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The Night Before [By Mary Waldron] It’s 10:00 p.m. on a Sunday night. You’re just sitting down to watch TV with your significant other when it hits you. Dang it! You forgot that you have a job interview tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. What a way to kill the night.

Don’t sweat it. This moment of clarity

near non-existent during business

what to expect and anticipate in the

doesn’t have to be such a buzz kill for your

hours unless you have permission


night. If you just take an hour to prepare

to park in a company structure

some key interview essentials, you’ll

or lot. It also does not help when

be good to go. Read the below must-do

you realize that your location is on

interview prep tips, and with a little devoted

the 12th floor and it is lunch hour.

Finally, practice, or at least

time, you can sleep like a baby knowing that

Tack on an extra 20 minutes or

imagine, some of the conversation

everything is going to be all right.

so to prevent an embarrassing,

that you might have in the

disoriented, out-of-breath

interview. Think ahead, and decide

appearance when you burst through

what kinds of small-talk comments

the door of the interviewer’s office.

you will make if there is some


MapQuest it.


Research it.

Of course, use discretion when developing these conversation

whatever! Just map out where you


Rehearse it.

downtime during your interview.

I don’t care what you use—Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, MapQuest,


need to go carefully. Don’t be the

The last thing you want to do is

starters—keep them general and

fool who waits until an hour before

wander into an interview with

safe; it’s the effort that matters.

the interview to start looking for

absolutely no clue what you’re

the address he or she scribbled

applying for. Any employer will

Also, use the research you have

down on a napkin two weeks ago.

assume you know about his or her

done to come up with some

Even if you think you know where

company and its reputation. Do your

potential answers for questions like

you are going, it’s better to be safe

homework. Find out what types of

“Why do you want to work with us?”

than sorry. When you’re late for

projects they usually work on. Take

Find ways to link your experience

a job interview, almost no excuse

note of the most well-known ones

with their background so it seems

can save you. Basically, if you’re

in case the employer brings them

like a match made in heaven when

late, you’d better be amazing. And

up so at least you can offer up an

you talk to the interviewer.

usually that doesn’t even save you.


In addition to driving time, consider

Additionally, think about the

a few other factors. Allow lots of

different types of questions the

time to find parking and to walk to

employer might pose. Many of them

your location. The interviewer, or

will probably be based on what his

whoever sets up the interview, will

or her company is all about. The

usually give you a heads-up as to

center of the conversation will be

what to expect regarding parking,

the company at hand, so wise up

etc. Especially in busy cities like

before you go in for your interview.

Los Angeles, parking can be pretty

This will help you to get an idea of

The Night Before  

This moment of clarity doesn't have to be such a buzz kill for your night. If you just take an hour to prepare some key interview essentials...

The Night Before  

This moment of clarity doesn't have to be such a buzz kill for your night. If you just take an hour to prepare some key interview essentials...