't let not winning the trip from the radio station shift me back into "reality", I celebrated the closeness of the match, instead. The Universe delivered back to me what I had visualized, even better. I get to choose when I want to go. Way to go Universe, that's the way I like to roll!

Law of Attraction Coach Kathleen Miller is the owner and operator of a retail comic book business that she founded in 1980. Celebrating 35 years and the most successful year so far proves that she loves using the Law of Attraction to increase my profits. Kathleen is also a 1999 graduate of the Hoffman Process and an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner as well as a certified Life Coach. She appeared in the award winning film "The Comic Book Lady", and after 32 years of selling comics, she got to be in one in Harvey Pekar's Huntington WV, "On the Fly" Graphic Novel. Whenever I am not busy having fun with the law of attraction, coaching others, or selling comics, I can be found baking some of the most delicious pumpkin bread in the USA, running, playing the drums, taking road trips, attending concerts, or watching old movies with my Sweetie. Have you signed up to receive my Lucky Life Newsletter? It 's Law of At t ract ion f or Your Lucky Lif e! Visit her website http://www.luckylady711.com/ or contact her: LuckyLifeCoach@aol.com Page 49 - June, 2016

Su per ch ar gi n g You r M an i f est at i on s

7 Power Tips to M ake the L aw of Attr action Wor k Better For You By Hemal Radia Want to take your manifestations to a whole new level? Here are 7 tips to help you do exactly that! 1 - Supercharging Your Manif est at ions: What is This REALLY About ? The goal that you want... what is it REALLY about? Remember that manifesting is about the ENERGY of what you want to manifest.

When you truly manifest, it will be because you are flowing your spirit through your physical vessel body to manifest in this physical playground. This is a coming together of spirit and physical. Ask yourself: - Why do I want this? - Why is this important to me? - How do I really FEEL about it? You can recycle the answers you get and go multiple layers deep. 2 - Are You REALLY Ready t o Receive it ? This may seem very simple and most people's instinctive response would be "yes". But when you dig deeper, how do you feel about having it right now? If this goal showed up in your life right now, how do you feel about receiving it? Frequently, people tell themselves they want something but when they fully contemplate actually having it in their lives, their emotions are somewhat different than what they had consciously thought. Often when on radio shows and summits, I interact with women who were wanting to have a new Page 50 - June, 2016

relationship. As I would help make the reality they want very real for them they would realise they have some unresolved blocks, like not yet having fully addressed aspects of their past. When you t hink of having what you want , and if you have it right now, what comes up f or you? What is your inst inct ive react ion? (Yes, you know, the first one that comes to you, if you were honest with yourself) 3 ? Do You Real l y Know You Can Have it ? Are You Real l y Convinced You Can Have it ? You CAN have miracles with manifesting. They require your openness to them and certainly, not disbelieving or being resistant to them or being conflicted about them.

where, what etc - Wondering whether they are doing it right. 4 - Are You Genuinel y Happy Even Though It Hasn't Manif est ed Yet ? Are you totally at peace with the now? Many people are wanting their manifestation so it can ?fix?their life. Whether it be a soulmate to make them happy, money to give them freedom or deal with their debt etc.

Are you needing your manifestation? What would happen if you don?t This is where your thinking, feeling and imagining get it? That scenario may come in. They are there to help you get familiar seem scary, but realise with the energy of what you want. You are that perspective is constructed from beliefs of subconsciously connecting and integrating you limitation and is telling you exactly what you (your energy) with what you want (and its need to shift to bring your manifestation in. energy). If somewhere you feel your life needs fixing by You want to be living your reality as if what you the manifestation then on some level you are want has happened. You BECOME your new subcommunicating to the universe that reality and radiate from that place even if it isn?t something is wrong ? and energy attracts energy. here in physical yet ? the physical soon follows You manifest by genuinely realizing (genuinely the energy. realizing, not forcing or pushing) what is right about your life and the manifestations come as a consequence of that energy. 5 - Are You Real l y Al igned & Congruent About Your Goal ? When you think of your goal, does it excite you and fill you with joy and anticipation (or some variation)?

