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Michigan Attorney General Seeks Salary Pay Cuts By Christine Cristiano In an effort to avert lay-offs in his office, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox has asked permission to approve salary pay cuts from his attorneys and staff members. Cox, a Republican candidate for governor, is looking to cut 1% to 3.5% from 263 attorneys and 20 bureau chiefs. If approved, the cost cutting measures will save $393,000 in operating expenses.


Cox said that he is seeking the salary pay cuts because of ‘’the enormous deficit facing this state.’’

Cox plans additional cuts of up to 6% from the salaries of the top managers; however, he can cut up 5% without seeking the Civil Service Commission’s approval. According to Cox’s spokesperson, John Sellek, last year Cox had requested that the commission rescind a 1% salary increase slated to take effect in October, but the Civil Service Commission ignored the request.

Cox told the Civil Service Commission that ‘’the state’s fiscal condition has worsened’’ and said this year, his department’s budget had been reduced by 10%. Sellek revealed that Cox reduced his own salary by donating $3,500 to the state Treasury. According to the state constitution, only the State Officers Compensation Commission can set or reduce the salary of the attorney general.

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Michigan Attorney General Seeks Salary Pay Cuts