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Legal Recruiter Profile

Vanessa Vidal, ESQ Recruiting By Rebecca Neely Vanessa Vidal is the President and Founder of ESQ Recruiting, a national legal recruiting firm dedicated exclusively to the search and placement of attorneys in-house.

She began her recruiting career with a national legal recruiting firm specializing in the placement of attorneys in law firms. She later served as the President of a national recruiting firm focused on placing high-level attorneys with companies across the country. ESQ Recruiting operates from coast-to-coast to serve the staffing needs of corporate legal departments on a global basis. ESQ Recruiting provides search services ranging from general counsels, chief intellectual property counsels, division counsels, senior counsels, and staff attorneys to legal infrastructure and compliance officers. Vanessa’s recruiting practice focuses primarily on executing retained searches for the placement of attorneys inhouse, particularly at the general counsel level, on behalf of corporations. She works very closely with companies to develop a focused search strategy that meets with their specific criteria, and helps select candidates that are best suited to their legal and business goals. Vanessa has developed strong relationships with a number of prominent


companies around the country who appreciate her effective recruiting method, straightforward and candid approach, and extensive candidate screening. Vanessa’s expertise in legal recruiting is acknowledged within the industry. Vanessa’s articles and viewpoints on the legal market have routinely appeared in InsideCounsel, The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, The National Law Journal, and other legal publications. She has also been invited to speak on these subjects at law firms, bar associations, and corporate forums. Additionally, Vanessa is the co-author of “Inhouse Insider,” a blog that publishes and features articles regarding the inhouse legal marketplace. Recent blog topics include how the recession has affected compensation for general counsels across the nation, addressing the top ten job search myths, and the increasing trend of legal departments hiring in-house lawyers versus using outside firms.

Vanessa Vidal, ESQ Recruiting