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Professor George D. Brown By Donna McGill George D. Brown, current Interim Dean of Boston College Law School and a professor of law, takes a fair and no-nonsense approach to the legal profession as a whole. With a mission to ensure the integrity of the American justice system, his passions lie in the field of government ethics. Keep reading about this versatile man of law.

Not many can make such a powerful statement as ‘’the elected judiciary is in trouble, perhaps in crisis’’ and not be challenged. Dean and Professor George D. Brown can, however, and does in a recent article entitled, ‘’Political Judges and Popular Justice: A Conservative Victory or a Conservative Dilemma?’’ Noting the difficulties associated with campaigning on the political trail, along with efforts of raising money, Dean Brown raises the concerns pointed out by the Supreme Court in 2007 of a ‘’possible loss of trust in state judicial systems’’. Not many in the legal sector would see such a statement as a challenge to others to take a step back and see these issues from a different perspective. Brown, however, knows the importance and also recognizes that only with a transparent approach can true change be found.

quagmire. The lines were drawn with a surprising high number of law students responding with disbelief that a fellow student would feel as though he’s entitled to a reimbursement because of the job outlook. Turns out, the school agreed. Its statement read in part:

It’s likely, however, that even though you may associate Dean Brown with his publications, you might also equate him with another growing controversy: the disgruntled law students who thought a law degree could protect them in difficult economic times. If you’re familiar with the anonymous letter written several weeks ago from a third year law student asking for a tuition refund, then you may know that letter was sent to none other than Dean George Brown.

For now, the Harvard University graduate continues to focus on where his passions truly lie: the legal sector and all it represents. A well respected author, he continues to be published in many journals, most recently focusing his efforts on the role of the courts in the war on terror. He has also been invited as a guest speaker on several occasions to NPR’s All Things Considered radio show.

While much of the student body and faculty waited with baited breath, Dean Brown carefully considered the student’s


‘’...we are deeply concerned about the job prospects and general well being of our students and our recent graduates... no institution of higher education can make a guarantee of a job after graduation. What we can do is provide the best education possible.’’ And with that, the decision was made. Boston College, founded in 1863 and with 9,000 undergraduates and 4,700 graduate and professional students, in one fell swoop, drew its line in the sand and chose to not reimburse the student. It has, however, out of respect, maintained the student’s privacy.

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Professor George D. Brown  
Professor George D. Brown  

George D. Brown, current Interim Dean of Boston College Law School and a professor of law, takes a fair and no-nonsense approach to the lega...