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Th e W.I .M .P.E.R Fact or

W h at You Don 't Kn ow You Kn ow

Pau l a Ki dd Casey

Gi n a Cam pbel l

Tu r n To Heal

Egypt i an Nu m er ol ogy

M on i ca Can du cci

I n t h e Wor l d, Bu t Not Of t h e Wor l d Ti t o Abao

Sar a Bach m ei er

7 St eps t o Spi r i t u al Aw ak en i n g Necol e Li v i n gst on

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Egy p t i an N u m er o l o gy Sar a B ach m ei er - Pg. 12

Ju l y / A u gu st 20 18 A st r o l o gy Rep o r t M an i sh K am u r A r o r a - Pg. 4 8

L et m e H ear Yo u r B o d y T al k St ep h an i e W o o d , PC C Pg. 4 4

A ccessi n g Yo u r W i sd o m W i t h i n Gi n a C am p b el l - Pg. 36

This is a GREAT Tim e to Be Alive! B y t h e Ed i t o r - I n - C h i ef , Jew el s Jo h n so n Can you feel the excitement that everyday passes? This is a time period that will be talked about for generations to come. I?m so happy to be experiencing it. It means that whatever in me that is creating my experience is now being healed because I am seeing a huge awakening, spiritually and even politically. This is a historical time that we purposely chose to experience. Humanity is expanding beyond what we ever thought was possible. Some say we are shifting from 3 rd to the 5 th dimension. I am personally seeing many more people jumping into the 5 th dimension knowingly creating what they want in their world. I am delighted to see people wake up to their huge manifesting power with the knowledge that long-term happiness can only be generated through the creative power of love. Many are coming to grips that when they create through hate or anger, it is manifesting through a restrictive force of energy which circles around and bites them. The fact that so many people are understanding this is quite amazing! This is why you can see a visible shift in the mass consciousness globally. Isn?t this what the Law of Attraction is all about? Each and every day thousands of people are awakening to their creative power of love. One of the reasons for is because of Dr. Joe Vitale and his teachings. In the interview I had with him, he talked about the Hawaiian Healing Prayer of Ho'opononopono. As Joe explains, there are four simple repetitive phrases that heals the issue within you. It is not about the other person or unhappy situation in your life. It?s about the fact that as a magnificent creator that you are, the issues in your life?s illusion is simply a reflection of what needs to be healed in you. Dr. Hew Len, the therapist who introduced Ho'opononopono to Joe, worked in a mental/ prison hospital which was filled with violent inmates. Hew Len knew that he creates everything in his life, therefore he created each of his patients. In order to help them, he had to heal himself and even his ancestors. Interesting to note that all of the inmates were healed and after 4 years the hospital closed down. This story and more is all in my interview with Dr. Joe Vitale. For the last 6 issues, (not intentionally on my part,) we focused on individual healing in order to change the undesirable situations. From Rossco and the Miross Academy, to Lynne McTaggart, to Dr. Joe Vitale, we have learned that to change what we don?t want in our life, we have to resolve the issue within us that created it. In other words, we have to take responsibility for everything in our environment. Seems like ?The Energy of All That Is? is wanting us to get this message out. Remember, the biggest component to all this manifesting is that the emotion of LOVE is necessary to bring about a beautiful and long-lasting outcome. All those not recognizing this important fact is still residing in the 3 rd dimension. Please enjoy this issue as much as we loved preparing it for you!

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TABLE OF CON T EN T S T h e W .I .M .P.E.R . FA C T O R B y Pau l a K i d d C asey


Egy p t i an N u m er o l o gy Sar a B ach m ei er


7 St ep s t o M ast er Sp i r i t u al Aw ak en i n g N eco l e L i v i n gst o n


I n th e W or ld , Bu t N ot O f T h e W or ld T i t o A b ao


T u r n t o H eal


M o n i ca C an d u cci A n y t h i n g i s Po ssi b l e ! A n Ho'opon opon o I n t er v i ew D r . Jo e V i t al e


W h at Yo u D o n 't K n ow Yo u K n ow - A ccessi n g Yo u r W i sd o m W i t h i n


Gi n a C am p b el l Sk i n Sl i di n g Sou t h Fr om Too M u ch Gr av i t y?


El l en W o o d L et M e H ear Yo u r B o d y T al k


C o ach St ep h an i e W o o d , PC C A sk Ju l i e Ry an C o l u m n Psy ch i c, I n t u i t i v e, M ed i u m an d A n i m al C o m m u n i cat o r


A st r o l o gy Fo r ecast - Ju l y / A u gu st , 20 18 M an i sh K u m ar A r o r a


T en W ay s t o B o o st Yo u r Ser o t o n i n L ev el s W i t h o u t M ed i ci n e Jen n i f er Gi u st r a-Kozek , LPC, NBCC


A Rad i cal N ew A p p r o ach t o W o r l d C i t i zen sh i p Jo sh u a - C h an n el ed by Gar y B o d l ey T em p l e

Fo r Q u est i o n s o r C o m m en t s: St af f @L O A r ad i oN et w o r k .co m Fo r A d v er t i si n g Sal es: Gi n a@L O A m ed i a.co m


Jew el s Joh n son , Edi t or -I n -Ch i ef , St even Li k i ar dopou l os, Gr aph i cs Gi n a Appl egat e, St or y Li n e Edi t or Pau l M i ch eal , Pr odu ct i on Su per v i si on Law of At t r act i on M agazi n e P.O. Box 1933, La Qu i n t a, CA 92247 Page 5 - Ju ly, 2018


A Missing Piece of t he Law of At t r act ion How an Ar r ogant At t or ney ?WIMPER?ed her dr eams int o exist ence!

By Paula Kidd Casey I admit it. I am a recovering, obnoxious, demanding attorney. Everything you have every heard about the profession is probably true? we are competitive, forceful and logical word-smiths. So how, pray tell, can someone with close to 40 years of practicing this craft, decide to change her ?stripes? and ?Wimpir? instead of shrieking demands to get what was wanted? To understand this phenomenon, as well as to understand what WIMPIR means and how it changed my life, it?s helpful to learn how I came upon this magical concept. At the age of 53, I was pretty much at the end of my rope. As a successful attorney, I was very busy. I made lots of money that immediately got sucked out to pay huge mortgages (because a successful attorney obviously must have not one, but two big houses). My mind was constantly arguing: cases, where to get dinner reservations and shopping lists. It never stopped. I was totally stressed out and on overload. I saw no way off this ?merry go round?

from hell. Until one day I thought I was having a heart attack? horrible pain in my chest, a racing heart, not being able to breath and the fear of imminent death. After six months of medical tests, I was told the news? there was nothing physically wrong with me, it was all in my head! They were anxiety attacks brought on by emotional stress. This did not sit well with me as I was strong, bossy and in control of everything. How could I not be in control of my own mind? Little did I know that was the answer to all my problems: to learn to control my thoughts, my feelings, my responses and my actions, but in a totally different way than I had ever been taught before. I needed to become aware of the WIMPIR factors. Traditional treatment didn?t seem to work well, but the cognitive behavioral therapy that was recommended did remind me of books I had read in the 90?s. Books like ?The Celestine Prophecy?, and

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?Conversations with God.? I dug out the books and read them. Some relief. I went to the bookstore and bought more ?weird? books in the alternative section of the store. More relief. The more I read the Woo Woo self-help books based on the law of attraction, the better I felt. For the next five years I read every book I could get my hands on in this genre. The anxiety attacks subsided, and my curiosity intensified.

into detail and show you step by step how to change your conditioned, subconscious mind, which controls what you do 95% of the time. The information is necessary, life altering and too vast to go into here. (Read my book and email me, I would love to discuss this further.)

"The mor e I r ead t he Woo Woo self-help book s based on t he Law of At t r act ion, The bet t er I felt ."

But for now, I want to introduce (finally) one concept most other books do not teach? the WIMPIR factor. WIMPIR is an acronym for WILL, IMAGINATION, MEMEORY, PERCEPTION, INTUITION, AND I loved this stuff. I felt better. It REASON. This concept allows us to touched my soul. But I wasn?t take control of our ?moments? in manifesting all the things I Paula Kidd Casey each circumstance we find thought I wanted and had ourselves, to choose a response ?ordered from the catalog of life? that serves our goals and dreams. as all the books suggested. I asked for what I wanted. I waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing happened. ?Have you been there? Wanting something more?... Buying, reading and screaming at all the self-help books you could get your hands on to no avail? Wanting the Law of Attraction, or the Seven Habits, or the The Seven Spiritual Laws to work for you? But not immediately seeing your wish list materialize, tossing the books into the trash? (Hopefully, the recycle bin.) ?The big question is: Why didn?t it work for me? ?It took me years of searching and reading and listening to the greatest teachers in the world to find the answer, to find the magic. And not meaning to sound pretentious, I have.? The Lawyer and The Law of Attraction, p. xiii What was the answer? The law of attraction does not attract to you what you WANT. The law of attraction attracts to you what you ARE.

In a normal day, in a normal situation, a normal person REACTS to the conditions they find in their outside life with their five instinctual senses? hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting. They let situations outside of themselves control how they will feel, based on their past conditioning and their knee jerk reaction to things. There is another way, however, to respond to our environment, one that puts us squarely in control of how we think, feel and RESPOND to any situation in which we find ourselves. And that new way is using our WIMPIR facilities, the six intellectual tools that we have at our disposal, but probably don?t even know we have, yet alone know how to use. To be able to put these tools to use, however, we must first realize how important the present moment, the NOW, is in our lives. The present

?Well, uh, wait a minute,? you say. ?I don?t want what I already am or have. I want a lot more money, a skinnier body, the love of my life, the ability to follow my passion. To heck with what I?ve got now.? And that my friends, is the ultimate conundrum. Until you change who you are, in your deep down subconscious mind, you will never change your life. Information regarding how to change our subconscious mind, our past conditioning that has been instilled in us since birth, is becoming more available than it has in the past. In my book, I go Page 7 - Ju ly 2018

moment is the only instance we can take action, make a decision, move our goals forward. We must learn to remind ourselves to stay in the NOW, quiet our minds, and pay attention to life. We must learn to take advantage of the present moment and consciously and deliberately appreciate the options we have available in each moment of our lives, options that will propel us toward the life of our dreams. The WIMPIR factor allows us to do just that.

hours. You arrive at work upset, are snippy with the receptionist, and lose your temper with your client. You have let something outside of you decide how you react and feel and it affects your day. ?Now let?s look at a different way to view the same incident and CHOOSE to RESPOND (space between the dumba** cutting you off and your response) using WIMPIR. Will: I have a bigger plan for my day, I have enough self-discipline not to get angry.

?There is a space between viewing outside stimuli and reacting to it. Our five senses are programmed to react immediately to these outside stimuli; indeed these instincts are necessary for our very survival.

Imagination: Perhaps the few seconds longer I sit here will save me from a terrible fate. Memory: Boy, I remember I?ve done that before. Now I know how the other guy felt.

?If we see an object hurling toward us, we duck. If we smell smoke, we retreat. If we feel heat, we pull our hand back. When there is no time to debate, we react. If we are in danger, our instinct and senses are handy to have.

Perception: I should try to look at this in a different way. No one was hurt, and the world is still turning. Intuition: I thought he might pull out so I braked a second before and I feel grateful.

?However, absent a saber-toothed tiger, living this way makes us feel like a pinball machine. We let outside conditions flip us one way or the other. We flip our emotions from fear to delight based on what is in front of us at the time: ?squirrel?. ? ? ?What if there is a different way? In that ?space? we initially talked about, between observing a situation and reacting, what if we could choose a different mindset? What if we could become more aware of this space, expand it, take inventory of the amazing God-given tools we have at our disposal but rarely take out of the tool box, and choose a different way to respond? Not out of immediacy or unconsciousness, but one of a deliberate intent to create a response that serves our goals and dreams. To decide to use our six intellectual facilities and control our lives from the inside out. ?Let?s take an event and illustrate how each one works. ?Someone has pulled in front of you in traffic, causing you to slam on your brakes. When you REACT-horn blaring, middle finger waving, teeth clenched-your adrenaline begins to pump, your heart rate goes up and you are angry for the next two

Reason: The traffic is very heavy, I couldn?t have moved far, so I haven?t lost much time. ?You have just claimed your power and stayed the course to your intended goal for that day, not allowing an outside force to affect it. ?The more you do this, the easier it gets. Pry open that space, choose a different response. When you do this consistently you start to see different paths appearing you didn?t even know existed. When you respond differently, people respond differently to you. They may give you a lead, offer a smile, or even become a friend. Events that seemed like obstacles become advantages. Quite simply, how you choose to respond makes all the difference in the world.? Read more in ?The Lawyer and t he Law of At t ract ion? by Paul a Kidd Casey. Paula Kidd Casey has been a practicing family law attorney for over 39 years and was one of the first women in the Midwest to open a private law firm. Like many driven entrepreneurs, Paula spent years pursuing money and success at the expense of her health and peace of mind.. After realizing her professional life was not bringing her joy and fulfillment, she spent years trying to define her passion and then searching for ways to achieve it. Thousands of hours of study later, she discovered a life-changing theory, The Natural Laws of the Universe.

