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Plus Mor e! M ir acles or M iser y

Dr. Br uce Lipt on, Gr egg Br aden & Dr. Joe Dispenza

Kar en Bow m an

Loving Money Kat hleen Kemph

Take Char ge of Your Life! Michelle Joy

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2 Near Deat h Ex per i en ce Gr egg Br aden , Pg. 24

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Gar y Tem pl e Bodl ey & Josh u a Th e Tr u t h of W h o You Ar e Pg. 32

Tak e Ch ar ge of You r Li f e M i ch el l e Joy Pg. 6

How To Ch an ge You r Th ou gh t s, Dr . Br u ce Li pt on Pg. 40

W h at i f M on ey Wer e No Obj ect , Kat h l een Kem pf Pg. 10

M i r acl es or M i ser y Kar en Bow en - Pg. 16

Ev i den ce Speak s Lou der t h an w or ds - Dr . Joe Di spen za Pg.48

Nov.,& Dec. Ast r ol ogy For ecast M an i sh Kam u r Ar or a - Pg 52

M y Tw i n k l e Li gh t M om en t s Pau l a Ki dd Casey - Pg38

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I L ov e T h i s I ssu e! B y t h e Ed i t o r - I n - C h i ef , Jew el s Jo h n so n This magazine is a labor of love for me. In all reality, I think the knowledge I gain from being Editor-In-Chief is incredible. The articles are so insightful, especially the heartwarming story of Gregg Braden's two near-death experiences when he was five years old. The most revealing information that Gregg received from his NDE is that at the moment of death, there is only a very peaceful feeling. Fear is not present, and that is very powerful to know. Death is simply the act of being birthed into another world. There have been many in my life who have transitioned. I was very honored to be present at the moments of death of both my parents, my cousin, and even my husband's death. While there was some initial fear of not knowing what to expect, the act itself is a very spiritual emotion that you can feel and embrace. It's similar to being born into this life. Because of Gregg's article, I added another article about how the consciousness survives death, so this goes hand in hand with being born. The question is, "Why would we even think that our birth was a beginning of life? It is simply a continuation of our consciousness..." So during the upcoming holiday celebration finds you missing your loved ones who have transitioned, rejoice to know that they are continuing their journey. They are feeling the emotions of life once again, but just in a different location than you are. Fortunately for us, we can still connect with them during dreams because each visit from them is a reminder that they are with you. As a matter of fact, you can ask them to visit you in your dreams. Just because they are out of sight does not mean that they don't continue to exist. They do, just not the way you are used to experiencing them. Remember, energy does not die; it only changes form. In this issue, we have got another great article from Dr. Bruce Lipton 'How to change your thoughts.' Also, read Dr. Joe Dispenza's article that tells of how one of his workshop attendees healed her full-blown cancer during his event. Our cover this month is Gary Temple Bodley, who is an amazing channel for Joshua. Joshua is a group of non-physical teachers who have a joyful and positive message for all who listen. What makes Joshua so unique is that their high vibration radiates the joy to be living and experiencing life at each moment. Gary recently purchased and renovated a beautiful house in North Carolina, which he uses as bed and breakfast. He calls this beautiful home 'Joshua House' because this is where he holds workshops and where visitors can communicate directly with Joshua. What better place to feel the loving environment that Joshua has to offer. I hope you all get to listen to "Joshua Live" on the Law of Attraction Radio Network. The joy felt from this interaction creates a high vibration for all. And then, if you visit North Carolina, you need to experience Joshua House!

Havea Happy and Beautiful Holiday Season! Page 4


Tak e Ch ar ge of You r Li f e M i ch el l e Joy


I f M on ey w er e NO Obj ect - Lov i n g M on ey! Kat h l een Kem ph


Don 't Wor r y, Be Happy!


El l en Wood - Feat u r ed Col u m n i st


M i r acl es or M i ser y K ar en B ow en

Cou r t l y Con f i den ce: LOA ar r i ves at t h e U.S. Open ! Bi an ca An dr eescu


St eph an i e Wood, Body Confidence W h at I Lear n ed Fr om M y t w o Near Deat h Ex per i en ces Gr egg Br aden


Qu an t u m Th eor y Pr oves t h e Con sci ou sn ess M oves t o An ot h er Un i ver se Af t er Deat h


Josh u a: Th e Tr u t h of W h o You Tr u l y ARE Gar y Tem pl e Bodl ey - Th e Teach i n gs of Josh u a

32 38

Fol l ow t h e Tw i n k l e Li gh t s By Pau l a Ki dd Casey - Th e Law yer of At t r act i on 4 Ways To Ch an ge You r Th ou gh t s Dr . Br u ce Li pt on


Set t i n g Goal s t o M an i f est You r W i l dest Dr eam s


Dr . Ton i Cam ach o Ask Ju l i e Ryan Col u m n Ju l i e Ryan


Ev i den ce Speak s Lou der t h an Wor ds Dr . Joe Di spen za


You Ar e You r Br ai n Dr . M ah m ou d Rash i di , M .D


Ast r ol ogy For ecast f or Nov. an d Dec., 2019 Ast r ol oger M an i sh Ku m ar Ar or a


Jew el s Jo h n so n , Ed i t o r - i n - C h i ef St ev en L i k i ar d o p o u l o s, Gr ap h i cs Gi n a A p p l egat e, C o p y M an ager Ro b er t M an gel l i , Pr o d u ct i o n L O A M ed i a, L L C

Fo r Q u est i o n s o r C o m m en t s: Adver t i si n g I n qu i r i es: Gi n a@LOAm edi a.com Page 5

Take Char ge of Your LIFE!

Int erpret at ion: They didn?t hire me because I am not good enough. Thought : I will never get a better job because I am unworthy. If only I could be more poised and confident like everyone else? . I am stuck. Emot ions: Ashamed, defeated, afraid, sad Manif est at ion: More incidents in which you experience being stuck BECOMES: Circumst ance: I didn?t get the job I really wanted Int erpret at ion: I wasn?t feeling as confident as I would have liked during the interview, maybe that impacted the outcome? Also, perhaps this wasn?t the right position for me yet. Thought : I know I live in an abundant Universe, and where one door closes, another opens. I believe and I trust this. I will connect with the Universe to see if there is something for me to learn here. Also, next time, I will do some visualizations to help me feel more grounded and confident before the interview. Emot ions: Connected, inspired, hopeful, believing, trusting Manif est at ion: More incidents in which you experience abundance

By Michelle Joy

As you read those 2 different scenarios, notice how the circumstance was the same ? only the interpretation was different. Could you FEEL the difference in your body? Perhaps the first paragraph caused you to constrict, and the second caused you to feel expansive. This is the difference between leading your life from fear verses from trust and love.

Would you like to feel empowered by taking charge of your life, even when surrounded by circumstances outside of your control? If so, read on! It isn?t the circumstances around you that create feelings of unhappiness ? it?s the thought and emotions that you allow into your experience that does. Since you have free will, you can always choose how you interpret circumstances. Your interpretation then leads to a thought, which leads to an emotion, which leads to your vibration (state of being), which leads to manifesting your life. Having immediate, knee-jerk interpretations happens to all of us! But they are not always based on the highest truth. Instead of stewing in that false perspective, try to develop an observer. This will help you notice your interpretation and transform it into one that more supports a higher truth. Your life reflects your interpretations! Here is a summary of t his principl e:






Do you see how it all starts with your interpretation of your life circumstances? That is where you have all the leverage! It?s how you make sense of it in your mind, and the rest follows as above. This means you can take charge of your life!

CULTIVATE GRATITUDE. Why would you feel grateful for stressful circumstances in your life? Because it will always take you to a higher vibration! It also prevents that which you don?t want, from repeating in the future. You will create more wonderful things to come into your life. Do this even if it feels unnatural and strained at first, because it?s a ticket to freedom? For example if you are paying a bill and you feel afraid because you are running out of money, look for something to be thankful for. Give thanks that you have enough to pay the bill and that they can provide a service for you! You are on this planet to grow, evolve, and to contribute your gifts to help elevate consciousness. This means the Universe sends you ample opportunities to learn. You are in a school of sorts, so look at the bigger picture as to what they mean. What are the themes? What do you need to learn? Everything that happens in your life happens because it's helping you achieve your greatest potential. In stressful circumstances, choose growth by asking, ?what old and fear-based feelings are being ignited in me and inviting me to heal? In what ways am I being invited to grow?? I've actually come to feel excited about my lessons because I feel in charge, and like there's something I can do to propel me even further to the next phase of my life. It's a game I like to play: How much can I grow?

EXAMPLE: Circumst ance: I didn?t get the job I really wanted

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LOVE HEALS. When in a stressful circumstance, stewing about it doesn?t heal. Love heals!

WHY SEND LOVE? 1. 2. 3. 4.

Sending love helps bring clarity to see the bigger picture ? is there is a lesson for you to learn? Sending love heals ? which is what your true self desires anyway. Sending love will raise your vibration and bring you more of that in the future. It will help you see what others may be experiencing as well, bringing more compassion to the circumstance. Aspire to respond from this higher truth. 5. Love is a very high vibrating energy ? when you give and receive love, not only are you healing the situation, but you are literally creating your life, in terms of bringing more love into your life. HERE ARE THE STEPS: 1. Start by sending yourself love. You can do this by putting your attention on your heart. Then, imagine yourself standing in front of you ? with your heart, send him/ her feelings of love. Tell yourself that even though this situation is happening/ happened, you love yourself no matter how you acted, how you felt or what you said. Take it in. 2. Once you do this step, it becomes easier to then send others love. Others behaviors are usually either giving love or asking for love ? even if the way they are ?asking? isn?t so graceful. 3. You can also send the whole situation you are dealing with ? love. Connect with your heart, imagine a symbol in front of you that encompasses the situation you are struggling with. Send love from your heart. Joy is not the result of struggle. Joy is the result of choosing joy minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, until it?s all you know. I would like to gift you with this affirmation: ?Within my heart resides a timeless wisdom. A silent presence that, when connected, feels comforting, knowing and strong. Fear sometimes creates a feeling of distance from this place. Yet, I always know it remains steadfast. This part of me never sleeps. I know I can always rely and trust in what arises in the silence of my own heart.? I wish the absolute best for your life! Through knowing who you truly are, may love and joy be yours.