Indicators when someone isn?t aligned or congruent about what they want: - Anxiety and worry about it - Keeping on thinking about the how, when,

Do you feel mixed or conflicted about your goal? Ask yourself honestly about this, not what you want it be. None of those inner thoughts need to be real or true, but by coming up they are indicating to you your misalignment and incongruency to your Page 51 - June, 2016

goal ? ie mixed thoughts (and energy) about what you want. Resolving these frees up that energy and creates a space and vacuum from which you will allow your goal to come into. 6 - Are You Not icing t he Signal s? Are you busy waiting for the universe to manifest what you want? Are you too busy ?waiting?rather than seeing and recognising the opportunities that are already here? Some people put on blinders and wait for something obvious and direct to show up ? like God with thunder and lightning. But have you (for example) overlooked: - The intuition and feeling you had to go and visit someone or call them up? (And perhaps they had the answer from the universe for exactly what you were looking for) - The idea that you had the other night to write something which indirectly would have raised your vibration further to receive the next step to follow through and receive what you want - The other day when someone suggested you have a coffee and you said to them that you were too busy, even though you had a good feeling about it. Do you realise that conversation could have led to something more? The universe speaks to you all the time and is responsive to you. Are you noticing the signals? 7 - How Can You Be The Great est Living Exampl e Of What You Came Here To Be? We become very busy with 'results' and often forget that manifesting is about 'being'. We can become cerebral and disconnected from our flow and energy. We have goals which can be further away from our core and our true passions. Your goals spring from your larger vision and purpose. They are fragments of your larger purpose and journey. Connect to the bigger picture and see what you are really here for. And then supercharge your goals with THAT energy. The manif est at ions wil l come heavy and f ast f rom t here.

Hemal Radia is the author of the fantastic "Find You & You Find Everyt hing: The Secret s t o t he Law of At t ract ion". You can download your FREE chapters www.hemalradia.com/ freegift He is also a world renowned 'Super' Coach and Speaker. You can find out more about him and his other offerings at www.hemalradia.com and his blog www.manifestingandlawofattraction.com Page 52 - June, 2016

Page 53 - June, 2016

Photo Credit: KTLA - Channel 5 , L.S

Did Nancy and Ronnie Reunite? By Psychic & M edical I ntuitive Julie Ryan Since Nancy Reagan?s death a few weeks ago, several people have asked me if I thought she and her husband, President Ronald Reagan, were now once again together? in the afterlife. My answer is a resounding ABSOLUTELY! When our loved ones die, although it?s often hard to see them, their spirits are around us. The only difference is they?re now in a constant state of support, encouraging us in a positive and loving way. In many religions, holy texts talk about us being made in the image and likeness of God. Most of us think that means God, (Spirit, The Source, whatever you choose to call it), looks like a human. How many times have we seen God pictured as an elderly man with white hair and a beard, dressed in a long, white, flowing gown? I believe however, what the Bible and other holy texts mean is that we are made in the image and likeness of God in spirit form. We are all part of Source energy and therefore have characteristics like our Source. This means when we?re in spirit form, after transitioning at the time of our death, we, like God/ Source, can be in multiple places with multiple people all at the same time. A lot of us have experienced the loss of someone dear who then appears to us in a dream or as a passing glimpse. We may think it?s just our imagination playing tricks with our mind, when it actually is the spirit of our loved one visiting us. Throughout the years, I?ve had many people want to talk with me about an event involving a deceased spouse, relative, or friend. The most common Page 54 - June, 2016

thing I hear, is ?it felt so real? and ?every hair on my body was standing straight up?. If the occurrence felt authentic, caused a kinesthetic effect with your body, or resulted in a distinguishable sign (an object was moved, a light was either turned off or on, etc.), it was a visit and it was real.

occurrences. Be open to how your loved one is communicating with you. When you experience what could have been a visit from someone deceased, talk about the incident and encourage your spouse/ partner, children, and other family members to do the same. Open communication about visits Many years ago while on a cross country flight, a from the other side can provide a feeling of being loved in a whole new way. prescription bottle rolled from underneath the seat in front of me and stopped against my foot. Children are normally aware of spirits and I picked it up, tapped the passenger in front of often perceive what we adults are unable to me and asked if they?d lost some medicine. see. Their response was no. I then looked at the label Imaginary and saw the name Julia Cline. My maternal friends and grandmother?s name was Julia Cline. I thought, visions of how wonderful, someone on this plane has the spirits are to same name as my Memaw. be expected Thinking someone may want the medicine I now held in my hand, I pushed the call button. When the flight attendant came to see what I needed, I informed her of the situation and asked that she check the passenger list to see if there was a Julia Cline onboard. She did and quickly came back to me with the answer. No one with that name was on the flight. At that point, I began to laugh and realized: 1) The bottle rolled back when we were at a high altitude and the plane was level. It was strange it didn?t happen during take-off when the plane was at an angle. 2) The spelling of Cline with a C is unusual, and combined with the first name of Julia, was an extraordinary coincidence. Or was it? I don?t believe there are ever any coincidences in life! 3) At that time, my Memaw had been dead for about six months and was letting me know she was with me. How lovely! Pay attention to seemingly serendipitous

