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Stephen H. Wagner, Miami Attorney Miami is home to this week’s Law Star inductee, Stephen H. Wagner. An Associate with the firm Fuerst Ittleman, LLC, Wagner practices in the areas of customs and trade law, import and export regulations and compliance, international business and other specialties.

His unique background allows for a varied range of clientele and his experience ensures the best legal representation for that clientele.

laundering, he brought a truly impressive level of knowledge and experience to the Fuerst Ittleman firm and its clientele.

In the sometimes overwhelming specialties of customs and trade law, import and export regulations and other international legalities, finding those who shine brightly can sometimes get lost in all the legalities of these complex specialties. Not for Stephen H. Wagner, however. The former member of the Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Department of State, Wagner had already enjoyed quite the distinguished career before focusing his time and talents to the intricate world of corporate governance and compliance. The versatility of this well traveled legal mind is not to be missed or underestimated by his adversaries. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Stephen H. Wagner received his degree from the prestigious institutions of Georgetown University Law Center, University of Notre Dame, where he graduated cum laude in 1985 and Universität Innsbruck at Austria. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2000 and began his legal career and now calls Miami, Florida home. For five years, prior to joining Fuerst Ittleman, Wagner was the staff attorney for the United States Customs and Border Protection, Miami Office of the Associate Chief Counsel. While there, his responsibilities included customs and trade law, including seizures of imports and exports, forfeiture and penalty cases, customs brokers and others avenues related to customs violations. With his extensive background in immigration law and specifically smuggling and money

After gaining experience in international corporate transactions that included restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, he then worked on corporate governance and compliance issues. Now, he is a member of the renowned Fuerst Ittleman firm where he uses his extensive knowledge base throughout several specialty areas and contributes to the intricate areas of international law. The firm Fuerst Ittleman is known nationally as one that focuses on international practices and has committed itself to the highest level of professional services, making it a superb fit for Wagner and those clients who trust his expertise. With a collective focus on the ever changing needs of clients as well as the changing legal structures involved in this particular legal sector, the firm remains on the cutting edge of technology that allows it to better serve its clients, regardless of whether those clients are huge conglomerates or individuals who need representation. Other specialties of both the firm and Wagner include those associated with: • • • • • • •

Tax Food and Drug Administration United States Department of Agriculture Customs Enforcement Corporate Litigation Regulatory Matters White Collar Crimes

Visit Stephen H. Wagner and the firm, Fuerst Ittleman at for more information on this diverse legal firm with clients located around the globe.

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Stephen H. Wagner, Miami Attorney  
Stephen H. Wagner, Miami Attorney  

In the sometimes overwhelming specialties of customs and trade law, import and export regulations and other international legalities.