Your one-stop shop for l iving your best l ife: *Discover ing your l ife pur pose *Living fr om authenticity * Loving your sel f so that you can l ove your l ife * Lear ning how to manifest exactl y w hat you w ant * Cl ear ing out fal se bel iefs and identities *Heal ing w ounds that k eep you stuck

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About Michelle Joy Michelle Joy, M.A., CET is an author, coach, and founder of Global Joy Institute. For the past 2 decades, her dedication to helping herself and others manifest their highest potential led her to working with Shamanic Elders and gifted visionaries, as well as studying psychology, neuroscience, universal laws, quantum physics and so much more. Michelle has applied this inspirational system of teachings into her own life, using them to live her wildest dreams, find love and create an abundant life of joy and peace. She founded Global Joy Institute and her ?Right to Your Light 30 Day ProgramÂŽ ? based on this premise, where she helps others reclaim the joy that meant to be theirs. Visit her online for more information at GlobalJoyInstitute.com

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GlobalJoyInstitute.com Page 9

What If Money Wer e NO Object ? By Kat hleen Kempf Can you imagine what t hat woul d be l ike?

No reason to worry, use harsh words or hold negative beliefs about money. No limit to what you could be, do or have! No fear when dealing with money or anxiety when making financial decisions. Equally important; no more shame, blame or guilt associated with money. "Impossible!", you say. "A pretty tall order." "She must be crazy!" Or how about, "Not another one of those unrealistic dreamers who live in a bubble, not in the real world! She should walk in my shoes and then her story would change." I have heard these remarks and many that were far less kind throughout my lifetime. I can promise you none of them is true. There is not only sense but a little bit of magic in thinking only positive thoughts about money. The absolute truth is money is an inanimate object. It takes on whatever characteristics, fears or beliefs we attach to it. By changing those thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions it is possible to change our relationship with money. ?How to make that shift??, was my question. Answering it was my goal. Being a financial advisor taught me how to put it into practice. So, let's start there. I had a client who worked very hard her entire life. She was a loving single mom, a conscientious provider and a good friend. She went through a difficult and unexpected divorce late in her career. Believe it or not women, as well as men, can often lose their assets to an undeserving spouse due to community property. Bottom line, when she came to consult with me, she was discouraged, overwhelmed, disillusioned, afraid, and convinced that she would never be able to retire. I'm sure you can see why she may have felt that way. She dreaded thinking, let alone talking about money. Her feelings towards anything that had to do with money were negative. Her beliefs about herself and her ability to handle money were filled with doubt, shame, guilt, and confusion. Having become accustomed to living a life of survival for so long, she no longer remembered how amazing she was. The first thing she needed was to put everything into its' proper perspective. She was not the problem, nor Page 10

was money the problem. She was an intelligent, funny, brilliant, successful woman. There was a traumatic situation that needed to be dealt with. Stripping out the emotion, while dealing with it, was not going to be easy. This is where we often get stopped. How could I help? I remembered a very important principle I'd learned. Change your thinking, change your life. If she could deal with the emotions, she could let go of them. Then they would no longer hold a grip over her, keeping her from the life she desired. I needed to find a way to help change her thinking. Since feelings affect how we think, shifting them would give her the means to change her thinking. I shared the spiritual practice of using positive affirmations to restate negative thoughts. We created a few that restated her current feelings. She put the affirmations in places she could easily see every day to help her reframe her mindset as needed. With encouragement on my part, and applying the practices on her part, she was able to gain a new perspective on the situation. Gradually she overcame the crippling emotions she had carried for too long. Besides doing spiritual work, we spent time objectively looking at her finances and retirement opportunities. I explained that there were many ways to generate a retirement income. Many of them she had never heard of or considered before. She became optimistic and excited about the future. We mindfully constructed a solution that included additional spiritual practices and a financial plan she could put into action. Gradually, everything fell into place much to her amazement. But I never had any doubt in her resilience or ability to be prosperous. She is now blissfully retired, living the dream she thought wasn't possible. Together we made it happen. In thinking about the phrase, ?If money were no object?' so often I find the real tragedy lies in the inability for people to dream. Their measure of success has been distorted into how much they own, what is their job title or where they live. Being a good parent is more than caring for their children, it is how much they can give them and what school district they live in. Imagination is stifled by these limits causing people to give up on thinking in terms of what they desire. For me, every financial plan begins with a dream or vision. Visioning is a spiritual practice, but it is also an important financial process when creating what you truly desire. Let's be honest. Everything that you "be, do or have" in some way is affected by money. Even if you want to do nothing, spend time with your family or volunteer, you need to have money. Combining the two play an important part in succeeding to achieve the life you desire. To illustrate my point, another client comes to mind. At the time she had a successful career as a social worker. The work was very rewarding, and she loved doing it. She told me about her concerns for retiring, eliminating debt, finding ways to increase her savings and had questions about her house. There had been a downturn in the economy, the mortgage rate was high. Should she reduce or eliminate the expense? To her, the situation felt daunting. When I finished listening, I told her there were many ways to address her concerns. More importantly, what I wanted to know was: What did she desire more than anything? If money were no object how would she answer that question? What was her dream?' She became quiet and thought for a few minutes. Setting aside all of the concerns she previously expressed, what she wanted more than anything was to make a difference as a social worker. Her idea was to expand her service to others having potentially greater needs than those close to home. She wanted to join Doctors Without Borders. The position didn't pay very much but the chance to use her talents in this way went beyond Page 11

the satisfaction of a paycheck. She was so passionate it was all she could do to stay sitting while telling me about it. So, I asked, "What is stopping you?" Surprisingly it wasn't just managing the monetary issues we discussed. No doubt that was a concern. It was her difficulty in believing what might happen if she were selected. Could she succeed personally and financially? I didn't know anything about the program or the selection process, but I knew in my heart who sat before me. This was a magnificent, divine being whose good intentions, and desire to serve others, was born to live the life she desired. So, I shared these thoughts with her. "We all have a gift that makes us special. The hard part is believing just how unique, amazing, and capable we are." Saying such words about ourselves often seem contrary to what we may have been taught about being humble or modest. I have realized through experience that until we learn to love, respect, appreciate and acknowledge ourselves and our abilities we will never create the life we desire. No one else can stop us from fulfilling our purpose except ourselves. I suggested using a simple technique to refocus her personal beliefs. Every day she was to find one good thing to say, notice or praise about herself. It is remarkable how this simple exercise can change how you think. Remember what I said earlier, ?Change your thinking, change your life.? She eagerly followed my suggestions. Her attitude and beliefs about herself began to shift. She was not only able to believe in herself, but the harmful, negative self-doubt dissipated. She enthusiastically applied for the program. She kept me informed throughout the process. I continued to provide my love and conviction that it was only a matter of time before she was accepted. Meanwhile, we addressed her concerns that pertained to money. We talked about effective ways to eliminate debt, created ways to find more to save and developed and executed a financial plan that she could embrace. This made the transition to her new life not only possible but exciting as she achieved each goal. I am delighted to report that she not only was accepted by Doctors Without Borders but is now on her third assignment. She has traveled to many places in the world where her work has been desperately needed, welcomed, and appreciated. I am so proud of her and look forward to seeing her every time she gets leave to come home. Notice that these two stories are not about extraordinary women. They are merely individuals who faced everyday financial challenges. Everything they were previously taught or believed about money or themselves may not have served their best interest. Using the spiritual practices and simple principles of money suggested allowed them to change their beliefs and consequently their situations. They demonstrated that money is no object and change is possible.

Do you have any negat ive beliefs about money? Ar e you f r ust r at ed when dealing w it h money? Ar e you dissat isf ied w it h your cur r ent f inances? Ar e you look ing for a pr osper it y consciousness t hat wor k s?

If you answer ed YES t o any of t hese quest ions, t hen t ake t he jour ney t o f inancial f r eedom!

L oving Money is a pr act ical and inspir at ional int er act ive book designed t o eliminat e any negat ive beliefs you have about your self and


Therefore, the same possibility is within everyone's grasp. The key is finding a way to embrace these teachings and make them your own. Resistance can be overcome and the prosperity you deserve, and desire can be yours. When it does, it feels magical. The truth is, living in the realm of positive beliefs is magical because your divine, creative self comes to life and there are no limits.

Kathleen Kempf, founder of Your Path Financial and Your Path 4 Prosperity is a financial advisor, educator and speaker for over 20 years. As an advisor, friend, volunteer, mother and grandmother, she learned to provide guidance by sharing her knowledge with wisdom and heart? all key elements in helping create a positive relationship with money. Her innovative, spiritually oriented workshops on money and finance offer a unique combination of teaching, entertaining and engaging the audiance. Bringing together spiritual practices and simple principles about money, they provide the tools to create positive beliefs about money and a path to financial freedom. In addition, workshops developed for schools, non-profits and veterans have helped thousands find their way to greater financial stability and a new attitude toward money. Kathie?s book, Loving Money, A Spiritually Practical Path to Financial Freedom brings this experience to readers serving to fulfill her mission of helping millions of people create a positive relationship with money and achieve the prosperity they desire.

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ticket. Let?s say I do get the ticket. The event is done and over with. Yes, I?ll have to pay the fine and deal with points on my license, but the actual stressful event is finished.


Now say I get back home and call a friend and tell her about my experience. I recall the police lights in my rearview mirror. I recall the moment when the officer tells me I won?t be getting a warning this time. My heart again is racing. Then another friend calls. I retell the story in detail and am again flooded with the feelings of anger, fear and frustration. I?ve now experienced the stressful event three times.

?Don?t Wor r y. Be Happy.? By Feat u r ed Col u m n i st El l en Wood Don?t worry?!! Easy to say ? hard to do. Yep! However, worry causes harmful stress, which is the number one aging factor and it?s a primary heart attack villain.

When we accept things as they are, we give ourselves the gift of returning to the present moment where we can actually effect change. Many of us have very strong habits of worry or replaying stressful events in our minds, which is why we need a handy reminder to help us choose how to respond. For me, it?s putting sticky notes where I?ll see them, that say: Something good will come of this or It is what it is. Or just: Don?t worry. Be happy.

But if we pull the covers off worry, poof! There?s nothing there. There?s no actual physical threat or pressure. It?s an imagined future potential which may or may not materialize. We mull over what could happen and that puts us in a continued stressful cycle and keeps us from being happy. All for nothing ? because what we?re mulling over isn?t actually happening. Worry takes us out of the moment, where peace is available. When we?re in a state of peace, we can deal with real threats and pressures as they arrive. Another way we invite more stress into our lives is by continuously replaying in our minds

The truth is, we have a choice in how to respond when we think about a potential threat or a dreadful situation that has already occurred. Besides the practice of saying, Something good will come of this, one statement I heard years ago has really helped me to reclaim my power in the fall-out of a stressful incident; saying: It is what it is. Accept it, then act. When we?re caught up in the stress we?re less able to act in solution-based, life-giving ways. We become paralyzed and as a result, often make matters worse.

stressful events that have already happened. I know I?m not the only one whose heart races when I see police lights behind me. Oh no, I?m over the speed limit! I?m probably going to get a Page 14

Ellen Wood of Questa is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of the series of books, ?The Secret Method for Growing Younger,? available on Amazon. She is also the author and a contributor to ?LATE BLOOMERS: The Movement ? Literary Gems by Taos Boomers in Their Prime. Her website is www.howtogrowyounger.com. Contact Ellen at ellen@howtogrowyounger.com. Page 15

Whet her you?re 9 or 99, everyone has t he power t o magical l y get t hat t hey want !

