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Wayne State University Law School, Detroit, MI [By Charisse Dengler]

Wayne State University (WSU) Law School, located in Detroit, MI, encompasses 203 acres of campus on which students have access to a t

hands-on training, and plenty of fun. In addition, WSU’s location in Detroit’s metropolitan Mecca puts WSU graduates in prime position f upon graduation.

As if that isn’t enough, WSU students can

year class has been increasing; students’

has a wide variety of entertaining options to

walk to the nearby Detroit Public Library, the

academic qualifications have been ever more

choose from. Want to have some fun in the

International Institute, and various museums

impressive. Our alumni play leadership roles

sun? Try visiting the Detroit Zoo. Want to

and educational centers. In 2000, WSU

in every aspect of legal practice and public

soothe your finals-induced headache? Kick

announced the completion of its new law

service, ranging from the large and mid-size

back and listen to some tunes at the Detroit

school complex which features the state-

firms, the specialized boutiques and small

Symphony Orchestra Hall. Would you rather

of-the-art Spencer M. Partrich Auditorium,

offices to the federal and state judiciary, the

drink a beer and watch some sports? Take

study areas, offices, the Arthur Neef Law

legislature, and civil rights groups.”

your pick from the Detroit Lions, Pistons, or Tigers. And if you like jazz, you’ll be happy

Library, a variety of classrooms and lecture halls, and moot court headquarters. The

He goes on to alert prospective students of

to learn that Detroit boasts one of the most

school’s law library is made up of 620,000

the changes that are to come for WSU.

extensive outdoor jazz festivals in the nation.

rooms, wireless Internet, a variety of special

‘In the current and coming academic years,

Thinking about attending WSU? The

collections, and much more.

we will see tremendous positive changes,”

admissions office urges you to contact

Wu continued.’ We have increased the Law

someone at (313) 577-3937 in order to set up

One of only two public law schools in

School’s scholarship funds by approximately

your very own campus tour and admissions

Michigan, WSU prides itself on the fact that

$1.45 million annually. We are planning

consultation. In addition, you will have a

many of its graduates go on to work at the

to add four new tenured/tenure-track

chance to sit in on a 1L class and talk with

upper-most levels of law. The faculty at WSU

professors. We are installing wireless

other WSU law students about what to

makes sure students are prepared to reach

internet access throughout the classrooms


their goals after graduation by providing

and the latest residence hall will include

them with a legal education that is both

deluxe suites for law students.”

volumes, a computer lab, private study

theoretical and practical. WSU law school, founded in 1927 by a group In his message to prospective and current

of lawyers who thought it would benefit the

students on the school’s website, Dean

community to create a public law school,

Frank H. Wu comments on Detroit’s recent

started out as an evening program and

rejuvenation, calling attention to new

was called Detroit City Law School in the

developments from houses to stores to

beginning. However, it was renamed as

cultural centers.

Wayne University in 1933 and took on its current title in 1956.

“In this setting, Wayne dominates the bench and the bar in the city and the state as few

In their free time, WSU law students have

other law schools do in any region,” Wu said.

many choices at their fingertips. From parks

‘The number of applicants for the first-

to restaurants, museums to casinos, Detroit


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Wayne State University Law School, Detroit, MI  

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