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CHAPTER - 1 Introduction: 1.01 Objective of the report Main Objective: The main objective of this study is to prepare a project report (which is a partial requirement of the MBA program) on the specified topic working within an organization implementing the knowledge that have been gathered over the past few years. Specific Objectives: 1. One is to briefly look at pacific Bangladesh Telecomm Limited and understand their whole marketing process to analyze the existing marketing blend of City Cell keeping close attention on their culture 2. To identify the customer satisfaction level concerning call center of City Cell. Where some issues like to be able to identify a guideline as to how short-falls may be overcome and how the strong points of the services provided by City Cell digital can be enhanced in the mind of customers. 1.02

Scope of the study This report limits its scope is Head office of pacific Bangladesh Telecomm Limited, Dhaka.

1.03 Methodology: This report explores both the descriptive and quantitative analysis, which was administered by collecting primary and secondary data. Description of something marketing characteristics of function and also the description of phenomenon or characteristic associated an object population. The report tried to evaluate the customer preference on prepaid connection, why the customers use, like this connection. Before going in to the deep study, conceptual structure was visualized under which study was conducted. In preparing a report about the customers preference is a difficult and complicated task and no single method is appropriate for preparing the report. For this reason, a number of procedures have followed to prepare a meaningful report. The methodology of the task can be depicted as follows. 1.04

Sources of data: This study covered two types of data, which are: • •

Primary data Secondary data

Primary Data: Primary data was collected through a telephone survey, conducted specially for this report. Secondary Data: Going through different documents and papers developed by the company personnel and by others are the sources of secondary data. 1.05

Collection procedure of data: Telephone survey over the client was the primary tool used in collecting information. Interview with the Customer have done through questionnaire to discuss about the related matters before preparing the repot. Executives and agents of City Cell from call center division were the main sources of secondary data.


Analysis of data: Collected data are analyzed by using percentages, graphs to draw the conclusion. All the data have shown in tabular form.


Study population:


The first step of the sampling design is to define the study population. Where the total customer of about near about 12, 00,000 and segment where considered as the population in the report. The sample was random within the existing clients. Sampling Method: To investigate the factors for customer’s preference, Non-probability sampling procedure has been used. The sampling unit was selected through convenience sampling: where the selection of the sampling unit is left primarily on the interviewer (Malhotra, 2001). There is no appropriate structure or framework that can aid to select the sample. Farther, these procedures are both time saving and inexpensive.


Sample size: The total sample size for the study was 550.


Data collection Method: The data was collected through questionnaire survey over telephone. Where the interviewee implicitly get the information from the interviewee out of their query.


Coding, Tabulation and Analysis Procedure: The response of the respondent will be entered into the computer for tabulation and analysis. Microsoft Excel will be used to analyze the data.


Limitations: The study is not free forming some practical limitations. Following limitations have faced during the study and the time of working & data collection. • Time is the main limitation for my study.


Workload during the project program at the work place was also a barrier to prepare this report.

Due to lack of research experience, some errors might be occurred during the study. Therefore maximum efforts have given to avoid mistakes.

Time line for the Research:

July 2007 Beginning of literature review, formulating research objective, conducting introductory chapter are including detailed context of the study as well as development of research design. August 2007 Data collection, emphasizing on the methodological part as its is initial stage and primary data analysis and preparing data presentation.

CHAPTER – 2 Organization Company profile: 2.01 Overview CITY ELL DIGITAL is Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd; the pioneer company in the mobile telecom business who started operation in 1993. Over the years the mobile telecom sector has changed significantly with the emergence of strong competitors like Grameen phone who currently how currently hold 65% of the market share. CITY CELL’S DIGITAL followed a premium pricing strategy right from the beginning. However, recently they have decreased their prices and have started serving other (lower income) market segments in order to be competitive. Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. PBTL in short, is one of the companies of pacific Group. The pacific group indulges in diversified businesses including. 

Banking (Arab Bangladesh)

Automobiles (Pacific Motors)




Telecommunication (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.)

Their Foreign partners include MOTOROLA and FUJITSU

2.02 History

In October 1990, Hutchison Bangladesh Telecom Limited (HBTL) was as a joint venture between Bangladesh Telecom Limited (BTL) and Hutchison Whampoa (Hutchison) of Hong Kong. In March of that year BTL had been issued a license by Bangladesh Telegraph and Telecom Board (BTTB) for operating cellular, paging and other wireless communication networks. The joint venture agreement with Hutchison gave HBTL the right to use BTL`s cellular license while Hutchison would provide financial support to BTL. However, there ensued a legal dispute between BTL regarding the refusal of BTTB to provide public switch Telecommunication Network (PSTN) channels that ensured connectivity to the BTTB network. The Supreme Court then ruled in April 1993 that BTTB would have to provide PSTN connections to HBTL, but also that BTL would have to transfer the cellular portion to license to HBTL. BTTB gave HBTL the PSTN connection in August 1993 and HBTL began commercial operation of the fist cellular telephone service in Bangladesh in the some month, How ever, by time Hutchison decided to think twice about its commitment in Bangladesh and once the court case was over, the owners of BHTL decided to sell their stakes in company. HBTL`s shares were divided into tow parts. Type A, which was held by BTL and Type B, held by Hutchison. Each type of share represented 50% title of BHTL, and ranked pari passu in all matters. Pacific Motors Limited (PBL) bought the type A shares while Hong Kong based financial investors Far East Telecom Limited bought the Type B shares. On 12th February 1996, HBTL was renamed pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited PBTL uses the brand name City Cell Digital to market its cellular products. In order to boost the financial and also the managerial strength of PBTL, the shareholders of PBTL has recently (June 2000) completed the transaction under the agreements in which Fujitsu limited, Japan and Asian Infrastructure Development Company (AIDEC), established in Cayman Islands, would acquire 10% and 20% equity shares in PBTL, respectively.

With this acquisition of shares in PBTL by Fujitsu Limited, a Global Fortune 500 company, they have further strengthened their presence In Bangladesh and also have demonstrated confidence as well as their commitment to the Bangladesh market. Fujitsu has long been supplying Microwave link and telecommunication solutions in Bangladesh being 10% equity shareholder of the company Fujitsu is in position to nominate 1 (one) Director to the Board of PBTL.

2.03 Organization hierarchy: Chairman

Vice Chairman



Departmental CHIEF



2.04 Achievement & performance: Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited has consistently set the benchmark of the Telecom industry in Bangladesh. • • • •

First to launch Mobile phone in the Sub-continent. First to adopt CDMA technology in the sub-continent. First ever-private wireless network in Bangladesh. First to connect Cox`s Bazar to rest of the world.

Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited Technological up gradation has constantly become setting standard for other service provider in the country. They upgraded their network from the AMPS to the state of art CDMA Technology. New they can boast of the SDH microwave network connecting area between DhakaChittagong and Dhaka-Sylhet. 2.05 Objectives, Vision, Mission, and strategies of pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd: Objectives: The business strategy of City Cell is focused around two objectives: • •

To achieve growth and sales above sales above industry average. To continue to diversify its business to ensure enough cash flow for future investments.

Vision: To continue to be the leader in the Telecom industry in the region is provide a complete communication solution to our customers with a smile. In may be noted that there is an emphasis on strong customer relations. This is important to City Cell especially as, unit recently; they positioned their packages as high-end packages. This means that they need to promote their packages especially to corporate and business users. Such customers will require strong support for brand loyalty to develop. Mission: The Primary mission of City Cell Digital is to be: ‘The most successful cellular, paging and other wireless service is provider in Bangladesh by virtue of having greater operating expertise.”

The mission statement puts in to perspective a few points about City Cell Digital. Their inherent emphasis on quality is not cheapness of services. The first priority is to provide a high-end service that can be used for both commercial and personal use. Strategic Goals: The current strategic goal of the company is occupy a unique position in Bangladesh in the telecom sector. One way to achieve this is to develop a strong subscriber base to be able to penetrate in the markets with other attractive products. The ways to ensure a strong subscriber base is to: • Ensure quality service • Providing customers with the best products available • To increase market share by expanding the network This latter coupled with the business objectives signals that even after all this time City Cell is still an expanding company. This shows in their network coverage in their website. PBTL is divided into a number of crucial divisions:

PATL Administration

Customer Service Operation HRM Marketing Finance Engineering

Departments and their activities: 2.06 Marketing Department Marketing goals: Essentially the main marketing goal is to capture a signification market segment that will yield maximum revenue by means of passing on directly or indirectly high-end cellular phone service. By indirectly refer to the Tellular or Fixed Wireless package by which many clients provide telecom service to their locality. The rates of this package may be low but this

is offset by the high frequency of usage and the strong support that is claimed to be provided by City Cell. The office of the CMO is responsible for coordination of marketing activities across the company and to provide top- level management with an overall picture of the market situation. The marketing department is then divided into two broad categories. •

Sales: This department is responsible for setting up to the sales channels and mechanisms by which the service packages are actually sold to the customers. Another section also deals with the sales to corporate clients that are handled as high priority sales as a matter of course,


Corporate Sales: There is a separate office of assistant vice-president for corporate sales who is also responsible for corporate customer relation. Corporate customers are giving high priority in terms of sales also in terms of after sales service. Of course this is due to the high usage and need for good long-term goodwill with such corporate clients. This department however deals mainly with sales to corporate customers and maintenance of relations with both current clients as well as scouting out potential new corporate clients, whereas the after sales service and other issues are dealt with by the customer services operations section of the company.

2.07 Channel Management: The assistant vice present responsible for channel management has the very important job of setting up marketing channels by which packages are distributed among clients and by which feedback is obtained from customers. This department is responsible for the selection of new dealers and motivating them and current dealers to promote city cell packages to their respective areas. This department is also responsible for seeing that there is an excellent support network for each dealer and that they are satisfied with their monetary or otherwise remuneration. Each dealer is a business partner and not a surrogate arm of the company. They are given the marketing tools to act as if they were branches of city cell in there respective areas. This department is also responsible for checking that each dealer does not cut into the sales of another dealer does not cut into the sales of another dealer in a very proximal region.

2.08 Product Marketing: This department is responsible for the process of promoting City Cell products and also designs of new packages. This is done after extensive market research and understanding the requirements of each targeted market segment.

