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The Paralegal Studies Programs at the University of Great Falls, Great Falls, MT [By Devon Pryor] The University of Great Falls is a private, four-year Catholic university located in one of the most beautiful regions of the United States: the “Big Sky Country” of Montana. Under the leadership of the Sisters of Providence, the University of Great Falls upholds the Providence Leadership Covenant, which emphasizes the core values of respect, justice, compassion, charity, simplicity, and excellence. The university is a community of faith belonging to the Roman Catholic Church and has an impressive student to teacher ratio of 14:1. There are three primary paralegal education options offered by the University of Great Falls. These include the paralegal studies major, which culminates in a Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies, the paralegal studies associate’s degree program, and the unique UGF Army Paralegal Degree Program.

The core courses for each of the paralegal

business organizations, psychology of the

of recorded classes. Students also receive

studies programs provide students with

law, clinical practicum, negotiation and

DVDs of lectures for all courses in which

balanced instruction in legal theory and

mediation, administrative law, landlord-

they are enrolled. This program offers

practical application. Elective options allow

tenant law workshops, internships, and

deferred tuition to qualifying students, and

students to pursue specialty interests and

classes on other special topics relevant to

both associate’s and bachelor’s degrees can

complete professor-approved internships

the paralegal profession.

be earned by students pursuing the distance learning option.

for up to 15 credits. The university’s paralegal studies programs are ABA-

Alongside descriptions of courses, the

approved and overseen by the advisory

paralegal studies program’s website

The University of Great Falls is located

board of the school’s paralegal program

offers links to downloadable audit sheets

near Malmstrom Air Force Base, and

council. Required courses are identical

for both the associate’s and bachelor’s

many members of the university’s faculty

for the bachelor’s and associate’s degree

degree programs. These assist students

work as professionals in the Great Falls

programs. These courses add up to 28

in keeping track of their progress through

community and have experience in military

credits and focus on basic legal concepts

the necessary courses and are conveniently

law. As the program website explains,

such as commercial law, introduction

organized on a grid in PDF format. The

this directly benefits the partnership

to paralegalism, introduction to legal

site also offers a “meet your professors”

between the Army and the university.

analysis, legal research and writing,

section with photographs of program

All of the resources of the university

litigation and trial practice, field experience


are available to members of the Army Paralegal Degree Program, including

in legal assistance, and current issues in paralegalism. Specialty courses on

In addition to the standard paralegal

career services counseling, lifetime job

commercial transactions, domestic and

program offerings at the University of Great

placement assistance, resume help, and

family law, property law, estate law, legal

Falls, the school features a program called

tutoring in math and English.

research, debtor-creditor law, and office

the UGF Army Paralegal Degree Program,

systems are also required.

which is offered under the university’s

The university’s innovative approach to

distance learning program. Distance

education does not stop with the Army

Completion of these 28 credits is sufficient

learning students view weekly hour-long

Paralegal Degree Program. The UGF Corps

to earn an associate’s degree from the

lectures and attend live follow-up audio

of Discovery Program is an exploratory

University of Great Falls’ paralegal studies

conferences via the Internet. Using the

program that creates a classroom out of

program; however, any student pursuing

computer technology LearnLinc, students

the surrounding mountains and rivers of

a bachelor’s degree must also complete

in the Army Paralegal Degree Program

Montana. In this program, 15 to 20 students

an additional six credits of approved

are able to attend real-time class sessions

are exposed to moving life experiences

elective courses. Approved electives

online. Although multiple class sections

through their presence in nature and

include criminal law, criminal evidence and

are available, students who do not have web

service to others.

procedure, tort law, environmental law,

access during class times can view postings


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Yet another intriguing event at the University

comprised of informal conversations on

UGF’s Paralegal Studies Programs

of Great Falls is the MSRS, or Montana

issues of mutual concern, book discussions,

Symposium on Religion and Science. Open

lectures, conferences, and commentary from


to university community members and

visiting scholars.

to the public, the symposium is designed

Local Societies Initiative for the Constructive

to address the historical mistrust and misunderstandings between religion

Engagement of Science and Religion ON THE NET

and science, both of which the university


recognizes as valid ways of understanding

About UGF

the surrounding world. The event is


The Paralegal Studies Programs at the University of Great Falls, Great Falls, MT  

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