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State of Mind Productions dedicates their work to the surfing industry and ocean sports. They strive to create fresh films and motion pieces that change your perspective. They love being part of the handmade versus digital battle. State of Mind Productions is all about creating new and innovative projects that change your State of Mind. This is a case study about the creation of three motion graphic teasers that promote and display the different types of projects that State of Mind Producitons can create and achieve.










The story behind this motion teaser was to create the “Secret Island” that every surfer longs for. In todays day and age surfing has become a very popular sport and it continues to grow. Surfers long for finding hidden surf spots with untouched waves and golden beaches. Because of my current location in Vancouver it would be difficult for me to fake a beautiful tropic beach at Jericho beach. So instead I created my own island with my two hands. The process for building a miniature set was new to me. In my younger years I always enjoyed building lego and creating stop motion pieces. This was a little different because there are no real instructions on what direction you should take on building a set. Online I found different techniques and also a local hobbyist store gave me some guidance. Building it was a fun experience, I would definitely build a set again. The main trouble for building it was budget, I wish the school had given me a budget so that I could build the set bigger and put it in a tank of water. Shooting was a fun experience, but working with very shallow depth of field is crazy, because the focus zone is only a tooth 013

pick thick focus zone. Camera movement is key when working with a smaller environment. You also need a heavy tripod to help keep the camera from shaking as you try to pull focus. When I first started this project I didn’t know how to properly handle 60fps and convert it to 24fps, but now I have learned and slowing down the frame rate helped remove the camera shake. Dry ice for sfx was awesome, dry ice is always fun to work with and it did a great job for creating volcanic smoke.






The thing that I liked most on this project was working on three different types of motion teasers. That helped me stay fresh and motivated, unlike working on one solid video, it gets tiring after awhile working on one individual video. The process was very different compared to the island set. Here I had done a lot of revising on storyboards for the main 3D graphics intro and outro. The animation was somewhat basic to do but when creating it I had run into one main problem. In order to have the text break into pieces I had to use a plugin called Xbreaker, which breaks any object into several pieces. I would be able to run the plugin, but once I started to animate, Cinema 4D would crash. So I had to use the school computer to recreate the animation, but the school didn’t have the plugin so I had to transfer the file back and forth between my laptop and the school computers. Another challenge with this video was that I had absolutely no surf footage. Where am I supposed to film surfing when there is absolutely no surf culture in downtown Vancouver. Luckily I had an outsource, my girlfriends brother who is a sponsored surfer had footage of 019

himself that he was willing to give to me to use. Before I got the footage from Hawaii I had completed the 3D animation intro and outro, so all I needed to do was edit the footage once I got it in the mail. Editing surf footage was fun, first time to actually put a surf video together and I really enjoyed the editing process. The only thing that I would have changed about this video would be having me film the surfer instead just so that I had different types of shots to work with during the editing phase. But with out Jason Cuevas I would have no footage. Much Thanks!



Here I wanted to mimic how the microfiche reacted and moved. I also wanted to state what the definition of a wave was, because I had never actually know the definition by book. The way they explained it was interesting. From here now I needed to film waves. This was a problem because there are no waves in Vancouver. Some of you maybe thinking that I was crazy to take on this project not living in a surf location. I eventually did find waves to film. Jericho beach had perfect barreling waves. They looked very nice but they were only maybe 10 inches high at the very highest. So composition was very important, I needed to make these waves seem ten times bigger


than their actual size. Filming in 60fps was necessary so that I could slow the frame rate down and give the waves a mysterious feel. Next was animating in after effects, which was simple once you had reference of a real microfiche. I had the video look like photos, and had the text displaced in 3D space so that you as the viewer could look through the viewfinder and travel through the definitions.




State of Mind Productions: Case Study  

A Case Study on State of Mind Productions

State of Mind Productions: Case Study  

A Case Study on State of Mind Productions