Product promotion: The chief responsibility of this department is logically, promotion and communication of new products and product ideas to customers both directly through selection of advertising media, then dissemination of information by means of advertisements, and indirectly through dealers by providing them with promotional material. This department is also responsible for public relation that does not include corporate relations. This is handled, as we have seen, by other departments. The responsibility of this department is immensely important especially in the introduction stage of a package for customers. They also provide help for other departments such as the front office and services marketing in order to promote City Cell packages to both current and new customers. This helps very much in handing cases of dissatisfied customers and also in case of adjusting customers with old packages who have to be convinced to upgrade their packages to the new ones on offer. The company sub-contracts its promotional materials production to local companies. A regular number of events are held to integrate promotional activities with public relation exercises to enhance the image of City Cell Digital and better promote the packages on offer. Product & Tariff design: This sub-department is responsible for the design of packages and the fixing of tariff rates that are actually the rates of usage for each package. This department is also responsible for the coordination of market research for the whole company. They will integrate knowledge gleaned from extensive market research into the design of new packages that fulfills the needs of customers. This is done very frequently as the needs of even the most stable of customer segments change and the company has to change the tariff structure of its offered packages accordingly. The overall structure of the marketing of the marketing departments and sections of City Cell has been advantages and disadvantages in terms of organizational Structural and respective functionality. 2.09 Customer Service Operations (CSO): Vice-President (CSO): The CSO is responsible for coordinating all customer support activities. His primary task is to ensure that challenging goals are set for each sub窶電epartment according to the organizational aims and each employee understands his or her role in supporting the customer. Assistant Vice-President Billing: His responsibility is to coordinate the various billing activities that include bill generation, posting of bill through courier and also management.

Revenue generation: This department is responsible for the actual process of preparing the bills for all the customers and the posting of those bills by means of the courier services or by post whichever is applicable at the necessary time to allow for delivery time and payment by customers. 2.10 Risk Management: The primary responsibility of this department is to check usage against credit limit. This department has authority to deactivate lines should a customer’s usage exceed his allotted or paid credit limit. This department is also responsible for entering the various invoices received in a batch against the various customer accounts. Assistant Vice-president Service Delivery Primary responsibility of this official is to ensure smooth coordination between the activation, servicing and bill collection activities. He is responsible for there very crucial activities tat form a comprehensive part of the life cycle of an in-service mobile phone package, i.e. the process of usage by a customer. 2.11 Front Office: The importance of a good front office can never be over-stated. It is the face of the company as by the customers, both current and potential. There is a significant amount of coordination carried out with sales and other relevant departments of Marketing in order to smoothly carry out all the functions of the front office. The brand new Front Desk spans an area of over 4,000 sq. feet. Which is approximately five times the earlier Front Desk, and has sixteen service counters? A queue management system has been installed to ensure that customers are served quickly. The queue management system distributes the customer loads based on information and services they require. This ensures smooth operation and minimum waiting time for the customers. Customers approach the reception area of the front desk and inform the attendants of their desired request or service. A token is generated based on the request and handed over to the customer. In the front office various activities are carried. Out-sales, servicing, billing and customer relations the latter refers to the handling of done to the numerous queries from customers in a very positive way. All this must be done to ensure excellent customer relations-vital for a service-oriented company.

2.12 Account verification/activation:

This section is responsible for the coordination across the board of data required to activate or alter a customer account. The other department delivers customer forms filled up and ready to open a new account. This is then verified and cheeked here before an account is activated in the customer’s name. Some of the main reasons behind this are to check against fraud and to check that taxes re paid on sets brought in from abroad. Collections: Their primary purpose is to check for uncollected bills and follow-up on default customers. This department also has the responsibility for preparing bills for corporate clients and to clarify any queries and comply with any requests they may have regarding their bills. 2.13 Workshop: This department may be considered to be actually two departments. The Engineering department supervises the primary workshop where sets are actually repaired but the workshop itself is run by the CSO. The other part is receipt and delivery of faulty sets. Assistant Vice-president Services Marketing: The primary responsibility of this department is to find-out way of increasing revenue from current technology. This implies introduction of new services and packages that are unique or that provide a significant new source of income for the company. 2.14 Finance: Vice-president Finance: He is responsible for coordination of various finance and fund-management activities of PBTL. This includes LC and purchase fund management, payment of deposit paid by customers, cash flow management, insurance cost management, forecasting and budgeting.

Assistant Vice-president Fund Management: He is primarily responsible for two activates: • LC preparation: It is his responsibility to coordinate all preparation for opening an LC to undertake purchase of equipment and sets from abroad. • Purchase: Here the finances for the purchase of sets and equipment are dealt with and correctly disbursed.

He is primarily responsible for arrangement of fund payment and control fund receipt. It is his staffs that write the checks for refund of deposits made by customers according to their relevant package. This department also handles the various incoming funds and utilizes them in a manner that provides maximum benefit for the company. His department also handles the insurance cost management as well as projecting future cost for this. 2.15 Budgeting: Budgeting is done across the board with forecasting depending on engineering’s plans for expansion. Budgeting is done yearly and on a 3-years plan. It should be noted that there are separate accounts for each functional department with deposit. It is made sure that the balance is not negative. It that happens then, reimbursement is done after appropriate review. 2.16 Engineering:

• • • • • • •

This department is responsible for the setting up and maintenance of the heavy equipment and the major telecom channels required for providing services to customers. This department is divided into 7 divisions each is responsible for the assigned (by name) activities or equipment. Switch-activation and deactivation of customer accounts Central Base station Microwave Radio Frequency Base Transceiver Station Power (power to run equipment and the office) Planning and development-preparing engineering plans to accomplish log and shortterm organizational objectives.

2.17 Administration: Vice president of administration is responsible for coordinating across the board administrative activities from the mundane day-to-day maintenance ad security need to handling relations with Government departments and maintenance of protocols. As already said before, this department is also responsible for the well being of workers and their benefits. AVP Contract, Legal and Protocol & Government affairs: He is responsible for the coordination of contractual process (drawing up contracts for individuals and organizations), assuring compliance with regulations and legal bindings, and to coordinate high-level occasions with upper management and senior government employees.

Contract: The personnel in this position are responsible for the appointment and contract of employees and to draw new ones at the end of the probationary period. They are also responsible for canceling contracts due to contrary and unbecoming behavior other issue of conflict between the company and an employee. They are also responsible for supervising the drawing up of contracts with other organization for whatever purpose deemed necessary. Legal: Here, the personnel are responsible for ensuring compliance with legal issues and to ascertain beforehand any potential conflict with government regulations. Protocol & Government Relations: The executive here is responsible for the coordination of various activities and occasions involving important personnel the board of directors, senior government employees, etc. AVP Purchase & General Maintenance: He is responsible for the general purchase and support activities that entail buying and storing office materials and supplies. He is responsible for negotiations for real estate and other land factors. He is also responsible for coordination of general maintenances and security activities. Purchases & Support: This refers to employees in Admin who are responsible for the procurement of support materials, usually office supplies, computers for personnel, etc and the delivery and storage of these materials. This is a very important aspect of admin because the needs of employees are very much varied and budget is very tight. Thus a great deal of coordination is involved here. Estate & Properties As the name states, this department is responsible for all real estate and property related affairs. This includes finding land for transceivers, office space available for rent at optimum location and negotiation of purchase, if need be, as well as rent. 2.18 Maintenance & General security:

The executives here are responsible for the safety and security of personnel and equipment. They are also responsible for coordinating mundane general maintenance activities throughout the organization.

CHAPTER 3 Literature Review: 3.01 Product: Product means the goods and service combined by the company offers to the target market. Here the company must consider the issues related to product like product variety, quality, design, feature, brand name, packaging, sizes, services, warranty, return etc. The marketing management should consider the product issue carefully based on their target segment as because it is essential to satisfy the customers to maximize profit that cannot be gained without considering product development. 3.02 Promotion: Promotion defines as any short-term incentive to encourage the purchaser or sale of the product or service (Principle of Marketing, Philip kotler, 13 th edition). Promotion means communications that facilitates exchange by influencing the audience to accept a product (Marketing Concepts and Strategies, Williams M. pride, ninth edition). Promotion is an element in an organizations marketing mix that serves to inform, persuade and remind the market of a product and/or the organization selling it, in hopes of influencing the recipients feeling, believes or behavior. There are six forms of promotion: Advertising, Personal Selling, Sales Promotion, and Direct Marketing, and Interactive/Internet marketing, public Relations. (Strategic Marketing, David W. Cravens & Nigel F. Piercy seventh edition). 3.03 Advertising: Any paid from of nonprofessional presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services by identified sponsors (Principle of Marketing, Philip Kotler, 13 th edition). Advertising is a paid no personal communication about an organization transmitted to target audience through mass media (Marketing Concepts and Strategies, Williams M. Pride, ninth edition). Advertising is impersonal mass communication that the sponsor has paid for and in which the sponsor is clearly identified (Fundaments of Marketing, William J. Stanton, tenth edition).

3.04 Personal selling:

Personal selling consists of verbal communication between a salesperson (or selling team) and one or more prospective purchasers with the objective of making or influencing a sale. Annual expenditure on personal selling are much large than those for advertising. Perhaps twice as high However, both promotion components share some common features. Including are creating awareness of the product, transmitting information. Personal selling is expensive. 3.05 Sales promotion: Sales promotion consists of various promotional activities, including trade shows, contests samples, point-of-purchase displays, trade incentives, and coupons. Sales promotion expenditures are substantially greater than the amount spent on advertising. This array of special communications techniques and incentives offers several advantage: promotion can be used to target buyers, respond to special occasions, and create an incentive for purchase. One of the more successful sales promotion initiatives is the frequent flier incentive program. 3.06 Direct marketing: Direct marketing includes the various communications channel that enable companies to make direct contact with individual buyers. Examples are catalogs, direct mail, telemarketing, television selling, radio/magazine/newspaper selling, electronic shopping, and Kiosk shopping. The distinguishing feature of direct marketing is the opportunity for the marketer to gain direct access to the buyer .Direct marketing expenditures account for a large proportion of promotion expenditure. 3.07 Interactive/Internet marketing: Included in this Program component are the internet, CD-ROMs and interactive television. Interactive media enable buyers and sellers to interact. The internet performs an important and rapidly escalating role in promotion strategy. In addition to providing a direct sales channel, the internet may be used to identify sales leads, conduct web-based surveys, provide product information and display advertisements. The internet provides the platform for a complete business strategy in the case of internet business models. Marketing strategies are increasingly linked to internet initiatives. 3.08 Public Relation: Public Relation is building good relations with the company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good “corporate image ” and handing or heading off unfavorable rumors, stories and events. Public relation offer several unique qualities. It is very believable– new stories, features and events seem more real and believable on readers than ads do. Public relations can also reach many prospects who avoid salespeople and advertisements – the message gets to the buyers as `news” rather than as a sales- directed commutation. As with advertising,

public relations can dramatize a company or product. (Principle of Marketing, Philip Kotler, 13th edition). 3.9

Customer satisfaction: The extent to which product’s perceived performance matches a buyer’s expectations. If the product’s performance falls short of expectations, the buyer is dissatisfied. It the performance matches or exceeds expectations, the buyer is satisfied or delighted (Principles of Marketing 13 th edition, Philip Kotlar & Gary Armstrong).

