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Jon & Kate Gosselin Escape Labor Law Wrath By Christine Cristiano It seems trouble never ends for Jon and Kate Gosselin of the reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. After an investigation by the Pennsylvania state Department of Labor & Industry, it was determined that child labor permits were required for the Gosselin’s children while they were appearing on the TLC network show, however, Pennsylvania authorities won’t take any legal action against the TV show producers.

04/17/10 According to a five page letter obtained by The Associate Press and signed by the government attorney, in lieu of any further legal action, authorities have ordered that a portion of the proceeds from the hit show be placed in a trust fund for the Gosselin children and it stipulated that if the children appear on TV, child labor permits must be obtained. The letter was forwarded to Figure 8 Films and Discovery Talent Services, however, the reality show has been cancelled. According to the ruling, although the Gosselin children were part of a reality show that chronicled their everyday lives, they were considered employed because they did receive directorial direction, and they received compensation for their participation in the show. According to Troy Thompson, Press Secretary for the Department of Labor & Industry, ‘’It’s important to note that we did an investigation and we made sure the children were not in any danger or endangered as a result of the work they were doing.’’ The ruling stated that 15 percent of gross proceeds of the show must be allotted to the children’s trust funds. The money will be held in trust until the age of 18 however the money can accessed to cover the costs of safety, welfare, education and health needs. According to a report in The Associated Press, Discovery Talent Services and TLC spokesperson, Laurie Goldbury stated that trust funds for the children were established in November and the amount of money in the trust funds exceeds 15 percent.


In the same report, Troy Thompson warned that ‘’the new stipulations must be met or labor regulators may prosecute in the future.’’ However, the letter stated that all affiliated parties including the Gosselins denied that there was any violation of the child labor law and questioned whether permits were required. Goldberg stated that the companies she represents complied with the state labour regulations however, she agreed that Discovery Talent Services and TLC will obtain permits in the future. The Associated Press reported that Goldberg stated that the ‘’allegations are either completely inaccurate or a distorted representation for maximum attention.’’ Also adding to child labor law concerns, Kevin Kreider, Kate Gosselin’s brother, expressed his concerns regarding the psychological impact on children on TV shows when he testified at a legislative hearing regarding the state’s childlabour laws. He also voiced his concerns on the lack of adult supervision and financial security for children taking part on TV shows. Although Republican Representative John Evans, expressed his concern as to whether the state Department of Labor & Industry gave the Gosselin’s special considerations due to their participation in the entertainment industry, Robert O’Brien, deputy secretary for state’s Safety & Labor Department, rebutted the accusation and said that the state followed the Pennsylvania’s child labor law. According to The Associated Press, Thompson reported that the Department of Labor & Industry is working on a draft

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Following the Gosselin’s divorce, Kate Gosselin is appearing on ABC’s ‘’Dancing With the Stars’’ and has custody of all the Gosselin children.

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Jon & Kate Gosselin Escape Labor Law Wrath  

The letter stated that all affiliated parties including the Gosselins denied that there was any violation of the child labor law and questio...

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