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Legal Sector Loses 300 Jobs In October; Is David J. Stern To Blame? By Todd Schultz A new release from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that the amount of jobs in the legal sector fell a third of a percent. The reports of losses of legal sector jobs come after three months of an upward trend of job growth in legal services.

The legal sector lost a total of 300 jobs in October. While the dip is not unduly large, it varies from the previous months hike of a more than 2 percent increase in jobs.

151,000 jobs were added to the economy in the month of October. Despite the positive outlook for the rest of the economy, the legal sector did not grow with it.

That two percent amounted to 2,200 jobs, which leaves the legal sector with a net gain of 1,900 hundred jobs for the past two months.

One commenter, B. McLeod, said on the ABA Journal Website, ‘’That must be the folks shaken out of the folding foreclosure mills.’’

What’s interesting to note is that jobs in the legal sector for November 2010, are at the same level they were at in October of 2009, leading one to suppose that while the rest of the economy suffered, the legal sector has been able to stay afloat, despite some modest ups and downs in labor over the course of 2010.

As has been earlier reported on the Daily Legal Feature, the ‘’foreclosure mill’’ being run by David J. Stern in Florida was taken to task by property owners when the troubled firm reported that they were unable to pay the rent on their building. Stern’s firm laid off a whopping 70% of its staff last month.

Currently, the total number of jobs in the nation’s legal sector stands at 1.1 million jobs. That’s a hefty number of jobs, considering the skilled nature of the work, and suggests that the legal market might be a more promising job market than has been speculated at by an array of angry law students.

Just last year, Stern’s firm grossed a whopping $260 million. So it’s definitely something to see them have to layoff almost three quarters of their staff.

However, an argument could be made to the contrary, as the overall jobs outlook across the country shot up by a six-figure number.


Legal Sector Loses 300 Jobs In October; Is David J. Stern To Blame?