3.10 Packaging: Packing involved the development of a container and graphic design of a product (Marketing Concepts and Strategies, Williams M. Pride, ninth edition). Packing; which consist of all the activities of designing and producing the container or wrapper of a product (William j. Stanton, Fundaments of Marketing). Different authors point to different functions for packaging. Some of these functions relate to marketing and some to logistics. Both Robertson [4] and the Institute of Logistics [5] point to up seven specific packaging functions, which essentially can be condensed into there core functions. The first function of packaging tends to be logistically related: packaging protects the product in movement [6,7]. One of the basic reasons for incurring the added expense of packaging is to reduce the occurrence of damage, spoilage, or loss through theft or misplaced goods. A number of issues have increased the profile of packaging in logistical activities. For instance the increase in use of information technology and automation in warehousing and materials handing have increased the importance of packaging. Good packaging might have a positive impact on warehouse layout and design and overall warehouse productivity. Packaging dimensions and stack ability are important factors for efficient storage. (Gerard Pendergast and Leyland Pitt, 1996) The second function of packaging is essentially a marketing function which relates most directly to sales packaging: as well as attracting attention to a product and reinforcing a product’s image, packaging provides an attractive method to convey the virtues of the product [8-15]. This function is reinforced when one considers that packaging is the single most important factor in purchasing decisions made at the point of sale [15]. Therefore packaging has a strategic purpose also since it helps a product stand out from competition. (Gerard Pendergast and Leyland Pitt, 1996) The third function of packaging relates to both marketing and logistics; the package provides convenience (for both middlemen and consumers) of handling and storing the product. The package may be though of as the outside warping of the product or it may combine small packaged unit into a large quantity. The package may facilitate use of the product, such as the application of shoe polish [4, 16-18]. Packaging can therefore be seen to relate to both marketing attention and communicating. For

logistics, the package allows the product to be contained, apportioned, unitized and communicated [19]. 3.11 Places: Place includes company activities that make the product available to target consumer. Without proper distribution channel it is really difficult to survive in the competitive market. Here the marketers must consider the factors related to warehouse, coverage, assessment, inventory, transportation, logistics, locations and channels. This is because the nature of these variables changes along with the product expiry, durability etc.

CHAPTER 4 Introduction Cellular telephones have revolutionized the communications arena, redefining how we perceive voice communications. Traditionally, cellular phones remained out of the hands of most consumers due to their high cost. As a result, cell phone carriers have invested time and resources into finding ways to give the systems higher capacity and thus lower cost. Cell systems are benefiting from this research and starting to develop into large-scale consumer products. Today, cellular phones are truly consumer electronics devices with over 580 million subscribers. The Nokia Bowl and Qualcomm Stadium are further evidence of the idea that cell phones are consumer electronics devices. Since cell phones have ceased to be an exclusive status symbol of high-powered lawyers and is now in the hands of millions of the device that counts, but the cost of using the device. As a result, the cellular phone infrastructure is being optimized to allow calls to be placed as inexpensively and reliable. Today, more then ever, cellular companies are looking for ways to bring down the call cost to attain even higher market penetration, especially in metropolitan areas it is common knowledge that Cellular Phones are wireless phones; however, many are confused about how a call phone actually works. Essentially, cell phones use highfrequency radio signals to communicate in the frequency range of 806-890 MHz and 1850-1990 MHz. When the user wants to make a call, the cell phone sends a message to the town, asking to be connected to a given telephone number. If the town has sufficient resources to grant the request, a device called a ‘switch’ patches the cell phone’s signal throughout to a channel on the ‘public switched telephone network’ (otherwise known as the PSTN). This call now takes up a wireless channel as a PSTN channel that will be held open unit the call is completed. The figure on the right side illustrates this process. This channel cannot be used for anyone else’s call unit the cell phone call is discontinued. Given this simple description of how cell phones work, we will add technical details about various facets of cell phone systems throughout the remainder of this section. As the name implies, cell phone systems are made up of many small ‘cells’ Each cell in a cell phone system represents the area served by one cell phone tower. The concept of cells is the key behind the

success of cell phones because by spacing many cells fairly close to each other, the cell phones may broadcast at very low power levels (typically 200mw-1w, depending on system). Since the cell phones may broadcast at low power levels, they use small transmitters and small batteries, and thus are able to fit in a shirt pocket, unlike amateur radios, which can occupy a tabletop. Cells are typically spaced around 1-2 miles apart but can be spaced up to 20 miles apart in rural areas. In loaded areas with many obstacles (such as tall buildings), the cell sites may be spaced closer together. Some technologies, like PCS (Personal communication System), require closer cell spacing due to their higher frequency and lower power operation. Additionally, buildings interfere with cell signals coming from outside, so many buildings have their own ‘micro cell’. The Kingdome and New York subway are two examples of where micro cells are used. Micro cells may also be used to increase overall capacity within a heavily populated area such as a city’s core downtown area. In fact, homes may have ‘Pico cells’ connected to the home’s PSTN connection to allow the cell phone to be used as a cordless phone. An example of typical micro cell and Pico cell environments is pictured in the following figure. With thousands of cellular phone calls going on at any given time within a city, it certainly would not work for everyone to talk on the same channel at once (as in CB and short-wave radios). Therefore, several different techniques were developed by cell phone manufacturers to split up the available bandwidth into many channels each capable of supporting one conversation. The following sections will discuss each technology and how it works.


AMPS: The most commonly used cellular system in North America, the Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) had also gained widespread acceptance in Asia (specifically in Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Etc). An analogue system, this was introduced in the mid 80s and used a technique known as Frequency Division Multiple Access (FDMA) to allocate Channels. Thus it divides its entire allocation in sections of 30 KHz and uses each of these sections as channel. The principal behind AMPS is analogous to dividing up a large hall room (the entire frequency allocated to the operator) into a number of smaller rooms (channel) once the first pair has completed their conversation and left the room (disconnected).


Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA): Code Division Multiple Access is a subscriber uses the entire frequency for the entire period that his phone is active. Installing of segregating users by frequency (FDMA) or time (TDMA) this technology segregates customers by coding the signals in such a manner that each customer decrypts only one signal at any one signal at any given time. Again using the previous sample, this would be similar to allowing a large number of people into the hall room; but requiring each pair to converse in a different language. Thus while everyone would hear everyone else, this would just be

more of background noise rather than interference. On the other hand, each person would be able to understand this partner, because they would be speaking the same language. One of major differences between CDMA and the other existing technologies is in terms of frequency reuse. Using CDMA an operator would use the entire allocated frequency in every cell. The reuse pattern, therefore, is in effect a ‘one cell reuse pattern’. Therefore, the operator can serve may more customers per unit of allocated bandwidth compared to either AMPS of GSM in general, CDMA capacity is rated to be 10 to 20 times higher than analogue techniques such as AMPS, and 3 to 5 times higher than other digital cellular technologies such as GSM. 4.3

Advantages of CDMA: There are numerous advantages of using CDMA technology, the most important of which are:

(a) Higher Capacity: Since CDMA makes more efficient use of the available spectrum; it can provide greatly increased capacity. CDMA capacity is rated to be 10 to 20 times higher than other analogue techniques such AMOPS, and 3 to 5 time higher that other digital cellular techniques such as GSM. With higher capacity, CDMA accommodates higher demands and supports new digital services such as data transmission and mobile fixing.

(b) Simplified Planning: CDMA allows system planning to become much easier through the use of the same frequency in every cell. Because the entire frequency is used in each cell, operators do not have to retune base stations, thus capacity expansion is quicker and simpler.

(c) Better Voice and Call Quality: The unique encoding scheme used foe each different CDMA conversation virtually eliminates cross-talk and dramatically reduces the impact of interference form other sources. Also, the larger bandwidth of CDMA signals (the signals use the entire frequency versus only a portion for competing technologies) means that they are less prone to fading compared to the narrower bandwidths of AMPS and GSM.

(d) Enhanced Security and Privacy: Since the signals are coded, it is very difficult to

intercept and decode a CDMA signal. This prevents eavesdropping and prohibits cloning and other types of fraud. Also, due to the wider bandwidth, such phones are difficult to jam.


FDMA: FDMA stands for ‘Frequency Division Multiple Access’ Though it could be used for digital systems, is exclusively used on all analog cellular systems. Essentially, FDMA splits the allocated spectrum into many channels. In current analog cell systems, each channel is 30 kHz. When a FDMA cell phone establishes a call, it reserves the

frequency channel for the entire duration of the call. The voice data is modulated into this channel’s frequency band (using frequency modulation) and sent over the airwaves. At the receiver, the information is recovered using a band-pass filter. The phone uses a common digital control channel to acquire channels. FDMA systems are the least efficient cellular system since each analog channel can only be used by one user at a time. Not only are these channels larger than necessary given modern digital voice compression, but they are also wasted whenever there is silence during the cell phone conversation. Analog signals are also especially susceptible to noise – and there is no way to filter it out. Given the nature of the signal, analog cell phones must use higher power (between 1 and 3 watts) to get acceptable call quality. Given these shortcomings; it is easy to see why FDMA is being replaced by newer digital techniques.

