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Inside Legal Blogs [By The Judge] Hi, folks. On August 1, Ann Althouse blogged on the Minneapolis bridge collapse. She wrote that watching the coverage on Fox News made her think “there must be a news policy not to talk about terrorism except as fed information from the Department of Homeland Security.” However, homeland security does not rely only upon the department; it is the duty of every lawyer to sue for compensation whenever safety is breached. I also have to say I share the sentiments of David Nieporent, who posted on Overlawyered at 7:01 a.m. on August 1, “The first trial lawyer Google ad soliciting clients relating to the Minneapolis bridge collapse is already up—indeed, was up as of last night. Makes me proud to be a lawyer.” Really proud.

Susan Brenner at CYB3RCRIM3 submitted

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On July 30, at the Legal Profession Blog,

an interesting post on July 29 titled “Identity

star; these days it’s more like the guy who

Mike Frisch reported on an attorney who

theft case fails due to coerced confession”

sweeps up the stadium after the game,” she

was suspended for 90 days by the Maryland

about a case of identity theft that fell

said. The post, titled “The peremptory strike

Court of Appeals for failing to disclose, while

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as broom and dustpan,” follows the trend of

applying for a position in a federal agency,

private investigator to force the confessor to

this vital tool of law practice falling out of

that she was previously employed by her

complete community service. The prosecutor

favor with the courts.

spouse’s law office. Even though the attorney

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had disclosed the relationship in other

coerced confession. The police department

The July 31 post by Eric Mueller of UNC Law

documents, those documents were held to be

closed the case and reached a voluntary

School on Is That Legal? is titled “Justice

unrelated to the actual hiring of the attorney.

arrangement with the confessor, according

Department Tips Off Senator Stevens Before

to which he will ultimately have to…complete

Searching His Home!” Professor Mueller,

community service!

who also spent nearly nine years as a federal prosecutor, holds that tipping off

Anne Reed, at Deliberations, wrote a great

the attorneys of an individual to be searched

post on the peremptory strike on August 1.

defeats the purpose of the search warrant.

“There was a time when courts treated the


Thanks, and see you all next week.

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Ann Althouse blogged on the Minneapolis bridge collapse. She wrote that watching the coverage on Fox News made her think ''there must be a n...

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