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Perfecting the Profession

Consulting Lawgistic’s consulting services provide Corporate Legal Departments the support they need to systematically implement innovative solutions to gain competitive advantages. Some of the most important questions that we help our clients address, and improve upon include: Organizational Design, Structure and Staffing

Do we have an effective organization and staffing structure?

Client Integration and Services

How do we meet the current and projected needs for legal services in our organization?

Legal Cost and Resource Management

Do we understand our costs and resources and allocate them optimally?

Work Process, Procedures and Efficiency

Are we operating efficiently through documented policies and procedures and well defined work processes?

Systems and Technologies

Do we have effective systems and technologies to help us deliver and manage legal work and services.

Outside Counsel Management

Are we retaining the right law firms? Are we paying and managing them appropriately?

Performance Metrics and Management

How can we define meaningful performance metrics and establish effective reporting systems?

How We Can Help As regulatory demands and cost-reduction pressures increase, executives want to know how to optimize their legal departments for business agility. We increase efficiencies by helping In-House Legal Departments to streamline the process used to deliver their legal services.

Benefits: Your legal department will dramatically improve its efficiency, effectiveness and ability to provide the highest quality of service to the corporation. It will: Reduce unnecessary expenditures Improve the morale of it’s lawyers Increase the confidence and support of your clients

Perfecting the Profession

Perfecting the Profession

Consulting Services Lawgistic can help your legal department find the best solutions to complex operational challenges, such as: Management of the corporate legal function in foreign operating units or subsidiaries Redesigning internal legal department organizational structures Articulating the cost-effectiveness and contribution to profit of corporate counsel Our consulting work varies in scope, complexity, and duration. Some clients seek to achieve a fundamental transformation in the organization and performance of their legal function. Others desire a more narrowly focused assessment and improvement in one or several specific areas.

Legal spending should be viewed as a business investment. Lawgistic helps assess the alignment of our clients’ resources to high priority legal risks, then creates strategies for managing, controlling, and tracking those risks efficiently. These assessments are designed to complement a company’s vision, strategic plans, financial goals, and risk tolerance. They are comprehensive enough to legally protect corporate assets without creating an economic burden. A high-performing, optimized legal department will always deliver value.

With the right strategies legal departments can achieve great results while spending far less money.

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Perfecting the Profession

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