4.05 TDMA: TDMA stands for ‘Time Division Multiple Access’ TDMA builds on FDMA by diving conversations by frequency and time. Since digital compression allows voice to be sent well under 10 kilobits per second (equivalent to 10 kHz), TDMA fist three digital conversations into a FDMA channel (which is 30 kHz)? By sampling a person’s voice for, say 30 milliseconds, then transmitting it in 10 milliseconds, the system is able to offer 3 timeslots per channel in a round-robin fashion. This technique allows compatibility with FDMA while enabling digital services and easily boosting system capacity by three times. While TDMA is a good digital system, it is still somewhat inefficient since it has no flexibility for varying digital data rates (high quality voice, low quality voice paper traffic) and has no accommodations for silence in a telephone conversation. In other words, once a call is initiated, the channel/timeslot pair belongs to the phone for the duration of the call. TDMA also requires strict signaling and timeslot synchronization. A digital control channel provides synchronization functionality as well as adding voice mail and message notification. Due to the digital signal, TDMA phones need only broadcast at 600 miliwatts. 4.06 CDMA: CDMA stands for ‘Code Division Multiple Access’ and is both the most interesting and the hardest to implement multiplexing method. CDMA has been likened to a party: When everyone talks at once, no one can be understood, however, if everyone speaks a different language, then they can be understood. CDMA systems have no channels, but instead encode each call as a coded sequence across the entire frequency spectrum. Each conversation is modulated, in the digital domain, with a unique code (called a pseudo- noise code) that makes it distinguishable form the other calls in the frequency spectrum. Using a correlation calculation and the code the call was encoded, with the digital audio signal can be extracted from the other signals being broadcast by other phones on the network. From the perspective of one

call, upon extracting the signal, everything else appears to be low- level noise. As long as there is sufficient separation between the codes (said to be mutually orthogonal), the noise level will be low enough to recover the digital signal. Each signal is not, in fact, spread across the whole spectrum (12.5 MHz for traditional cellular or 60MHz in PCS cellular), but is spread across 1.25 MHz ‘pass-bands’ CDMA systems are the latest technology on the market and are already eclipsing TDMA in terms of cost and call quality. Since CDMA offers far greater capacity and variable data rates depending on the audio activity, many more users can be fit into a given frequency spectrum and higher audio quality can be provide. The current CDMA systems boast at least there times the capacity of TDMA and GSM systems. The fact that CDMA shares frequencies with neighboring cell towers allows for easier installation of extra capacity, since extra capacity can be achieved by simply adding extra cell sites and shrinking power levels of nearby sites. CDMA technology also allows lower cell phone power levels (200 kilowatts) since the modulation techniques expect to deal with noise of deciphering and extracting the received signals, especially if there are multiple signal paths (reflections) between the phone and the cell tower (called multi path interference). As a result, CDMA phones are twice as expensive as TDMA phones and CDMA cell site equipment is 3-4 times the price of TDMA equivalents. 4.07 GSM: GSM stands for “Global System for Mobile Communications.” Is mostly a European system and is largely unused in the US. GSM is interesting in that it uses a modified and far more efficient version of TDMA. GSM keeps the idea of timeslots and frequency channels, but corrects several major shortcomings. Since the GSM timeslots are smaller then TDMA, they hold less data but allow for data rates starting at 300 bits per second. Thus, a call can use as many timeslots as necessary up to a limit of 13 kilobits per second. When a call is inactive (silence) or may be compressed more, fewer timeslots are used. To facilitate filling in gaps left by unused timeslots, calls do “frequency hopping” in GSM. This means that calls will jump between channels and timeslots to maximize the system’s usage. A control channel is used to communicate the frequency hopping and other information between the cell tower and the phone. To compare with the other systems, it should be noted that GSM requires 1 Watt of output power from the phone.


CDMA VS. GSM: A Technical Comparison


Advantages of CDMA include: o Increased cellular communications security. o Simultaneous communications, less call drops, strong network. o Increased efficiency, meaning that the carrier can serve more subscribers.

o Smaller phone sets. o Low power requirements and little cell-to-cell coordination needed by operators. o Extended reach – beneficial to rural users situated far from cells.


Disadvantages of CDMA include: o Due to its proprietary nature, the engineering community for solving does not know all of CDMA`s flaws. o CDMA is relatively new, and the network is not as mature as GSM. o CDMA cannot offer international roaming, a large GSM advantage.


Advantages of GSM: o GSM is already used worldwide with over 450 milion subscribers. o International roaming permits subscribers to use one phone throughout Western Europe. CDMA will work in Asia, but not popular European destinations. o GSM is mature, having started in the mid-80s. This matunty means a more stable network with robust features. CDMA is still building its network. o GSM`s maturity means engineers cut their teeth on the technology, creating an unconscious preference. o The availability of Subscriber Identity Modules, which are smart cards that provide secure data encryption give GSM m-commerce advantages.


Disadvantages of GSM: o Lack of access to burgeoning American market.

Chapter-5 Marketing Mix of City Cell’s


PRODUCTS OF Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd: i) Post paid package ii) Pre paid package

i) Post Paid Package Postpaid customers as it is already apparent from the name, use the mobile and pay the bill at the end of the month. There are many different postpaid package offered by City Cell. Customers are able to choose the desired package that suits them. However, postpaid customers always have to be aware of their bill. A postpaid customer can always dial 120 from his/her mobile to know his current bill. If a customer’s traffic usage plus monthly line rent and VAT exceeds his/her credit limit then his/her line will be temporarily disconnected, regardless of the fact that is billing cycle has not been completed and that the bill has not been paid. Credit limit is a facility for a post paid customer, where the customer has not deposit but they can use their mobile phones up to a specific airtime amount. The credit limit includes the VAT and line rent. The credit limit is different for various packages. Customers are encouraged to deposit to increase his/her credit limit, which will be added to the complementary limit. In this way subscribers can use their mobile by avoiding disconnection before receiving and paying the bill. 5.1. A Supreme: Minimum Talk time: Tk. 200/month Call Rate Tk. /Minute Call Type Peak (8am-8am) off Peak (8pm-8am) BTTB (local) +NWD+ISD

3.00+BTTB Charges 2.00+BTTB


City Cell Mobile 2.00/m Other Mobile 3.00 2 City Cell FnF Number Tk.0.75 1 Other Operator FnF Tk.1.50 On Fridays (to any operator) Tk.1.60 Incoming BTTB Mobile

1.00/m 2.00

Free Free

5.1. B Jono Phone: Jono phone is now with BTTB incoming facility with first 3 minutes free * Jono phone Economy * Jono phone Saver * Jono phone Super Saver

Tariff Post-Paid Mobile-to-Jono Phone Jono Mobile Economy Saver Line Rent 100 100 Outgoing (any mobile) Tk.2.00/m Tk.2.00/m Incoming (from any mobile) Free Free (From BTTB) First 3 minutes Free Tk.2.00/m Tk.2.00/m Pulse Outgoing Incoming

30 second from Start

Phone Jono Phone Super Saver 00 Tk.2.00/m Free Tk.2.00/m

30 second from 30 second from Start Start

*Subscriber has to pay the specified Security Deposit for the respective package along with the package price. Existing Aamar phone subscribers can migrate to this product. To migrate, they have to pay only the Minimum Security Deposit (SD) amount of the respective Jono Phone package. They can pay the SD to any City Cell’s Zonal Offices or the nominated banks/branches for collection of bill. The existing “Aamar Phone PCO” subscribers will be treated as “Jono Phone Super Server” subscribers. All the related aspects and operating procedures regarding the Jono Phone package will be similar to that of Aamar Phone PCO. 5.1. C Aamar Phone: Call Type

Call Charge Peak (8am-11pm) Off Peak(11pm-8am) Outgoing To any mobile Tk. 3.00/min Tk. 1.50/min Incoming From any mobile Free Free From BTTB First 3 minutes Free Tk. 2.00/min Tk. 1.00/min

5.1. d City Cell’s Fixed Phone: Fixed phone package: T&T incoming and Outgoing with Mobile to Mobile Monthly Subscription Tk. 250.00 Call Type

Call Rate Tk/Min

Peak (8am-8pm) Outgoing (to city cell mob) Tk. 1.00 (To other operator) Tk. 2.00 (To t&t Local, NWD& Tk. 2.00 IDD BTTBcharge Incoming (from any mob) Free (From T&T Local, Tk. 1.50 NWD, IDD)

off Peak (8pm-11pm) Tk. 1.00 Tk. 2.00 +Tk.2.00 BTTBcharge Free Tk. 1.50

Super off peak (11pm-8am) Tk.0.50 Tk. 1.00 +Tk.1.00 BTTBcharge Free Tk. 1.50

1. 15% VAT is applicable on the total bill. 2. Tk. 1.70 per local call to T&T and NWD/IDD at actual T&T charges payable. 3. Outgoing 20 sec Pulse from 1 st Minute for peak & off- peak hour and 60 sec pulse for super off-peak hour. 4. Incoming 60 sec pulse is applicable for peak, off-peak & super off-peak hour. Payment should be made in advance before delivery the set(s) in the from of pay Order/Cash/credit Card in favor of “Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd” 5.2

Terms of payment of Monthly Bill:

CDMA monthly billing period is 27 th to 26th of the following month. Full payment of monthly bill should be made by due date specified on the invoice. Failure to make payment buy due date will result in disconnection of your line without any further intimation. No reconnection fee will be charged if payment is made within 3 working days of disconnection. A reconnection fee of Tk. 500 will be charged thereafter if payment is made within the last working Day of the month. Bill payments made the following month(s) will require reconnection fee of Tk. 1000. Out standings after there months will result in the forfeiture of Airtime Deposit. Credit Limit: For Local – Tk.2, 500, Local + NWD + IDD – 7,500 if set is lost or stolen, reporting the incident to PBTL customer service will deactivate the set (rendering the set useless). Warranty for Hardware 6 months, Battery 3 months. ii) Prepaid Package: “Prepaid is fast becoming a major service of the telecom network operator Worldwide, the subscriber base of prepaid is growing at a faster pace and taking precedence over the post-paid subscriber base” Mehtab nabi - Assistant vice president of Activation Department. Prepaid service offers many customer segments

a good reason for using mobile phone service. It is an attractive service for subscribers who simply want more control over their mobile phone usage expenditures, or customers to employees or family members. Since customers pay for their calls in advance, it is a good way to monitor and control usage. Keeping all there issues in mind, last year in July 2003, City Cell launched new prepaid packages (Alaap package) designed to attract the cost-conscious customer. A very significant edge that City Cell has over other cellular companies is that it is the first mobile company to launch prepaid with the T & T incoming denature. Also another unique feature that City Cell offers its subscribers is the ISD and NWD facility which customers are able to use after 8:00 pm. prepaid customers buy Alaap cads and refill their accounts to use their mobiles. There are various types of cards of different value. The date of validity depends on the value of card. So, when a card expires the customer is not able to receive or make calls unit and unless he/she refills an Alaap card. Though City cell is in the market with their unique CDMA technology but the market is highly competitive. City cell is now offering RUIM (Removable user identification Module). 5.3. A City Cell’s Landcell: Call Type Call Charge Tk. /Minute All time Outgoing Landcell to Landsell Tk. 0.30 Landcell to City Cell’s Tk. 1.00 Lancell from any Mobile Tk. 1.80 Incoming from Any Mobile Free 5.3. B City Cell’s Prepaid PCO All time all phone call Rate Tk. 1.60/Minute 5.3. C Hello 0123: Call Type Call Charge Tk. /Minute All time Outgoing 0 SFnF 1 City Cell Number Tk. 00 1 FnF Two City Cell Number Tk. 1.00 2 Any City Cell Number Tk. 2.00 3 From Any Mobile Tk. 3.00 Incoming from Any Phone Free 5.3. D Maga Phone: Rate/Minute

Peak (8am-8pm)

Off peak 8pm-11pm)

Super off peak (11pm-8am)

