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Fylfot Group of Advocates 112, New Delhi House 27, Bara Khambha Road Connaught Place New Delhi INDIA 110001 Phone No: 011 23355388 Fax No: 011 43586010 Email: Website: Fylfot Group of Advocates is a Law Firm Delhi formed by a group of highly qualified and trained lawyers in India for providing all legal services under one roof with quality and precision. The group provides wide spectrum of legal services through its team of qualified Indian Advocates with proactive strategy and precision of results. This Law Firm Delhi has been providing such services since last several years from its central office at Connaught Place in New Delhi area and has a wide range of clients including big corporate, industrial houses, corporations, multinational companies and several offshore companies. The latest addition to the services at the Law Firm Delhi is the online legal service desk to provide pre paid online instant legal services related to all subjects of law on one platform. The online legal service desk in managed by highly qualified legal brains who provide the services of the virtual lawyer at global level and offer quick, easy, effective and instant legal services on all subjects of law under one roof. Online Legal Service Desk Of Law Firm Delhi: •

Legal advice on all subjects of law through e-mail by in house experts of the respective subjects.

Legal chatting for expert Indian lawyers for quick, easy, instant and effective legal advice, legal discussions, legal interaction on various subjects of law under one roof.

Skype conferencing service on all legal subjects for quick and effective discussion on various subjects of law.

Video conferencing for open and effective discussion for legal advice sessions.

Teleconferencing through cloud telephony for instant legal advice, legal discussion on any subject by experts in the field.

Personal conferencing with experts of the law for legal opinion and legal advice on legal subjects.

On call legal advice from experts in resolving the legal issues on the spot by a comprehensive discussion on the subjects.

Law firm Delhi for online legal documentation services for drafting and vetting of all kinds of legal documents, legal formats, legal declarations, legal disclaimers, legal agreements, contracts of various types, SLAs, lease, license, assignment agreements. Quick and effective

legal drafting services for all custom made requirements based upon the facts and circumstances of the matter.

Law Firm Delhi For Civil Law Services: •

Drafting and filing of all types of civil suits before civil courts, rent courts, land revenue courts and various tribunals.

Civil injunctions against any threatened act or for any apprehension of wrong by any party.

Suit for decoration before civil courts for declaration in favor of a party related to any subject matter of dispute, land title dispute, ownership dispute.

Suit for recovery of money under Order 37 CPC, for recovering of debts, for recovering of any business dues.

Suit for claiming damages against any wrong, mischief done against anybody.

Suit for recovery of possession of property from a trespasser, tenant, licensee or any other dispute in this regard.

Suit for specific performances for enforcement of any contract, enforcement of any right, agreement related to the sale and purchase of property, supply of goods and all other such disputes.

Suit for rendition of accounts before civil courts against misuse of money by any party, partner of public functionary.

Suit against defamation, labels and other threatened acts which may cause harm to the party.

Law Firm Delhi For Criminal Law Services: •

Expert lawyers for legal advice on Bails, filing of applications for bail under Section 437, 438, 439 CrPC.

Obtaining bail orders from the trial court, sessions court, High Court, Supreme Court and other tribunals.

Highly qualified and competent lawyers for handling all types of Police cases, police complaints, police investigation matters.

Legal services pertaining to filing proceedings under Section 156 (3) CRPC, for filing of private complaints before the court of Magistrate.

Legal experts in handling all cases of criminal defamation, criminal complaints of defamation, prosecution proceedings against defamation.

Highly expert cyber lawyer for handling all cyber law matters, including the matters of hacking, domain name disputes, cyber squatting, internet IPR matters, internet defamation matters.

An expert team of lawyers for online legal advice and all legal services related to IPR, Trade Mark violation matters.

Handling of all types of Economic Offense cases launched by CBI, DRI, Customs, IT department, Department of Corporate Affairs.

Expert lawyers for drafting and filing of criminal appeals against conviction before High Court, Supreme Court of India.

Law Firm For Services Of Family Laws: •

Expert lawyers for drafting and filing divorce proceedings before Family Courts, Tribunals, HMA Courts, Civil Courts.

Family lawyers for launching and contesting maintenance proceedings before Family Courts, Criminal Courts.

Expert legal brains to handle Domestic violence cases before the criminal courts.

Indian Lawyers well versed with all aspects of law to handle Hindu Marriage Act cases filed before the Civil Courts, Family Courts and other tribunals.

Attorneys to handle Special Marriage Act cases before the Family Courts and Tribunals.

Indian Lawyers for launching and defending Alimony matters before Family Courts, Tribunals, Civil Courts.

Lawyers for handling Restitution of Conjugal Rights matters before the Family Courts, Civil Courts.

Expert Indian lawyers to handle all cruelty matters arising out of the matrimonial disputes.

Expert Indian lawyers to handle adultery matters before the Criminal Courts, Family Courts, Civil Courts and Tribunals.

Law Firm For Property Law Services: •

Online Legal advice in property law matters by expert and highly qualified lawyers who are well versed with all subject of property laws.

Online legal services for legal documentation in property law for drafting and vetting of property related documents such as GPA, SPA, Sale Deed, Agreements, Contracts.

Expert Lawyers for filing and defending civil and criminal cases related to property laws, property disputes.

Lawyers for filing and defending suit for partition and other related matters before the Civil Courts, High Court and other forums.

Expert lawyer for filing and defending suits for recovery of possession and other related disputes.

Indian Lawyers for filing and defending suit for Mesne Profits against immovable property before the Civil Courts.

Expert lawyers for filing and defending suits for Specific Performance related to the property before the Civil Courts.

