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The Vibrant Life of the Great Robyn Ginsberg Robyn Ginsberg was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a triplet and has one brother, who is two and a half years older. Although her siblings live all over the country, she is very close to her family. Ginsberg is especially grateful for her sisters and accredits them for their support and unconditional love, which, among other things, gave her “the freedom to be adventurous, to learn and to try things without fear of reprisal or judgment.” While growing up in the city of “Brotherly Love,” Ginsberg enjoyed eating a juicy Philly cheese steak, soft pretzel, and you could have caught her eating a mango water ice at the well renowned chain called Rita’s water ice. She has since cleaned up her eating habits and has gone fully gluten free, but Philly has its food-based nostalgia. Two crucial attributes embodied

why she purchased a Vespa motor scooter immediately

Ginsberg throughout her life,

after seeing one in motion in the streets of Richmond,

hard work and discipline. She

Virginia. The outspoken attorney processes fears by

was the captain of her basketball

“confronting them head on.” Ginsberg reflected on her

and softball teams. The young

Vespa experience. “When I bought my Vespa I was

woman also excelled in literature

pretty much petrified of it and did not know how to

and has earned an astonishing

ride it (I am not a huge fan of motorized vehicles).

four degrees at two institutions.

But instead of just locking it away, I signed up for a

Ginsberg has a B.A. in English Literature, a B.A.

motorcycle licensing class even though I do not need

in Women’s Studies, and a Masters in English and

a license to ride my Vespa. I took the classes, bit it on

American Literature from Washington University in

the bike a few times, but got the license and learned

St. Louis, Missouri. She also earned a J.D. from the

how to safely ride my Vespa. That’s pretty much how I

prestigious University of Pennsylvania, cum laude.

handle anything that scares me.”

Ginsberg received several awards and scholarships, which includes being on the dean’s list in college and

But we are all human, and there must be something

won a partial merit scholarship for graduate and law

that scares Ginsberg? She admitted she gets totally


freaked out about being in cars on highways, too much speed and uncertainty and too many people not

Someone who is as intelligent, disciplined, and hard

paying attention to what they are doing! Ginsberg also

working as Ginsberg must be extremely confident

revealed she is scared of creepy crawlers. She doesn’t

in life. What’s her secret? Ginsberg believes her

like bugs and was disgusted when she found out ants

confidence derives from her upbringing just like her

infested the bathroom of her brand new home. The

two other significant traits, hard work and discipline.

warm hearted Ginsberg could have fumigated her

She said, “I was always encouraged to be myself and

home, but decided to go easy on the ants by getting rid

was never made to feel like I couldn’t accomplish what

of them organically.

I set out to accomplish. I have very supportive family, friends, and loved ones and I believe the great majority

After graduating from law school, Ginsberg had the

of my confidence comes from surrounding myself with

privilege to work for Latham and Watkins LLP in the

positive, encouraging and fearless people.”

firm’s Washington, D.C. office as a civil litigator. During her four year tenure at Latham and Watkins, Ginsberg

Perhaps Ginsberg is fearless herself. That would explain


worked on various litigation matters, including anti-

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LawCrossing Law Firm Profile

trust, environmental; litigation, and computer fraud.

booth to change into Superman, they are both getting ready to conquer the next task. Does Ginsberg even

Ginsberg also had the honor of working for Zuckerman

have a weakness? She stated, “My greatest weakness

Spaeder, a well-respected mid-sized litigation firm,

may be the fact that I am too responsive sometimes – I

before becoming Managing Director for the East Coast

cannot leave an email unresponded to and that often

at BCG Attorney Search. What motivated a tough

means that people learn to expect an instant response

civil litigator to work as a recruiter? Ginsberg said, “I

from me. It makes it difficult to get any downtime!”

wanted to do something in the legal industry that made me feel like I was making a difference. Specifically, I

So where does she go to escape her iPhone and enjoy

wanted to do something where I felt tangible progress

a little rest and relaxation. The former civil litigator

on a daily basis as a result of my efforts. That was very

admitted it was hard to go on a long vacation, but

rarely the case while I was litigating in the big law firm

took a quick getaway to a place called the Inn at Little

context, but it has been consistently so since I have

Washington located in Washington, Virginia. It was a

been recruiting.”

peaceful two day vacation with no cell phone reception – something she previously thought was impossible

The former civil litigator finds her profession rewarding

to find! Ginsberg had the chance to indulge in “an

because the position involves constant interaction with

amazing culinary and wine adventure.” Ginsberg is

candidates, law firms, and colleagues. The outgoing

very passionate about wine and has earned various

Ginsberg continued to say there is never a dull moment

advanced wine certifications. When she gets some

in her line of work and believes her occupation is a

downtime, she visits as many wineries and different

perfect fit for her personality. She is a gregarious

international wine regions as possible or, if she is

person who isn’t afraid of challenges. Remember those

pressed for time, at least tries to stay current on trends

two significant qualities Ginsberg grew up utilizing?

in the industry by visiting with, and tasting at her, local

Discipline and hard work also played a critical role “to

wine shops. She has a weakness for Old World wines,

being successful in this industry, but when a recruiter

particularly those from France and Italy.

uses those tools the job is really fun and is always changing.”

Ginsberg is also passionate about books and writing. She enjoys reading fiction and some of her favorite

Where will the legal market be in the next five years?

authors include John Irving, Nabokov and Dostoevsky

Ginsberg believes “mid-sized and regional law firms

and she also recently enjoyed reading Haruki

will continue to excel and successfully woo highly-

Murakami’s, 1Q84. Ginsberg’s greatest achievement

credentialed attorneys of all levels away from ‘big

was purchasing her “kick ass” home in Richmond. The

law’ firms with higher rate structures.” Big law firms

house includes a koi fish pond, a big tree-covered yard,

will continue to prosper and grow strategically and

a real white picket fence, and an office in a sun room.

thoughtfully, but will likely be more conservative in

She described the atmosphere as “mellow and not

their growth plans, especially in light of recent events

stuffy and just perfectly cozy.”

at Dewey & LeBoeuf.” Ginsberg has accomplished so much in a short period of time, it’s like she is Clark Kent after he enters a phone


The Vibrant Life of the Great Robyn Ginsberg  

Robyn Ginsberg is a recruiter for BCG Attorney Search for its Washington D.C. branch. She has a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and...

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