Outgoing City Cell to City Cell To any mobile One2One Incoming From Any Mobile Pulse

Tk. 3.00 Tk. 3.00 Tk. 2.00 Tk. 4.00 Tk. 4.00 Tk. 2.00 Tk. 1.50 Tk. 1.50 Tk. 1.00 Free Free Free 30 Second pulse from starting

5.3. e Alaap Super Plus: Rate/Minute Call Type

12am 06am 08am 01pm 03pm 11pm 06am 08am 01pm 03pm 11pm 12am Outgoing To any City Cell’s Tk.0.25 Tk.200 Tk.3.00 Tk.2.00 Tk.3.00 Tk.1.00 To other mobile Tk.2.00 Tk.2.00 Tk.4.00 Tk.4.00 Tk.4.00 Tk.2.00 One2One Tk.0.25 Tk.1.00 Tk.1.50 Tk.2.00 Tk.1.50 Tk.0.50 Incoming from Any Mobile Free (VAT applicable) Rate after 1st free three minutes during 1pm-3pm Tk. 1/pluse and Tk. 0.50/pluse in One2One facility. * 30 Second pulse from starting * Call to three preferred City Cell numbers (One2One) at half of normal on net tariff. 5.3. f Alaap Classic: Rate/Minute Call Type Peak Off piea Super off peak Outgoing To any City Cell’s number Tk.3.00 Tk.2.00 Tk.1.00 To other mobile Tk.4.00 Tk.3.00 Tk.2.00 Incoming From Any Mobile Free Free Free From BTTB Free Free Free 5.3. g Alaap Super: Rate/Minute Call Type

Peak Off peak Super off peak (8am-8pm) (8pm-11pm) (11pm-8am) Outgoing To any City Cell’s number Tk.3.00 Tk.3.00 Tk.0.25 To other mobile Tk.4.00 Tk.4.00 Tk.2.00 One2One Tk.1.50 Tk.1.50 Tk.0.25 Incoming From any Mobile Free Free Free

CURRENT STATUS: Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd now rearranges all of its packages. All the packages offered previously merged together to a new single package called “CITY CELL’S ONE” Call Rate of new package CITY CELL’S ONE Rate/Minute Call Type Peak Off pick Super off peak Outgoing To any City Cell number Tk.0.25 Tk.0.25 Tk.0.25 To other mobile Tk.1.00 Tk.1.00 Tk.1.00 Incoming From Any Mobile Free Free Free From BTTB Free Free Free 5.04 NETWORK COVERAGE: They have covered 61 Districts of


5.4. A LOCATION OF DEALERS: Dealer list of all area in Dhaka District (Dhaka Division): 1. Al Faruque Electronics-Agent18, Lal Bhaban, Razuque Avenue, Motijheel. 2. Technicom Communications- Agent. B-200/15, Gulshan Floor, Gulshan Circle 1

Shopping Centre, 1 st

3. National Electronics. Agent 5/65, Eastern Plaza. 4. Karim Electric Corner – l.Agent Shop no. 4, 1st Flr, Baily Complex, Sec3, Uttara. 5. Karim Electric Corner – ll.Agent Shop no. 103/7, Farm view Super Market, Farmgate. 6. Karim Electric Corner – lll.Agent Kassaf Supar Market, Mukti Sharani, Shiddhiranj, Narayanganj. 7. Ocean Telecom. Agent 5/59, Eastern Plaza. 8. L & A Business Agent 67 Motijheel C/A (Ground Floor), Dhaka 1000. 9. Mobile Bangla. Agent A/88, Rajanigandha Super Market, Kachukhet, Dhaka Canttonment.

10. Smart Tone. Agent 32/1 Science lab more, Khan Plaza. 11. Bangla Phone. Agent Metro Shopping Mall, Shop no. 601, Dhanmondi, Road No. 31. 12. City Commercial Corporation Ltd. Agent 33, Johnson Road, Rayshaheb Bazar More, Dhaka- 1100. 13. Prime Communications. Agent 174, Mukta Bangla Shopping Complex. Mirpur 1. 14. Stop N Galary. Agent A.M plaza, 76 D.I.T Road, Malibagh. 15. HaqueSons Telecom. Agent Shop – 4, Colony Mosjid Market, Khilgaon Railgate (Beside 100 Road). 16. Marksman Trade. Agent 134 Nawabpur Road, 2nd Floor, Chistia Market. 17. Electro Valley. Agent 80/3, North Jatrabari, East Gate of Jatrabari Park. 18. Mobile Station. Agent Shop 103, 1/5 Mizan Tower, Grd Floor, Kallyanpur. 19. Zass Computer International. Agent 95, New Elephant Road, 2 nd Floor, City Super Market. 20. Peoples Trade International. Agent 68/B, Malibagh Choudhury Para, Dhaka-1219. 21. Wrist Telecom. Agent 3, Azimpur Road, Lalbagh. 22. Abir Telecom. Agent 1/8/3 College Gate, Mirpur Road, Mohammedpur. 23. Sabir Traders. Agent 89, Abul Hasanat Road (Shat Rowza), Dhaka – 1100. 24. City plus Telecom. Agent 21 Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam Sarani, North South Road. 25. Talk Easy. Agent 11, Isha Kha Shopping Complex, Kakrail. 26. 27 Telecom. Agent 47/4, Toyenbee Circular Road. 27. Samiya Trading. Agent Eastern plus, 145, Shantinogor. 28. Panasonic Electronics. Agent 115, 116 Savar Bus Stand, Koraishi Super Market. 29. ATN Telecom. Agent Motalib Plaza, Hatirpool, Dhaka. 30. Dhaka Mobile. Agent Mr. Ripon. 1, Fakirapool D I T Fxten Road, Hotel Nurani Building (1st Floor) Motijeel, Dhaka. 31. Forward Lines. Agent 7, Becharamdewry, Mouliby Bazar, Dhaka.

32. Haiq Tel. Agent 245, Nahar plaza, Hatirpool, Dhaka-1205. 33. Imperial Business Mart. Agent 819, Begum Rokaya Shorani (Bus Stand) Ahmed plaza (1st Floor) Mirpur, Dhaka -1216. 34. M. I Mobile Mart. Agent Shop# 3, Ground Floor, Sector-7, Rajuk Commercial Complex, Uttara, Dhaka. 35. Mobile City. Agent Ahmed food plaza, Block-D, Plot-22, Roar-3, Secton-11, Mirpur, Dhaka. 36. Mobile Zone. Agent Mukthbangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur-1, Dhaka.. 37. S B Tel. Agent Mohakhali, (Near Flover). 38. Sky cell Communication. Agent 337, Rifles squire, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. 39. Star Tokyo Electronics. Agent C-07, Bashundara city (GF) Mall, Panthapath, Dhaka. 40. Suchana Mobile Shop. Agent Shop no 122/123, Muktijodda super Market (2 nd Floor), Mirpur, Dhaka. 41. Tithi Mobile. Agent Bording Market, Rohitpur, Keranigonj. 42. PAPA CORPORATION. Agent Stadium Market, Dhaka. 43. PAPA CORPORATION. Agent Alta Plaza, Dhanmondi. 44. PAPA CORPORATION. Agent Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka. 45. PAPA CORPORATION. Agent Shat Mosjid Road. 46. PAPA CORPORATION. Agent Gulshan-1, Dhaka. 47. Singer. Agent 35/B, D.I.T. Road, Malibagh, Dhaka. 48. Singer. Agent 58, Atish Dipanker RD, South Mugdapara, Dhaka. 49. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-01). Agent House# 02, Road# 28 (Old), Dhanmondi Orchid Plaza (4th Floor). 50. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-02). Agent 100/1, Rahman Bahban, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212.

51. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-03). Agent Land View Commercial Centre, 28 Gulshan Circle-2, Dhaka-1212. 52. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-05). 53. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-04). Agent House#02, Road#28 (Old), Dhanmondi Orchid Plaza (G.F). 54. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-06). Agent Shop# 6, Mirpur Central Mosque, Mirpur-11, Bus Stand, Dhaka-1216. 55. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-07). Agent Shop# 110, Quraishi Super Market, Saver Bazar Road, Dhaka-1340. 56. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-10). Agent 4, Joykali Mondir Road, Wari, Dhaka-1203. 57. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-34). Agent Genetic (G.F), Dhanmondi-27. 58. One Stop Telecom (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL). Agent Mr. Mahbub. 150, Panthapath, Green Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215. 59. Worid Com (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL). Agent Mr. Anisuzzaman, 62, North Kamalapur, Station Road, Dhaka. 60. Dhaka Mobile (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL). Agent Mr. Ripon, 1, Fakirapool D.I.T Exten Road, Hotel Nurani Building (1st Floor) Motijeel, Dhaka. 61. Swiss Telecom (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL). Agent Mr. Rubel Parvez, N/1 Nurzahan Road Mohammed Pur, Dhaka-1207. 62. Maa Enterprise (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL). Agent 1, Doyagonj Bazar (Under the Dayagonj Mosque) Demra, Dhaka-1100. 63. Tamim Enterprise (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL). Agent 92, Sayadabad, Dhaka-1100. 64. Singer. Agent HABIB Market, Section-1, Gulshan, Dhaka. 65. Singer. Agent HOUSE No-97A, Sector-4, Road-7, Uttara, Dhaka. 66. Singer. Agent 7/8, Zahura Market, Banglamotor, Dhaka. 67. Singer. Agent 15/A, JHIKATALA, DHANMONDI, DHAKA. 68. Singer. Agent 158, LAKE CIRCUS, KALABAGAN, DHAKA. 69. Singer. Agent 14/1, MIRPUR ROAD, SHAYMOLI, DHAKA.

