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Jonathan Lucero: President of the Native American Law Students Association, University of Colorado School of Law [By Jen Woods] Law school is tough, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormous workload. But, as University of Colorado School of Law student Jonathan Lucero points out, “you just need to figure out how to make work fun!”

For Lucero, that meant joining the Native

to compose such a fantastic document. Talk

American Law Students Association (NALSA).

about dynamic leadership!”

“I love working with people to develop common goals. I have gained so much value in the

Lucero’s desire to help others initially sparked

relationships that have developed as a result of

his interest in law. “In my mind, a lawyer is an

my involvement [in student groups],” said Lucero,

advocate and a leader,” he said. However, he

who joined NALSA as a first-year student.

didn’t meet a single lawyer until he enrolled in law school, at which time he realized that his

Lucero is now the president of NALSA. He

The experience gained from working with

community needed legal professionals. “I want

leads the group in its efforts to promote

student groups is invaluable. “If I had

to fill that void in a dynamic way,” Lucero said.

awareness of Native American issues, develop

abstained from participating in these groups,

a community atmosphere for indigenous law

I would have been much more miserable.

students, and organize activities that will

Besides, it is a lot of fun to look back with

enhance the law school experience and help

pride when all is said and done,” Lucero said.

practice law as a JAG (Judge Advocate

Internships have also played a significant role

the desire to serve. I have been blessed with

“There are a multitude of very serious and

in Lucero’s education. He recently interned

so much in life because of the freedoms that

challenging issues in Indian law, of which

with the Eighth Judicial District’s Office of the

many take for granted. I simply want to help

many people are not aware,” Lucero said.

District Attorney in Fort Collins, CO. “It has

defend the freedoms that have provided me

The association works with Indian law

been a fabulous experience,” he said.

with so much,” he said. Military service will

NALSA members with career development.

leaders to present new perspectives to law students and community members. “This is especially challenging in a country where Native Americans seem to be a mythological antiquity or are simply degraded to nothing more than mascots,” he added. The group works to create a nondiscriminatory environment that supports the university’s indigenous students and faculty. “Most surprisingly, many of these negative attitudes and perceptions persist in the 21st century to a much greater degree than [those of] any other ethnic group,” Lucero said.

During his internship, Lucero was involved in bargaining and arguing bond amounts and conditions. He also had the opportunity to prosecute two trials, which he ultimately won. “It was an opportunity that I could have never imagined. I am very thankful,” he said. When Lucero reflects on his education, he said he appreciates the “tremendous growth law school has fostered,” noting that he is an extremely different person than he was three years ago. “The new perspectives that I have gained from the rigors of law school are

Lucero, who is finishing his last year of law school, intends to join the military and General) officer. “I entered law school with

also fulfill Lucero’s desire for adventure and challenge, he said. “Besides, at 24 years old, I will never be in a better position to do something like this again,” he added. Lucero said he is proud of his achievements, which make his hard work and dedication worthwhile. He will always remember the law school’s end-of-the-year barbecue, where he and his friends ate good food, smoked their favorite cigars, and celebrated. “There is nothing that can replace the feeling of accomplishment!” ON THE NET

probably what I enjoy the most,” he said. University of Colorado School of Law

Lucero has been involved with several other

Constitutional law was one of Lucero’s

student groups during his law school career.

favorite classes. “I am a constitutional law

He has served as the treasurer of his class,

nerd,” he admitted. Even though the course

Native American Law Students Association

and he is a former member of the Latino Law

was challenging, he found it to be the most

Students Association and the Republican Law

interesting. “It is so foundational to almost

Society. This year, he is also a member of

all things legal in the U.S. It never ceases

the University of Colorado Moot Court Board.

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City of Boulder, CO

Jonathan Lucero: President of the Native American Law Students Association  

Jen Woods telling Law school is tough, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormous workload. As University of Colorado School of Law s...

Jonathan Lucero: President of the Native American Law Students Association  

Jen Woods telling Law school is tough, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormous workload. As University of Colorado School of Law s...