with children under four. In most cases, they haven?t yet been told what they?re seeing isn?t real, or it?s just their imagination. Likewise, hospice organizations are quick to point out that it?s completely normal for a dying person to say they see their deceased parents, spouse, family members and friends. Most people think Grandma is hallucinating. Well, Grandma isn?t delusional, she?s actually seeing spirits. For more than 20 years, I?ve worked with countless families as their loved one was dying. I always see (in my mind?s eye), their deceased family and friends, along with angels, surrounding them during their last days. In addition, the spirits of every pet the dying person has had during their lifetime is there as well. I call this the ?Welcome to Heaven? committee. These angels act as a demarcation line between our reality and the afterlife. The spirits of loved ones are positioned behind the angels and can number in the hundreds. The closest maternal spirit is always at the

Page 55 - June, 2016

left foot of the dying person and the closest paternal spirit is always at the right foot. These parental spirits act as anchors for the accompanying angelic support. If the dying person has a deceased spouse, that spirit is always diagonally behind and to the right of the maternal spirit (see diagram). How comforting is it to know as we exit our human experience, we are surrounded by those we love and by those we love who are deceased - not to mention angels? This information can bring a whole new perspective to the dying equation and can eradicate the fear that so often accompanies our perception of death. So, was Ronald Reagan?s spirit present to support his wife Nancy?s transition to spirit? You bet he was!

Julie Ryan, Psychic and Medical Intuitive, can be heard on The Law of Attraction Radio Network. The Ask Julie Ryan show welcomes callers on Thursdays at 8pm EDT, 7pm CDT, 5pm PDT and online submissions that will be answered on the air. For more information please go to www.askjulieryan.com. To listen to the show, go to

LOAradioNetwork.com/julie-ryan www.facebook.com/askjulieryan www.twitter.com/askjulieryan

Page 56 - June, 2016

Live Show Every Thursday at 5:00 PM PST 6:00 PM Mountain 7:00 PM Central 8:00 PM Eastern Call in: 605-562-3140 Access # 533677 Show Page: LOAradioNet work.com/ Jul ie-Ryan Julie Ryan is a medical intuitive and highly sensitive psychic that can: Scan your body for health issues scan and communicate with your pets (even horses) Assist those ready to transition turning fear into bliss. Communicate with your loved ones who have passed.

Page 57 - June, 2016

M indfulness: The Key to Attr acting Good Things Thr ough the M ind By Cr aig M er r ett, Austr alia's LOA Exper t Page 58 - June, 2016


our mind is an epicenter of explosive design and

creative construction that sees the fruition of attraction actualized by the thoughts you broadcast. Yet, irrespective of what deeper desires you may hold, the Law of Attraction has an automated opinion that decides what your mind is in sync with as its response is based upon your dominant mental attitude. Synchronicity dictates destiny as that which you tune your mind to is drawn back to you. It goes without saying the importance of awareness of what a mind is emitting and broadcasting. Absent mindlessness is to be oblivious or unintentional in what you are attracting and creating - attraction by default is never a good look! Mindfulness is absolutely essential to transmitting desired response. Let?s explore several ways to practice life altering mindfulness: Take hol d of t hought s and inst ruct t hem Learn to be deliberate in separating good and bad thoughts, for by dividing their nature you are practicing focal awareness that allows you to be mindful of that which is entering your mind. Divide and conquer! Hit the pause button and picture a ?good box?and a ?bad box?. Take time to visualize and imagine every thought going into these boxes based on their nature. The more you practice this, a mental habit is created that will eventually begin to separate the two in natural course. You can ?take and make?thoughts by taking the negative thoughts and making them submit to new positive thoughts. Practice awareness of thoughts by mentally taking stock of them and intentionally

replacing the negative by feeding your mind positive content. Pract ice ?Grounding? Grounding yourself will allow you to associate with your inner self?s thoughts by removing distraction and actualizing a connection with your core being. In writing this piece in a library by foot brushed against a metal shelf that reverberated with a noise like the sound of a gong! In order to not distract those around me, I simply silenced the noise by holding the shelf, immediately ceasing the reverberations and stopping the sound. To ground ourselves is to hold still our reverberations and silence our inner gong, allowing us to be consciously active and not merely subconsciously reactive to our thought vibrations. Helpful grounding exercises include going for a walk, listening to peaceful music, and reading, cooking, and taking a bath. Connect these experiences to your brain by noticing your environment and saying out loud what you see, hear, and smell. Writ e t hem down A very healthy exercise you can undertake is to sit down and write down all of the thoughts that are passing through. Page 59 - June, 2016