70. Singer. Agent 25/9, TAZMOHOL ROAD, MOHAMMDPUR, DHAKA. 71. Singer. Agent 8., DARUSSALAM ROAD, MIRPUR-1, DHAKA. 72. Singer. Agent 964, SEWRAPARA, MIRPUR, DHAKA. 73. Singer. Agent PLOT-26, Main Road-3, Block-D, Sec-11, Palladi, Dhaka. 74. Singer. Agent 59, SOUTH BASHABO, DHAKA. 75. Singer. Agent 56/1, TANTIBAZAR MORE, DHAKA. 76. Singer. Agent 37/5-B, AZIMPUR ROAD DHAKA. 77. Singer. Agent 42, HARANATH GHOSH RD. LALBAGH, DHAKA. 78. Singer. Agent SADAR RODE, NOWABGONJ, DHAKA-1320. 79. Singer. Agent GULZAR BAGH, ZINZIRA BUS RD. KERANIGANJ. 80. Singer. Agent 7, BANGAGANDHU AVENUE, GULISTAN, DHAKA. 81. Singer. Agent 274/2, SOUTH JATRABARI, JATRABARI, DHAKA. 82. Singer. Agent 16/2, HARICHARAN ROY RD. FARIDABAD, DHAKA. 83. Singer. Agent 119, BAZAR ROAD, SAVAR, DHAKA. 84. Singer. Agent MADANI SUPER MARKET, HEMAYETPUR, SAVAR, DHAKA. 85. Singer. Agent 324, BAPAIL, ASHULIA, SAVAR, DHAKA. 86. Sony Rangs. Agent 117/1, Airport Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka. 87. Sony Rangs. Agent 38, Topkhana Road, Dhaka. 88. Sony Rangs. Agent 12, Sonargaon Road, Dhaka. 89. Sony Rangs. Agent BDR Gate# 04, Zigatola, Dhaka. 90. Sony Rangs. Agent 43, North Gulshan, Gulshan Circle-2, Dhaka. 91. Sony Rangs. Agent 3/12, Lalmatia, Block-A, Dhaka. 92. Sony Rangs. Agent 240, Outer Circular Road, Mouchak, Dhaka.

93. Sony Rangs. Agent 70, Bangabandhu Stadium, Dhaka. 94. Sony Rangs. Agent 67/A, Rabindra Sarani, Sector 7, Uttara, Dhaka. 95. Sony Rangs. Agent 107, Senpara Parbata, Mirpur-10, Dhaka. 96. Sony Rangs. Agent 10, Darus Salam Road, Mirpur, Dhaka. 97. Sony Rangs. Agent 284, Ibrahimpur, Dhaka Cant, Dhaka. 98. Sony Rangs. Agent 290/A, Khilgaon Rail Gate, Dhaka. 99. Sony Rangs. Agent Holland Center, Progati Sarani, Dhaka. 100. Sony Rangs. Agent 1/14, Elephant Road, Mini Market, Dhaka. 101. Sony Rangs. Agent 75, Haranath Ghosh Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka. 102. Sony Rangs. Agent 101, Dholairpar, Jatrabari, Dhaka. 103. Sony Rangs. Agent 63, Laxmibazar, Dhaka. 104. Sony Rangs. Agent Bus Stand Road, Howli, Jinjira, Dhaka. 105. Sony Rangs. Agent Alam Plaza (1st Floor), Bus Stand, Savar, Dhaka.

Dealer List of All Area in Chittagong District (Chittagong Division): 1. AMA Telecom. Agent 11 No. Abdullah Mansion, Terri Bazar, Chittagong. 2. G-Net. Agent 950/B Hazi amir ali road, asadgonj, Chittagong. 3. Haramin International. Agent Main Road, Amirabad, Lohagora, Chittagong. 4. Mobile Media Center. Agent Halishohar Road, Chowdhury Plaza, Custom Accedamy, Chittagong. 5. Mobile Shop. Agent Adhalat Road, Potiya, Chittagong. 6. Ocean Telecom. Agent D. T Road, Sittakunda, Chittagong. 7. Proton. Agent 90, Station Road, (G F) Hotel Comfort, Chittagong.

8. AGABAD MOBILE CORNER.Agent 59, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong. 9. ZENITH COMPUTER TELECOM. Agent 90/91, Shah Amanat Super Market (2 nd Floor) Jublee Road, Chittagong. 10. GENUINE TELECOM. Agent Boro Kumira Bazar, Chittagong. 11. SEVEN STAR TELECOM. Agent 151/3 Sultan Super Market, Sk. Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong. 12. NOOR INTERNATIONAL. Agent 27, Sk. Mojib Road, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong. 13. B M INTERNATIONAL. Agent 203/189, Hajee Younus Market, Muradpur, Chittagong. 14. PROGOTI MOBILE. Agent 211, Haji Ahsan Mansion, Thana Road, Fakirhat, Raojan, Chittagong. 15. M/S MANOSHI. Agent 405 E.P. Biponi Bitan (3rd Floor), Chittagong. 16. Flora Telecom. Agent 113 (1 st Floor), CHITTAGONG SHOPPING COMPLEX, Chittagong. 17. DIGI Communication. Agent 170, West Laldighi Road, Chittagong. 18. ST ELECTRONICS. Agent Nasir Shopping Complex(1 st Floor), Hathhazari, Chittagong. 19. MOBI TEL. Agent Wai Mansion(1 st Floor), 600Sk Mojib Road, Chowmohoni, Agrabad, Chittagong. 20. M/S ABUL KASHEM. Agent 100/17, Rahman Mansion(1 st Floor), Tamakundi lane, Reazuddin Bazar, Chittagong. 21. DIGI Communication. Agent Sufia Plaza(opp of Fire Brigade), 314 Sk Mojib Road, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong. 22. Rangs Bd. Ltd. Agent 42, Lalkhanbazar, WASA Corner, Chittagong. 23. Rangs Bd. Ltd. Agent 46, Sk. Mojib Road, Dewanhat, Chittagong. 24. Singer Bd. Ltd. Agent SA Complex(3 rd Floor), 805/B CDA Avenue, East Nasirabad, Chittagong. 25. Singer Bd. Ltd. Branch Office. Agent 1692, CDA Avenue, East Nasiabad, Chittagong.

26. Singer Bd. Ltd. Chittagong Office. Agent SA Complex(3 rd Floor), 805/B CDA Avenue, East Nasirabad, Chittagong. 27. Singer Bd. Ltd. Shop. Agent Sk. Mojib Road, Chittagong. 28. Singer Bd. Ltd. Shop. Agent Shaheb Miah Market, Chittagong. 29. Singer Bd. Ltd. Shop. Agent College Road, Chalkbazar, Chittagong. 30. Singer Bd. Ltd. Shop. Agent Hazera Complex, 52 Shadarghat Road, Chittagong. 31. Singer Bd. Ltd. Shop. Agent Oxygen Point, Chittagong. 32. PAPA Corporation. Agent Wasa Cor4ner, H. Keya Mansion, 42 M M Ali Road, Lalakhan Bazar, Chittagong. 33. AIRCELL International. Agent 69, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong. 34. RANGS. Agent Wasa Corner, Lalkhan Bazar, Chittagong. 35. SINGER. Agent Sufia Plaza, 314 Sk. Mojib Road, Agrabad C/A, Chittagong. 36. BROTHERS TELECOM. Agent 950/B Yakub Building, Haji Amir Ali Road, Asadgonj, Chittagong. Dealer List of all Area in Khulna District (Khulna Division): 1. Talk Mobile -1. Agent 21, Heraz Market Clay Road- Khulna. 2. Talk Mobile -2. Agent 71, Baitun Noor Masjid Shopping Complex, New Market, Khulna. 3. Talk Mobile -3. Agent 108, Khan Jahan Ali Road, Khulna. 4. Talk Mobile -4. Agent 67 BIDC Road Alam Nagar Khalishpur, Khulna. 5. Talk Mobile -1. Agent Sheikh Abdul Hai Road, Monglabazar, Mongla Rupsha, Khulna. 6. DIGI COMMUNICATION (Khulna Office). Agent 51, Khan Ali Road, Rupsha, Khulna. 7. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-23). Agent Royal Chatter, Fatema Air- Net, Khulna.

8. DIGI COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-24). Agent Hotel Castle Salam, Sparks, Khulna. 9. M/S Mollah Corporation & amp; Comminication (AirCell International). Agent Dacbangla Building, Khan-E- Sabur Road, Khulna. 10. Rahman Telecom (PAPA CORPORATION). Agent 37, Cementary Road, Khulna. 11. Singer. Agent MAJID SARANI, SHIBBARI MORE, Khulna. 12. Sony Rangs. Agent 76, K. DEO. A. Avenue, Khulna. Dealer List of All Area in Rajshahi District (Rajshahi


1. Alam Enterprise. Agent11 mehidi Plaza, Mehidi Plaza, Lokhi Pur More, Rajshahi. 2. M/S Habib Telecom. Agent B-9 Railway Market, Rajshahi. 3. Mobile Connection. Agent Railway Market, Rajshahi. 4. Mobile Hut. Agent 18, Ghouchia Market, Rajshahi. 5. Sayeem Enterprise. Agent Laxmipur, Greater Road, Rajshahi. 6. DIG COMMUNICATION (DiGi Mobiles-26). Agent Prithivi Corporation, Rajshahi. 7. Mobile Hut (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL) Agent 18, Ghouchia Market, Rajshahi. 8. Sayeem Enterprise (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL) Agent Laxmipur, Greater Road, Rajshahi. 9. M/S Habib Telecom. (AIRCELL INTERNATIONAL).Agent B-9 Railway Market, Rajshahi. 10. Advance Telecom. Agent Sonardhigi Mor, Shaheb bazer, Rajshahi. 11. Matrix Telecom. Agent 91/78 Kaimon Plaza, Shaheb bazer, Rajshahi. 12. Singer. Agent SHAHEB BAZER, NATORE ROAD. Rajshahi. 13. Sony Rangs. Agent Kumarpara, Natore Road, Rajshahi.

5.5 5.5.1


Procedure 1: Subscriber to Subsc SMS: Here the Customer will send SMS directly to his/her peer. The Format is as follows: Format: To <space> Destination Number <Space> Text. Example: To 011800550 ki khabar? The message will be sent to 1412. The Peer will receive the Message in Bangla “--------” Point to Note: •

The Message can be sent from any Handset Model.

The Recipient’s Handsets model must be a City Cell’s Nokia Except Nokia 5185 & 6185.

The Message will be written in English in Bangla Terms.

The Recipient will receive the Message in Bangla.

The Bangla SMS must not contain more than 26 Characters.

Procedure 2: Pull & Send SMS: Here the customer will Pull out the Bangla Message and will be able to send it to his/her Peer group. Format: The customer will write the text in English with Bangla format and send it to 1412. It the return Message, the cuatomer will recive the Message in Bangla. Example:

SMS “ki khabar?” to 1412. In the Return Message, the peer will receive the Message in Bangla “--------”. The customer can forward it to his/her peer group. Point to Note: •

Both the sender and receive should have a City Cell’s Nokia Phone Except Nokia 5185 & Nokia 6185.

The customer can view the message before sending to his/her Peer.

The format of writing the message will be available in the Communication and our.


The Bangla SMS must not contain more than 26 Characters.

