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The Mindful Lawyer - Scott Rogers By Donna McGill It’s not often we find a member of the bar who also has his masters degree in psychology; yet, Scott Roger’s passion for both the law and medicine is serving him well these days. He is both a well respected and admired attorney and a psychologist who has made incredible strides in this field as well. He’s also this week’s Law Star inductee.

Founder and director of the Institute for Mindfulness Studies, Scott Rogers wears many feathers in his cap; make no mistake, however, as he is a renowned leader in the legal profession, the psychology community, parenting circles and the publishing world. It’s likely he never envisioned he would be the one person to bring each of these important roles together when he began practicing law two decades ago. Rogers received both his law degree and his master’s degree in social psychology from the University of Florida, where he graduated summa cum laude. The Miami Beach resident thrives on his busy workdays. After acknowledging the sometimes stressful lives of American lawyers, Rogers believed his psychological training could aid in mindfulnessbased principles that would allow others in the same field the opportunity to better relax, thereby leading to a more successful legal practice and happier clients. Incorporating exercises that teach how to ‘’live in the moment’’, as well as bringing into the fold the rapidly changing neuroscience field, Rogers and others wanted to understand how mindful awareness played a role in how each of us handle our various daily events. With this understanding, it was Rogers’ belief that we could transform our thought processes, behaviors and indeed, the various functions of the human brain. It was then that Rogers founded the Institute for Mindfulness Studies.


Rogers defined various techniques and conditions for his lawyers. From there, it was an easy leap to transfer those techniques to law students, in both individual and group settings. The goal, of course, was to find that balance between success and a peaceful mind and soul. He developed The Six Minute Solution: A Mindfulness Primer for Lawyers, which has enjoyed great success. The Jurisight program, which was developed by IMS, was the result of all this research and hard work. With a ‘’seamless application’’, lawyers around the world are finding themselves better equipped to handle those stressful days all too common in the legal profession. Speaking of family lives, in 2003, Rogers founded The Mindful Parent. With visitors from more than 70 countries, Rogers was then led to publish Mindful Parenting: Meditations, Verses, Visualization for a More Joyful Life. This led to newspaper and magazine interviews, as well as several appearances on television and media outlets. 2009 saw the release of Mindfulness for Law Students: Applying the Power of Mindful Awareness to Achieve Balance and Success in Law School. Currently, Rogers continues to juggle his passion for the law and his goal of sharing what that training, as well as his psychological training has taught him over the past twenty-plus years. He currently resides in south Florida with his wife and two children, where he often speaks at school functions and law firms as part of his commitment to his own community.

The Mindful Lawyer - Scott Rogers  
The Mindful Lawyer - Scott Rogers  

Scott Rogers received both his law degree and his master's degree in social psychology from the University of Florida, where he graduated su...