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Eg y pt ia n n u m er o l o g y By Sa r a Ba c h m ei er

Th e M a g i c Beh i n d Eg y pt ia n N u m er o l o g y A n d W h a t Yo u Sh o u l dK n o w A b o u t It ! Egyptian Numerology differs from traditional numerology because it is channeled through the fifth dimension. This dimension has been described as the plane of love and of living totally from the heart. Traditional numerology normally only channels information from the third and fourth dimension offering the good and bad aspects of number frequencies and focuses on duality rather than the highest possible qualities and potential that a person can experience in their lifetime.

equanimity by reaching higher goals than we ever dreamed possible. All of our numbers are symbols that hold vibrations we created out of the essence from the infinite zero. Of all the other numbers, the zero comes closest to the vibration of God, and although it is from and of this God, it does not define God and so must be the spiritual essence of God. I picture the zero as a big drum that is sounded the moment we are born. Each sound or vibration takes on a symbol

Egyptian Numerology teaches us that it is not the experience in life that defines us but rather our reaction to the experience. It takes the number frequencies that are given to us on our date of birth and through our birth name. This reveals a road map or contract that we signed up for before our incarnation into our current life. This type of charting has three major components that affect each individual. It serves to encourage us to discover our Soul life mission and confirm that we are on the right path. It can also challenge us to make the changes necessary to live a life of Page 12 - Ju ly, 2018

in the form of numbers that contain a characteristic with a unique flavor and style. I believe that these frequencies depart the drum/ zero/ void with a specific intention to explore the universe outside of its origin and will always return home when the mission is completed. The intention is that we return home with the same pure frequency we entered this world. Egyptian Numerology can assist in defining the frequency you chose when you entered this life and describe to you in words the various areas of your life that are affected by this frequency. This will enable you to navigate a better understanding or perspective of the life you chose to live. One of the main areas of your birth chart is called your Soul life path. It is the sum total of your birth date, month and year. It describes the direction your life will take, what challenges you will encounter, and the opportunities you will come across. It tells you what your life journey will look like and how you will connect with the outside world. This number also represents the traits and talents that you were born with. Your life path and the numbers derived from it show what you received from the world, which is the result of what you project in it, even if you don?t feel as if you had any part in creating the experience you encounter. It inevitably follows the law of attraction because there are magnetic forces that draw to you various vibrations, events and circumstances throughout your life and all of these are influenced by your soul life path number.

So u l ^

The Karmic lesson number used in comprising your birth chart is a unique astrological calculation found only in Egyptian Numerology. It is a number that shows your opportunity for receiving lessons. Our karmic number is what drives us forward to meet our challenges and motivates us to move onward toward our soul path and highest evolution. Not only does understanding your karmic number help you resolve past actions in other lifetimes; it also helps you reap the rewards from seeds you have sown in this lifetime. When working with this number, we bring to our attention the use of high and low frequency. When the number vibration is working on a higher frequency, we creating what is known as our ?virtues?, and when we are using our number frequencies on a lower level, we are choosing to vibrate and create what we call our ?vices.? The Soul Life Purpose Number is the sum total of your karmic lesson number and your life path number. Here we are taking your life lessons and your life path and combining their value to bring what you?ve been trying to heal over many lifetimes and definitely want to heal in this lifetime. This is a personal number, and it will most definitely point to your behaviors and belief systems. The value of this number is considered one of the most important numbers to understand because it will show you how to best serve yourself and others. Your name is your power of choice. The right words define your level of knowledge and experience. They are the keys that open the doors to the life you desire. Words are a control system for our own personal magic. The arithmancy of your birth name is recognized as sacred and of extreme relevance and when charted can bring to surface three major areas. The first one is called your Heart?s desire and is the sum total of all Page 13 - Ju ly, 2018

the vowels in your birth name. The vowels are considered fluid and soft, describing the deepest passions and motivators of the heart. They hold our true vision of what we came here to do in this lifetime. When we are children, we often know what we want to be when we grow up, before the dramas of life set in and blanket our dreams with polluted directions of what we ?should do? or

number. We look to this number and discover the hidden passions, talents and abilities that affect your world and how it is working for you now and in the future.

The second area is called the Personality number and is the sum total of the consonants of our birth name. This number defines how you bring your heart?s desire into manifestation in the material world. The personality is like the clothes we wear; they can protect us, define us or both. Persona is a complement to the inner aspects of the self. It portrays our personal style, behaviors, and how we imagine ourselves and present ourselves to the world on both the conscious and unconscious levels.

These are the components that comprise the birth and basic charting. There are other areas not covered that are included in a complete chart and also relevant to affecting a person?s life. I have had the privilege to read hundreds of charts for people and been witness to miraculous changes in these lives after they have received a reading. The most remarkable ones come from very successful people that have broke down in tears after acknowledging that somewhere on their journey to success, they had become lost. The reading clarified what areas needed to be strengthened in order to bring balance and harmony back to their soul. Other precious events that happens once people resonate in their highest frequencies, is that they inevitably choose to be of service to others. It is the natural order of equanimity.

The third area is our Destiny number and is the sum total of the vowels and consonants in our birth name. It describes our potential natural talents, abilities and embraces the truth of what you came here to do through the power of your heart?s desire number and the expression of the personality

Egyptian Numerology is fascinating because it encourages us to be our true and authentic selves. It helps us become the best version of ourselves and if we all choose to resonate in our highest frequencies, we naturally emanate love and light and become a beacon for others to follow.

?have to do? instead of what we desire to do. We already know what we are here to do and it is in our heart?s desire that the answer is kept safe and sound in case we get lost along the way.

Sara Bachmeier is a certified instructor in Egyptian numerology, CCMBA (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment and Activation), CCSMC (Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing), and META (women?s self-defense and empowerment program). She has been charting Egyptian numerology since 2016. She has studied numerology all her life and up until now has called herself a closet spiritualist. Visit her at https:/ / EgyptianNumerology.ORG Page 14 - Ju ly,2018

?The lips of w isdom ar e closed, except t o t he ear s of Under st anding.??The Kybalion .

7 St eps t o Mast er Spir it ual Awakening

The moment we realize we are the soul within our human, there is a paradigm shift that will have occurred within our physical existence we call life. We radiate between 3 different levels of energy frequencies: The Mental Plane, The Physical Plan, and The Spiritual Plane. Understanding this principle is to embody our own truth that we are energy underneath our human or physical existence. The Principle of Correspondence brings truth to the collective experience of enlightenment because ?there is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life. Maneuvering what we now call "Spiritual Awakenings" can be tricky but it doesn't have to be. Each Spiritual Awakening gifts you with a peek into the window of your Higher Self. We experience multiple Awakenings in our lifetime but interestingly they are all focused on different areas of life. Though I believe consciousness is the seed of enlightenment that lives within us, I strongly assert we cannot abundant l y flow within enlightenment unless we are in full alignment with our human: mind, body, and spirit. Most unfortunately, many beautiful people such as yourself have been taught, ?you are not your mind?, when in fact you most definitely are because you control your human through your intuition and connection with Spirit. You are the soul within your human and your mind is an understood part of your physical composition, yes? Yes. In order to successfully radiate within our higher self or best spiritual self, we must accept that there is a choice in which we exist. And that choice is in our decision to control our human or not. Therein lies the paradoxical journey of our Spiritual Awakening. When we make the choice to allow our human to lead the way and we the soul fall back asleep, it is the opposite of enlightenment. This is the place many unfortunately come to because when they awaken to their place of enlightenment, they will more than likely have been taught that is the only aha moment they will receive.

By Necole Livingst on

Therefore they stop embracing their human and forget how necessary it is to take their human along for the ride. They simply forget that all the time before their enlightened moment, their human actually did the

Page 16 - Ju ly, 2018

physical work in this physical plane we call life.

synchronicities our human would rather ignore.

Deciding to move forward in our Spiritual Ascension without being in alignment with our human self and Spirit is a common mistake that results in a spiritual spiral of confusion. Most unfortunately, that turmoil can manifest into depression, unhealthy co-dependencies, and self-harm.

Our ego is alive and very well. Our ego is our human and our human is our body. We are the Soul.

When we have made the choice to control our human through self-acceptance, understanding,

and appreciation we embrace our faults, shadow side, and ego. We embrace our past through anger and forgiveness, sadness and pain. We release all which no longer serves us through therapy, coaching, affirmations and spiritual practice, and we step forward in the direction Divine Source or The Universe helps us awaken to. This happens only when we become in full alignment with our human self and make the choice to lead our human through the power of our connection with Spirit.

We Are the Soul Within Our Human: Mind, Body, Spirit. One Awakening may be calling you towards your Life Mastery, another may be awakening you to deepening your connection with Divine Source. Regardless of whether the exact same theme is present it will still present you with different obstacles. Why? Because we are constantly changing and evolving. We are energy. Energy is spiritual.

?Intellectually, we know the power and the importance of loving ourselves. But often we have difficulty practicing self-caring. Sometimes we meet a wall of cultural conditioning that says it?s selfish to focus on our pamper ourselves. But this is confusing self-love with hedonism ? exclusive self-involvement that has no resemblance to the practice of love. When we don?t satisfy our own mental, physical and spiritual need for love, depression and illness overtake us. Spirit forces us to retreat, and perhaps it?s then that we begin listening to ourselves, loving and honoring our needs, so that our healing can begin.? We are the soul that lives within our human and The Holy Spirit lives within each and every one of us. Embrace her. Embrace him. Love on your human in spite of the decisions your human or other humans make that find you in low levels of energetic frequency. That which no longer serves you opposes your pathway to a raised vibration of inner peace and happiness. In other words, negative energy blocks your flow of enlightenment and separates you from your higher self. Forgive your human for making those mistakes. Karma is blessing you with those do-overs as the lost opportunity shines brightly in your face. Take a deep breath in and dive right in! That's why you get to experience a Spiritual Awakening - many of them throughout your lifetime. They are packed with Spiritual Guidance to guide you into the path you once feared but now embrace.

Often a Spiritual Awakening will highlight our As you grow in human years, hopefully you will find yourself growing into Spiritual Wisdom as well. spiritual growth or lack thereof through several Page 17 - Ju ly, 2018

Allow your human to come along for the ride. After all your human wears the scars and bruises of your past. Embrace your human and try hard not to abandon her just because you are now Awakened to a new world. A new view. A new paradigm.

Spiritual Guidance for our Spiritual Awakening. ?You will recognize ow far you have deviated by the depth of your pain and frustration? you must listen to the message of this frustration and let it guide you.?

To successfully navigate any new shift of spiritual St eps 6: Take Act ion and St ep 7: Conf irmat ion enlightenment, you must embody all 7 stages of A realm completely unlike the physical plane we?ve the Spiritual Awakening Process. In my book, https://necolexo.com/spiritual-awakening-guide-book/ now become more detached from has become quite impossible to ignore. So now that you the , you will find the exact steps to take soul made a life altering choice to as though you had your own personal lead your human now, it is Spiritual Advisor coaching and important that you continue to guiding you through your embrace your human: mind, body, experience. spirit. This interactive guidebook helps you Love on your human. Talk to you cultivate your enlightened self while human. Say thank you to you carefully guiding you to explore the human. Show your appreciation for very depth of your own spirituality. your human as she or he cannot St ep 1: Awareness - You are the Soul. understand spiritual alchemy which You are the spiritual energy that lives is the core of the awakening within your human. Remember that process. as you become more and more But you, Dear Love....YOU comfortable with this "new" way of understand completely. So you must living. Meditating, enjoying nature, comfort your human and walk hand Spiritual Practice, Veganism, herbal in hand within yourself within this remedies, smudging. Don't forget journey of Spiritual Enlightenment. about your human. You are the Spirit that lives within He or she brought you through those storms that your human. Trust the process. Enjoy falling in love birthed this new you as you learned from your past. with each other all over again. Honor the lessons and receive the Blessings having About Necol e experienced many years of being "asleep". St ep 2: Det achment and St ep 3: Vul nerabil it y ? Will help you gently release the past and remove the veil to reveal the smooth passage to your very own spiritual wisdom and enlightenment.