5.5.2 CITY CELL’S INTERNATIONAL SMS Using City Cell’s SMS application is very simple. Send And Receive SMS to 415 operators across 162 countries. Available to all post-pade and pre-pade users. To send an International SMS, customer has to write the destination number in international format: For example if anyone want to send an SMS to UK type “0044[mobile number]. Note: Do not use plus (+) sign instead of00, for example if you send a SMS to UK with the following format +44[mobile number] than your message will not reach to destination number. How to send an international SMS: 1. Open new message 2. Write the message 3. Type the number: 00[country code][mobile number]. For example if you want to send an SMS to the UK type “0044[mobile number]” 4. Send your SMS Example: Destination Country: UK type (Country Code: 0044) Destination Mobile Number: 0123456789

Send the SMS to: 0044123456789 Country and operators to which SMS can be sent. Please check that the mobile number you are sending the SMS to be the coverage provided by City Cell’s in the list: Note: Menu structure varies from handset to handset. Please check your handset manual for precise Menu options. Charges * Sending an international SMS costs only Tk. 2.00 per SMS + VAT * Receiving international SMS is absolutely FREE. * No activation fee is required for availing international SMS. * No need to have ISD connection to avail this service. SMS service must is active to use this service. 5.5.3


Look out for new gifts at myCity Cell’s Gift shop Send your loved ones your selected song as a Music gift, your own voice message as a Voice Gift, or both together. At myCity Cell’s Gift Shop, you will find special gifts for birthdays and wedding anniversaries and a variety of personal messages on love, sorrow and much more. You can also choose from an exclusive collection of Bangla, Hindi and English songs. And be sure not to miss unique gifts on the special occasions and days of the year. Just dial *438 (*GFT) from your City Cell’s phone and follow the voice instructions. You can send your gifts to any mobile number*. Send your true feelings, in your own special way. 5.5.4 CITY CELL’S SMS BANKING SMS BANKING WITH BANK ASIA Any Account holder of Bank Asia can know his balance through this service. This message contents: Acc PINCODE eg; Acc 2345. (The pin code will be provided by Bank Asia). Send the message to 2929.

The return message will contain the Balance info. To get this service the client should contact with Bank Asia. Chittagong Stock Exchange Service To know about share information the test content should be as PRICE SCRIPCODE or PRICE SCRIPID e.g. PRICE BXPH (to get Price of Beximco) SCRIPID & SCRIPOCE are available to the CSE website: The Message should be sent to 2222 The return message will contain that Stock Status SMS Banking with Standard Chartered Bank Two types of information are available here: 1. Account Information and 2. Card Information For Account Information, Type the message as: ACC For Card Information, Type the message as: CARD PINCODE The destination number for this service is 2727. Fire Phone (location based) *911 Police Phone (location based) *999 Medi Phone (location based) *505 Automobile workshop (location based) *666 Flower shop (location based) *404 ATN Bangla News Phone *333 Weather Phone *122 Events Phone *123 Air Phone *124 Rail Phone *125 Exchange Rate Phone *126 Horoscope Phone *127 Prayer Phone *786 The subscriber has to contact with the Bank to avail this service.



Cricket Every information on the cricketing action around the would is available the this service. Type message as: CRIC Send it to: 2525 In return Message, you will get the largest information on Cricket match. 5.5.6


To fix friends and family number, City Cell’s subscribers can make it through this service. To make Friends and Family number one should send as SUBMIT 011xx xxxxxx 011yy yyyyyy. To see current Friends and Family Numbers one should send as VIEW. Destination Number for this service is 1111. 5.5.7 CITY CELL’S VOICE BASE INFORMATION SERVICES All of City Cell’s Voice Based Information Services at a Glance


Location Based Services

Our location based Services automatically connects you to the nearest resource you require based on where you are located while making the call. No matter what type of emergency you may have dial up the location based service from your City Cell’s number and get connected automatically to the nearest resource. Moreover, Calls to the Police Station, Fire Brigade, and Hospital are absolutely free. Food Phone *101 What do you fancy for dinner tonight? A traditional meal, pizza or just a snack Why don`t you find out what restaurants are nearest to you to make your pick for home delivery! Just dial *101 from your City Cell phone and we will automatically connect you to the restaurant nearest to your current location. All you need to do is put in your order and here’s your dinner option for tonight! Fire Phone *911 If you need to call the fire brigade all that will be on your mind is: come quickly! City Cell’s Fire Phone instantly connects you to the fire brigade nearest to you to ensure you get help as quickly as possible. Wherever you are – just dial *911 and help will be on its way.

Police Phone *999 Whenever you need police assistance, just dial *999 from your City Cell’s phone and we will connect you automatically with the nearest police control room. Medi Phone *505 Accidents do happen, no matter how careful you may be. But with City Cell’s Medi Phone, you are just a phone call away from your nearest hospital to get emergency help whenever you need it. Just dial *505 from your City Cell’s phone for instant assistance. Automobile workshop *666 Whenever you need assistance for your vehicles, just dial *666 from your City Cell’s phone and we will connect you automatically with the nearest Automobile workshop. Flower shop *404 If you need flower to gift someone or any other purpose, just dile *404 from your City Cell’s phone and we will connect you automatically with the nearest Flower shop. Information Services Keep up to date with the latest news and information with the following services. Simply store these numbers in your phone to have them available whenever you need them. News Phone NTV News phone *777, Channel I News *444, ATN Bangla News Phone *333. Missed the 8 o’clock news on TV or radio? Don’t worry. Now you can be information about what’s going on in Bangladesh and the rest of the world any time. Simply dial *777 or *333 from your City Cell’s phone and you can listen true latest news updates 24 hours a day. News phone makes it easy to always stay in touch! Weather Report *122 Events phone *123 Events of the day in Dhaka, Chittagong & Sylhet. Air phone *124

Need to change your flight and are unsure of when the next flight will be available? Just dial *124 from your City Cell’s phone to access up-to-date flight schedules and plan your trip without hassles. Rail phone *125 Want to pick up your loved ones from the train but don’t know the exact arrival time? Now you can call *125 from your City Cell’s phone and listen to train arrival and departure times from wherever you are. Exchange Rate *126 Horoscope *127 Prayer Phone Has your day been too busy for you to follow the prayer time for the day? Now you can check daily prayer times through Prayer Phone. Simply dial *786 from your City Cell’s phone to get an instant update.

5.5.9 CITY CELL’S DOST Destination Number: 3678 Tariff: Tk. 1/Msg + VAT To register and chat, following instructions: Customers will be registered through the SMS. Procedure: Customer will type text as: reg. Anamika And send it to 3678. In return Message, he/she will receive the following Message: “You are registered to the dost”. In order to register the information against the Nick, please SMS as: reg. a s l p i a=age, s=sex, l=location, p=profession, and i=interest

Example: reg. 25 Male Dhaka student Music Age should consist of two-digit number Location will only the division i.e; Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Barishal. Profession will be considered as: Student, Service, Business, Entrepreneur, teacher, engineer, doctor, IT, Scientist, Chemist, None. Interest will be considered as: Music, Movies, Hangout, Stamp, Coins, Antiques, reading, cricket, sports, football, the nick and the information will be saved against the customer’s number. Special Note: If the nick you sent is already registered, you will receive the following message: “The nick has already been used; please register with a new nick.” Incase of invalid information, in reply message he/she will receive: “Invalid information, please follow the specific format or SMS help to 3678.” Campaign Description: Search for friends: “After registration, you can search for dosts.” Procedure # 01: To search for a nick to chat, SMS as: sh.a* (to get the nick starts with the alphabet a). You will receive random Nicks with a, for example, `Anamika` `Arman` etc. The nicks will be separated by coma (,). Each time you send the search mode with a, he/she will receive random nicknames available with a. Procedure # 02: To search for the newly registered Nicks, SMS as: In reply message, you will receive the latest 10-15 Nick registered to dost. Procedure # 03:

You can search for nicks based on the age information. For example, to search for friends with age of 25 years, SMS as: sh.age.25* You will receive random Nick with the age of 25, for example, `Anamika` `Arman` etc. Procedure # 04: You can search for nicks based on the Sex information. For example, to search for a male friend, SMS as:* The customer will receive random male Nicks, for example, `Adnan`, `Arman` etc. Procedure # 05: You can search for nicks based on the Location. For examole, to cearch for nicks of Barishal, SMS as: sh.loc.Barishal* You will receive random Nicks from Barishal, for example, `Anamika` `Arman` etc. Procedure # 06: You can search for nicks based on the Profession. To search for teachers, SMS as:* You will receive random Nicks with teaching profession, for example, `Anamika` `Arman` etc. Procedure # 07: You can search for nicks based on the Interest. To search for nicks with interest in music, SMS as:* You will receive random Nicks with interest in music, for example, `Anamika` `Arman` etc. Know about the Nick: After the random search, you can know about the individual Nick, Just SMS the nick as: nick. For example: Anamicka. In reply Message, You will receive: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nick: Anamicka, Age: 25, Sex: Male, Location: Dhaka.â&#x20AC;?

Chatting with Nick: To chat with the Nick, simply send the SMS as: Nick.message Example: Anamicka. Hi how r u? The Nick Anamicka will receive the following message: Anamicka. Hi how r u? If Anamicka blocks Armaan, he will receive the following message: “Sorry, you are blocked by the receive, Message can’t be sent” Blocking Process: To block a particular Nick, the Message format will be: blk. Nick. Example: blk. Armaan Unblocking Process: To unblock the Nick, the message format will be unblk. Nick Example: unblk.Arrmaan Changing Nick Process: To Changing Nick, the youwill send the SMS as: ch.New Nick Example: ch.Oporichita. You will receive the following message: “You new nick has been updated in the dost.” Canceling the registration of the Nick: To cancel the registration of the nick, the customer will send the SMS as: unreg. Nick Example: unreg.Oporichita The whole procedure of registration and searching option will be mentioned



Your Group …… Only yours! Build your own SMS Group and stay in touch with dear ones. Make a group of maximum 7 members you can SMS them at a special rate all once.

To form your group just type reg. 011xx xxxxx, 011xx xxxxxx… And send to 4567. You will receive confirmation via return SMS. That’s it! You are now ready to go. Type your message and send it to 4567 and the message will be delivered to your group all at once. To change any number of your group just type is change. Old number. New number and send it to 4567. The return SMS will confirm the change.        5.6

One can create a group of minimum 4 members, maximum is 7 Offer is appli8cabel for City Cell’s pre-pade customers Group can be formed with City Cell’s subscribers only One can change his/her group member whenever he/she wants One subscriber can make 1 group only Tariff-Tk. 1.50 for registration A SMS charge per Group Member is Tk. 1.50. Promotion 2006

The company that had once relied on its name to gain new market share now has to aggressively market their brand and packages among Bangladeshi customers. The main advertising is done in all the leading newspaper in Bangladesh. Those are Prothomalo, Amardesh, Jugantor, VorerKagoj, Jonokntho, and The Daily Star etc. The emphasis is on building a solid aristocrstic image of the post-paid packages and a “light happy” image of the pre-paid packages. Advertising on television has already started from December 2003 on the occasion of Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Limited (PBTL)`s 10 years of establishment. The main TV channels are BTV, channel, ATN Bangla, NTV, CHANNEL1 etc. Personal selling is also done not just for phones but also for new data transfer cervices to corporate customers. This is done by the services marketing department under CSO and also by corporate sales department under marketing. Billboards and speed breaker are also use for promotion. The marketing department emphasizing PBTL`s contribution to the development of the telecom industry in Bangladesh and the introduction of advanced CDMA technology carries out public relations.