This Book has everything you need to know for your entire family to create!

Mary Petto LOA Speaker & Coach PortableVisions.com

?I?ll take the good news first, thanks,? I replied. ?Well you are leaving us, isn?t that great?? ?And, the bad news?? I queried. ?I don?t know where you are going.?

M iracles Or Miser y? Mot ive is Ever yt hing!

My question for you is, have you ever created a desire using visualization and the Law of Attraction and regretted it? I have and learned a great lesson about motive. Here is my experience. At one point in my corporate career I was a Principal Engineer supervising a group of twenty-six engineers and technicians. The manager of the 500-person department and I were constantly in conflict because I believed in participative management and he thought I should be a dictator. It was his habit to call me into his second-floor office, prop his feet up on the conference table between us, and begin to chew me out, loud enough for everyone in the office area to hear. There was always a crescendo to his tirade where he would drop his feet to the floor, lean forward across the table with a smirk on his face and

The company had been expanding its engineering facilities and purchased a vacant high school near the main research center. I arrived at my new building and office and was greeted by the most morose staff I had ever experienced. It was clear they felt banished to the ?pits? of engineering.

A few days later, after transferring my responsibilities to my successor, I gathered my personal property and reported to World Headquarters. At the top of the escalator I turned and walked to my new office. As I entered, I was greeted by my desk facing floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a park. I was elated. My first assignment was to report to my new manager, a few doors down the corridor. When I entered his office, I was welcomed aboard with a sincere smile and a graciousness uncharacteristic of mid-level management. He explained how happy he was to have me join his group, introduced me to my peers, and described my responsibilities. My manifestation had worked. I had arrived in exactly what I had intended.

A Law of At t r act ion St or y By Kar en Bowen Like many individuals, I came to learn about the Law of Attraction through painful life lessons. And, I believe one of the greatest gifts we have to give each other is to share our experiences so others do not have to repeat the same errors.

akin to Siberia. I also knew that ?I? had not created this opportunity and decided to assume it was for my greatest good.

threaten to fire me. He had been in the Marines and enjoyed these bouts along with getting nose to nose with me on the test lab floor, attempting to humiliate me in front of all the personnel by screaming profanities in my face. I had been attending a Unity Church and decided it was time to put the ideas of manifesting, I had learned, into practice. I began to intend that I work for a manager that appreciated me and was respectful. I also asked, because my current desk was in a windowless room, that I have an office with a window looking out at nature. Each day I would focus on being a ?short timer,? in the position, and put out positive vibes by humming the mantra, ?I love my job, I love my job.? Then one day I was called into the manager?s office. The feet went up on the conference table in front of me but instead of the normal belligerence, he just grinned. ?Well, I?ve got good news and bad news. Which do you want first?? he said mockingly. Page 16

Because I had surrendered and believed the experience was a blessing, my new staff considered my sunny disposition an afront to their gloomy situation. Each time I interacted with my new secretary she rolled her eyes and said, ?You are oblivious.? However, three weeks after my arrival, I was called into a managers?meeting with the division head. The dozen or so of us stood around the small room whispering about what this high level meeting could portend. Then these magic words were spoken: ?All engineering staff must vacate this building. The company has decided to dedicate it to their Management Training Division, which is expanding.?

Later, as I sat at my desk, musing about my accomplishments and looking out at the lawn and trees a feeling of sadness came over me. Sitting up straight, as if being shocked awake, I suddenly realized that ?I,? meaning my ego, had created this situation. I silently and fervently prayed, ?Father, forgive me, I will never do this again. Thy will be done.?

No one else in that room heard these magic words, just me. I hurried to my secretary?s desk and asked her to update my resume and company file. She looked at me quizzically as if I was again, ?oblivious.?

"I'm in, I k now It !" Kar en Bowen

I worked at World Headquarters for a year, meeting with Vice Presidents and traveling for the company as a liaison. My test lab wardrobe of polyester pant suits was replaced with St. John knit, three-piece belted suits and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes with matching handbags.

?I am going to apply for a management training position,? I whispered. Her reply was an eye roll and, ?Whatever.? ?No,? I exclaimed, ?you don?t understand. I have been trying to become a management trainer for years and now they are expanding the division. I?m in, I know it.?

Then one day my new manager called me into his office and asked me to sit down.

The day I met with the head of the Management Training Department I wore my best St. John?s.

?I have good and bad news for you, which would you prefer to hear first?? he said sadly. ?It doesn?t matter,? I replied. ?Well, the good news is that you are not losing grade or pay, it is a lateral move. The bad news is that you are leaving us and you are being sent to ? ? When I heard the name of the group to which I was being assigned I recognized it as an outpost

He scoffed at me when I told him that I wanted to be a trainer. "You are an engineering manager. All our trainers come from the personnel division. Why would you want to sidestep your career to do something totally different?? Nothing I said would change his mind. He was

Page 17

convinced that I would not do well as a trainer. Plus, I would be the first woman in that position and he doubted that male supervisors and foremen on the assembly line would accept me.

When my peers asked how I acquired the privilege of training the CEO, my boss said, ?Karen treats everyone the same, whether they are a V.P. or a foreman on the line. You would be stroking his feathers.?

Undaunted, I decided to go over his head and made an appointment with his boss. The temporary offices of this expanded group were in an old, grimy, empty warehouse. It did not matter to me, I was absolutely sure this was my time to do what I believed I would be good at. He gave me the same excuses I had heard in my first interview. Then I leaned across the conference table between us and offered my best shot. ?Don?t you think the best candidate for your new group would be someone who not only has the required training in Participative Management, but also has experience applying it in a supervisory position? I?ve lived Participative Management with all of my staffs. And, I have been the only woman in all of the situations. I know I can handle myself.?

In One Conscious Choice, Kar en A. Bow en shar es a simpl e and pr ofound new w ay of under standing our choices, r el ationships, how l ife w or k s, and w hat k eeps us r epeating ol d patter ns.

My first creation of the kind manager and the office with the view was driven by fear and a desire to get out of a tough situation. The second manifestation, this perfect outworking of the Law of Attraction, was because I had surrendered to being in alignment with my Higher Self and the Divine Plan for my life.

And... how w ith the pow er of one conscious choice, w e can change, over come obstacl es and accompl ish our dr eams, br inging us mor e success and happiness than w e thought possibl e.

I was in. He could not fault my reasoning. I was to be the first woman in management training. After the meeting and his agreement that I join his group, I sat in my car speechless.


Then I realized that the only room in all of

engineering that I could have heard those magic words was in a place that others considered the ?arm pit? of engineering, a Siberia. In the three years I presented workshops for all levels of management, I was considered one of the top three trainers. And, the boss, who was so sure I would not be able to handle the job, put the CEO of the company in my workshop.

Karen Bowman?s journey began when she was able to heal herself of a heart attack with lifestyle changes at age 30. She believes that each of us have talents and abilities that are uniquely our own. And, that part of our purpose is to uncover and develop them for ourselves and the good of the world. Her coaching, writings, and seminars help individuals remove the obstacles that prevent them from being in alignment with their higher selves and living a life of joy. She is the originator of the ?Authentic Relationship Triangle? or A.R.T. and the author of three books: One Conscious Choice, the Power to Transform Your Life, Relationships and Make a Difference in the World; Look for me in June, Finding Your Pet After Rebirth, and Meeting Your Match, a Practical Guide for Finding Your Perfect Mate. You can find out more about Karen and connect with her through her website www.karenabowen.com.

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The Author 's mission is to teach ethical r el ationships, to r emind each per son of their pow er of cr eation and to assist them in r emoving w hatever obstacl es bl ock their path to ful fil l ing their hear t's desir e

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Cour t ly Conf idence: LOA ar r ives at t he U.S. Open!

Successful physical competition depends on the conditioning we provide our instrument, our bodies. To raise the effort into eligibility for the winner?s circle takes confidence in our bodies to achieve the win. To obtain that body confidence requires the practice of your personal body knowledge system.

By Coach St ephanie Wood, ICF PCC

Law of At t r act ion Pr inciples ar e publicly applied! During her Monday morning interview on ?Good Morning America,? the 19-year-old women?s U.S. Open champion Bianca Andreescu attributed her stunning victory to her positive energy toward constantly and consistently visualizing this outcome. She acted and applied the Law of Attraction. It takes confidence to commit to one of the most coveted titles in professional tennis---from childhood. This year?s U.S. Open women?s champion defeated the world?s # 1 greatest athlete to realize her dream as the youngest winner in the history of the tournament. Ineligible for 2018?s Open, unranked in this year?s contest, Bianca beat her idol Serena Williams in straight sets to realize the dream she had been visualizing for years. Going several steps farther to guarantee the realization of her goal, she imagined herself holding the winner?s trophy? probably seeing her name engraved in graceful script on the silver. In addition, she wrote herself a victor?s check from the U.S. Open in 2015 and every subsequent year, including this one. The only difference from her earlier visualizations and this year?s reality was the amount on the check! Body Confidence Boost Take 10 seconds to find out about YOUR Body confidence http:/ / www.bodyawe.com/ body-confidence-check-in/ Law of At t ract ion Techniques al ong wit h Body Conf idence creat es Vict ory! Her victory illustrates the boost the Law of Attraction provides those who acknowledge the efforts, energy, and yes, training that prepares the athlete for a top physical performance in the contest. Page 22

Get Your ?A? Game On! Your body knowledge system establishes the direct lines of communication between you and your body to take your talents from the practice courts onto center court in whatever arena you choose to compete! Whether launching your new business, trying for a promotion, or looking for love in all the right places, body confidence contributes to your ?A? game. "I?ve been visualizing ever since I was 12 or 13 when my amazing mother introduced me to it," Andreescu said. She continued to refer to the Law of Attraction throughout the rest of the interview when answering questions about her journey from off the radar in professional tennis to taking the center stage, standing in the spotlight holding the silver winner?s trophy. ?? the magnetic quality of energy to attract things into your life makes it important to focus on positive outcomes,? she said. Her gratitude extended to her parents and support staff for their belief in her abilities. She attributed the Law of Attraction as the vehicle responsible for the high quality of the members of her team who helped her achieve her goal. Magnetize Your Positivity with Body Confidence Magnetism, the force behind attraction, draws similar or improved outcomes into the individual?s reality. Those of us who express body confidence can?t avoid attracting like-minded into their sphere of influence. We agree there is strength in numbers and when a worthy goal needs accomplishing the more positive contributors, the faster it will be realized. · Let?s begin with you, and your relationship with your body. Any relationship can be improved with direct lines of communication and mutual respect expressed often in appropriate settings. · Let your body?s confident vibration team with your individual desires to achieve the body confidence necessary for the Law of Attraction to guarantee a successful outcome for all of your visions. · And it?s our body knowledge that supplies the positive energy to our mind to create a wonderful reality! Go forth and enjoy practicing! Stephanie Wood, ICF Certified Coach, PCC, Coaching you to take your talents out into the world with better body confidence and entrepreneurial skills. Coach, Author, Podcast. Website: Bodyawe.com Contact: coachstephaniewood@gmail.com Phone: 1-866-76-COACH. Listen to Radio show at https:/ / loaradionetwork.com/ body- confidence Page 23