Recognized as a Int ernat ionally Renowned Celebrit y Spirit ual Advisor and Best Selling Aut hor she has gained over 4 Million views of her powerful spiritually guided messages.

St ep 4: Enl ight enment and St ep 5: Accept ance ? The moment has arrived and you understand what truly matters but still have many unanswered questions. You have reached an aha-moment of surreal awareness but what does it all mean? What are you to do with this newfound spiritual awareness? These stages will gift you with the mastery of self: mind, body, spirit. Remember that even though you were asleep to your newfound sense of "Mindfulness", your human still needs you. Now more than ever actually because your human is also "Awakening" to an entirely new existence. ?Make surrender a tool of power yet never outshine the master.? 5 Humility is the key that unlocks this great mysteries of spiritual alchemy.

As a Mast er Manifest or, Necole is expert ly skilled at helping people manifest t heir life mission fast er t han t hey could do on t heir own - and accelerat e t heir income t o 6 figures wit hin 12 mont hs.

We dance between the planes of existence and The Law of Attraction is deeply embedded within our

Necole's Private Coaching is t ransforming t he lives of people from all walks of life, regardless of their niche. Also a Transformat ion Consult ant who rest ores t rut h for client s t o finally get t he result s t hey st ruggle t o get on t heir own by using the Proven 2 - Step System she created herself. She offers private coaching and group coaching sessions to her clients. As an Educator, Necole is offering a 7-mont h Life Mission Mast er Class Academy, an 8-week Accelerat ed Program, and an E-Book entitled, The Art of Manifestation "Aligning Mind Body Spirit."

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www.NecoleXO.com For Speci al Events Readi ngs Coachi ng Book s Li fe M i ssi on M aster Class and M uch M ore!

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In The Wor ld...But Not 'of The Wor ld'

By Tit o Abao

All Happens Inside t he Lit t le Bubble of Consciousness called 'i'. Ramana Mahar shi Be clear! Spiritual Unfoldment is not an intellectual pursuit or endeavor. It is experiential. Everything I write about is meant for you to experience. The mind can not take you vertically into the upper realms of what constitutes spiritual awakening. Spiritual unfoldment is beyond every form-based manifestation, gross and subtle. This article is appearing in a magazine dedicated to the functional use of the Law of Attraction. You either attract what you ask for or you don't. You experience a Cadillac manifesting right in front of you as a miracle of materialization in your third dimensional reality. Many of you have done it in small ways and large.

out there does not exist. It is being constantly manifested by our agreement to layers and layers of existential thoughts. Primary of those agreements is there is space... in which the illusion can form. We agree that there is time, thus we have movement in time and space so that the movie... our agreed upon stories may manifest. Consciousness draws upon these agreed upon stories, to create a mathematically precise Dual

The mind's limitation is simple. It relies on subject-object relationships. It of itself cannot intuit. Once the mind gets the concept it can then work with it to use a new idea in the Third dimensional environment of cause and effect. The Third dimension in which we humans live is not as solid as it looks. The truth is the world you see Page 20 - M ay, 2018

Universe forming The Matrix to project a holographic world; reincarnating itself endlessly in precise variations of the stories. There is nothing new under the Sun. Nothing out there. What you appear to be experiencing is your personal movie in which you are putting on an Oscar winning performance.

Lif e of Tit o Abao1936 AD - &Nero37AD ? 68 AD. In session I entered The Void, (i) ceased to exist. I was Aware of Being Aware. 'What IS' was all that was there. A body (my body), a light or Source. I was unable to sustain the state therefore I did not Realize myself and returned to my egoji (i) state. I.e... my normal third dimensional reality.

Earlier I wrote there are only two forces playing against each other manifesting the Holographic universe we experience as human beings. A positive polarity and a negative polarity. The imbalance of two opposing energies. I used the terms positive force and a negative force. I, also, The Egyptian wrote the positive and negative charges are what Pharaoh ? drives a computer. Then, I wrote, the way the Akhenaten usually computer programming organizes the positive and acknowledged to be the Father of Monotheism negative charges in relation to each other creates foreshadowed the end of the Kali Yuga and pointed an image. Consciousness, the programmer of to the coming of the Dwapara Yuga. Akhenaten concepts generates in the field of Consciousness a recognized the Sun as Source and it is Source holographic realm reflecting back to itself a three manifesting in the Third Dimensional Universe. The dimensional world of itself in which The Game is Universe is your friend. Through the Law of played by google-plexes of unique points of view Attraction it will find a way to that have individualized out give you what you ask for. of the field of Consciousness "Ther e ar e mor e t hings in Only your subconscious itself. blocks prevent the heaven and ear t h, Hor at io , manifestation. Regression Consciousness condenses itself into a three dimensional can help to find and dissolve t han ar e dr eam of in your form called a body. We are those blocks. I can also help the human version of that you find competent and philosophy." body. This body experiences reputable regression the world through five senses Shakespear e practitioners to come to grips designed to project a precise with your barriers to time-line program. There are fulfillment. google-plexes of these time lines that flow in and You always contend with your shadows. Read Dr out of each other. The mind is also condensed by Karl Jung's work on the idea of shadows. In short consciousness but more finely and it contains the you create shadows through attachment. The Dual programming that animates the body. None of this Universe is a form based manifestation created by is out of your ability to experience as follows: a process of mind which uses subject-object In a private session with a Realized Being I had this relationships to manifest. If you enter the Non-dual experience in January of 2014 (a seven year): state where you recognize all is One, you give yourself an opportunity to enter the Now state as I must stress that you should seek out a Realized described by Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now. In Being to do private consultation. I can help you find the now, all is possible without leaving a Shadow. the right ones. They have transcended the mind, In the Now you flow through form without therefore when you have a session with one; there attachment. Being in the Zone as accomplished are no filters. If you want an Inter-dimensional artists and athletes label it; you are in a state of experience in a group environment I suggest The maximum freedom, accessing Source itself. Monroe Institute in Farber, Virginia, many of which are described in The Monograph Of The Paral l el Moderation. There is a more basic Law than and Page 21 - M ay, 2018

probably under pins The Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Contrasts. Remember earlier I said there are only two forces. Any extreme will cause you to need to experience the extreme. In your highest aspect you function in the Oneness... Unconditional Love. If you divide into the pairs of opposites and identify with one or the other, your between life agreements will involve creating a lifetime in which you experience great wealth and then you will need to experience great poverty. This is how the between life agreements come about in their most basic form. Study the most basic aspects of the life of The Buddha. He was born a Prince and would have inherited an Empire on Earth. He rejects it to find

out how life really worked and under the bodhi tree he did... and founded a great path to Spiritual Freedom. In today's Yuga and for the next 10 to 20 thousand years we are moving into higher states of consciousness. You will not have the luxury of Renouncing the World. You must learn to live 'in the world but not be of the world'. It is a tricky business. Attachment is always dogging your heals. But the Power of Now is your salvation. Flow thru Abou t Tit o Abao, Au t h or

form and you will not leave a shadow. Consciousness is constantly recycling itself. Reincarnating. It looks different but isn't... just the appearance seems to morph and looks like evolution. Evolution is the wrong word. The right word is 'Unfoldment'. The moment you are born you begin the conditioning your etheric self needs to function in the third dimension. When you accept the full program, your life unfolds like a flower. The symbolism most well known in Hinduism and Buddhism it the The Lotus.

?The pol l ut ion of t he pl anet is onl y an out ward ref l ect ion of an inner psychic pol l ut ion: mil l ions of unconscious individual s not t aking responsibil it y f or t heir inner space.? Eckhart Tol l e Inquiring int o t he nat ure of sel f is where you can access and t ap int o t he f reedom of your aut hent ic nat ure. Eric Al t man

My f irst int roduct ion t o spirit ual work was in t he earl y ?60?s, as an init iat e in a Christ ian Yoga Church in San Francisco l ed by one of t he f irst American Real ized Beings, Sri Subramuniya. My init iat e name was Shant ianada. My t he Bet ween-Lives agreement s were t oo powerf ul t o remain in t hat rol e. My spirit ual quest began in ernest af t er my NDE in 2007. Under inner guidance I earned six cert if icat es of compl et ion in The Monroe Inst it ut e?s seminar program in Faber, Virginia. Even bef ore Christ ian Yoga as a chil d I had many paranormal experiences incl uding Out -of -Body-Experiences and recurring (? what I know now were? ) past l if e dreams/ memories.

Page 22 - M ay, 2018

On l y n ow i n t h e t w en t y-f i r st cen t u r y of t h e m oder n er a can t h e t r u t h abou t t h e u n i ver se be open l y descr i bed, ex pl ai n ed, an d u n der st ood by a si gn i f i can t par t of t h e popu l at i on of pl an et Ear t h .?

The M onogr aph of the Par allel Life of Tito Abao and Ner o is the stor y of a soul called Tito Abao w ho enter s the physical plane (thir d dim ensional r eality) seven thousand year s ago. Tito shar es his extr aor dinar y vision and the jour ney he under takes to find the m eaning. Yet this not only the stor y of Tito Abao's soul, it is also the stor y of you r soul.

Th i s book i s m ean t t o be a t em pl at e. I t i s a w i n dow i n t o you r l i f e. Th r ou gh i t you w i l l be abl e t o see t h e pat t er n s of you r ow n per son al l i f e as i t u n f ol ds. You ar e t h e su m t ot al of al l t h at you ever w er e t h at w i l l l ead you t o an absol u t e u n der st an di n g abou t h ow l i f e r eal l y w or k s.

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Tur n t o Heal Diar y of a Tr ans-Incar nat ion

By Monica Canducci How I r eshaped my body and life t owar ds healing and beyond. Here is my journey in healing my mind and body. This will reveal my journey beyond space and time, beyond the threshold of life and death. I had such an intense experience that it completely reshaped my body, my attitude, and my understanding of life on earth. It brought me beyond limitations based on the concepts of gender, disease, and even mortality. My journey began as I started to understand the Principles of the Law of Attraction, and the meaning of ?healing? and ?integration.? I was 17 years old when I discovered I had Spirit Guides. I had always been attracted to the invisible dimension of being, from spirituality, to everything ?mysterious? and inexplicable. I would spend hours in studying, practicing piano, painting, all with the purpose of developing my spiritual side. I completely

neglected my health and my physical appearance. I was definitively not in touch with my body, which at the time, seemed to be an obstacle in the way of my spiritual development. My dream at the time was to find a spiritual master, and retire from the world in order to develop the ability of being in touch with the spiritual world. So, when I started receiving messages from the afterlife, I felt like I was finally on the threshold of a very important spiritual path, away from the heaviness of my clumsy and uncomfortable body. Then, something special happened that brought me to a total change of mind. At first, I started to channel automatic writing messages. Some of the messages were from people who passed away and wanted to reassure their beloved ones about their new