Mental blocks can be removed by connecting our brain to an action. Additionally, writing sees the visible manifestation of invisible thoughts. By putting pen to paper your thoughts can be physically seen and clearly visualized. Try getting specific by writing down a headline topic such as ?My career?, ?My family?, or ?What do I believe about myself??and linking it to your immediate response. One is generally stunned at the self-defeating, self-sabotaging thoughts that can be seen: ?You are not good enough?, ?You do not deserve to be happy?, ?I?m too young?, ?You?re too old?, and ?it's too late for me?. Remedy requires diagnosis. Through this mindfulness technique you will visibly identify your internal reality and be able to apply new truths. Medit at e Meditation is a practice where the mind can be trained to be aware of its content. It can have an object that allows the mind to become comfortable in harnessing and focusing its vibrations. Obviously it is foolish to meditate upon negative things, and to empty our minds is to create a vacuum that needs to be jam packed with positive energy. Therefore, focus on objects of positive input. One can meditate for 10 seconds or 10 hours and see benefit through positive reinforcement. Be well rested and choose a comfortable posture within a calm environment. Do not try and force it but simply recognize the condition of your mind and concentrate. In this state you can observe your minds insights and discover its thought process. So there you have it! Be mindful of the thoughts that pass through your mind and with firm intention hold onto good thoughts, conjure up great ones, and dream out-loud!

An ever inquisitive mind, Craig Merrett has spent years carefully crafting a mosaic of rich philosophy through his study of the positive faith, mind-set and action connection and marrying these insights into practical living. Currently residing in Adelaide, South Australia, he has a message on his heart and an anointing to share rich and deep insights. Craig?s latest book, ?The God Attraction: A fresh revelation of the Law of Attraction?can be found at: www.amzn.com/B01DFDLR8M

Page 60 - June, 2016

There IS l if e af t er DEATH: Scient ist s reveal shock f indings f rom groundbreaking st udy! PUBLISHED Tue, May 17, 2016 in t he UK Express - By Sean Mart in

LIFE after death has been "confirmed" by scientists who have discovered consciousness continues even once a person has died. In a large scale study of more than 2,000 people, British Scientists confirmed that thoughts DO carry on after the heart stops. The shock research has also uncovered the most convincing evidence of an out of body experience for a patient declared dead. It had been believed the brain stopped all activity 30 seconds after the heart had stopped pumping blood around the body, and that with that, awareness ceases too. However, the study from the University of Southampton shows people still experience awareness for up to three minutes after they had been pronounced dead.

occurs after any severe illness or accident causes the heart, lungs and brain to cease functioning. "If attempts are made to reverse this process, it is referred to as 'cardiac arrest'; however, if these attempts do not succeed it is called ?death?." Of the 2,060 patients from Austria, the US and the UK interviewed for the study who had survived cardiac arrest, almost 40 per cent said that they recall some form of awareness after being pronounced clinically dead. Dr Parnia continued: "This suggests more people may have mental activity initially but then lose their memories after recovery, either due to the effects of brain injury or sedative drugs on memory recall.?

Of those who said they had experienced Lead researcher Dr Sam Parnia said: "Contrary some awareness, just two per cent said to perception, death is not a specific moment their experience was consistent with the but a potentially reversible process that feeling of an outer body experience ? Page 61 - June, 2016

where one feels completely aware and can hear and see what?s going on around them after death. Almost half of the respondents said the experience was not of awareness, but rather of fear. However, the most significant finding of the study is that of a 57-year old man who is perhaps the first confirmed outer body experience in a patient. The man was able to recall with eerie accuracy what was going on around him after he had ?died? temporarily. Dr Parnia continued: "This is significant, since it has often been assumed that experiences in relation to death are likely hallucinations or illusions occurring either before the heart stops or after the heart has been successfully restarted, but not an experience corresponding with 'real' events when the heart isn't beating. "In this case, consciousness and awareness appeared to occur during a three-minute period when there was no heartbeat. ?This is paradoxical, since the brain typically ceases functioning within 20-30 seconds of the heart stopping and doesn't resume again until the heart has been restarted. ?Furthermore, the detailed recollections of visual awareness in this case were consistent with verified events." http:/ / www.express.co.uk/ news/ science/ 670781/ There-IS-life-after-DEATH-Scientists Page 62 - June, 2016

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Law of attraction magazine june 2016  

Dr. Joe Dispenza from "What the Bleep Do We Know" wrote an exclusive article for this issue all about the Placebo Effect and how our Bodies...

Law of attraction magazine june 2016  

Dr. Joe Dispenza from "What the Bleep Do We Know" wrote an exclusive article for this issue all about the Placebo Effect and how our Bodies...

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