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How I Got a Job

This week, LawCrossing talks with Amy Davis

those challenges, I recommend persistence,

“I started working in a law office upon

about how she got her job as a paralegal

dedication, and commitment to the

graduating from high school, while attending

at Rake & Catanese, PC, in Arizona. After

profession. It’s the excellence you achieve

community college at night,” she said. “My

starting out in a law office after high school,

that will land you the job and make working

aspirations were to transfer to a university

Davis simply worked her way up the ladder,

as a paralegal a successful and rewarding

and obtain my degree so that I could pursue

and she encourages paralegal students to do


law school. What I liked most about the legal field was being in a professional, educated

the same. Davis, who has worked in the legal field for

business environment, and I found the

“Students often find the transition into a

almost 20 years now, worked her way up

work I performed was both interesting and

working paralegal position challenging—just

from being a runner to a receptionist, from

challenging. I embraced new challenges—

getting their foot in the door is difficult at

a receptionist to a secretary, and from a

even pursued them by requesting to take on

times. I know; I started at the bottom and

secretary to a paralegal.

new tasks and assignments—and learned as

worked my way up,” she said. “To [face]


much as possible along the way.”

How I Got a Job  
How I Got a Job  

Students are working as paralegal position. She got her job as a paralegal at Rake and Catanese, PC, in Arizona.