What I Lear ned Fr om My 2 Near Deat h Exper iences

began pumping my chest and that was when the pain began. The pain was when I came back to this world, but not when I was in between worlds. I don?t know how much time it was, when there was no pain at all. It was very peaceful. It felt very good. This taught me what it feels like to let go, because when I was in the water, I completely let go. I let go of my breath. I let go of this world. And that was it. And it taught me that when it is time for me to go to another world, what it will feel like. It is a peaceful and a calm feeling of letting go. I learned that I don?t have to cling to this world when the time comes for me to leave. So one of those experiences taught me that there is another reality and what I was feeling shows me that reality. The other experience in the water, taught me what it feels like to let go, to absolutely let go, and to know that when I leave this world... not to be afraid. I think it?s different for different people. I believe that we have the experience that we need in that moment to help give us the tools that we will need from that point forward. At an early time in my life, my family had a very difficult time. My father was an alcoholic and our family was very dysfunctional. It was difficult for me since I?m the oldest. I was five and I have a younger brother who was only one at the time. The family dynamics were difficult for me, and I think it was a way for me to escape. But what I discovered was it was a way for me to be more in this world, because I learned I could feel. I could have a feeling that the world looked different and I could have a feeling that would be a calm, and a peaceful feeling of letting go. To be in this world, there is a tension that we hold that keeps us in this world all the time. It?s subconscious. It?s a tension. It says, oh, I?m here. When we?re awake, when we?re asleep, we hold that tension, but we don?t even know it, until we have the opportunity to release it. And when we release that tension, that is what it feels like.

Gr egg Br aden This is something I rarely talk about in public. I wrote about this 20 years ago in one of my books, and I have not talked about this very much. I had two near-death experiences, both of them in the same year of my life, when I was five years old. One of them was with electricity and I remember very consciously taking a wire, and with scissors I scraped the insulation off of this bare copper wire. I walked to an electrical outlet and I plugged both in the outlet. I was severely burned. Even today, I have scars. It?s black. My face was burned. My eyelashes were gone. My eyebrows were burned. It was in the middle of the day when it happened. My mother called the doctor, and they said, wait,here as I was placed in my bedroom for the doctor to arrived at the house. And while I was waiting, in broad daylight, I began to see things in my room that I did not see before the electrical experience. So the electrical shock literally shocked me into an awareness of another reality that I had not seen before. And for me, it was a very positive experience. It was the opportunity for beings in my room that were healing my body. One of them was behind me, where there should have been a wall and there was one of them at my feet. When the doctor arrived at my room, the burns were already beginning to heal. So it was an exceptional experience for me: it told me that there is another way to feel, and when I feel this way, the world looks different, its another way of seeing. Later in that same month, I was in a swimming pool. My mother was with me. She had gone with friends for a moment and I was left alone. I walked into the water in the shallow end, and as I began to walk the water was getting deeper and deeper and deeper, and I went to the very bottom of the deep water. I remember that it felt very peaceful. I opened my mouth, I let out the air, and this peace and calm came over me. I could see the beings that were with me again and they were telling me that I had to make a choice, that either I come back to this world or I go to another world, and it was my choice. It was my choice! And when I made a choice to be in this world, suddenly people were pulling me out of the water. They Page 24

Now, as an adult, I studied ancient traditions, indigenous traditions and native wisdom, and what I learned is that, in many traditions, when people reach old age, and it?s time for them to die, they don?t suffer. They call it conscious death. They simply let go. And the Egyptian traditions, on the temple walls, they actually talk about the ceremony of letting go, so conscious death is letting go. Since I learned that feeling for myself when I was very young, I don?t fear that time in my life. I?m not yet ready for it and I believe I will be here a very long time. I even told my mother after those experiences that I will be in this world for 200 years. And she said, why 200 years? And I said, because I want to see the change that?s happening in the world. Well, that was in the 1950s, and my mom says, what change? I said, the big change that will happen in the world. Now, we know, I have been with Tibetan monks, Tibetan nuns, that are 120 years old and they?re very healthy and very strong, and I expect they will continue to live as well. The best science now tells us that every organ in our body has the ability to heal itself, every organ, even the organs we were told could not (so brain tissue, spinal cord tissue, heart tissue, pancreatic tissue) ? all now are documented with the ability to heal themselves, given the right environment. And t hat environment is direct l y connect ed t o t hought s, f eel ings and emot ions, how we f eel about t his worl d. And if we are frightened, if we live in fear, that is a form of stress that steals the life from our bodies. If we?ve learne how to heal the stress, then our bodies are able to heal and reproduce more cells to heal themselves all the time. Now my mom?s health is declining and her memory has disappeared. I visited my mom the day before I came on this trip, and at first she doesn?t recognize me. And then I said, "Mom, it?s Gregg. " And she says, oh, you?re going to live 200 years. She still remembers that after all this time.

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Timesbest-selling author and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential! Visit GreggBraden.com Page 25

when the shell comes off (space and time), we still exist. The theory implies that death of consciousness simply does not exist. It only exists as a thought because people identify themselves with their body. They believe that the body is going to perish, sooner or later, thinking their consciousness will disappear too. If the body generates consciousness, then consciousness dies when the body dies. But if the body receives consciousness in the same way that a cable box receives satellite signals, then of course consciousness does not end at the death of the physical vehicle. In fact, consciousness exists outside of constraints of time and space. It is able to be anywhere: in the human body and outside of it. In other words, it is non-local in the same sense that quantum objects are non-local.

Quant um Theory Proves That Consciousness Moves To Anot her Universe After Deat h Follow ing Gregg Braden's art icle of his near deat h experiences, we t hought t his not only verifies but also expands on w hat Gregg learned.

A book titled ?Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe? has stirred up the Internet, because it contained a notion that life does not end when the body dies, and it can last forever. The author of this publication, scientist Dr. Robert Lanza who was voted the 3rd most important scientist alive by the NY Times, has no doubts that this is possible.

Beyond time and space Lanza is an expert in regenerative medicine and scientific director of Advanced Cell Technology Company. Before he has been known for his extensive research which dealt with stem cells, he was also famous for several successful experiments on cloning endangered animal species. But not so long ago, the scientist became involved with physics, quantum mechanics and astrophysics. This explosive mixture has given birth to the new theory of biocentrism, which the professor has been preaching ever since. Biocentrism teaches that life and consciousness are fundamental to the universe. It is consciousness that creates the material universe, not the other way around. Lanza points to the structure of the universe itself, and that the laws, forces, and constants of the universe appear to be fine-tuned for life, implying intelligence existed prior to matter. He also claims that space and time are not objects or things, but rather tools of our animal understanding. Lanza says that we carry space and time around with us ?like turtles with shells.? meaning that Page 26

Lanza also believes that multiple universes can exist simultaneously. In one universe, the body can be dead. And in another it continues to exist, absorbing consciousness which migrated into this universe. This means that a dead person while traveling through the same tunnel ends up not in hell or in heaven, but in a similar world he or she once inhabited, but this time alive. And so on, infinitely. It?s almost like a cosmic Russian doll afterlife effect.

Multiple worlds This hope-instilling, but extremely controversial theory by Lanza has many unwitting supporters, not just mere mortals who want to live forever, but also some well-known scientists. These are the physicists and astrophysicists who tend to agree with existence of parallel worlds and who suggest the possibility of multiple universes. Multiverse (multi-universe) is a so-called scientific concept, which they defend. They believe that no physical laws exist which would prohibit the existence of parallel worlds. The first one was a science fiction writer H.G. Wells who proclaimed in 1895 in his story ?The Door in the Wall?. And after 62 years, this idea was developed by Dr. Hugh Everett in his graduate thesis at the Princeton University. It basically posits that at any given moment the universe divides into countless similar instances. And the next moment, these ?newborn? universes split in a similar fashion. In some of these worlds you may be present: reading this article in one universe, or watching TV in another. The triggering factor for these multiplyingworlds is our actions, explained Everett. If we make some choices, instantly one universe splits into two with different versions of outcomes. In the 1980s, Andrei Linde, scientist from the Lebedev?s Institute of physics, developed the theory of multiple universes. He is now a professor at Stanford University. Linde explained: Space consists of many inflating spheres, which give rise to similar spheres, and Page 27

present even at the first moment of the universe during the Big Bang. ?In one such scheme protoconscious experience is a basic property of physical reality accessible to a quantum process associated with brain activity.?

those, in turn, produce spheres in even greater numbers, and so on to infinity. In the universe, they are spaced apart. They are not aware of each other?s existence. But they represent parts of the same physical universe. The fact that our universe is not alone is supported by data received from the Planck space telescope. Using the data, scientists have created the most accurate map of the microwave background, the so-called cosmic relic background radiation, which has remained since the inception of our universe. They also found that the universe has a lot of dark recesses represented by some holes and extensive gaps. Theoretical physicist Laura Mersini-Houghton from the North Carolina University with her colleagues argue: the anomalies of the microwave background exist due to the fact that our universe is influenced by other universes existing nearby. And holes and gaps are a direct result of attacks on us by neighboring universes.

