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Kay Fletcher: Assistant Dean for Career Services at Texas Tech University School of Law, Lubbock, TX [By Kenneth Davis] Kay Fletcher knows a thing or two about law. Prior to her current job as Assistant Dean for career services at Texas Tech University School of Law, she held the following positions: Civil Division Chief Prosecutor for the Lubbock County district attorney’s office, Corporate Counsel for a large, publicly held food franchise corporation in Lubbock, Texas, and assistant to a solo practitioner in Lubbock. Fletcher has also spent nearly two decades applying the knowledge and experience she has gained as an attorney to help law students find jobs. “These experiences give me credibility with

a county attorney office,” Fletcher said. “She

the career services staff at the school

students because of the variety of things I

was asking about the basics for setting up

as Assistant Dean for career services in

was able to do,” she explained.

an office. Because I serve on the State Bar of

November of 1987.

Texas Law Practice Management Committee, Fletcher said that it is the responsibility

I was able to provide help in this transition.”

of the career services office at Texas Tech

Fletcher was enthusiastic about returning to her alma mater.

University School of Law to serve as an

Fletcher, herself an alumna of Texas Tech

information source for students and alumni

University School of Law, completed her

“As a graduate of this law school, I practiced

as they begin, transition from, or completely

undergraduate work at Baylor University in

law in Lubbock for seven years,” she said.

change careers. She added that her office

Waco, Texas, receiving a degree in Home

“When this position became available, I was

offers counseling on everything from judicial

Economics Education (later renamed Human

eager to become part of the university.”

clerkships to areas of practice to resume

Sciences) in December 1972. After that, she

preparation and interviewing skills.

taught school for a short time in Midlothian,

She said her decision to quit practicing law

Texas. In 1973, she began working for Texas

and join the career services staff at Texas

Power and Light Company (now Texas

Tech was also greatly influenced by child-

Utilities) in Brownwood, Texas. There, she

care issues.

Fletcher described how she continually works at improving the methods she employs to help students find practice areas best suited to them. “This is something that I am constantly trying to do better,” she said. “Students come to law school with a variety of preconceived ideas of the types of law in which they think they want to practice. As students matriculate and take a variety of courses, participate in advocacy competitions, or work in clerkships with practitioners, they begin to see their strengths and realize where they will find the most satisfaction in law as they begin their careers. The process can be stressful, so we try to provide information and support throughout the process. Getting to know the students is critical to our being able to help with job searching strategies.” Fletcher commented that the school’s alumni often seek help from the career services office, as well.

worked as a Home Service Advisor (a position she says no longer exists), presenting

“My husband travels across the nation in his

programs to schools, clubs, and ladies

business, and I needed more manageable

groups on food preparation, the wise use of

hours,” she explained. “Our youngest

electricity, cooking with microwaves (new at

daughter was in daycare when I started, and

the time), and cooking with small appliances.

the oldest was in kindergarten.”

Fletcher worked there until 1977. That same year, she enrolled at Texas Tech University

She added that she likes “the rhythm of

School of Law.

academia” and that her father was a public school administrator for almost 40 years.

Fletcher explained why she decided to go to law school.

“So thinking in terms of semesters and summers was very natural for me,” she said.

“I wanted to pursue a law degree because I saw it as something that would be

Although she has spent nearly 20 years in

intellectually challenging and would allow

career services, Fletcher still enjoys coming

me to have an impact on some areas of

to work.

society,” she said. “I was very interested in consumer law because of my home

“I get to work with astonishingly bright and

economics background.”

capable law students who become wonderful friends along the way,” she said. “Our faculty

Fletcher earned her law degree from Texas

and administration are top-notch, motivated,

“This week I talked to an alum who is

Tech in 1980 and worked as an attorney in

and compassionate professionals who

starting her own practice after nine years in

Lubbock, Texas for seven years. She joined

take legal education very seriously. What


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1. 800.973.1177

is not to like about a place that offers this

“It is great when students say that we always

XII sports are another very serious interest


have time to listen and offer encouragement

of mine!”

to them no matter [what] their academic Fletcher said one of the most difficult

rank [is],” she said.

challenges of her job is working with

When asked if she would do anything differently if she had the chance to do it all

students who are disappointed with their

Additionally, Fletcher said that graduations


are a very enjoyable part of her job.

over again, she answered:

“There are always students who are

“I also supervise our law school

invented some computer operating system

disappointed with their grades,” she

graduations,” she said. “When I see proud

and become enormously wealthy,” she said.

explained. “Helping them see that they are

spouses, parents, and grads celebrating the

“But I am pretty satisfied with my life. At the

going to be able to contribute to society as

wonderful accomplishment of completing

end of the day, I am proud to be doing what I

lawyers even if they are at the bottom of their

law school, I am thrilled!”

am doing.”.

“The ‘smart’ answer is that I should have

classes takes a lot of energy and counseling. Being a sounding board can be wearying, but

Fletcher and her husband, who is an

it is also something I think is critical to the

auctioneer, have been married for 32 years.


Their oldest daughter is a Texas Tech University graduate and teaches English in

Fletcher said one of her favorite parts of

Wink, Texas. Their youngest daughter is a

her job is helping students find the jobs of

junior at Texas Tech, studying in a Pre-

their dreams. She added that she also likes

Physical Therapy program. Fletcher said that

the fact that the staff is so accessible to

she loves to read and is very involved in the


music program at her family’s church, where she serves as an organist. She added, “Big


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Kay Fletcher: Assistant Dean for Career Services at Texas Tech University School of Law, Lubbock, TX  

Kay Fletche work as Assistant Dean at Texas Tech University School of Law. she employs to help students find practice areas best suited to...

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