Page 24 -- Ju ly, 2018

dimensional life. The messages were from Spiritual Guides teaching on the importance of increasing self awareness, self knowledge and respect for ourselves, and for the world in which we live. Above all, they taught of self awareness that our physical body is an instrument for what we call ?the spiritual experience.? I confess this was the hardest part of my training. The education I received, from a religious point of view, was oriented toward a conflict between spirit and matter. I used to believe that in order to achieve enlightenment and self realization, I would have ?detach? myself from my body and physicality. I grew up with belief that the body was a burden. I suffered from eating disorders in which I was 40 pounds overweight and had to lose in order to achieve a hormonal balance (my monthly cycle was a mess). I was constantly in physical and emotional pain. I even considered myself definitively ugly. It was much easier to only focus on my spiritual attainment rather than on focusing on my physical life. I was simply avoiding looking within myself as well as ignoring the advice coming from my Guides. In a few years, my communication with my invisible Guides and mentors changed dramatically as I started to channel in a vigilant state of trance. By that time, I was 23 years old. I had a boyfriend who was also very interested in spirituality and always ready to listen to the messages from the Guides. One evening, something amazing happened. The Guides told us that something extraordinary was going to change my life forever. I found myself totally submerged by such a powerful, almost ?physical? energy, clearly belonging to a masculine entity. All of a sudden I felt possessed by something who in a blink of an eye, transmitted all his knowledge about the body and its spiritual secrets to me. My boyfriend, who was studying dance,

immediately ?recognized? this presence as Vaslav Nijinsky, the most famous dancer at the beginning of 1900s. Immediately, Nijinsky started explaining how his mission in life was about transmitting spiritual awareness through dance. He tried to accomplish this task in his lifetime, but failed. So, our paths became interdimensionally connected in 1988 with the purpose of helping people to heal through self realization of their living body. Nijinsky transmitted to me an incredible sense of trust, confidence and faith, introducing me to the Law of Attraction long before it became know in 2007. I started receiving the most wonderful training albeit a very unique experience by channeling Nijinsky?s presence. In a few weeks, my body shape changed completely. I lost weight, my hormones found a balance, and my relationship with food came to a healthy balance too. I started perceiving my body as a true secret treasure able to drive me into spiritual awareness. All the physical and emotional pain I had for many years were gone! But, above all, the clumsy girl I was before was now turning into a dancer. This process was so fascinating, that I started to deepen my study of body-mind connections that lead to work as a performer. It became clear to me that the training I received from Nijinsky was something to share. It took almost 30 years to understand the process of this incredible experience in which to help people. Now, I can only say that what Nijinsky transmitted to me was so precious and huge that I needed 30 years to integrate it and optimize it, in a way that is understandable to others. In these 30 years, I met researchers, teachers, trainers, healers and spiritual masters, and individuals devoted to others?healing and realization. I became a dancer, an actress, a

Page 25 - Ju ly, 2018

Certified Rolfer, a dance teacher and a movement coach. I started channeling healing energies through dance, and thanks to this journey, I was able to help people find their true nature by achieving their own healing. In 30 years, finally Nijinsky?s message has become ready to be shared. I wrote the book, ?Turn to Heal - Dancing Beyond.? This is the diary of his ?trans-incarnation? through my body. All the secrets of the interconnections between our thoughts, emotions, body and the environment are revealed in my book. I?m always ready to share the healing energy by inviting people to read it, and then to dance with me. Dance is healing, dance is sacred. Dance is a powerful tool to reconnect ourselves with our divine being, and our body keeps the secrets of eternal youth and infinite improvement. By practicing the very simple training Nijinsky transmitted to me, from breathing to dance (something I call 'Dance within'), I see how my body became able to heal and regenerate easily and consistently. Every passing year, I feel better than the year before. Our body is a tangible reflection of the expression of our spiritual being. By reading and listening to it, we can understand in which directions we have to work in order to expand our Consciousness as our divine self. By working though it, we can easily achieve tangible results in our life by making our dreams come true. The body is not only the instrument through which we can express ourselves. It is also the sacred space into which we can take the magic steps by finding our unique way of dancing, (moving) to create the magic in our life. It is the sacred space through which we can experience the Law of Attraction and its secrets so it can expand into our existence.

About M onica Canducci Born in Italy on the Adriatic Coast Monica has always been attracted to the invisible side of life, and to the invisible worlds that she was able to perceive and, sometimes, even to see around her. At the age of 17, she discovered herself to be an extraordinary channel in which to receive information not only from the afterlife, but also from that subtle, ethereal dimension described as Faerie. As an adult, by following the call of the mountain, she happily moved first to the magic Acosta Valley at the slopes of the magnificent Mont Blanc, fulfilling a kind of mission related to Spirits of Nature and their connection with the humans who are living there. Then, in 2012, by responding to another call involving all the family she moved to the enchanting and powerful Quebec, with her husband, son and her three cats. Monica also has a scientific background. She is a Certified Rolfer? , Rolf Movement practitioner and creator of the Move-In Mind? method about the power of mental imagery in rewiring our neural networks. We invite you to explore these Faeries Realms further by visiting her websites :

www.Monica-Canducci.com * www.youtube.com/ c/ MonicaCanducci

www.facebook.com/ monicadancingfairy

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Tu r n t o Heal : Dan ci n g Beyon d Th i s book i s an en gagi n g adven t u r e as a w el l as a t r easu r e h u n t t i n ged w i t h h u m or an d w i sdom . I t w i l l t r an spor t you i n t o t h e f l ow of cr eat i v i t y, r egen er at i on an d h eal i n g. You can ach i eve you r ow n sel f -r eal i zat i on i n t h i s pr ocess. I t i s a j ou r n ey i n t o you r ow n sel f -r eal i zat i on accessi bl e t o al l t h ose w h o seek aw ar en ess, pr esen ce an d i n t egr at i on . Th i s i s a dan ce beyon d l i f e, t i m e an d j u dgm en t . Com e Dan ce W i t h M e! M on i ca Can du cci

Vi si t M on i ca's WebsSi t e t o see al l h er book s an d pr odu ct s:

h t t ps://w w w.M on i ca-Can du cci .com

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W i t h Joe Vi t al e... ANYTHI NG I S POSSI BLE A Ho'opon opon o I n t er v i ew By Jew el s Joh n son Page 28 - Ju ly, 2018

Jewels: Welcome Back Dr. Joe Vitale to Law of Attraction Magazine. It's always so great to see you. JV: Thank you. I'm flattered to have a return visit here. So thanks for inviting me again. Jewels: And you're also a return guest as our cover boy for the July Issue. JV: Well there's bragging rights for you...I'm a cover boy! I'm getting younger by the minute. Jewels: Anyway we're going to have some fun today and we're going to talk about a whole bunch of things since the last time you were on. So let's start with that. What have you done musically since w last visited? You've got a new album out, I see. JV: Oh that's a dangerous question to ask. I have a total of 16 albums out. I have six Singer-Songwriter albums, the most recent one is called "The Great Something." I also got to study with Melissa Etheridge, the Rock 'n Roll Legend who I have been a fan of for over 20 years. So I dedicated this entire album to her as well as a song that I wrote and dedicated to her called "Melissa Said." I actually got to see her perform after the album came out. Melissa said that she loves the album! She actually said "I love you, Joe!" from the stage in front of 5000 people. Here I am a Cover Boy and Melissa Etheridge saying she loves me. I mean I'm good! Jewels: Hey, I have a feeling you might be meeting Bruce Willis soon too and actually become an actor. JV: I had a small role in an independent movie and I loved every minute of it. And they even said that I had a knack for it. So, of course, that went right to my head. Next thing I know, I was thinking "When is Bruce Willis going to call? I know they're filming another Die Hard and maybe they need somebody else with him in there. I'll be the villian or a co-host, I'll do whatever he wants. So I'm waiting for Bruce Willis to call. Jewels: You have too great of a smile to be a villain. I'm sorry it just doesn't fit your personality! JV: Then I'll be a cover boy in Die Hard 16 or whatever the sequel is. Jewels: That was a great article in the July Issue about the science of manifesting someone like Bruce Willis into your life. Explain the process to us. JV: Actually there's a whole lot more to it. It's a way of programming your brain to attract more of what you want. I was using celebrities, whether it's Bruce Willis or Melissa Etheridge or whoever you go gaga over, when you started dissecting why that's happening in your brain, it's happening because of the emotion, and because you have strong love for that person. It's also happening because of the visual view of seeing them on-stage or in the movies and television. And the reason it happens is because of repetition. You keep seeing them over and over and over again. And I was pointing out in that article that those three steps are how we manifest ANYTHING. In fact, if we could create a visual of what we want which could be the soul-mate or a particular car or a house or spiritual enlightenment... whatever... we need the visual to program the unconscious mind of that particular activating system, if you want to be specific and then we need the emotion. You can't create without emotion. When most people focus on what they hate or what they fear and I'm saying and your saying that we need to focus on what we love, what are we passionate about, and what we want to attract into lives; what we welcome; and what would make us just zinging happy! Then we want to look at that graphic with emotions several times a day because that's the repetition. Then we look at the emotion and as we look at the visual over and over again then we have that experience of seeing a celebrity. The bells go off in our brain and our brain goes "oh they want this." And the brain goes about manufacturing it. So I was pointing out through Bruce Willis and Melissa Etheridge or anybody else that we have the love that's out there on the big screen and big stage, that we can use those same three principles to attract what we want at an Page 29 - Ju ly,2018

accelerated rate. Jewels: That is brilliant. And it makes so much sense. Is easier to understand by the way you put it. So it's really powerful. JV: Thank you. Jewels: Let's talk about current events and how we could possibly shift our thoughts around things. Recently, we have a great possibility of peace with North Korea which to me is very exciting. But yet there are some that think it's insignificant and no big deal. I think, wait a minute, aren't we aren't we doing ourselves a disservice if we don't get in line with peace, love and respect? It just doesn't make sense to me that anyone would not want peace and denuclearition . JV: Well absolutely. We have to pay attention to where our energy is going individually and collectively. Individually, we have very individual choice and we can focus on whatever we want. I want to focus on love. In the past, I did focus on fear. I know what it's like if I was on fear or on hate or on doubt or worry. But all that will not get me where I want to go which is complete happiness. And more importantly when I'm in that mindset, I attract other people around me in that same mindset and then we end up as this collective that is attracting all the very things we're complaining about. Jewels: Exactly. JV: So we want to Ph pivot say :that the awakened ones or at least the awakening ones. And what ot oand Cr edit St uwe ar tare Con w ay we want to do is focus on what we prefer. And so I always tell people turn off the mainstream news. It's called programming for a reason. The mainstream media is programming you for lack and limitation. It knows your buttons! They know something to make you afraid and you're going to listen to it more because you're afraid and think it's going to give you a solution. It's not. It's going to get you shaking in your boots. You're going to see it keep coming from worry, doubt, fear, and hate all of those emotions you DONT want. What we have to do is click turn off that channel and look more into shows that your are doing and the magazine like this that let's us feed our brains more positive input. Then from that experience, we can live individually from that thing that's going to attract more of the good in our lives and then collectively we start attracting people in the small pockets of groups that believe the same thing. The more we do that the more we actually transform the planet. Too many people are actually doing the doom and gloom. And its their choice. I actually see life as an optical illusion. You can look out there and see the negative. Or you can go out there and see the positive. Both actually exist as possibilities. But it's up to you to choose which optical illusion you prefer. I prefer the happy one and the prosperous one. I lived the other one and that's a version of Hell. I want to experience the version of heaven. And I want to tell everybody to come on over here and experience a good life. Jewels: You're absolutely right. It is amazing that celebrities announce that they want the US to have a terrible financial collapse so that one political party will suffer. Why would people wish harm to another... Makes no sense to me. JV: Well they're all coming from their own view of the world. Unfortunately we give them a mouthpiece because now they're a celebrity and we think they know something that we don't. They may know how to act and they may know how to sing, but that doesn't mean that they know the ins and outs of life or where the planet's going. It also shows that they are not spiritually awakened. So again, we want to pay attention to everything we're allowing into our brain, whether that is a celebrity, or whether that's a book we're reading or a movie we're watching. We need to have that internal discernment to understand that we're being programmed by everything we choose to do. But most of the time it's unconscious because we're not thinking about it we just turn it on and there's a famous celebrity saying whatever the phrase you just said 'terrible prosperity'. I like benevolent prosperity and benevolence. I'm from the smarter walk through life. Jewels: And your coming from the place where you know that you're creating your future. Many people still do Page 44 Jan ., 2018 Page 30 - Ju ly, 2018

