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Patricia F. Clapper: Paralegal, Levine & Stewart, Chapel Hill, NC [By Judith Earley] For paralegal Patricia Clapper, the best part of her job is that there’s never a dull moment. She makes the daily 45-minute commute from Apex, NC, to Chapel Hill, where she works at Levine & Stewart, a general practice law firm. She said she enjoys working at a firm where she can handle a variety of different cases. “Every day brings a new and exciting challenge, sometimes more than one at a time,” said Clapper.

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Clapper lives in Apex with her husband, Beanie; her two children, 12-year-old Evin

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North Carolina State Wolfpack Sports

said Clapper.

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lasting friends,” said Clapper.

Paralegal certification from National

North Carolina Paralegal Association

Association of Legal Assistants in 1996,

Would Clapper do anything differently if

Advance Paralegal Certification in litigation

she could? “Sometimes I regret that I didn’t

National Association of Legal Assistants

from NALA in 2004, and her North Carolina

go to law school. But when I remember the

State Bar Certification in 2006. Her

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Patricia F. Clapper: Paralegal, Levine & Stewart, Chapel Hill, NC  

Patricia Clapper worked as litigation paralegal, Clapper was awarded her Certified Paralegal Certification from National Association of lega...