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Staffing Concerns and Legal Process Outsourcing In legal process outsourcing legal support is provided by other legal firms who provide these services. This article proposes to inform the readers in detail about legal process outsourcing or LPO and how it helps legal firms perform better by remaining focused on its core business areas.

Legal process outsourcing or LPO refers to a process wherein legal support is obtained from outside legal firms or companies providing legal support. In case the outsourced entity is stationed in another country for practicing, it is termed as ‘’offshoring.’’ LPO is growing at an unprecedented rate in the present day in the United States of America. The most important services provided by LPOs are as follows: • • • •

They are engaged in the process of reviewing documents. They also undertake tasks such as legal research and writing. Prepares drafts of the pleadings and briefs. Copyright services outsourcing.

locations. The companies must at the same time not ignore the threats associated with off shoring. Some of the potential threats are mentioned below: • • • •

The law firms considering the option of off shoring must take an all inclusive approach towards the following: •

The in house legal departments in the major MNCs, in order to save some of their tasks, outsource their tasks. Keeping in mind the profits incurred, it is expected that they will continue to outsource in the years to come. Quite a number of leading firms worldwide have benefited from outsourcing. Previously it was the Asian subcontinent which was targeted for outsourcing legal tasks to other countries. In the contemporary period, it is the ‘’specialized legal firms’’, ‘’near shore’’ and ‘’backdoor’’ firms have emerged to satisfy the corporations and law firms that operate with a comfortable level of discretion and efficiency. Most of the US companies have been badly hit by the current economic turmoil. According to the statistical data published by the American Lawyer magazine, there has been a dip of about 4.3% of profit incurred by the top 100 legal firms in the US. A dip of about 1.2% has been noticed in the annual income of the lawyers. The result of this moderate catastrophe is that most of the leading firms, including Eversheds and Clifford Chance have opted to operate through offshore


Issues pertaining to security of data become very important. There may be a rise of conflicting interests. The question of attorney and client relation may come to the forefront for serious consideration. Confidentiality becomes a major concern.

• • •

They need to critically scrutinize the availability of information about IT infrastructure. Check the security systems. Have a thorough knowledge about the guidelines provided about conflicting interest. Assess the financial condition before entering into any long term relations.

Some of the major issues that are commonly associated with off shoring legal services or LPO are as follows: Conflicting interests which are very common can be easily resolved by providing the vendors with a similar set of guidelines. They must possess the list of clients they have served in the past or the names of those clients who they are serving presently. A vendor in the legal service must be able to satisfy conditions under DR 5-105(E). The Law Firms that are off shoring must evaluate the following security measures:

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Secure access to Firewall NAT or Proxy Arrange for biometrics access cards for the staffs and workforce

• •

Make arrangements for proper fencing Maintain trained security workforce for tightening the security

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Staffing Concerns and Legal Process Outsourcing  
Staffing Concerns and Legal Process Outsourcing  

Legal process outsourcing or LPO refers to a process wherein legal support is obtained from outside legal firms or companies providing legal...