Our souls are in fact constructed from the very fabric of the universe ? and may have existed since the beginning of time. Our brains are just receivers and amplifiers for the proto-consciousness that is intrinsic to the fabric of space-time. So is there really a part of your consciousness that is non-material and will

Soul So, there is abundance of places or other universes where our soul could migrate after death, according to the theory of neo-biocentrism. But does the soul exist? Is there any scientific theory of consciousness that could accommodate such a claim? According to Dr. Stuart Hameroff, a near-death experience happens when the quantum information that inhabits the nervous system leaves the body and dissipates into the universe. Contrary to materialistic accounts of consciousness, Dr. Hameroff offers an alternative explanation of consciousness that can perhaps appeal to both the rational scientific mind and personal intuitions. Consciousness resides, according to Stuart and British physicist Sir Roger Penrose, in the microtubules of the brain cells, which are the primary sites of quantum processing. Upon death, this information is released from your body, meaning that your consciousness goes with it. They have argued that our experience of consciousness is the result of quantum gravity effects in these microtubules, a theory which they dubbed orchestrated objective reduction (Orch-OR). Consciousness, or at least protoconsciousness is theorized by them to be a fundamental property of the universe, Page 28

live on after the death of your physical body? Dr Hameroff told the Science Channel?s Through the Wormhole documentary: ?Let?s say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing, the microtubules lose their quantum state. The quantum information within the microtubules is not destroyed, it can?t be destroyed, it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large?. Robert Lanza would add here that not only does it exist in the universe, it exists perhaps in another universe. If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the microtubules and the patient says ?I had a near death experience? He adds: ?If they?re not revived, and the patient dies, it?s possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul.? This account of quantum consciousness explains things like near-death experiences, astral projection, out of body experiences, and even reincarnation without needing to appeal to religious ideology. The energy of your consciousness potentially gets recycled back into a different body at some point, and in the mean time it exists outside of the physical body on some other level of reality, and possibly in another universe.

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New Show on Law of At t r act ion Radio Net wor k !

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Mast er Your Mind w it h Psychologist Dr. Er ik a Are you tired of the ?I can?t? mindset? The 'I?m not good enough mindset?' Do you feel like your negative thoughts control your life? If your limiting beliefs have led to feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, or an unfulfilled life, then you can learn to Mast er Your Mind. If you are ready to reprogram your mindset and live a life without limits, then you have come to the right place. Just tune in for 30 minutes and you will learn how to break free from the limiting mindset of anxiety, fear, victimization, depression, trauma, and self-hatred. Its easy to focus on Mastering your Mind by recognizing your limiting beliefs and identifying unhealthy patterns of behavior. Begin to challenge your current mindset by refocusing your attention to re-program your subconscious mind. Create the life that you always wanted! by learning how to 'Master Your Mind'

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Ser ving One List ener at a T ime Wit h Joy and Well-Being!

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The Tr ut h of Who You Tr uly Ar e By Joshua - Channeled by Gar y Temple Bodley An excer pt f r om ?An Aut hent ic Life? You were taught to be good. You were asked to be someone different than you really are. It was asked by your parents, teachers, your extended family, your siblings, your friends, your culture, and society as a whole. You were taught not to be bad. However, there is no good or bad, there is only the judgment of good or bad. There is no right or wrong, there is only the judgment of right and wrong. Since judgment is ultimately derived out of fear, the idea of good is derived out of fear along with the concepts of right, wrong, and bad. An authentic life is lived free from limitations imposed by irrational fear and free from the call to judgment. Who you really are is a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. There is no fear in that. The idea of limitlessness is one who is free from the limiting effects of fear. You came to this physical reality to expand through experiences, including the ones that brought up fear. Therefore, fear is a component in the expansion process and so we could say that fear is necessary and therefore, right. Fear can be seen as a good thing. Fear is what makes physical reality tangible. However, there are two types of fear and the distinction is rather important in the pursuit of an authentic life. There is rational fear and it is incorporated into your survival instinct. Without it, you would not last long in physical reality. You would take risks that could cause you harm or death. Rational fear is the fear of that which could cause you physical harm or death. Rational fear is extremely useful in certain situations such as those times you wish to fly off the top of a tall building without a parachute. Rational fear helps to prevent you from doing those things that could lead to death. While it may keep you alive, it is limiting. It limits you from attempting certain activities that while dangerous, might also be fun or exciting. Irrational fear pops up much more often than rational fear. An irrational fear is the fear around anything that cannot lead to your death. It is the fear of asking for a raise, asking for a date, speaking in public, or anything where the activity is unlikely to result in your death. If you can?t die or be physically harmed, then the fear is irrational. It is highly limiting, because it keeps you from doing those things you need to do when you need to do them. It causes you to play it too safe. It causes you to be different than who you really are. You cannot live an authentic life while succumbing to irrational fear. An authentic life is created by analyzing the fear as it comes up and categorizing it as rational or irrational. If the fear is rational, then the activity is dangerous and can be avoided. If the fear is irrational, then the fear is false and the activity can be completed. The action can be taken. An authentic person knows the difference between rational fear and irrational fear. To live an authentic life, you must strip away the limiting effects of irrational fear and take action when it is inspired. The authentic person lives a life of allowing and receives inspiration in the moment. When the inspiration to act is received, fear will almost always present itself. An inauthentic life is lived by feeling the fear and ignoring the inspiration. The fear is too great and the reward for taking the action appears to be too Page 32

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Let?s say your boss calls you into her office and reprimands you for something you did. You might feel fear, but since your boss cannot do you any physical harm, the fear is irrational. If you accept the fear and feel negative emotion, it means that you have projected this fear into the future and you have chosen a limited perspective. You might think she doesn?t like you. You might think you won?t get the next raise or bonus. You might even think you could get fired. However, these projections into the future are just stories you are fabricating and since they?re based on an irrational fear, they are completely and utterly false. Because you do not analyze the fear and realize it?s irrational, you try to coerce the conditions by behaving in a manner that your boss will approve of. You change yourself so that you fit into the persona that will cause your boss to appreciate your efforts so that you will not have to endure the negative emotion associated with her disapproval. Because you are now behaving differently, only due to your fear of her disapproval, which will cause you to feel negative emotion, you become an inauthentic version of yourself. You change who you are like a chameleon based on your perception of what others want from you. You do all of this because you fear negative emotion. It?s the negative emotion that causes you to be inauthentic. Actually, it?s not even the negative emotion itself, it is the fear of negative emotion that creates an inauthentic life. If you would like to live an authentic life, you will have to learn how to mitigate the fear of negative emotion.

Joshua House - Newton, NC small by contrast or comparison. The action itself may cause you to cross the boundary of what society deems appropriate, or what your parents think is good, or what your friends might approve of, or what your spouse will tolerate. Since you believe yourself to be good, you convince yourself that the action you are inspired to take conflicts with your idea of good and bad, or right and wrong and so you allow your fear to stop you. You limit yourself due to irrational fear. Since you are a limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance, these limitations imposed by irrational fear cause you to be somewhat less than who you really are. That is called ?inauthentic.? In believing you are good, you judge others as good or bad, right or wrong, depending on who they are and what they are doing at the time. The problem with judging others is that you must also judge yourself by comparison. If you label another as wrong or bad, then in those times when you perceive yourself to be wrong or bad, you will assume that other people are judging you. You can never know what anyone else is ever thinking, but you perceive what they are thinking yourself. You place thoughts in their minds. You make up stories. You convince yourself that they are either thinking good thoughts about you or bad thoughts about you. Since you are living an inauthentic life, you try to control how they perceive you so that you can feel good. You react to the condition that presents itself in your reality and you feel either good or bad as a result. If the conditions are good, you feel good. If the conditions are bad, you feel bad. Therefore, you must constantly work to create good conditions and avoid all the bad ones. This is a conditional experience of life and it is the basis of an inauthentic life. An authentic life is one where you choose how you feel regardless of the conditions. You feel good regardless of what is happening around you. The reason you might react by feeling bad is because you perceive something as wrong and this causes you to feel fear. That?s approaching life from a conditional standpoint and succumbing to irrational fear. The authentic person finds a way to see things as good or to feel good despite something that might otherwise cause fear. If there is no fear involved, there can be no negative emotion. All negative emotion is based in fear. Fear causes you to take a perspective that is limiting. Since you cannot know how something will play out, the fear is irrational and the perspective chosen from a place of fear is false. If the fear is irrational, then it is false and so is the limited perspective. Page 34

Do you see how you change your behavior around different people? You are one person around your mate, another person around your parents, another person around your friends, children, coworkers, and those you perceive to be authority figures. You act differently around those who you perceive to have more status and those you perceive to have less status. You judge people and then you compare yourself to them. You do all of this without the benefit of information. These are snap judgments and they are never accurate. You simply do not have enough information. If you knew the purpose of physical reality, why you?re here, and what you intended to do during this life, you would live an authentic life and you would not judge anyone, least of all yourself. You would have a much higher perspective. You would simply see things differently. Living an authentic life is living in your power as you intended. It is not done to gain fame, fortune, appreciation, or recognition. An authentic life is simply lived because that?s what you intended and it represents who you really are. You are not here to control the conditions or other people. You are here to live your life freely and to allow the conditions and the other people to be as they are and to consider it all perfect. Certainly, you will define preferences and birth new desires, but you will do so in an authentic way based on who you really are. The benefit of living an authentic life is the creation of the life you prefer and the ability to discover that which you intended to explore. This approach to life will bring you everything you truly desire. In an authentic life, you allow your true desires to unfold. In an inauthentic life, you create desires based on your need to be loved, to be appreciated, to be right, and to be good. You create false desires in the hope that you can create conditions that will make you feel good or be seen as good by others. This is inauthentic and it violates the laws of the universe. The inauthentic approach to life can never work. Only by living an authentic life can you ever hope to create the life you prefer. Page 35

Being authentic doesn?t mean saying or doing what you want regardless of the impact it will have on others. It isn?t being who you think you are. It isn?t just being one who is free to do and say what they want, when they want, and to whoever they like. That?s not it at all. An authentic life is lived by being true to who you are and realizing that you are perfect as you are and so is everyone else. It is understanding that people are neither good or bad, they simply are who they are and that is perfect. You are neither good nor bad, you are who you are and that is perfect. You do not ask anyone to be different than they are and you do not need to be any different than you are. You are perfect and they are perfect. There?s nothing wrong with them and there?s nothing wrong with you. You do not need to be fixed, nor does anyone else. Everything is right as it is. You might evolve to a new level of awareness, but you will never be more perfect than you are now. To live an authentic life, nothing about you must change other than your perspective. In our description of an authentic life, we seek to change your perspective; that?s all. You are not living life now in a way that we consider wrong, it?s just not authentic. There?s nothing wrong with living an inauthentic life, it?s just not compatible with the laws of the universe. You will never really get what you truly want by living an inauthentic life. You will expand through contrast and birth many desires whether you live authentically or not and therefore, that is a very good life indeed. However, you can also live in joy and allow all that you truly want to unfold naturally, easily, and elegantly. It?s not a matter of which approach to life is better, it all comes down to which approach to life you prefer. That decision is up to you. But before you make that decision, let us explain how physical reality works within the laws of the universe. With our love, We are Joshua