not realize their power. So this is the perfect lead in to ask you about Ho'oponopono. JV: Up until about 12 years ago, not that many people knew about it because it was more underground, or more secretive. And it was a Hawaiian way of healing which was pretty much kept close to their vests. I had heard, as you know, of this amazing story about a therapist who helped heal an entire ward of mentally ill criminals, not by working on them, but by working on himself. When I first heard it, I thought this has to be an urban legend. I know magic and miracles. I know amazing techniques, but this therapist worked on himself instead of the real criminals that were killers and rapists! The inmates were so violent they had to be shackled and sedated. Doctors were quitting the hospital because it was so hellish for anybody to be there. And yet, this unusual therapist went there and used a really weird technique. It was so weird that I pretty much dismissed it for a about year. And then I heard about it again. This time I went looking for the therapist, and I thought, if this is at all true then somebody has to tell the world. Well, I met the therapist Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. I did a seminar with him and we became best friends. We have had several seminars together since then. Together, we wrote the now very famous book, called "Zero Limits." I followed up ten years later with another book called "At Zero" which was the follow up to the first book. Now to simplify all of this, you must realize that it's a true story. What Hew Len did is the most mind stretching quantum leap by understanding responsibility and healing that I ever came across. And I'm so fortunate that I got to be the author to tell the story and still tell the story today. Hew Len basically said he was working on himself. He understood that you create your own reality. Now we hear that statement all the time but in his view, if you create your own reality and he's in a hospital with a prisoner who had killed somebody, on some level Hew Len helped create that person and his experience. Len didn't draw a line and say, "Oh I created my own reality, but you created yours." No. He looked inside of himself and said that if I created all of my reality and if that person is in my reality, I created it too! This is mindblowing because this is that leap in taking responsibility that most people never could even comprehend. Our minds don't go there because it's so easy for us to say "I know what I did. But it's your fault. You did that." Not in Ho'oponopono. In Ho'oponopono you take responsibility for all of it. So whatever your life experience is, you've got to look inside of yourself to remedy it. In his case he used Ho'opononpono. The basic four phrases are ridiculously easy: I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. That's it. I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. You can say them in any order and you typically don't say them out loud. And you are saying this inside of yourself to facilitate a connection to the Higher Power, or to the Universe or to God or to the Divine. You're saying t hese phrases t o t he "Great Somet hing" as a kind of pet it ion or kind of prayer. In essence, you are saying I'm sorry f or what ever bel ief s are in me or my ancest ors t hat creat ed t his sit uat ion. Pl ease f orgive me f or being unconscious. Pl ease f orgive my ancest ors if t hey had a rol e in t his. Thank you f or heal ing me. Thank you f or cl earing t hese bel ief s. Thank you. Thank you f or cl earing my herit age t hat downl oaded al l of t his inf ormat ion t o me. I l ove you f or t his f eel ing. I l ove you f or my l if e. I l ove you As Dr. Hew Len was in these offices, he'd look at their charts and he's feeling his own emotions. He begins to work to clear HIS feelings. He's NOT working to clear the other person. He's working to clear what's in him that is in the way of peace. And as he clears himself... This is the miracle... Those other people got better. Every time I tell this story, I want to cry, because this is the doorway to our healing and our salvation. It's an inner door and there's four statements that we use to knock on that door. Page 31 - Ju ly, 2018

I l ove you. I'm sorry. Pl ease f orgive me. Thank you. These phrases unlock that door. We're reconnecting to the 'Great Something' and basically saying clean up "Me." This even goes back to what you were talking about the outer world and how everybody is looking out there and blaming everybody from the President to the Terrorists, to the Environment and Climate Change. But in Ho'oponopono you don't blame anybody. You go, "Oh there some things out there bothering me. Where is it bothering me?" Dr. Hew Len used to say, "Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a problem, you are there." You are there common element. Again, it's not about cleaning up the other person or healing them or anybody else. It's about cleaning up your own perception. When you clean your perception with these four phrases, lo and behold, what you are perceiving somehow shifts, somehow magically morphs into a more peaceful state, resolving the situation which is eactly what happened in that mental institution for the criminally insane in Hawaii. Those patients got better. In a few months they were being released and they were no longer being shackled or sedated. Within a year most of them were released. And after 4 years, that Ward was closed because it was no longer necessary. All of this is revealed in our book "Zero Limits" and the follow up book "At Zero." Today, I still used Ho'opononopono although now it's automatic. I'm doing it even as I talk to you. My background voice in my head is saying I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. But even when I hear people first practice ho'oponopono, I have heard of the most miraculous things occurring. Some people use it on their relationships, on their pets, or on their finances. Instead of saying it's them, they take it all within inside and say, "I've got an issue with my neighbor, my boss, with finances, or with health or whatever." They don't blame anybody. They take it in and say, I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I mean this is the really condensed version of this. Jewels: So, in other words, If I heard something that affected me emotionallly, the reason for my emotions is telling me that it needs to be healed within me for change to occur. JV: Absolutely. I try to describe it for people that is whenever you're feeling anything other than at peace like I'm aggravated or I'm frustrated or I'm mad or I'm embarrassed - that is going to be a version of unhappy. Whenever you're feeling out of sorts, not at peace, not in bliss, not just serene, or whenever, you're not in that feeling of "here's the miracle and I'm enjoying the miracle." When you're unhappy, that's when you want to remember, "Oh yeah, I got those four phrases. You got to ask yourself, " What's bothering me right now?" And it could be some celebrity said something that offended you. It could be that a politician said something or it could be somebody at work who offended you and you felt it...that feeling. The responsibility goes back to you and that's what you want to clear. Again, it's not about clearing the president or politician or celebrity or a neighbor or an employee or an employer. It's not about them. They were simply the trigger. Many ways in Ho'oponopono, it's a little bit like Buddha saying everything out there is an illusion or Carl Jung saying everything outside of ourself is simply a reflection, mirror, or hologram of our true self. The secret way t o heal yoursel f , not t hrough t hem BUT t hrough you. Jewels: I love that! So you can even use it when you have feelings of fear or lack surrounding money. But since money is not a person, who do we direct it to? JV: That's a great question. In all these cases, we're directing it to our understanding of the 'Great Something.' And we need to have this understanding from a spiritual standpoint that there is something greater than us that we are a part of. We are of it and we are part of it and we can communicate with it. So I think it's important to understand that we are powerful and unlimited beings who are not here entirely alone. There is this life force that has so many different names even when Deepak Chopra calls it the "field of unlimited possibilities." You know if its that what I'm referring to. The art of unlimited possibilities is alive and has Page 32 - Ju ly, 2018

intelligence and can help us if we request it. So whether it is a money issue or a relationship issue or a health issue, all of those issues are not outside of our self... they are within us. Therefore we must heal ourself to heal the entire situation. If you start feeling really nervous about "how I'm going to pay my rent" or "I don't know where all these bullies came from and I want to remove them." So please forgive me for having these bullies. I'm sorry for wherever they came from and I've been unconscious to my bullies. Thank you for removing those limiting beliefs. I love you for returning me to a place of unlimited prosperity and abundance. It's as simple as that. But you repeat it. I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. This is placed within your own meditation. Again, you're not saying it out loud and you're not saying it to another person. You don't go to your boss and say it OR go to your customers and say it. Instead you say it to the 'Great Something.' And as we do that we send out that little ripple effect that is causing other people to go "Hey, what was those four phrases I just heard about? People will start to get curious which is already happening. It will seep out there. In fact, when you think about, it was only 15 years ago that nobody knew these four phrases in a public way. Now there's people all over the planet that are doing these for race. So, the bottom line is that it always comes back to us. Jewels: So individually we do that, but we are then merging into the collective consciousness which has an incredible amount of power to really create something magnificent. JV: I understand what you're saying and I understand a lot of people believe that but we're talking about ho'oponopono which brings that collective consciousness right back to just you. I have a new book called "Anything is Possible." I'm a marketing guy. I got to try and get out. Here's my commercial coming in right now. The reason anything is possible is that I am the collective. You are the collective. Each person reading is the collective. There's a tiny little danger to think that I'm part of something else which dilutes my own personal power. I'm coming from the perception that I AM the 'Great Something.' I am the universe. I'm an embodiment of it. I don't want this to sound like it's an ego trip because that's not what I'm meaning with people. I'm saying you have more power than you ever thought before. And if we think,"Oh we have to merge with some other people who believe the same thing in order to get anywhere," then we're going down the wrong road. It's a little bit like Dr. Hew Len at the hospital by himself. There's nurses and there are social workers and stuff but they don't know about ho'oponopono. He didn't wait for a group of people to come in and say "Oh, we all now have to align and think the same way in order to paint new walls hospital." No, he looked at it as anything is possible. He looked at it all coming from him and he realized he was the only change that was needed. That's what I'm saying. And you are the only change. I am the only change and each person watching is the only change. I'm not dismissing doing group intentions and all these things that we know work because there is evidence for it. But I want to empower us even more strategically and multply it by considering that the great something is actually living through me. Jewels: So that is a very important message because when we think about a collective consciousness we're diluting our own power. JV: Yes that's what I'm saying. Jewels" And that is incredibly important. Oh my goodness! And that is the missing link for me. I've been focusing on something outside myself when I am the collective consciousness. Page 33 - Ju ly, 2018

JV: That is so profound! I'm pausing just for a theatrical emphasis in a sense, just for everybody to absorb it and to remind myself. I mean we're human beings and part of that human wiring in us is to associate with other people to have a little group because it helps us feel like we're going to survive. And that's the survival mechanism that's already hardwired in our brain to keep us going. I think we're all here to awaken and I think what we're doing especially with a magazine like yours and the radio shows you're doing, where you are bringing in leading edge people in to really stretch people's minds with new concepts and new ideas. You're helping people to awaken. I think we are awakening because of that and so we can start to walk away from thinking that we need of being in a tribe. We don't need to be in a tribe. I understand at certain points that it's comforting. It might even be essential to survival depending on where you're at. Fortunately, we're not cave people anymore. You know we're living in a magical place and time and miracles are pretty much the norm but we don't all take the moment to look at it. So you're pointing it out. I'm pointing it out and I'm saying the 'Great Something' is actually is a humongous force . It is living and experiencing life through me, through you, through each person. And the only limits we put on it are those we keep bumping up to that we downloaded from ancestors, from our parents, from the culture, from government, religion. It goes on and on and on and on. But anything is possible. Jewels: But you're recognizing your power to create because nothing, it seems, stops you. Are you still writing the books. JV: I have five books in the works right now. I have new music in the works right now. I'm still traveling around the world doing my own television show 14 episodes that have all been recorded that will be showing up pretty soon. Jewels: Where we going to see that? JV: Probably on Amazon or Netflix one or the other. It got a bidding war kind of a thing. We'll see. My mindset is I simply follow my passion. And I think each of us can do that. Your passion is with your show and your magazine for example and probably things I don't know. My passion is obvious because I promote it like music in my books and cars and everything else. But each person has a different passion and whose passion might be the best. I remember I was in Chicago and there was a plumber that came to fix a room I was in. And he seemed like the happiest plumber on the planet and I had no doubt he's following his passion. Each of us has something different so the first thing I did was follow my passion. The second thing is that I do have the mindset that anything is possible which means I rarely doubt any more like I did in the beginning. When I have a big idea that comes to me and I don't know how to create it, I now have the belief that is now installed in my brain that says 'anything is possible.' But if I do hit a snag like I'm feeling off or I'm something bothered me. I mean I'm going through a human experience. I'll go to ho'oponopono. I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I do it every day. So those are two or three things as a reminder that I do, that anybody can do. Jewels: Wow. Wow. Oh goodness this is wonderful. And this is exactly what everybody has to hear. Dr. Joe, you are just a huge blessing to every single person in this world. I can't tell you how much I adore you. You're real. Thank you. Dr. Joe Vit ale is t he best -selling aut hor of numerous books, from The At t ract or Fact or t o Zero Limit s and At t ract Money Now. He has appeared in many movies, most not ably as a st andout st ar in 'The Secret .' Joe is now a musician wit h 16 albums t o his credit . A feat ured guest on t elevision around t he globe, he is an int ernat ional celebrit y and has an Int ernet following of millions. For more informat ion abou t his special programs, books, his music or event s please visit his websit e: ht t ps:// www.MrFire.com/ Page 34 - Ju ly, 2018

Page 35 - Ju ly, 2018

W hat You Don?t Know You Know: Accessing Your W isdom W ithin

By Gi n a Cam pbel l Experiments have shown that we aren?t actually all that good at knowing why we do the things we do. Much of our calculating, our decision-making, and what drives them remain hidden from us. It follows logically, then, that we aren?t all that good at knowing all that we actually need. Yet, the first and most important step towards manifesting what you most want and need is to be sure you have a really clear and accurate vision of what that is. And therein lies the problem: our conscious mind isn?t the only source of information about our desires; it may not even be the best source. Like the tip of an iceberg, we are only able to access a relatively limited part of our mind/ body system consciously. I've found research estimates suggesting that 80-95% of our

functioning is subconscious. Which means, only 5-20% is available to us consciously! We may know we want financial security, even abundance. But do we know what we need for that other, deeper sense of security ? that sense of being safe? We may know we want to let go of fears or regrets or blaming that no longer serve us, but do we know what needs to happen to release them? We may know we want to live the life of our dreams, but do we know what our innermost dreams are? Accessing t he Wisdom Wit hin Fine, you say. I?m with you that all this information is below my conscious awareness, but what good will that do me if I can?t access it?