Law Firm For IT And Cyber Law Services: •

Expert Attorneys for online advice on all cyber law matters with accuracy and precision.

Expert legal brains to handle all types of hacking matters, criminal proceedings arising out of hacking disputes, launching and defending proceedings against hacking, drafting and vetting of complaints of hacking before the police, IT cells and other authorities.

Legal services related to IPR disputes on internet and all other related services through the team of highly qualified Indian lawyers.

Expert services of handling DNS disputes related to domain name wrestling, cyber squatting, reverse cyber squatting ,typo squatting, domain name warehousing ,second level domain name disputes (SLD) ,grip sites ,sub domains ,grace period violations

Handling and launching of administrative process related to disputes on domain names before WIPO, ICANN and other platforms.

Drafting and vetting of legal Disclaimers related to website user, domain user, domain agreements, SLAs, assignment of IPR rights on domain and other such agreements.

Law Firm For IPR Services: •

Expert legal brains for all services related to copyright, registration, verification and taking up infringement of copyright matters before Civil Courts, Criminal Courts.

Services related to Patent search, filing and defending before WIPO and all other platforms.

Services of Trademarks , design, patent, logo registration at all levels and handling the infringement of the trade mark rights before Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, IPR cells and other forums.

All services related to IPR matters on internet by our team of expert Indian Attorneys.

Law Firm For Corporate Law Services: •

Online legal advice by expert and highly qualified corporate Attorneys for instant and quick results and decision making.

All legal services related to formation and incorporation of companies, JVs, LLPs, Partnerships and other business organizations.

On call and online legal services related to compliance of the ROC, CLB, Ministry of Corporate Affairs and other such bodies.

Litigation services by expert Corporate Attorneys for all Company Law Board litigations, Company Courts litigation, SEBI proceedings, Share dispute matters.

All legal services related to compliance of the taxes related to companies and corporate houses.

Law Firm Delhi providing all start up services in India by foreign entities for the formation of representative office in India, Liaison Office in India, Branch Office in India, Company in India, JV and overseas agreements for business in India.

Law Firm For Business Law Services: •

Expert legal advisors for all advices related to business laws in India, requirements of compliances under the Indian laws. Online and on call assistance on such issues.

All legal services related to recovery of money, enforcement of awards, enforcement of decrees, recovery of business dues.

Expert legal brains to handle all types of cheque bouncing cases under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act .

Expert legal advice on business transactions, supply chain set up, franchise matters.

Compliance of business law services related to taxation, statutory compliances, labour compliances, ESI, EPF compliances related to business organizations.

Law Firm For Service Law Matters: •

Online legal advice services in all service matters by highly qualified legal brains.

Highly expert and qualified attorneys for handling all CCA &CCS matters, service disputes, promotion matters, seniority matters.

Drafting and filing of CAT cases related to Central Government employees in the matters pertaining to their recruitment, transfer, posting, suspension, termination, discharge, dismissal, removal, promotion and other such matters.

Drafting and filing of CAT appeal cases before High Courts against the orders of the CAT benches.

Legal services related to drafting and filing of CAT appeal cases before Supreme Court.

Law Firm For Labour Law Matters: •

Legal advisors on all labour law matters for handling cases before conciliation officer, Labour Courts, Industrial Tribunals.

Handling legal proceedings of Industrial Disputes, Industrial references, Labour Court Awards.

Legal advice and compliance services for all matters pertaining to EPF laws in India. Contesting proceedings under Section 7A of the EPF Act, challenging the orders of assessment before EPF Tribunal, High Court, Supreme Court.

Leal advice and compliance services related to all matters of ESI; filing of returns, depositing of contributions, contesting the assessment orders, filing EI Court Appeals, challenging the orders before EI Courts, High Court, Supreme Court.

Law Firm Delhi For Banking Law Services: •

Online legal advice and online legal services in Banking Law in India by the team of highly qualified and trained legal brains.

Legal services pertaining to recovery of loan services before Civil Courts, Criminal Courts.

Handling all types of Cheque bouncing matters; defending and filing cheque bouncing matters before the Courts.

Handling all types of DRT matters and proceedings.

Handling DRAT matters; filing of appeals against the orders of DRT.

Legal advice for Restructuring of bank loans.

Legal advice and legal services pertaining to pre closure of loans and other related issues with the banks.

Law Firm For Tax Law Services: •

Online and on call legal advice and legal services on all tax matters by the team of highly qualified and treined legal minds.

Legal advice on all Income Tax matters pertaining to filing of IRT, scrutiny cases, investigation cases.

Legal advice on all service Tax matters by the team of highly qualified legal brains who provide all services related to applicability and non applicability of service tax, tax planning and all other issues.

Handling all VAT matters before the assessment authorities, appellate authorities and courts.

Legal advice and legal services on all custom duty matters, handling of custom appeals.

Legal advice on all Excise Duty matters, tax planning, advice on tax planning and all related services.

Handling all Credit refund processes and securing credit refund in all cases.

Law Firm For All Other Important Legal Services: •

Legal Outsourcing Services through the team of expert para legal and legal manpower.

Para Legal Services related to Process Management Outsourcing, litigation support and all other related services.

Litigation Support services related to arranging and classifying evidence, present evidence, evidence collection.

Technological Legal Services related to projects, housing projects, real estate projects, industrial projects, mining projects, road construction projects.

Environmental law services for environmental clearance and Consent to Establish and Consent to Operate for projects, housing projects, industrial projects, mining projects.

Land Revenue law services for change of land use matters, mutations, awards, notifications, de-notifications and all other related services.

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