Joshua?s Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp is your chance to discover and integrate the key to engaging the Law of Attraction so that you can consciously create the life you desire. If you are feeling stuck in the Law of Attraction, it?s because you have not learned approach life in a way that allows you to maintain a vibration that is in harmony with all that you want. Reading LOA books, meditating daily, watching inspiring videos and listening to LOA podcasts will only take you so far. You must engage in a physical process. You must commit to a course of study that will change the way you think about yourself, the people in your life, and the world around you so that you approach it all from a radically new perspective. Have you found your soul?s purpose? This is what you are seeking. It?s right there waiting for you, but until you alter your set of beliefs, it will continue to elude you. Joshua?s Unlimited Abundance Bootcamp will reset your thought process, undo old programming, and radically change your entire approach to life so that you can become an Allower rather than a Controller. Once you truly become an Allower, you will finally become a vibrational match to the life of your dreams. https:/ / TheTeachingsOfJoshua.com Page 36

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Fo l l o w t h e T w in k l e Lig h t s?

blessed t he world wit h special women like you.? Reject ions t urned int o much bet t er opport unit ies. Chance encount ers have led t o very cherished and unexpect ed friendships. They were all small det ours and messages at t he t ime, but t oget her t hey have made all t he difference. These incidences alt er your course, only minut ely perhaps, and t hen you cont inue on your way. But if you t ake a closer look, wit h some t ime and dist ance bet ween you and t hese occurrences, you now see t hat t hese lit t le glimmers of coincidence are act ually all st rung t oget her, like st rings of t winkle light s, guiding your pat h. Your percept ion shift s. You see how t he dot s in your life begin t o connect , all linked t oget her by t hose st rings of t winkle light s. You underst and t hat t he t hings t hat happened in your past , bot h good and bad, were required t o get you t o your current dest inat ion. You begin t o see how everyt hing t hat happened was a blessing. Your fear begins t o melt int o fait h, and you have renewed appreciat ion t hat everyt hing has t urned out for your benefit . You can see t he magic and t he infinit e in t he small serendipit ies of life.

By Pa u l a K idd C a sey

You st art t elling a different st ory about how you lead a charmed and myst ical life. W hat you had previously perceived as failures are now t urned int o t ales of bravery, how you overcome obst acles and st ay t he course, how you slay dragons and ret urn home t riumphant . You claim your right ful place in t he cosmos and const ant ly become aware of, and appreciat e, all t he small t winkling messages from t he universe. These moment s now come fast er and more oft en, bringing bigger grins and bet t er choices. Soon t he t winkle light s are light ing each st ep you t ake.

Epiphany: a moment of sudden revelat ion or insight . W hen I t hink of at t empt ing t o writ e about a specific ?epiphany?in my life, I am, quit e frankly, at a loss. I equat e an epiphany wit h a bolt of light ning bringing sudden insight , or an out of body or near-deat h experience. I pict ure a large flashing light bulb appearing over my head wit h an arrow point ing t oward t he ?Trut h?. I would be disingenuous t o writ e a st ory about t his subject as I have never experienced such a revelat ion. I would also vent ure a guess t hat t his would apply t o a vast majorit y of people. But what I can do is share some ideas wit h which, I believe, ot hers can ident ify. Inst ead of t he ?light bulb" moment s I have what I call t he ?t winkle light ?moment s. Small coincidences t hat when t hey occur seem somewhat magical and demand my at t ent ion, if only for an inst ant . They cause me t o cat ch my breat h and wonder at t he serendipit y of life. I t hen, for a moment in t ime, feel a connect edness t o somet hing larger t han myself. Some examples t hat come t o mind include: a chance encount er wit h an old friend you were just t hinking about ; a book loaned t o you t hat has t he exact answer you were looking for; finding your keys in t he same place you have looked for t hem t hree t imes before; hearing a song on t he radio t hat soot hes your broken heart ; t aking a wrong t urn and ending up meet ing t he love of your life; or maybe what you t hought was a disast er t urns out t o bring somet hing wonderful. My life, in ret rospect , has so many t winkle light s I could be mist aken for a Christ mas t ree. I was st ood up by a blind dat e, but t hrough a series of misadvent ures ended up meet ing my husband. I received an email out of t he blue t hat led me t o my new profession. A post on Facebook allowed me t o t ake my business t o a much higher level. A beaut iful, lament ed bookmark appeared in a gut t er as I was at a low ebb in my life wit h t he quot e ?God Page 38

You fear not hing as you now have fait h in everyt hing. You are in const ant mot ion, growt h and love. Your world, your opt ions, your ideas, and your dreams are in cont inuous expansion. Your pat h, alt hough st ill just visible one st ep at a t ime, is guarant eed t o lead you home. And it all st art ed wit h one t winkle light , showing you a glimpse of t he infinit e.

Hey, maybe t his is an epiphany! Paul a Kidd Casey?known as The Lawyer of At t ract ion? ?has been a pract icing f amil y l aw at t orney f or over 39 years and was one of t he f irst women in t he midwest t o open a privat e l aw f irm. Like many driven ent repreneurs, Paul a spent years pursuing money and success at t he expense of her heal t h and peace of mind.. Af t er real izing her prof essional l if e was not bringing her joy and f ul f il l ment , she spent years t rying t o def ine her passion and t hen searching f or ways t o achieve it . Thousands of hours of st udy l at er, she discovered a l if e-changing t heory, The Nat ural Laws of t he Universe. Today, she l ives her passion based on t hese magical , yet scient if ical l y proven, concept s.. Paul a is a sought -af t er speaker and consul t ant f or successf ul prof essional s, individual searching f or more joy, and everyone who might be seeking great er bal ance, happiness,and peace in t heir l ives, but most import ant l y, who are seeking a pat h t o real izing t heir own passion and reignit ing t he magic. Visit her website at https:/ / TheLawyerofAttraction.com and listen to her radio show every week on Law of Attraction Radio Network! Page 39

Four Ways to Change your Thoughts Dr. Bruce Lipton

Globally, we are at this moment of diagnosis on the planet. We are standing in front of the doctor and they are telling us we are entering the sixth mass extinction. The shock of this has the potential to have humanity dig deeper than imagined and write a completely new program, unl eashing a rapid heal ing response across t he gl obe. How do we change our programs into our wishes and desires? 1. Hypnosis This is the way we learned our programs in the first 7 years of life. During this time the mind is operating in a low vibrational frequency like hypnosis. The theta state is very receptive and we do this two times every day: just before falling asleep and just before waking up. 2. Repet it ion Through repetition and the creation of "habits," the primary way we acquire subconscious programs after age 7. This can't just be sticky notes on the mirror. This must be f el t and experienced. This can be difficult if we are experiencing great contrast to the thing we want. Remember habits are by repeating something over and over and over again. Practicing, repeating, practicing! 3. Energy Psychol ogy (aka Super Learning) New belief modification programs that engage the brain's super-learning processes, allowing programs to be changed within minutes. Resources here and at the bottom. 4. High Impact Event s An individual may rapidly rewrite programs after an overwhelming or psychologically-traumatizing life experience (e.g., being diagnozed with a terminal illness). What 's t he cat ch and l ast piece of t he puzzl e?! Being Fully Present. Through the above four processes, we can rewrite destructive programs that occupy our subconscious field. All of us, yes including you, can safely and easily rewrite limiting subconscious programs using one of four fundamental ways to install new subconscious behaviors. We are not vict ims of anyt hing ot her t han t he programs we are opert ing f rom. Change t he programs you are operat ing f rom. If your subconscious programs mat ch t he wishes and desires of t he conscious mind, your l if e wil l be one cont inuous honeymoon experience (The Honeymoon Effect) f or as l ong as you l ive on t his pl anet . THINK beyond your genes! Sign up now to receive Bruce Lipton's FREE monthly newsletter, featuring news on Bruce's t eaching and t ravel s, and updates on the awakening t o higher consciousness that is currently underway around the world.

Pl ease visit Dr. Lipt on's sit e at ht t ps:/ / BruceLipt on.com

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Setting Goals is an Essential Part of Manifesting a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

However, one of the main reasons most people don?t get what they want is that they aren?t clear about what they want. Or they know it but do not recognize how to go about getting what they want. For example, ?I want a house on the beach? is not clear enough, it brings questions such as, what beach? In US, Mexico, San Diego, how large? How many bedrooms? Etc. Remember, be specific, vague affirmations produce vague results. if you are confused or not specific, you do not have clear focus, no clear focus means less of what you want. Experts on the field of success know the brain is a goal-seeking organism, and they tell us that for us to figure out how to get want we want, we must decide what we want first. Then once you are clear about what you want, the resources, the people, and the opportunities you need will start appearing to you, almost like magic. So, to start the process of getting clear, start by writing down what you want in the following seven key areas of your life (write down a minimum of 3 wants for each area): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Financial Goals Career/ Business Goals Free Time/ Family Time Health/ Appearance Goals Relationship Goals Personal Growth Making a Difference

Don?t limit yourself, think big! Do not worry about the 'how' right now, with time, the how will show up out the commitment to the 'what.'

By Dr. Toni Camacho The Law of Attraction a powerful law in the universe. Just like gravity, it is always working, always in motion. You are continually in a state of creation. You are creating your reality and your future with every single thought: either consciously or subconsciously. In short, the Law of attraction says: -

What you think about, focus on, and feel strongly about expands. Higher vibrational states (emotions) attract what we perceive as favorable circumstances, and low vibrations that we believe are adverse. Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled attracts what your heart desires. Gratitude is a powerful attractor and will transform all areas of your life.

After you are clear on what you want, the next step is to activate the Law of attraction, and you do this by converting all your wants into clear, specific goals. Research tells us that whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to figure out what needs to happen to make the goal a reality. Having a clear goal also activates the Law of Attraction, and you will begin to attract the resources necessary to accomplish the goal. For goals to work, they will need to be written down into a measurable objective. Measurable means: quantifiable, in terms of 'how much' and 'by when.' This is what is called a SMART goal. What are smart goal s: - Specif ic: Your goal must be clear and defined, not only to you but to others as well. It should be precise and detailed and answer questions instead of creating more. - Measurabl e: Include dates, exact financial numbers, and amounts. Your goal shouldn?t be 'make more money'; it should state a specific amount by a particular time.

So, if you focus on good and positive things in your life, you will automatically attract more of those things into your life as opposed if you focus on scarcity and negativity, then that is what you will attract more of that into your life. It?s that simple ? and that powerful.

- At t ainabl e: Your goal must be achievable. You should be able to accomplish it within the constraints of time, money, and environment, as well as your skills and abilities and other essential factors.

Once you understand how the Law of attraction works, you can start to consciously change your experience and create a better life for yourself. By focusing on positive feelings and on what you want your life to look and feel like you are intentionally choosing to create a better future for yourself.

- Rel evant : Goals should be in line with the direction that you?re heading. Keep your goals aligned with your vision, and don?t waste time with irrelevant goals that distract you from your real purpose.

