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Inside Legal Blogs [By The Judge] So how does it feel to be back at work after the holidays? Now that you’re back at your desk, facing your computer, are you trying to avoid working by daydreaming about eating leftovers? Or are you one of those lucky law school students still on winter break, sitting at home, trying to find ways to waste time? Either way, you’re making the right choice by reading this article; there’s no better way to waste time and avoid work. Okay, I take it back; there probably are better ways. However, while you’re reading this article, you can pretend you’re being responsible by keeping up with current legal events. What could be more important than that (besides eating leftovers, of course)? Read on to relish the random news of the week.

I know quite a few litigators who put a great

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plan how they will walk, talk, and move.

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kept in touch with Hitler? I sure didn’t, but

Litigators waste a lot of time daydreaming

got caught in a stall in the courthouse’s

somehow, now that I do, the name Holy City

about cross-examination. (It’s sad but true.)

women’s restroom with a legal assistant. He

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That’s all I’ve got. So now you have two

an article posted on The Illinois Trial Practice

was not arrested, as she had a “valid right”

options: you can either get to work or go

Weblog, it’s actually best to walk around during cross-examination-just in case you were wondering.

to be in the women’s restroom. Does that

back to wasting time. Considering that you

seem unfair to anyone besides me?

took the time to read this article, it’s really not so hard for me to guess which option

Some of us daydream about eating. Others Isn’t it wonderful to waste time thinking

have higher aspirations such as, say, to

about all the things you would rather be

own small towns. If you fall into the latter

doing than working? You can daydream

category, you’ll be interested to know that

about eating, sleeping, drinking…sounds

Holy City, CA, is for sale. On May It Please

great, right? Well, it is, as long as you don’t

the Court, I learned more than I ever wanted

actually start acting out your fantasies in the

to know about the history of Holy City. Did


you’re going to choose. See you next week!

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