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Do You Have What It Takes to Go Solo? [By Judith Earley] At one time or another, most paralegals—indeed, most people—think about going it alone and joining the ranks of the millions of self-employed workers in America. For some, becoming self-employed is a necessity; perhaps your firm has gone through downsizing or you need to be at home for a child or other family member. Others dream of the independence and flexibility that come with being one’s own boss. As with any work situation, there are both pluses and minuses to consider before you take that giant leap of faith and launch your own freelance paralegal business.

L. Jane Bourgoin is a freelance paralegal

and I have been partners for 20 years. We

If you are bound and determined to go solo,

in Evergreen, CO, with more than 30 years

started together July 1, 1986. We were both

here are a few resources to help you along

of paralegal experience, and she has been

freelance paralegals before we joined forces,

the way:

freelancing for the last 13. “I would never

but we knew each other from law firms we

go back to a ‘real’ job,” said Bourgoin. “I

worked at prior to working as freelancers.”

Visit the U.S. Small Business Administration website

love the freedom, variety, rewards, and challenges that freelancing presents. The

Stalford continued, “I can tell you that the

( for some information

potential also exists to make a lot more

hardest part of being a freelance paralegal

on start-up, marketing, and ongoing

money as a freelancer than as an employee.”

is marketing your services and growing your business. You cannot wait for attorneys

support for small businesses. •


Bourgoin stressed that the decision to go

to come to you. You must be visible, and

(, you can

solo is not one to be taken lightly. “One

your work has to be as close to perfect as

research information on business

must be willing to work hard, live with

possible. You have to be ready to handle

start-ups, marketing, and financial

uncertainty, and be prepared to network

what we call ‘radiator-burned’ files on an

and market all the time,” said Bourgoin.

emergency basis because, of course, the file

“The most important advice I could give to

has been sitting around on the radiator, and

of Paralegal Associations

anyone wanting to freelance would be to 1)

the hearing is tomorrow morning.”

( and chat with

management from noted experts. •

other members who are freelancing.

possess at least five years’ experience as a paralegal and 2) have a financial cushion (six

“Your reputation for excellence is your best

months’ expenses, minimum—12 months’

marketing tool,” she added. “Your dedication

is better). The financial cushion speaks for

to the profession and your business savvy

itself. The experience is vital. Experience

play a big part, as well. Our biggest challenge

is what you will be selling to a potential

has always been to keep pushing ourselves

client attorney. Law firms are seldom

to be better than we were yesterday. We ask

willing to engage anyone on a contract

a lot of our employees and enjoy watching

basis who does not know the ropes. More

them grow professionally and personally with

importantly, your first clients will probably

us. We belong to community associations,

be your former employers or people you have

paralegal associations, and our state bar

met and impressed in the course of your

association. We volunteer in the community


and constantly support our profession. One also must learn how to juggle a business and

Dorothy Secol and Peggy Stalford were

home life. We’ve raised our children and now

already experienced legal assistants when

enjoy our grandchildren and always make

they decided that they could succeed working

time for our husbands. Our reward for all of

outside of the traditional law office. And

our hard work is self-satisfaction—a genuine

voila, Paralegal Services, Inc., was born. “It seems we have been freelance paralegals all of our lives,” said Stalford. “Dorothy

feeling of accomplishment—and our respect


Join the National Federation

and love for each other.”

Pick up a copy of Paralegal’s Guide

to Freelancing: How to Start and Manage Your Own Legal Services Business by Dorothy Secol. ON THE NET Paralegal Services USA L. Jane Bourgoin,_ lj.htm

Paralegal’s Guide to Freelancing: How to Start and Manage Your Own Legal Services Business Dorothy_Secol/ Paralegal’s_Guide_To_Freelancing.html

Do You Have What It Takes to Go Solo?  

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