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Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum By Donna McGill In what’s become a close race for the 2010 Republican Primary in the state of Florida, current Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is taking an aggressive stance that seems to be working in his favor. With educational reform, property tax relief and health insurance in his crosshairs, he’s aiming for the governor’s seat in the Sunshine State.

Florida native Ira William McCollum, Jr. is his home state’s current attorney general. The Republican career politician has gained a lot of loyal followers over the years and a combination of that loyalty and a family that supports his decision. He’s thrown in his hat for the one seat that’s as hot as the Gulf Coast weather: the Florida governor’s office. What began as his successful election into the House of Representatives in 1981, eventually led to Florida’s 5th Congressional District and an unsuccessful bid in both 2000 and 2004 elections to the U.S. Senate. Still, determined and focused, he continued moving forward and currently serves as Florida’s 36th attorney general. The Florida attorney general graduated from Hernando High School in Brooksville; from there, he attended the University of Florida where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. This most prestigious honor allowed him to move forward and serve as president of Florida Blue Key, an honorary and service society associated with the school. In 1969, Bill McCollum served with the United States Navy in the Judge Advocate General Corps. He served nearly a quarter of a century with our country’s prestigious military before retiring as a Commander, O-5 status, in the JAG Corps. During this time, he also entered private practice as an attorney in the Orlando proper area. The Republican has yet to slow down. Most recently, he has stirred the waters regarding immigration. Promising an


even tougher stance than even Arizona’s controversial bill that continues to make waves around the country, McCollum has vowed to bring his state out of the difficult economic challenges presented by undocumented residents. His policies, according to his campaign, will result in more than 500,000 jobs and a far more stable economic climate for the Sunshine State once his immigration bill is instituted. Now in full swing of his campaign, he is focusing on an advanced energy strategy that is both sustainable and affordable. His commitment to the employment horizon is solids, as well. Not only do his plans mean the creation of new jobs, but he’s also reiterated the importance of strengthening those jobs already available. His ‘’Roadmap to Florida’s Future’’, developed with the assistance of Steve Forbes, is powerful and quite frankly, will serve as a major sticking point for his opponents. Other important issues McCollum has wasted no time tackling include the promise to continue current Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s improvements in education (one improvement includes raising Florida’s ranking for 4th grade reading from 31st in the nation to 8th), public safety with strong focus on ways to eradicate child pornography and a well-developed plan for the state’s environment and water. He has a powerful foundation, as well. He has successfully pursued everything from mortgage fraud to internet scams and has reduced gang presence in the state as a whole. He’s worked with Homeland Security in an effort to protect the state’s borders from terrorists and he has fought for tougher punishments for those who perpetrate crimes against his state’s elderly residents.

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Law Job Star Attorney General McCollum has been married to his wife, Ingrid, for 38 years. They have three sons, Douglas, Justin and Andrew, two daughters-in-law and two grandsons. He and his wife continue to volunteer with area high school

booster clubs, little league teams and the Boy Scouts. Thus far, McCollum has been leading in the polls and many supporters believe he, in effect, ‘’has the race the won’’. The elections are upcoming later this year.

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Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum  

In what's become a close race for the 2010 Republican Primary in the state of Florida, current Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum is tak...