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Campbell University’s Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, Buies Creek, NC [By Heather Jung] Established in 1976, the Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law has come to consider itself a place “where great lawyers are made.” The school is affiliated with the Baptist church. In her letter to prospective students, Dean Melissa Essary says the school of law, which is one of six schools at Campbell University, is “not an ordinary law school; we are extraordinary in our focus on you and your future clients. If you want to be an ethical, confident lawyer-one who can succeed and serve-we invite you to apply for admission.”

According to the school’s website, it is one of

communications skills that will help them to

the smallest accredited private schools in the

succeed in the financial services industry.”

country, with a few more than 300 students. Despite the small number of students, the

During the J.D./M.T.I.M. program’s course of

backgrounds of those attending the school

study, students gain expertise in “personal

are very diverse. Approximately 50% of the

financial planning, risk management and

Academic Support Program, which offers

students in a given class are female, and

insurance, security analysis, portfolio

seminars that teach students better study

the average age of a student is 25. Students

management, tax planning, fiduciary practice,

skills, and Teaching Scholars, which pairs

also come from a variety of undergraduate

estate and trust administration, and sales

students with third-year “teaching scholars”

institutions and undergraduate majors. Many

management.” The program aims to place

who provide study group leadership and

students have master’s degrees in other areas.

students in professional jobs in “bank trust

other guidance. The school also provides

departments, private banking departments,

consultations with the associate dean for

The school’s graduates have found great

investment management and securities firms,

student life and access to BarCARES, a free

success. The career services website says

and financial planning firms.” The school also

counseling service.

that, over the last four years, the employment-

has a J.D./M.B.A. program. “You will experience a demanding academic

placement rate “has consistently exceeded 95% within six months of graduation.” As

The school offers a variety of student

program that will equip you with superb

reported by the class of 2005, 76% of students

organizations. The Legal Runarounds is a

professional skills for a purposeful life of

entered the private sector; 10% are serving

running club that encourages maintaining a

leadership and service,” Dean Essary says

judicial clerkships; 7% are working in state

well-balanced lifestyle. The Project for Older

in her letter. “Campbell School of Law

government, city, county, or municipal areas;

Prisoners evaluates older prisoners in order

graduates are marked by their ability to step

3% entered the public-interest arena; 3%

to identify those who pose little or no risk

into the real-world practice of law.”

started their own firms; and 1% are working

of recidivism and can be released to reduce

for the federal government.

overcrowding in local prisons. TEAM Campbell

On the Net

Law encourages law students to participate in In conjunction with Campbell University’s Lundy-

various events across the Campbell campus.

Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law

Fetterman School of Business, the school of law

Other organizations include the American

offers the only joint-degree program combining

Bar Association-Law Student Division, the

a J.D. with a Master of Trust and Investment

American Civil Liberties Union, Women in Law,

Campbell University

Management (M.T.I.M.) degree. According to

and the Moot Court Association.

is “to enable graduate students to develop

Acknowledging the strenuous nature of

Campbell’s M.T.I.M. Program

the technical, analytical, institutional, and

law school, the administration created the

the program website, the program’s purpose


Campbell University's Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law, Buies Creek, NC  

The employment-placement rate "has consistently exceeded 95% within six months of graduation." As reported by the class of 2005, 76% of stud...

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