Simply asking from conscious mind awareness won?t work. Meditating may help. Personally I find if I sit quietly with a pen and journal, I can channel a Page 36 - Ju ly, 2018

connection and get some guidance. But those answers seem to come from the outside. What about my deeper inner knowing?

folder suggests the way or situation in which the information in it could be useful (say, in April or at dinnertime.)

The good news is you can connect with and learn about your inner self from the subject?s finest expert? you! As a counselor and life coach, I have facilitated hundreds of sessions for clients using a counseling and coaching method called Cl ean Language, developed by the late counseling psychologist and coach, David Grove. With Clean Language questions and strategies, you can create the right conditions to learn, not only from your conscious self, but your subconscious, physical, and spiritual selves.

So, what sort of filing system does your subconscious use? It chooses a metaphor, a symbol or image that shares characteristics with the situation that?s happening. Any other similar situation that occurs gets filed under the same metaphor.

Met aphors Mat t er The key is your inner metaphors. Quite unawares, you have chosen metaphoric images or symbols that capture what meaningful experiences are like for you. It?s actually a brilliant learning and remembering strategy that Grove discovered we all use. It works like this: Something happens that feels important; ?I?m going to want to remember this,? your subconscious mind thinks, ?so the next time something similar happens, I?ll quickly know how to respond. I?ll be ready!? (Safety is very important to the subconscious.) Given that there will be an infinite number of such learnings over the course of a lifetime, the subconscious has to come up with an efficient way of storing these lessons and an efficient way of retrieving the lessons quickly so you can respond in the moment.

For example, in high school your boyfriend/ girlfriend dumps you for someone else. Ouch! It?s a painful lesson about how love can hurt. Your subconscious decides, ?I need to know how to protect myself from hurts like this in the future. I need to remember what I?ve learned about love. ?What is love like for me? It?s like grasping a beautiful red rose, only to get stabbed by a thorn. You have to be careful about rose thorns; I have to be careful about love in the future.? And so an inner metaphor is born, there to be recalled and guide you the next time the first feelings of new love bloom. Remember now, this is subconscious. Likely your inner mind came up with this theory about love, and you aren?t aware that this metaphor is directing your responses. It?s like there is a screen writer and a movie director on a set, and you are just the actor reading lines already written for you. Finding out about these metaphors, changing the misguided ones, strengthening the ones that can empower you, and fashioning new ones to help you live your life to the fullest? this is how you can get crystal clear on what you truly want and need. Then you can best determine what to manifest to move forward into abundance.

It?s like a computer?s filing system. Imagine if every single document was stored individually only by date and time. It would be impossible to efficiently find what we need! Instead, we use folders to collect documents that are similar in some Maybe you worry significant way (perhaps Tax Records or Recipes), so Some of us fear that allowing our subconscious self we can retrieve them easily. The category of the to emerge will reveal a raging beast. My experience Page 37 - Ju ly, 2018

working with clients is that, far from being beastly, the subconscious is more like a child, wanting most of all to be safe and comfortable, hesitant to risk change, choosing an uncomfortable familiar over the unknown. The subconscious needs to learn what the conscious mind knows to update strategies and expectations. And the conscious mind needs that connection and awareness to avoid jumping to solutions that don't consider the needs of the subconscious. Only then can you heal. Only then can you grow to your full potential. Only then can you invite in all you need.

Keep asking this question about more of the words you used to describe what?s there. If you discover more about your image for that feeling, put that down, in words or pictures. Then do it again,? and again. Generally, the first few things you know are things you?ve been aware of before. But keep asking, and what you didn?t know you knew will reveal itself. Keep asking until you don?t know anything more about your words or images or until it feels right to stop.

If you were working with a Clean Language facilitator, she or he would use more Clean questions Discover Yoursel f wit h Cl ean Language and have more strategies about where to direct your You can use Clean Language questions attention in and amongst what you are Con si der : on your own for personal development. uncovering. But, at its heart, finding our what?s a feeling What questions do you ask your about what your subconscious knows you?d like mor e of and wants is straight- forward: it?s subconscious? How can you tap into in your life? what it has to tell you? Let me offer you about connecting with your metaphors Cal m ? Ex ci t em en t ? and asking simple questions that invite a taste of what?s possible. To be m or e more and more about them to emerge. con f i den t ? Consider: what?s a feeling you?d like M or e open ? more of in your life? Calm? Excitement? As you help your conscious and M or e cr eat i ve? To be more confident? More open? subconscious minds get to know each More creative? Pick something you other better, they will give you the gift want. Now draw a picture of what that would look of a profoundly complete sense of what it is you like. A simple stick-figure type drawing is fine; this truly want and need. isn?t about artistic ability at all. Want more Cl ean Language? My newest book, Hope in a Corner of My Heart: a Maybe calm would look like a raft floating on a calm healing journey through the dream-logical world of sea; excitement might look like Fourth of July inner metaphors tells the story of my 12 sessions sparklers; confident might be a tall oak tree in your spine, and so on. No need to over think it; there is no with Julia, who had recently lost her daughter in a car accident. They will give you a picture window right or wrong answer. What you are discovering is into what discovering your personal metaphors can your mind/ body?s metaphor for that feeling in your reveal and heal. Each chapter ends with a Clean life and in your body. Language activity to try for yourself. You don?t have to have suffered a traumatic loss like Now describe your drawing briefly. You might want to write down the words you use somewhere on your Julia or be emotionally struggling to benefit from Clean Language. Anyone who wants to get to know drawing or in a journal. Then choose one of your himself or herself better will find a Clean experience words/ short phrases and ask yourself this Clean opens up a whole new view of the inner you as you Language question: And is there anything else about have never known it before. that [word/ phrase]?

Gina Campbell is a Certified Clean Language Practitioner who works with individuals seeking personal development. She has written four books and trains helping and healing professionals in Clean Language processes. To learn more and see a list of her upcoming training events, please visit:

www.MiningYourMet aphors.com Page 38- Ju ly, 2018

Law of At t r act ion Radio Net wor k

Free! M oney A ttracti on Hypnosi s M P3 Pl us M ORE Dow nl oad your M P3 at

Http:/ / LoaRadi oNetw ork .com/ Free-M oney

LOAr adioNet wor k .com

Sk i n Sl i di n g Sou t h Fr om Too M u ch Gr av i t y? By Featur ed Colum nist Ellen Wood Me too. That?s okay ? it happens. Sort of like death and taxes. When I was younger, I got a facelift but at 81, it doesn?t make much sense. I?m happy with who I am, what I look like and, in other ways, I?m even better than I used to be. I?m a little more savvy, a little less uptight, sort of taking life as it comes. Sure, politics still makes me plumb crazy, but I?m not getting stressed to the max about trivial things like I sometimes did in the past before my daily practices became habits.

they should have been. These bedroom slippers are not the kind that could pass for shoes ? they?re the fuzzy kind, the dirty fuzzy kind that never see the inside of a washer. I?m fastidious about making sure everything is flawless for my gigs and this was a major slip-up.

When we arrived at the venue, I stepped out of the car and looked down. My feet were still in my bedroom slippers! I immediately realized that my strappy shoes, the ones that go with my elegant crocheted dress, were still waiting by the door of my bedroom, instead of in the trunk of my car where

getting better.

I?m proud to tell you that all I said was, Oh, dang.

And here?s what I mean about how I?ve changed. Formerly I would have said, OH DAMN! all caps, maybe 16 exclamation points. Perhaps I would even Here?s an example: Some months ago, I had a three have stamped my fuzzy-slippered foot. hour drive to a speaking event in southern Colorado. Worst of all, I would have held onto that negative All my props and books and CDs were safely packed feeling, allowing myself to go down into the rabbit in my car, and my daughter was driving so I could hole of bleakness. That would have thrown off my get a little shuteye before going onstage. We had brought snacks, and I had a huge bath towel ? no, it pace during my talk. And believe me, audiences notice that kind of thing. was more like a beach towel ? to cover my clothes while munching on slices of apple, cheese wedges Instead, I did one of my quickie practices to center and crackers. I didn?t want anything that would mess myself and ask for divine assistance. Then when I got up my elegant crocheted dress. I didn?t even hug the inside, I took off my dirty slippers and my socks dog before we left, because he likes to put his (those fuzzy slippers are too wide so I wear them toenails in the crochet holes and pull. But, no. If with socks) and I gave my talk in bare feet. Sort of you?re thinking I ruined my dress that day, uh uh. bohemian-style. Even got a That?s not it. standing ovation. Yep, I think I?m Ellen Wood of Taos, NM is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of ?Think and Grow Young.? Contact her at ellen@howtogrowyounger.com.

Page 42 - M ay, 2018

Cash ew s are a NA TURA L A nti -Depressant

2 Handf ul s per day i s th e Eq ui v al ent to one doze of P r o z a c Page 43 - M ay, 2018

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk !

By Coach St ephanie Wood, PCC Ener gize Your Law of At t r act ion by Ener gizing Your Knowledge About Your Body. When your body talks, the universe listens! When it?s your body, you hear it first? But you might not be listening to your body?

located in your intelligence, but in your physical reaction to the thought.

To activate the energy behind attracting what you want, it?s time you listen to your body. As Law of Attraction Coach, I have been applying those principles to my Body Confidence Coaching practice for years. I?m here to tell you, ?It really works!? Let?s return to the beginning of your acceptance of the Law of Attraction to help you achieve your goals, dreams, and vision for your ideal future. The process is entirely mental, happening in your brain to select from all the options available to you. Perhaps your desires were focused on the good feelings they produced. Those feelings are not

Those reactions and those feelings occur in your body not your brain. If you aren?t sure what to identify, you will go through the process of getting clarity through contrasting what you do not want with what you thought you wanted. Both sides of that equation are felt in your body, although identified with your mind. The next step is focusing your attention on the desire, the goal. Lastly, you must get out of your own way and allow it to happen. Did it? Sounds so easy, right? So why are you still waiting for your results?

Page 44 - Ju ly, 2018

Because mental energy is not enough!

Attraction to raise your vibration. This is doubling the quantity of positive energy into the universe to speed the results back to you. The feelings you relied on to make your decisions came from your body, not your brain. Go beyond those feelings into your body?s information system through the magic of motion. Allow your body to communicate through movement for your brain to listen. Moving your body amplifies your body talk so the universe hears your desires loud and clear. But what kind of motion?

For the Law of Attraction to work you need to apply all the energy you have available. Leaving out the physical energy present in your body is like having one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the brake! At first, you accelerate with all the enthusiasm your brain possesses, and when the response from the universe is not immediate, doubts creep into your mind and you apply the brakes! Again, I know this works because I have been applying those principles to my successful Body Confidence Coaching practice for years.

Again, the response lies in your body. Many of my clients tell me, ?I live in my head.? Ironic, isn?t it? Especially since they come to me to gain confidence in their bodies, not to feel confident in their heads.

Use your body knowledge system to discover the answer to that question as well as identifying what you want to attract in the first place. I would love to help you to coordinate your mental desire with your physical energy to make the Law of Attraction effective, efficient, and sooner than expected!

As those clients will tell you, those two processes are joined at the hip. Each body and mind practice contributes to the other, accelerating the positive results for both. The Law of Attraction practice really does begin with your body knowledge. Communicating with your body will guide you to what you really want for your whole person. Together you will focus on the specifics of your goal and be motivated to achieve it. Then both your body and your mind can relax in the confidence that the Universe will provide what you want or something even better.

Contact Coach Stephanie Wood to Super Charge your Law of Attraction: CoachStephanieWood@gmail.com

Listen to Coach Stephanie and Coach Shelagh Jones on their delightful show: Body-Confidence LOA Style. To listen go to: LOARadioNetwork.com/ body-confidence

This confidence allows you and your body gain a huge positive benefit from the universe to enhance your life. ?So, let me hear your body talk.? I encourage you to follow this sequence: The practice of your body knowledge system is the shortcut to hear your body talk. Especially when you apply the Law of Page 45 - Ju ly, 2018

you. Taela is always around you in spirit form and she thinks that's great. She especially loves getting to go with you wherever you go. Pay attention to the little signs Taela uses to let you know she?s close by. If you think you heard, felt, or smelled Taela, you did. And, if you think you saw her out of the corner of your eye, you're correct, you did. Your Taela didn?t particularly care for being dressed up in any costumes, rather, she enjoyed the extra attention and making you happy. She showed me how she used to dance around for you while all dressed up and how much that seemed to delight you. Deceased Dog Messages Tina f rom Norco, CA, asked: Hi Jul ie, I had t o hel p my dog Tael a pass t his week and I have a f ew quest ions.