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- Time-bound: Always set specific deadlines for the completion of your goal. Creating a target

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deadline creates accountability and gives you more motivation to keep moving forward. Exampl e of a SMART goal : to weigh 115 pounds by December 31, 2019 The next step after defining your goals, it is time to proceed with creating positive affirmations for each one of your goals or desires. It is best to work with or focus on two to three goals at one time. For best results: - Repeat affirmations three times per day. The best times are first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day, and before bedtime. - When you repeat your affirmation, also visualize experiencing what the affirmation describes. See the scene as you would see it if you were looking out at it through your eyes as if it were happening around you. - Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. How will you feel when you accomplish the goal? What will people be saying? What is around you? Who is around you? Picture it like if you were acting it out in a play. Ot her key el ement s t hat are essent ial t o creat ing a l if e beyond your wil dest dreams: - Believe it is possible. You must believe that you can do it regardless of what anyone says or where you are in life. - Release your fears and act when opportunities show up. Some things will seem like the magically appear, but; you will also need to take steps to make things happen, and the spirit/ universe will provide the necessary resources/ inspiration to make it happen. - Ask for and respond to feedback. Feedback is essential for us to know if we are on track or if we need to change directions. - Always act in a way that is consistent with where you want to go. - Practice persistence with patience. - Practice gratitude and appreciation. To manifest greatness, you must incorporate these principles into your life and clear any limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from achieving what you desire. Always remember that it is not about perfection; it is about practicing every day. Stay committed to the process and trust that you?re exactly where you need to be and that what you desire is on its way.

Toni Camacho is a Best-selling author, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) and Law of Attraction Coach in San Diego. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology. In her practice, she assists others in working through their physical or emotional blocks to attain optimal health, achieve their goals and dreams and improve their quality of life. https:/ / www.drtonicamacho.com/ Page 44

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regenerate whatever body part is needed whether that be brain matter, heart muscle, bone, etc. Next, I scanned your GI tract and ?saw? lots of Candida yeast. You most likely have been on steroids for your joint pain. These and other medications are known to decimate the gut biome by killing off the bacteria needed to keep a healthy ecosystem and thus a robust immune system. (Our immune systems are based our guts.) I energetically removed the yeast. I believe your yeast issues are contributing to the inflammation and pain in your joints and the bloating and other GI issues you mentioned. Now, here are a couple of suggestions:

Amy f rom San Diego, CA, asked: Hi Jul ie, I have t wo wrist s and knees t hat are "art hrit ic" and al t hough I?ve had X-rays, I do not have an act ual diagnosis yet . I?ve had a f ew bicycl e f al l s f rom grace and maybe t he physical impact has injured t hem. It has been over 2 years or more. In addit ion, I have a bl oat ed bel l y, chal l enging bowel s, painf ul knees and wrist s, I am underweight , and have f requent urinat ion issues. I am an ext remel y heal t hy eat er and I?m rel igious about st ret ching and moving my body. Any hel p pl ease? Thank you and bl essings! Amy Hi Amy, In order to get some information for you, I energetically connected to you in San Diego and got you on my ?radar? (pictured you in my mind?s eye). As you mentioned, your wrists and knees looked inflamed. That means I ?saw? (again in my mind?s eye) what looked like red fog over those body parts. Once I applied blue anti-inflammatory energy, I could ?see? what the doctors are calling arthritis. To me, arthritis looks like rock salt crystals in joints. Interestingly enough, that?s what it also looks like on the monitor in surgery when a knee or other joint is being scoped. I then watched an energetic healing happen where the arthritic crystals were removed and stem cell energy was applied to your knees to generate new cartilage. Stem cell energy looks like light amber colored gel with sparkles in it. It?s amazing stuff. It?ll

1) Consider getting a gut biome test done to determine the best foods for you to eat. Remember, food is the best medicine. 2) Stay away from sugar, and anything processed or fermented. 3) When it comes to food, think of it like this ? if God made it, eat it. If man made it, avoid it. Hope these healings and info help you feel better. Thanks for your question. These concepts are a part of what we learn in my Angelic Attendant Training class. You might want to consider joining us. The next class begins February 8th, 2020. Love to have you join us! Cindy f rom Aiken, SC, asked: Hi Jul ie, I l ive in SC and I l ove l ist ening t o your show. I have a quest ion about my deceased baby sist er and my deceased mot her-in-l aw. My sist er passed away 11 years ago of cervical cancer at t he age of 28 and l ef t behind 2 very young chil dren. Then, my mot her-in-l aw passed away 6 mont hs l at er of congest ive heart f ail ure at t he age of 58. Yest erday was my sist er's anniversary and as I was sit t ing in my rocking chair on my porch rel iving t he day she died, a brown but t erf l y showed up beside my f eet . It f l ew t o my f ront door and t hen t owards my f ace, circl ed my head and t hen f l ew away. I immediat el y f el t at peace and want ed t o know if t hat was her l et t ing me know t hat she was ok. Are my sist er and mot her-in-l aw ever around our f amil y and if so, are t here any signs when t hey're around? Thanks! Cindy

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Hi Cindy, My condolences on the loss of both your sister and mother-in-law. It sounds like you?re keeping your memories alive just by thinking of them. Regarding your question about whether they?re ever around you ? HELLO ? the brown butterfly was a big clue to say they sure are! The website Butterfly Insight says, ?Some believe that when a brown butterfly enters the house, it is the spirit or soul of a deceased loved one from the distant past. It can also mean that the actual soul of the individual is nearby?. The site went on to say, ?In some cultures, a brown colored butterfly symbolizes a new life or a fresh start.? Now, here?s my take on it.

home now and has f ul l weight bearing on her f oot . She decided t o go t o t he bat hroom wit hout her boot on in t he middl e of t he night l ast Friday and f el l . Our son saw her on Sat urday and Grandma Ryan t ol d him about her f al l . It was t he f irst I?d heard of it . My mom said t hat it was t he st rangest t hing. She said it f el t l ike she was pushed or shoved. She al so ment ioned t hat t his has happened bef ore and t hat it was as if some spirit / ent it y pushed her. My mom is a devout Cat hol ic and was hesit ant t o discl ose t he part about f eel ing l ike she was pushed by a spirit . Your t hought s?

Thanks in advance f or your guidance. First, our deceased loved ones send butterflies, Love, Marguerit e birds, dragon flies, etc. to let us know they?re around us. They don?t become the insect or animal, rather, Hi Marguerite, they communicate with the animal to be sure it?s seen by you. So sorry to hear about your mother?s foot challenges and especially about her fall. Second, that brown butterfly that greeted you on your porch was from your mother-in-law. She In order to get some information for you, I did an wanted you to know her spirit was with you as you instant replay of the scene. I energetically were recalling what must have been a particularly connected to you and then from you to your mom. painful time when your sister passed. What I watched was she was unsteady and her And speaking of your sister, she told me you think of Guardian Angel (big wings and all) tried to grab her her when you see a colorful sunset. She said as kids, so she wouldn?t fall. you used to enjoy watching beautiful sunsets. Perhaps at the beach? Anyway, she said when you Although she fell, her angel helped lessen the see a gorgeous sunset, know she?s with you. impact of the fall. As for them spending time together, they said yes, especially when they?re both around you and the family.

What felt like a push to Grandma Ryan (I had one of those) was actually her feeling the angel?s energy around her in what was an attempt to keep your mom from seriously injuring herself. Sounds like her Please consider reading my book Angelic Attendants: angel's intervention was successful. Hope this What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life clarifies things for you and for her. Into The Next. I believe you?ll find it informative, comforting and heart-warming. Ju lie Ryan , Psych ic an d M edical In t u it ive, can be h ear d on Law of At t r act ion Radio Net w or k Thanks for listening to my show and for submitting w it h h er popu lar sh ow , Th e Ask Ju lie Ryan such a touching question. Hope my answers give Sh ow. Ju lie w elcom es caller s ever y Th u r sday at you lots of peace. 8PM ET, 7PM CT, 5 PM PT by callin g: (712) 770-4160 - Access Code: 533677# . Marguerit e f rom Rochest er, NY, asked: Hi Jul ie, Please su bm it qu est ion s t h at m ay be an sw er ed I hope t his message f inds you wel l . My mot her, St ephanie Ryan, has had some heal t h issues t his summer, incl uding a bone inf ect ion which resul t ed in major f oot surgery and a t oe amput at ion. She is

on -air t o: w w w.Ask Ju lieRyan .com . To h ear all pr eviou s episodes, please visit h er sh ow page at h t t p:/ / loar adion et w or k .com / ju lie-r yan .

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Evidence Speaks Louder Than Words

books, watched more videos, and began meditating. She even told herself that if she ever had a chance to go to an Advanced Workshop, she?d go. Sure enough, this past April she found herself attending one of our advanced weeklong events in Mallorca. At first, she admits, she felt that she might not be worthy enough to receive a healing from her cancer. There are people here who are very sick and in wheelchairs, she found herself thinking. On the last day of the workshop she received the news that she was going to be one of the people in the center of a healing circle. She immediately felt immense gratitude simply by the fact that she was selected. For the entire week she had struggled with some of the meditations, as well as her ability to get beyond herself, but on that last day, when she walked into the room where our community gathered to deliver a coherence healing, she had the distinct feeling she was going to be healed.

By Dr. Joe Dispenza Three years ago, Eefje, a student of our community from the Netherlands, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Upon the news of her diagnosis, she followed the suggested protocol and had surgery. At first everything seemed fine, but several months later her cancer came back with a greater degree of severity and aggression. By this time, it had spread throughout her entire abdominal area. After reviewing her next set of scans, the doctors told her there was zero percent chance she was going to survive. Despite the news, she and her husband had a feeling the doctors were wrong. Eefje suggested to the medical staff that there was always a chance that someone could survive? and she truly believed it. The doctors apologetically disagreed with the couple.

