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Nike Settles Lawsuit to the Tune of $7.6 Million [By Brooke Heath] Nike, Inc., is now $7.6 million poorer, thanks to a recent settlement in a race discrimination lawsuit filed against the company. The class action lawsuit was filed against the athletic-apparel conglomerate on behalf of 400 current and former black employees who worked at Niketown in Chicago from 1999 to the present.

Filed in 2003, the lawsuit is a result of claims

legal settlement to “avoid continued and

Tribune, Nike corporate representatives said

made by the employees that they were

protracted litigation.” This was a strategic

that the store managers are left to enforce

subjected to a hostile work environment

move on Nike’s part, as one of the major

the guidelines.

when managers of the store used racial

demographics that purchase Nike apparel

slurs when referring to the employees as

is black youth. Throughout the years, the

Despite the settlement, Nike, Inc., denies all

well as customers. Allegations also include

company has also used many well-known

allegations of liability and wrongdoing.

segregating black employees into lower-

black athletes, such as Michael Jordan, in its

paying stockroom and cashier positions;



to higher-paying jobs, such as sales

In addition to the financial terms of the

positions, and failing to post job openings;

settlement, Nike must also take affirmative

and subjecting the black employees to

steps to address diversity, such as appointing

searches when leaving the store, when white

a compliance officer at its corporate

employees were not searched. The lawsuit

headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, and

also states that benefits such as sick leave

appointing a diversity consultant to monitor

and employee discounts were not equally

the store in question, Niketown. The store


will also be required to conduct diversity

Nike, Inc.

training for all of its supervisors and

denying opportunities for promotions

The terms of the settlement require Nike

managers. Additionally, Nike will create a

Retail Services to pay the $7.6 million to

mentoring program for its black employees.

the 400 current and former employees. According to the Chicago Tribune, Nike

Nike has corporate policies that address

said in a statement that it reached a

discrimination, but according to the Chicago


Chicago Tribune,0,1048767.story

Nike Settles Lawsuit to the Tune of $7.6 Million  

Nike has corporate policies that address discrimination, but according to the Chicago Tribune, Nike corporate representatives said that the...

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