Finally, Taela wants you to consider getting another dog, in particular, a puppy. In addition, she suggested calling the new dog ?Taetwo? for Taela-Two! She knows this puppy will help you heal and bring lots of comfort and joy to you. If you decide to get a new dog, please send a picture of you with it.

She had bone cancer and al t hough I had her arm amput at ed, t he cancer came back wit hin a f ew mont hs. Al l I want ed was f or her t o be happy, heal t hy and pain f ree.

Hope you find this information comforting.

So, I'd l ike t o know who she is wit h on t he ot her side (animal or human) and is she okay wit h t he decisions I made f or her? My l ast quest ion is ... what was her f avorit e Hal l oween cost ume?

Hi Jul ie,

I know t hat sounds f unny, but she al ways seemed so happy t o dress up. Any messages you can pass on t o me f rom Tael a wil l hel p my heart heal . Thank you f or your t ime and al l t hat you do wit h your special gif t . Hi Tina, Thanks for your kind words. My condolences on the loss of Taela. Losing a beloved pet can be excruciating and sometimes seems almost as bad as losing a close relative or friend. In order to answer your questions, I first energetically connected to you and from you to Taela. She was standing to your right and here?s what she had to say: Taela is grateful you made the decisions you did. She told me she would?ve been okay if you had put her down earlier but knew you needed more time with her and likewise, she needed more time with

Mol d in Mont ana Donna in Col umbia Fal l s, MT, asked: I have been l iving in mol d f or t he past 20 years and f igured out l ast f al l t hat my heal t h probl ems have been due t o mol d. Can you rid my body of t he mol d? I need enough heal ing so I can get up and hel p mysel f . My body is so debil it at ed, it is very dif f icul t f or me t o do anyt hing. Thank you! Hi Donna, In order to help you, I first energetically connected to you and then saw a holographic picture of you in my mind?s eye. It was as if I was looking at an MRI, CT Scan or X-ray. You weren?t kidding, you are one sick gal! Your body is full of black mold which is extremely toxic. It?s so thick, it looks like the sheets of moss you can buy in a craft store. Next, I saw an energetic healing occur which removed the mold from your body and then bathed your internal organs and tissues with stem cell energy. It looked like a sparkly cloud that swirled through the interior of your body and regenerated what was needed.

Now, here are a few suggestions: Page 46 - Ju ly, 2018

- If at all possible, find another place to live until you can renovate or sell your home. - Go to moldymovie.com and watch the documentary film. You?ll learn a lot of helpful information. - Eat healthy food. If God made it, eat it; if man made it, don?t. Here?s a link to a food chart you can use as a guide. - Check out homebiotic.com for safe mold removal products. - Find a physician in your area who specializes in treating people with mold exposure. Go to the find a practitioner tab at functionalmedicine.org and enter your zip code. A list of doctors in your area will appear. Hope this information helps and hope you feel better soon. Baby Saw Spirit Carrie f rom York, PA, asked: Hi Jul ie, I?m hoping you can hel p me wit h t his. Recent l y, my 2 year-ol d son woke up in t he middl e of t he night so I went t o his room t o cal m him and get him back t o sl eep.

pumps and had on a full apron that tied in the back at her waist. They looked like they had just returned from church and were preparing to host a Sunday dinner. In particular, your great grandfather is very connected to your baby son. And your great grandmother showed me how she sings to your son. Your baby, as is the case with most small children, can and does see them. We?re all born with intuitive capabilities and begin shutting down these skills around the age of 7. That?s about the time we?re taught by parents and teachers to discount anything that can?t be scientifically proven. When we encourage our children by listening to them when they describe what we consider to be psychic phenomenon, and most importantly, by believing them, it allows their intuitive skills to mature and develop. Over time this ability will serve them and others in countless ways. Your great grandmother wants you to get a blanket sleeper for your baby so he stays warm at night, and your great grandfather wants you to get your furnace serviced before next winter. One last thing, always remember, every spirit is pure love and light. If seeing or sensing a spirit scares you, just ask them to leave and they will.

Once my son was set t l ed, I wal ked out of his room, shut t he door and t hen headed back int o my own Thanks for your question. Hope this information room. When I t urned around t here was somet hing clarifies things for you. right in f ront of me. It was very cl earl y a person but t hey came and went so f ast I coul dn?t t el l who it was. Can you t el l me who it was? Ju lie Ryan , Psych ic an d M edical In t u it ive, I?ve been pract icing t al king t o a coupl e dif f erent peopl e t hat have passed so I?m wondering if it was one of t hem l et t ing me know t hey are wit h us. Thank you! Hi Carrie, Congratulations! Great job seeing and acknowledging what clearly sounds like a spirit in your home. Actually, all of us have spirits surrounding us most of the time, and although many people see these deceased loved ones, they never tell anyone fearing someone might think they?re crazy! So, in order to get some information for you, I first energetically connected to you to see (in my mind?s eye) what spirits were around you and your son. Once I got you on my radar, the spirits of an older couple instantly appeared. They identified themselves as your maternal great grandparents.

can be h ear d on Law of At t r act ion Radio Net w or k w it h h er popu lar sh ow , Th e Ask Ju lie Ryan Sh ow. Ju lie w elcom es caller s ever y Th u r sday at 8PM ET, 7PM CT, 5 PM PT by callin g: (712) 770-4160 - Access Code: 533677# . Please su bm it qu est ion s t h at m ay be an sw er ed on -air . To h ear all pr eviou s episodes, please visit h er sh ow page at h t t p:/ / loar adion et w or k .com / ju lie-r yan. For m or e in f or m at ion abou t Ju lie Ryan an d abou t pu r ch asin g h er book , An gelic At t en dan t s, please visit w w w.ask ju lier yan .com .

The man had white hair and was wearing a suit and tie while the woman wore a dress, stockings, and Page 47 -Ju ly, 2018

July - August , 20 18

Ast r ology For ecast Manish Kumar Ar or a ManishAst r ologer @r edif f mail.com Aries (21 March ? 19 April ) ? Expansion of business is likely in this period. You may start working on big projects. You will be continually in motion due to your efforts and vigilance. You may have to travel abroad for professional purposes. Expenses on professional activities will be too much. A surge of ambition overtakes you, but don?t let yourself get too bogged down by responsibilities ? reserve some time for fun. Your positive attitude towards work will remove the hurdles during this period. However, romance will bring its fair share of challenges in August - it could be that you?re not entirely sure of someone?s intentions. Favorabl e Dat es: Jul y 7, 8, 16, 17, 25, 26 Aug 1, 8, 17, 19, 26, 28. Favorabl e Col ors: Bl ue & Whit e Taurus (20 April ? 20 May) ? This period will start with bundles of potential, but you will need to seize the opportunities. Your plans are all laid out and you see clearly the innovative and courageous steps you must take. You will get the inspiration of doing best of efforts. During this period, you will start getting the results of tasks performed earlier. Those waiting for a job or transfer may be successful during this time. Later in the period from 11th August, contentment for you will come in the form of excitement and fun. Romance will go through the usual hiccups as you waver between wanting intimacy and needing independence. Favorabl e Dat es: Jul y 5, 7, 14, 16, 23, 25 Aug 5, 7, 14, 16, 23, 26. Favorabl e Col ors: Red & Yel l ow Gemini (21 May ? 20 June) - You will achieve success in intellectual activities. Do not perform risky acts in business, otherwise you may have to face loss and your career may also get affected. You need some retreat and quiet time away from the hustle and bustle and also from your job responsibilities. Getting away from it all for just a few days can give you a new perspective. If you are already in a relationship it is likely that some chance events will lead to a much deeper level of mutual understanding. If you are single then this will be a real rollercoaster period emotionally and the road to true love will not run smoothly. Favorabl e Dat es: Jul y 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Aug 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26. Favorabl e Col ors: Red & Bl ue Cancer (21 June ? 22 Jul y) ? This period may spur you on to make some major changes in your life especially with regard to your career or your ambitions for the future. You?ll be feeling revitalized. The second half of the period will be marked by a definite change of pace as you become increasingly concerned with the details of your relationships. This will be a period of deep reflection for you that should bring a number of very useful personal insights that will help you communicate with your loved ones more effectively. This period will offer the chance for you to turn a hobby into a money-making scheme. Favorabl e Dat es: Jul y 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26 Aug 5, 8, 14, 17, 23, 26. Favorabl e Col ors: Red & Yel l ow Leo (23 Jul y ? 22 August ) ? This period is likely to start on a rather dreamy note as your imagination takes over. You?ll tend to be in quite a romantic mood too, seeing all kinds of possibilities. Drop the thinking game all together. You?ll be amazed at the freedom you will realize. There will be some fantastic opportunities for romance, and until then channel that over-active imagination into something constructive, such as redecorating your room or your home. You should get your heart?s desire or certainly get closer to achieving it. You?re moving to brighter shores. You?re not totally out of the blues yet, but it?s getting easier every moment. Favorabl e Dat es: Jul y 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 Aug 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 2. Favorabl e Col ors: Purpl e & Yel l ow Virgo (23 August ? 22 Sept ember) - This could be a period of significant changes for you in almost every area of your life. The key to making those changes successful is to rely on your instincts and intuition. Financially, this is a period for consolidating your savings and ensuring that you have a carefully planned budget. If you budget well there could be some major gains by the end of the period. Keep an eye on the spending, and try to restrain what will be a rather lavish frame of mind. You may earn profits from overseas contracts by skillfully using your abilities. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, remember a loved one or childhood memory. Favorabl e Dat es: Jul y 4, 6, 13, 15, 22, 24 Aug 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Favorabl e Col ors: Bl ue & Whit e

Page 48 - Ju ly, 2018

Libra (23 Sept ember ? 22 Oct ober) - You will feel overloaded with work and will need to take some down-time or it will affect your health. You will then be able to focus on the work you need to get done and have spare time for yourself. Discussions and brainstorming at work can lead to manifesting great things. You would focus on the impression you can make as a collective team. Take the time to make a fresh start in your personal life, and there?s no time like the present to open up and connect with those you love. You will feel a lot more energy and more centered about where you are in your life. Favorabl e Dat es: Jul y 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23 Aug 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27. Favorabl e Col ors: Purpl e & Green Scorpio (23 Oct ober ? 21 November) - This is a period that will challenge your patience and emotions. When your emotions and tongue are tempered with compassion, your sensitivity is very helpful to others. A delicate approach may help you focus your desires successfully. Family members will approach you this period and ask you to help them out for various reasons. It is important to let them know that you can only do so much. Your kind nature can sometimes wear you out and it is important to honour your emotional health right now. Connect with your heart and you will find the mind will easily clear away its restless behaviour. Favorabl e Dat es : Jul y 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Aug 2, 4, 11, 13, 20, 22. Favorabl e Col ors : Yel l ow & Green Sagit t arius ( 22 November - 21 December ) - You will become more understanding and caring and will make your close ones very happy by expressing your feelings. On the career side you will be full of life and this will reflect in work. Your communication skills will come into light which will bring you gains. This period is about finding the inner connection with yourself. As you do this you will discover that your relationships become clearer and you?ll discover new ways of connecting with different areas of your life. The more you connect and feel the people in your life, the more you will feel the difference it can make. Favorabl e Dat es : Jul y 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24 Aug 7, 9, 16 18, 25, 27 Favorabl e Col ors : Bl ue & Green

Capricorn ( 22 December ? 19 January ) - This is a great period to take some time to play. You have a tendency to be in your head thinking a lot and work can become very heavy. So, get out of your head and exercise or do some breathe work. This is a time about letting yourself go and experiencing freedom. Solar rays are infusing the area of your life that is about personal joy and how you seek to engage in personal fulfillment. It is time to see how you are gratified and at peace with it. A need for change comes from your personal values and sense of self-worth from 20th July. Favorabl e Dat es : Jul y 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Aug 5, 7, 14 16, 23, 25 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Whit e

Aquarius (20 January ? 18 February) - This period will be full off responsibility and you may find yourself flustered with the little things that really don?t matter. Pay close attention to what those little things are teaching you and allow yourself to be inspired by the lessons. You will find that communication gets better in your lives and the people who are draining you will handle their own issues. Broaden your horizons and look at the bigger picture and make sure you can see where you will be and if you truly will be happy. Think before you act, and be careful of what you do because the longer picture is more important. Favorabl e Dat es : Jul y 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21 Aug 2, 9, 11, 18, 20, 22 Favorabl e Col ors : Purpl e & Whit e

