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Inside Legal Blogs [By The Judge] Well, the holidays are approaching quickly…and lawyers across the country are looking forward to two guaranteed days off. (I’ll refrain from discussing those poor big firm associates who are going to have to come in to work hung over on New Year’s Day). I must admit I’m looking forward to a few days off myself. I plan on doing lots of things…including dissecting the legal blogs because, as you know, that’s what I live for. It’s sad but true. But hey, think about it this way: I’m doing all the work for you. Read on for this week’s highlights.

Most of us salivate over the thought of a

that, it’s hard to imagine why people call

defendants stated, “It wasn’t professional. I

day off from work, so naturally, we’re all

lawyers cold and calculating.

think he crossed the boundaries.” I’m going

waiting for that precious day when we can

to have to side with the defendant and rule

retire, even if it is 40 years into the future.

Moving on to a discussion about a group of

However, believe it or not, there are actually

guys who are generally as productive as

people out there who refuse to throw in

some law firms would argue their senior

Finally, I know this column is supposed to

the towel. (I’m sure that as they read this,

partners are, Crime and Federalism tells the

deal strictly with law, but sometimes while

many associates’ thoughts will run to their

story of Judge Head (I swear that’s his real

searching for the most interesting legal

firms’ ancient of counsel.) Adam Smith,

name), whose concept of penance involves

stories, I come across stories that are just

Esq. reveals that these days, three out of five firms have mandatory retirement ages. While this may seem inherently wrong to most of us, the blog discusses several, um, compelling arguments in favor of a mandatory retirement age for attorneys. My favorites included “there’s only so much money to go around” and “beyond a certain point, lawyers are inherently less productive.” Wow, with philosophies like

what the small-town locals refer to as “the

plain…interesting. I’m going to justify this

judge’s probation program.” Apparently,

final paragraph with the following disclaimer:

Judge Head takes a personal interest in

“I found this on a legal blog website.” Last

the defendants who enter his courtroom,

week, 3L Epiphany posted a blog entry about

particularly the defendants who happen to be

potatoes in art. If people feel comfortable

young men. According to the blog, he drives

blogging about potatoes, then I definitely

them around and even let one move in with

have no reservations about blogging about

him for awhile (wow!). Before you ask, yes,

other bloggers.


the judicial rules of conduct prohibit these kinds of relations. One of the unfortunate

against the judge in this case.

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