Once her body was on the ground and the healers surrounded her, the healing began and her body started moving uncontrollably without ever being touched by anyone. Energy was affecting matter. This kind of arousal continued along with profound feelings of pure love. At some point she felt as if something or someone reached inside her and pulled ?something?out of her body. In that moment she had the thought, the cancer is gone. It?s lifted. She went home that night and told her husband she believed that she was healed? but she still had to prove it. And so she went to her doctors to receive the necessary tests, scans, and evaluations. Sure enough, she heard the words she never thought she?d hear from a person wearing a white coat. ?You know what?? the doctor said. ?There?s nothing to worry about. There is no single trace of cancer left in your body.? Not only did Eefje imagine she could be healed, she imagined herself telling her story on stage in Cancun. But don?t take my word for it. Listen to her tell her story in her own words. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUQPcMhQWUs&feature=youtu.be

Please visit Dr. Joe Dispenza website by going to:

Eefje immediately changed her diet, underwent chemo, and did everything else that was expected under such circumstances. Despite all of her efforts to address her cancer with conventional treatments? as matter to matter? her condition continued to worsen during this time. Even though the doctors?grim news remained unchanged, she still wanted to believe she could overcome it.

https:/ / drjoedispenza.com/ Learn about his weeklong workshops...coming to an area near youYou

?Whatever you do, you?re not going to survive. You might live a month longer but that?s about it,? she was once again told. In so many words, the doctors advised her to go home to take care of her affairs. One day not long afterward, while browsing Youtube, she came upon one of my lectures and the information she heard resonated with her. Having nothing to lose, she bought my Page 48

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You Are Your Brain By Dr. Mahmoud Rashidi, M.D

Your brain is the most complex biological and physiological organ there is. It has the greatest computational capacity in the universe. Your brain controls every moment of your life. It controls what you think, say and do. Your brain controls your life when you are awake or sleep. Most of this control is subconscious. Your subconscious is what your brain has learned from your experiences and that has become your habits. Your Habits are parts of the structure of your brain. They are the wiring in your brain, and they become activated with the same stimuli and even the same time that they usually happen. As an illustration, let me tell you about an experience that happened a couple of weeks ago. After reading this, you will understand the power of your brain and subconscious and how it can run your life a little better. I usually wake up very early in the morning to study and write and then I sleep about half an hour. I set my alarm clock to wake up at 5:45am to wake up my children to get ready for school. one morning I was dreaming that it was already 7:00 am and my children were doing their homework and my wife was cleaning the house instead of taking the children to the school. I was very upset and agitated, because my children should have already left for school. I suddenly woke up and I noticed that already was 6:00 am. When I checked why my alarm clock did not ring at 5: 45 am, I noticed that I failed to reset my alarm when I first woke up in the morning. When I did not wake up like every day at 5:45 am, my brain noticed that and tried very hard to wake me up. My brain also knew that this is very important for me to wake up on time that my children could get to school on time. All your habits, memories, values are stored in your brain. If you look at your own life you will see many of evidences of how your brain runs your life based on your habits. One of them is when you drive somewhere that you usually go, but really you wanted to go somewhere else. More significantly is that we can plan for the day and end up doing the same things as the day before. This means that your results will not change, and your life will stay the same.

Dr. Mahmoud Rashidi, MD, FRCSC, FACS is one of the few neurosurgeons in the world who teaches people how to use their thoughts to help them to heal. He is the author of the book, MIND MEDICINE: Use Your Thought s t o Heal. He has been interested in the human brain, thoughts and healing for many years. He graduated as the top student from medical school. He studied neurosurgery at the University of Toronto, Canada. He had brain surgery himself during his neurosurgery training in 1997. He healed and became a pediatric and adult neurosurgeon in 2002. He has spent many years in academic and private neurosurgery practice, seeing thousands of patients. He founded MIND MEDICNE LLC in 2014, a company dedicated to researching, teaching about the effects of our thoughts on our health and ability to heal. www.mindinmedicine.com Page 50

Take Law of At t r act ion Magazine ever ywher e you go! Eit her Pr int OR Digit al Always Fr ee Digit ally!

ht t p://Lawof At t r act ionMagazine.com To see all pr evious issues, visit ht t ps://Law Of At t r act ionMagazine.com/magazine-issues Become a pr int subscr iber : ht t ps://www.Law Of At t r act ionMagazine.com/pr int Page 51

Nov./Dec. 20 19

Ast r ology For ecast Manish Kumar Ar or a ManishAst r ologer @r edif f mail.com Aries (21 March ? 19 April ) ? You can focus more on your dreams, and feel good about your futureYou want to be with people who are of the same mind as you, and who share the same causes and beliefs.Your mind and emotions become intertwined, and you can convey your emotions more easily. You like nurturing and encouraging others, and can be more supportive of your loved ones. This is a good time to redecorate your home, and you want to make your home more beautiful You?re driven to improve your relationships and have more commitment in your life. You expect more from others, and want them to show they?re committed to you and the relationship. Favorabl e Dat es: Nov 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Dec 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26 Favorabl e Col ors: Yel l ow & Whit e

Taurus (20 April ? 20 May) ? This is a great time to accomplish a goal if you don?t get too caught up in it. You can get closer to where you want to be, and get further along your life path. You may be recognized for your work, praised, or promoted.You can successfully combine practical matters and more fanciful ones in this period. If you?re in a relationship, you can be more romantic and affectionate with your partner. If you?re single, you can attract more people to you, and you crave a committed relationship, not a casual one. This will be an enjoyable time, stormy, and full of passionate declaration of love. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 3, 5, 12, 14, 21, 23 Dec 1, 3, 10, 12, 19, 21 Favorabl e Col ors :Yel l ow & Red Gemini (21 May ? 20 June) - You want to be nurtured and supported, and will give support to others as well. You can come across as motherly, encouraging, and sensitive. Good behavior and choices are rewarded, and bad ones are punished severely. You can see your dreams come true, or have them fall apart before your very eyes. You enjoy stimulating your mind and connecting with people intellectually. You want to share ideas and thoughts, gossip, and have lively conversation with others. Any ?crisis? occurring in your work at this time is simply clearing the way towards better work conditions. Carefully watch your spending and financial dealings and avoid speculation in shares. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 5, 8, 14, 17, 23, 26 Dec 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23 Favorabl e Colors :Green & Grey Cancer (21 June ? 22 Jul y) ? You may seem more idealistic and more open to other people from different backgrounds. You can come up with a new idea that?s innovative and unusual, and try to be different from everyone else. You can join a new group, take up a new cause, make a new friend, or come up with a new dream for your future.You can also focus on your spirituality, the metaphysical, or your subconscious. This is a good time to redo any work in your home that wasn?t done right before, or to revisit an issue with your family that needs to be dealt with. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26 Dec 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27 Favorabl e Colors :Green & Bl ue Leo (23 Jul y ? 22 August ) ? You want to experience life in new ways, expose yourself to other languages, cultures, and beliefs, and travel to new places. If in a relationship, you can try to infuse some new life into it by doing something new with your partner. You just need to watch for taking on too much and running yourself down. Stress can also impact you more physically, so try to manage your stress levels. You want to connect more with people below the surface, craving more intimacy in your life.This is a good time to focus on your health, and you can do what you need to do to make yourself healthier. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 3, 5, 12, 14, 21, 23 Dec 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Favorabl e Colors :Green &Yel l ow Virgo (23 August ? 22 Sept ember) - You crave more freedom and independence. This is a good time to travel to a faraway place. Writers can be more inspired. If in a relationship, you can bring more romance in. If single, you can attract more people who catch your eye. You find pleasure in indulging in your senses, and can treat yourself to rich foods, fine wine, great music and art. In November, the temptation to borrow from the future, combined with unrealistic expectations, can lead you down the wrong road. Ups and downs come from the need to frequently discern between fact and fancy. Finding a middle ground is the key. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 4, 9, 13, 18, 22, 27 Dec 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27 Favorabl e Col ors :Whit e & Bl ue

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Libra (23 Sept ember ? 22 Oct ober) - This is a good time to do research, to review financial arrangements, to take back an old financial partner, or to transform yourself in a way that you tried before or have wanted to try before.You?re better at dealing with life in the abstract, but you can come up with innovative and unique solutions to problems. If attached, you can be more traditional with your love tokens, but also less affectionate. You?re driven to improve your relationships and have more commitment in your life. You expect more from others, and want them to show they?re committed to you and the relationship. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 1, 9, 10, 18, 19, 27 Dec 2, 6, 11, 15, 20, 24 Favorabl e Col ors :Whit e & Purpl e

Scorpio (23 Oct ober - 21 November) - The most successful area of application will be in the field of self-fulfillment both as a professional and as a creative personality, Career and finances are strong in November but be careful that you don?t let runaway optimism lead you to take on more projects than you can handle, as you?ll likely feel the pressure in the second half of November.You?re more serious when you?re taking time off, and can be a little intense. If in a relationship, you can be more passionate with your partner. If single, you want to be with someone, but you want it to be intense, not a casual fling. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Dec 6, 7, 15, 16, 24, 25 Favorabl e Col ors :Red & Green

Sagit t arius ( 22 November - 21 December ) - You can come across as more analytical, discriminating, and disciplined. You can take on a more important role in a group you belong to, or you can walk away from one you?ve been with for some time. You?re concerned with your future, and what?s to come for you.With focus, you can make enormous progress in your work. You are likely to deal with romantic illusions. Some of you will have to face a sudden burst of romantic emotions and will greatly regret that they are no more free. You would be a little more dramatic with your emotional displays, especially with loved ones .Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 2, 4, 11, 13, 20, 22 Dec 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22 Favorabl e Col ors :Red & Whit e

Capricorn ( 22 December ? 19 January ) - This can be a good time to deal with any joint finances, debts, loans, inheritances, or to form a business partnership with someone. You can also decide to make a transformation of something in your life, You want to experience life through your senses as much as possible, and it makes you more sensual and earthy. You also avoid change, not wanting to do anything differently. You might try to bring more balance into your career though. If single, you could meet someone through your career or get involved with a boss or mentor. If in a relationship, you can be more dreamy and romantic with your partner.Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 1, 5, 10, 14, 19, 23 Dec 1, 8, 10, 17, 19, 26 Favorabl e Col ors :Bl ue & Whit e

Aquarius (20 January ? 18 February) - You?re more ambitious, and you want to succeed. All of your focus can go toward accomplishing a certain goal at the expense of everything else in your life. Be careful of too much tunnel vision.You?re more focused on your mind, and you want to connect with other people mentally. You also feel more scattered, and you can be more fidgety and nervous. November is a good time to make improvements in your home, redecorate or renovate, or to move. You also have more energy with your family, and can feed off of them.You?re more imaginative and compassionate. You can come across as sensitive, intuitive, and quiet. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Dec 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Whit e Pisces ( 19 February ? 20 March ) You can see a surge in energy. This is a good time to redo your budget, revisit a financial plan or planner, or buy something refurbished. Business activity, acquired self-confidence and trust in colleagues will help you get rid of the most boring and insignificant projects. All long-term projects one way or the other will demonstrate their success. If in a relationship, you can be more romantic and spend more time with your partner. If single, you can attract more people of interest to you. You can indulge more, and require more balance in your life to enjoy yourself.Your family will have peace and tranquility. Favorabl e Dat es : Nov 3, 7, 12, 16, 23, 25 Dec 1, 3, 8, 11, 20, 24 Favorabl e Col ors : Red & Purpl e

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Law of Attraction Magazine, Holiday Issue!  

This is a great issue! Gregg Braden talks about his near-death experiences at age 5. Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about how to change your thou...

Law of Attraction Magazine, Holiday Issue!  

This is a great issue! Gregg Braden talks about his near-death experiences at age 5. Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about how to change your thou...

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