Chapter-6 The way to satisfy customer of a Call canter. 6. O Customer service fo City Cell’s At City Cell’s we are committed to giving out customers the best service every time, all the time. As the industry leader in customer service excellence, City Cell’s is continuously working towards giving customers the possible service experience. This manifested in City Cell’s `s tagline: ‘because we care’ and in the service innovations City Cell’s has introduced to make life easier for our customers. 24-Hour Call Center (call *121 from City Cell’s mobile or 011-121121 from any other Phone). The Call Center enables customers to be in touch with City Cell’s round the clock to make enquiries and have their problems solved instantly. City Cell’s Call Center is fitted with stateof the-art equipment from leading global hardware provider Nortel which ensures smooth and uninterrupted operations at full capacity. By dialing *121 from your City Cell mobile Phone, you get instantly connected to one of City Cell’s expert Customer Service Executives who are well trained to answer queries and provide information and solutions. But some customers complain that they do not get line when it is essential to talk with the Call Center. So, need to increase the agents and executives of the Call Center. And also the agents and executives of the Call Center decision is the customer call. So, they have to receive more call in per day. More calls sometime obstruction of the Agents and Executives for giving better service. Recently City Cell was again at the forefront of innovation by being the first operator to open its front desk operations 365 days a year at all of its Customer Service Centers in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. City Cell customers can now pay their bills and purchase services at any day of the week that is most convenient for them. Bill Payment Anytime, from anywhere with Cash Card City Cell postpaid customers can enjoy the convenience of paying their bills anytime from anywhere over their mobile phones with Cash Card. Our Cash Card is a novel and innovative way for postpaid customers to pay bill over the phone. All customers need is a City Cell cash Card and customer’s City Cell phone and customers can pay customer`s phone bill from anywhere, anytime. No more standing in the queue or trying to beat the opening hours of banks or service centers – you can use the Cash Card 24 hours a day. Online Bill Management with Online Self Care. Online Self Care enables postpaid customers to manage a number of services online, such as viewing bill status, billing history, payment details and lodging service queries and complaints. City Cell is proud to be the leader in Customer Service in Bangladesh and will continue to work towards a fully satisfying service experience for its customers.

6.1 Division Structure Customer care operation division is divided into number of department 1. Call center 2. Front office 3. Activation & verification

The hierarchy of call center: Manger Senior executive Executive Agent Trainee

6.2 Main quires from customer I have considered the first 550 callers random basis for 3 days and from that the following data analysis has been derived: Queries by Customer: Address change Billing Problem CLIP Activation E-Mail Address Payment not adjusted Refund adjustment Restore Over Phone Bank location BTRC 2006 from query

Process of changing subscriberâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Address When subscriber did not get month bill copy Caller line identification protocol How to send e-mail from any City Cell Mobile Payment paid but not adjusted to withdraw deposit amount To get the line active over phone Confirmation Query about bank location Government issued form, to be Filled up by customer

Cash card query

Amount that customer deposit Against his line Itemized bill Total monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s call details record Ownership change Process and charge Payment option query whether payment will be cash or check or card Permanent Disconnection Process query Prepaid Balance Query Total amount of balance Prepaid card query Used or valid Auto refill problem still not adjusted Call establishment problem Call processing problem Cross connection over lapping One way audio problem only one side can heard but Other side canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Roaming problem not getting properly connection Signal Fluctuation problem Signal level ups & downs Sales information Places where product available Complain about add Disliking or suggestion Excess Billing Bill is more than call Call Forwarding Process Set related complain not working properly Call drops problem Call cut before ending Incoming & outgoing both Mobile is not working Problem Freedom Value added service VMS activation vice mail service Others Call Waiting Process RIM related information RIM block Set delivery date when customer has to come Office for his set Noise/Echo problem Double sound SMS activation Short message service Company information Company related information Coverage information about network availability Free minute used query how many minutes used from Total bundle minutes Free talk time Bonus free talk time Set Lost The process how to lock the line Dealer Address Location IDD/NWD rate per min charge Prepaid balance reduction Complain against over charge problem Rim problem Replacement rim price PIN/PUK code PIN or PUK Number Ring tone Code number Service center address Location Prepaid Card validity Query about the validity of a card

Prank Caller (Unofficial) Line Restore Payment OK Total payable amount Package Transfer Tariff CRBT ONE2ONE

Unofficial calls To activated line against payment Ok Post paid bill Process Per min charge Caller Ring back tone SFNF or FNF

6.3 The top 10 queries The following table represents the top ten queries Ring tone Service center address Prepaid Card Validity Prank Caller (Unofficial) Line Restore Payment OK Total Payable amount Package Transfer Tariff CRBT ONE2ONE

11 17 21 112

8 10 14 28 71 197

FIG: The top ten queries Profession if the respondents:

Particulars Service holder

Frequency 236

Percentage 43.%







House wife






Profession if the respondents

6% 4% Service 43%

Student Business


House Wife Others 7%

Profession if the respondents The above picture shows most of the users of City Cell connection are service holder which is 43%. 40% 0f the total respondent’s are Businessmen, 7% are Students, 6% are housewife and 4% are in other category. It indicates that most of the respondents are either businessmen or service holder. Monthly income of the respondents: Particulars Below 6,000 6,000 – 10,000

Frequency 60 137

137 10,000 – 15,000 15.000 – 20.000 Above 25,000 20,000 – 25.000

23.00% 139 88 34 50

Monthly income of the respondents

Percentage 11.00% 23.00%

35.00% 16.00% 6.00% 9.00%

The highest percentage of respondentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s monthly income level is between Tk. 10,000 to Tk. 15,000 which is 35%, second highest percentage is 23% which income level is Tk. 6,000 to Tk. 10,000. So the middle class people use City Cell connection most.

Recharging the mobile phone: About the question of how much do you recharge each month using scratch (Cash Card or Aalap card) card? The followings are found.

Frequency Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk.

300 or 1000 445 400 or 1500 66 550 or 2000 28 1100 or Bank Payment 11 Recharging the mobile phone


81.00% 12.00% 5.00% 2.00%

Recharging the mobile phone The above table show, most of the respondentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; recharge their mobile by Tk. 300 Aalap card or 1000 Cash card scratch card, which is 81. It indicates that most number of City Cell users use Tk. 300 Aalap card or 1000 Cash card scratch card.

Reason for Waiting for full expiry date of Card Validity: This question gives the answer why the customer waits for the scratch card validity date. Table: Reason for Waiting for full expiry date of Card Validity Reason for Waiting for full expiry date of Card Validity

The above graph shows that budget constraint the main reason for waiting for full expiry date of call validity. 75% respondents do not recharge card before expiry because of budget constraint.

Satisfaction with the Network coverage: Particulars



Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

346 121 0 66 17

63.00% 22.00% 0.00% 12.00% 3.00%

Table: Satisfaction with the Network coverage

Satisfaction with the Network coverage Customers are satisfied with the network coverage of City Cell. 63% of the total respondents strongly agree with the availability of the network coverage of City Cell, 22% agree with it. So there is no objection about City Cellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s network coverage which is one of the main advantages of City Cell over its competitors. Facility: Providing new Technology & related services:




Strongly Agree









Disagree Strongly Disagree

115 33

21.00% 6.00%

Table: Providing new Technology & related services

Providing new Technology & related services The above table and graph illustrate City Cell’s new technology and services (SMS, Voicemail, WAP, Information Service etc) where 41% respondents agree with the related features, 19% respondents strongly agree with it. The respondents are agreeing with this statement that City Cell provides the latest technology and related services. The off-Peak Hour System:




Strongly Agree












Strongly Disagree



The off-Peak Hour System The graph reflects that the customer likes customer likes the off peak hour system of City Cell’s prepaid connection, where 28% respondents are strongly agree with it and 35% of the total respondents agree with it. It indicates the customers are happy with this service but there is objection about the time for the off peak hour system. People who disagree with it, their main complain was about the timing of the off/peak hour system. Recommendation: The recommendations given below are not decision; rather they are only suggestions to improve the customer service in order to fulfill the customer satisfaction so that subscribers give more preference to City Cell connection. The recommendations are made on the basis of survey findings and analysis and these are: • City Cell call center should increase the agents and executives for giving better service to the customers. • City Cell call center should arrange training facilities which is improves to giving better service very quickly. Training is also very important for the new agents and which is must be practically.

Need to improve good network service for the customers. If City Cell improve its network service, all agents and executives have to giving better service to the customer. Because call pressure in the call center decreases.

Net to motivate the agents and the executives to give better service. Salary is one of the important thing for motivate the agents and the executives. But in the PBTL’s staff salary is not higher than other telecommunication organization. So, every month some experience executives go away from this PBTL organization. For this reasons, need to crease the salary of the PBTL staffs.

If any person face any problem and he calling here and knowing to his or her problem to the agents of the PBTL. The next work of the agents to solve his or her problem and calling him or her for knowing his or her problem solve properly or not. So, need to improve outbound calling.

Presently City Cell is doing monopoly business. They have subscribers over 10 Lac. And City Cell is only telecommunication organization which has more corporate line than others four mobile phone company. So, need to improve this company’s call center service. The suggested recommendation may help City Cell’s (Pacific Bangladesh Telecom limited) to increase their number of agents for the satisfaction of the current subscribers to provide good service.

Conclusion: I would like to start the conclusion part by restating the hypothesis of my study. My hypothesis was “Although PBTL brought ‘City Cell’ as the first mobile telecommunication service in the subcontinent but its customers are not fully satisfied with the service. If PBTL does not take care of these dissatisfactions and another company enters the market with similar offers, it will be difficult for PBTL to increase their market share.” From the analysis of the survey results and Gaps model, it is clear that City Cell’s subscribers are dissatisfied about different services of the company. Moreover, the analysis indicated that the subscribers are not loyal to the company. They clearly pointed that if another company comes with similar offer, they will not hesitate to switch. So, my hypothesis is proved as a valid one. I firmly believe that if City Cell follows my recommendation, it will be able to achieve a achieve a sustainable distinctive competitive advantage and to run smoothly with loyal subscribers & market leadership.

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