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Inside Legal Blogs [By Jeff] This week, we fling ourselves full-speed against the brick wall that is the law blogosphere. No cowards allowed! We’re like Evel Knievel, except instead of motorcycles, we deal with law blogs. And instead of danger, we face knowledge. So I guess we’re not all that much like Evel Knievel; but we do have a red, white, and blue polyester jumpsuit with a cape.

A new video game has sparked public outcry

firms, who actually do far more pro bono work,

and threats of lawsuits. Sounds familiar, right?

won’t be able to report as many pro bono hours

for law bloggers. Inside Legal Opinions has

But this time, the violent video game isn’t

as the large-firm attorneys. She’s also against

compared Semitsu’s appointment as the

about beating up hookers or stealing cars,

the ruling on philosophical grounds. While Don

official Dixie Chicks blogger to other recent

it’s about killing infidels and non-believers.

Burnett at the Legal Ethics Forum praises the

law blogger upgrades, including Underneath

And it’s not militant Muslims; it’s an army of

ruling as highlighting the importance of pro

Their Robe’s David Lat taking the reins over

born-again Christians taking to the streets

bono efforts, Elefant believes it’s all a bunch of

at Wonkette and the big book deals offered

and slaying anyone who refuses to convert to

sound and fury signifying nothing. After all, the

to bloggers Jeremy Blachman and Melissa

Christianity. It’s called “Left Behind: Eternal

ruling doesn’t require attorneys to do more pro


Forces,” and it is hilarious. In his Talk2Action

bono work or reward excessive pro bono work.

blog Jonathan Huston offers up a really funny news story about a new video game based on the religious extremist novels and straight-to-video film series Left Behind. In the game, players attempt to convert or kill non-Christians in a post-apocalyptic New York cityscape. Conservative Christian attorney Jack Thompson cut his ties with the Left Behind people after learning of the violent video game. Thompson has made a name for himself in the media over the last few years, crusading against rap music and video games. He is now threatening a lawsuit against the game’s manufacturers, his former allies, Tyndale House. It is unclear what the grounds of the lawsuit would be. This game has to be seen to be believed. It actually looks pretty fun. Here is a review of the game, complete with screenshots.

It only offers a pat on the back for those who do

Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground reported on an Illinois Supreme Court ruling that will require all attorneys to submit their total number of annual pro bono hours in order to renew their licensure. While the ruling may appear to be innocent, Carolyn Elefant over at MyShingle thinks it is a subtle jab at solo practitioners and small firms. Big firms will report far more pro bono hours than they really performed, supposes Elefant, while small


any pro bono work at all. With legal aid for the poor still lacking, Elefant doesn’t think lawyers deserve a pat on the back yet.

it’s the latest in a series of high-profile gigs

The law blogosphere is abuzz with analyses, commentary, and criticism of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Hudson v. Michigan. The case involved Michigan’s so-called knock-andannounce requirement, which forces police

A number of law bloggers are up in arms over

officers serving a warrant to announce their

the recent New York State Bar regulations

presence and wait before entering a home.

governing attorney advertising. As mentioned

The High Court ruled that while it’s all well and

in the Judged Law Firm News, the measures

good to knock and announce, the rule doesn’t

were meant to better protect the public.

necessarily have to be enforced. Cato@Liberty

Some are saying the restrictions don’t help

sees the decision as a poor interpretation of

anybody. Between Lawyers takes dead aim

the Fourth Amendment’s protection against

at the judges and attorneys who worked so

unlawful search and seizure. He takes special

hard to pass the new amendments. According

offense at Justice Scalia, who has professed

to Between Lawyers, the regulations limit all

his belief in Constitutional originalism so many

attorney advertising to the point that an ad

times in the past, but now sees the Fourth

from a lawyer could never effectively bring in

Amendment as needing revision. Orin Kerr

new business. They also see the restrictions

takes delight in pointing out that a staunch

on Internet commerce as retrogressive. Kevin

originalist like Scalia would take the side of

O’Keefe of LexBlog sees the amendments as

the ‘living Constitution’ crowd. The Agitator

a death knell for the legal profession. He finds

also singles out Scalia for derision. Scalia’s

the limitations, including regulations on font

assertion that the police force is capable of

sizes in printed ads, completely foolish.

governing itself and independently ensuring the protection of each citizen’s Constitutional

The Washington Post has reported that

rights prompts The Agitator to ask what the

University of San Diego School of Law

Justice is smoking.

Professor Junichi Semitsu has been tapped to serve as the Dixie Chicks official blogger for

Next week, we will return with another death-

their current national tour. While it’s doubtful

defying feat of law bloggery. We’re going to

that his new MSN blog will be very scholarly,

jump the shark. Be there!!

Inside Legal Blogs - funny news story  
Inside Legal Blogs - funny news story  

A really funny news story about a new video game based on the religious extremist novels. A new video game has sparked public outcry and thr...