Pisces ( 19 February ? 20 March ) - Excellent opportunities will present themselves during this period. This turns your attention to your financial situation and can see you spending more than might be wise, perhaps in an attempt to show off. This is a good time for sorting out anything which has been bugging you,. Be as flexible as you can, and don't count on others? especially partners, older people, financial types and father figures? to be of much use. It may be best to resist some promising new must-have and hang on to what you've got, at least for the time being. A passionate affair, probably a secret one, is indicated with someone Favorabl e Dat es : Jul y 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Aug 5, 12, 14, 19, 23, 28 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Whit e

Page 49 - Ju ly, 2018

10 Ways t o Boost You r Ser ot on in Levels In cr easin g You r Em ot ion al Well-bein g Jen n if er Giu st r a-Kozek , LPC, NBCC Note by Editor in Chief: Having suffered from severe depression many years ago, the only remedy talked about was prescribed medication. I often wondered back when, how people coped with depression in the 1800's prior to the development of mood altering drugs. The side effects of these drugs prevented me from experiencing my life experiences fully. It actually kept me from being happily excited, and yet they did keep me from being severely depressed. The down side for me was that it took a extended amount of time to find the correct medication and dosage for me. In fact, after a few years, the search for the right medication turned me into an emotional zombie. Life was just a flat line that was simply not enjoyable. As usual, the best medicine is Mother Nature. Prior to 1940's, fast foods, processed foods or poisonous pesticides rarely existed.. Due to busy schedules, the ease of fast foods and processed foods was our go to food. Quite simply, the majority stopped purchasing REAL FOOD and began eating convenience foods (remember the good old TV Dinners?). Today, people can begin feeling better without medication by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Some lifestyle changes and food adjustments can help solve this easily. Thanks to Collective Evolution and author Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC, NBCC for this article that bring us back to Mother Nature. The end result will allow you to experience your human emotions, deal with them and expand yourself into the spiritual being that you came here to experience. Jewels As defined by psychologists, a person has a major depressive episode when he or she has symptoms of major depressive disorder, including depressed mood or feelings of emptiness, hopelessness or irritability, that last for two weeks or more. And, according to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS), the number of people diagnosed with depression has increased by 450% since 1987. It is often recommended that we start taking a medication to reduce symptoms. However, medication often comes with sometimes dangerous side-effects. Here are some simple ways to feel happier without needing to take a pill. On the next few pages, learn about 10 ways to boost your Serotonin Levels. Page 50- Ju ly 2018

1. Get Enough Vitamin B-6 Foods like spinach, turnip greens, garlic, cauliflower, mustard greens, celery, and non-factory farmed fish (especially tuna, halibut, salmon, cod and snapper) can be great sources.

2. Eat Brain Boost ing Seed Grains Inst ead of Wheat This includes: Amaranth, buckwheat, millet and quinoa are seeds with grain-like taste and properties. These are healthy, high-protein carbohydrates and small amounts of the right carbohydrates are critical to boosting serotonin. Not only will you improve your mood, you will Sleep better too. A nice dose of serotonin in the early evening will help you sleep better at night. These grain-like seeds also provide important B vitamins. As just mentioned B vitamins play a critical role in brain health and in the manufacture of all your neurotransmitters including serotonin. Vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) and B6 (pyridoxine) as well as vitamin D, folic acid and selenium plus calcium, and magnesium are needed to make serotonin. For protein meals: focus on digestion and food combining ? Eating foods that are high in protein ? and specifically have a higher percentage of tryptophan (like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds), will provide much-needed tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin. But beware: because research shows that eating protein with carbohydrates actually works against your ability to make serotonin. Good to know: Plant-based protein helps to create more serotonin than animal protein does. To boost your mood and immunity naturally, protein and probiotics ? is the delicious natural answer! 3. Incl ude Ferment ed Food & Drinks In Your Diet Fermented foods and drinks greatly assist in digestion and assimilation of all the important nutrients you need for serotonin. Additionally, they boost the nutrients in your food by at least a hundredfold. Some examples are Sauerkraut, pickles, Kifir, Kimchee, Raw Cheese and Yogart Probiotics. Pineapple and ginger soda is easy to make and very refreshing! 4. Get Massages & Ot her Forms of Body Work We?ve heard about the healing power of touch, but now research backs it up! A study conducted by the Touch Research Institutes at the University of Miami School of Medicine shows that massage increases serotonin by 28% and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone) by 31% .

Page 51 - Ju ly, 2018

5. Have Fun in t he Sun Early morning sunlight is more intense and this can boost your body?s production of melatonin in the evening. Serotonin converts to melatonin for a great night?s sleep. Getting outside for a 20-minute walk in the early morning sunlight can boost your mood and improve your sleep! 6. Remove Toxins From Your Heal t h That Int erf ere Wit h Brain Heal t h Eat foods like dandelion and citrus fruit to help detox daily. Detoxing is about increasing the effectiveness of your detox pathways so unnecessary toxins don?t get stuck in your body. Although the medical field keeps saying detoxing is a myth, lack of proper detoxing is a common challenge. 7. Reduce St ress Prolonged physical or emotional stress produce adrenaline and cortisol, which interfere with serotonin. Shifting your lifestyle and adding more relaxation into your week can make a huge difference. Focus on Emotional Healing ? Reducing stress and focusing on spending more time relaxing is a first step to boosting serotonin. You can take this even further by taking action in key areas to remove negative emotions like fear, guilt and anger. Meditate & do yoga! 8. Exercise A comprehensive review of the relation between exercise and mood concluded that antidepressant and anxiolytic effects have been clearly demonstrated. In the United Kingdom the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, which works on behalf of the National Health Service and makes recommendations on treatments according to the best available evidence, has published a guide on the treatment of depression. 9. El iminat e Processed Sugar (or at l east drast ical l y reduce it ) If you have low serotonin, you may have intense cravings for sugar. This is your body?s way of trying to increase serotonin because eating sugar produces insulin, which helps tryptophan go into your brain. However, too much sugar can eventually cause addiction to sugar, insulin resistance, hypoglycemia and type 2 diabetes. Instead, satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way with pure maple syrup, coconut sugar or pure honey. 10. Give More Hugs, Love More & Fear Less Human connection, living in the heart, being connected to self actually helps to keep depression away, it also helps with addiction to any substance. Well-being is about getting back to the basics. Everyone can become happier and healthier by simply eating real food? the medicine birthed by Mother Nature. Page 52- Ju ly, 2018

A Radi cal New A pproach To Worl d Ci ti zensh i p

Josh ua Ch annel ed by Gary Templ e Bodl ey You are all one, living as individuals on your planet. You separate yourselves by borders, by cultures, by religion, by race, by sex, by age, by political affiliation, and by class. It is time for these separations to fall apart.

you also intended the freedom to pursue your dreams. While you seal yourselves off behind the borders of your country, you create resentment among the less fortunate. This results in war and strife, which diminish your standard of living.

You are one. You need not separate yourselves from each other. You are traveling in a very small spaceship within an infinitely large universe. You once segregated yourselves on buses, now you ride together. The same must be true of your planet. The good that will come from living together and supporting each other far outweighs the sum of your fears. The value of a one-world community is such that will allow you all to live as you intended in love rather than in fear.

As you live in fear of your neighbors, you hold yourself apart from who you really are. When you classify another human as your enemy, you create more separation which does not serve who you say you want to be.

You believe that since you were born in a certain place that you are deserving of all that you have. If another is born in an underdeveloped nation, he should be forced to stay there for the entirety of his life. He should not be able to gain access to your country or your standard of living. He shall be doomed to his existence by the chance of his birth. This is not a conscious approach to reality. While it is true that you choose your birthplace and your parents based on the trajectory you intended,

A conscious creator sees all as equally worthy and unique. You see value in all lives, all cultures, and all beliefs. You understand that we are all one, that there is no separation, and that borders are an unnatural manifestation of fear. All devices used to protect oneself from another are based in fear and therefore perpetuate limiting beliefs. The cost of these fears is astronomical. It costs you unseen expense in the limitation of your experience. As you are taught to believe that other cultures are bad and your culture is good, you create a framework of duality which becomes very difficult to dismantle. Limiting, fear-based beliefs are promoted and adopted by the masses. You build insanely expensive armies to defend

Page 53 -Ju ly, 2018

is no right and no wrong in regard to your continued and never-ending wars against people you fear. But what you are perpetuating with your struggle against your fellow man is an unconscious pursuit and goes against the laws of the universe. Your struggle is futile and until you change your approach, it will continue to escalate. It might move from one region to another, but it must grow. It is universal law. A radically new approach to your enemy would be the release of all fear. As you move from unconscious to conscious, you move from fear to love. As you accept others with whom you occupy your planet as they are, as they are less developed, less conscious, or less evolved, you create an yourselves from imaginary foes. Your war culture must feed on an enemy to survive. When no real enemy exists, one is created to support the monster. However, you will soon come to realize that your behemoth defense apparatus is ridiculously oversized for the job. You chase a ragtag group of terrorists with an army created to wage another world war. In doing so you enrage an entire culture and you separate yourselves even further. Your army, through the institution of patriotism, convinces you that you need protection. But you do not. You are safe and without your army you would have no enemy. Look at the countries without armies. Are they under attack from terrorists? Are they engaged in this battle? Why not? You cannot irradiate anything in this universe. You can never defeat an enemy, for your ?ght will always increase the fear and support more limiting beliefs that will give rise to newer and more powerful enemies. When you kill one you cause two more to take his place. Fear creates the desire and inspiration to stand up and ?ght. When you create an atmosphere of fear, you create your own enemies. This is an attractive universe. You cannot push away what you do not like. You cannot lessen the intensity of anything with your attention to it. You should not feel powerless when you are so very powerful. Why do you feel your need to display your power? What is the basis of your fears? There

environment of love and acceptance. As you shower them with love and support, you create a framework that supports who you really are. Can you become conscious within an environment of fear? Of course. Can others also become conscious regardless of the actions of their government? Yes, certainly. But can you also realize that the old approach is not working and can never work as you know it violates universal law? Can you remove you attention and support from it? Can you not condemn the old approach but rather support love and appreciation for all others?

You cannot ?ght against any structure and topple it. You must seek what is wanted rather than avoid or deny what is unwanted. You don?t need to make your government wrong. All you need to do is support what you want. Page 54- Ju ly, 2018

You are not your government, but your government is a refection of your country?s mass consciousness. As you move your attention away from fear and towards love, you radically shift the totality of that consciousness. As others decide that patriotism is a fear-based belief in one?s own superiority, the consciousness of the country moves away from nationalism and towards acceptance. You can only believe what you want to believe. You cannot preach your beliefs to others for you will simply create tension. You can shine as an example of love which others will gravitate to. You can be accepting of others and they will become accepting of you. When thinking about another culture, try not to get caught up in the propaganda. Realize that your war institution is simply trying to maintain its survival by creating despicable enemies for you to hate. You can rationalize the existence of a war machine only when you believe there is something to fear. When there is no real enemy, the war institution will create one for you to hate. It is a matter of survival and it will ?ght to survive. If you can withdraw your attention from its fabrications, you can move your support to something that will bene?t what it is that you want, rather than what you do not want. Your war on terror is not real. You could dismantle this war and all wars with a few weeks of love and acceptance. You have no need for protection. You have no real enemies. If you did not have a defense industry, you would have no enemies. If you used that energy for love, acceptance, and support for the worthiness and value of all others, you would attract love, rather than hate. Which would you prefer? With all our love,

W it h Al l Our Love J oshua Questions? Comments? Connect with us at joshuateachings@gmail.com Joshua is a group of non-physical teachers channeled by Gary Temple Bodley. Their practical teachings provide a greater understanding of the mechanism of physical reality, the Law of Attraction and how to leverage universal forces to enhance our lives. Joshua's first book, "A Perception of Reality," explains the nature of reality using plain English in an easy-to-understand format. Please visit www.TheTeachingsofJoshua.com. Also, listen to Joshua Live Broadcast by going to http:/ / LOAradioNetwork.com/ joshua-live This article may not necessarily reflect the views of Law of Attraction Magazine or its employees. .

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Law of Attraction Magazine, July 2018  

Joe Vitale is our Cover Boy and there is a wonderful interview about Ho'opononopono that brings about amazing healing. How does a Lawyer re...

Law of Attraction Magazine, July 2018  

Joe Vitale is our Cover Boy and there is a wonderful interview about Ho'opononopono that brings about amazing healing. How does a Lawyer re...