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Inside Legal Blogs [By The Judge] Hi, folks! On July 18, Eric Turkewitz’s New York Personal Injury Law Blog unraveled the mystery of how Turkewitz finally passed his bar exam 22 years after passing his bar exam. Don’t get it? Then read his post titled “Your Bar Exam Answer Sheet Is Gone-Now What?” What he describes is not an uncommon experience, I’m sure, and for some, Turkewitz’s post may provide some helpful pointers regarding what to do in such a situation.

The July 19 post on Overlawyered titled “Who

is dying.” Reed deliberates upon the issue

A July 18 post on SCOTUSBLOG titled “Gun

wins from lawsuit abuse? Hint: It’s not you

in a post filled with informative links worth

owners urge Court to move case along” turns

or me” bashes our lawsuit-happy culture and

checking out.

readers’ focus once again toward the debate

finds it alive and well. Steve Hantler argues

over handgun control laws that gained steam

that the costs of abusive lawsuits translate

The July 18 post on the Legal History Blog

and then subsided after the massacre at

into higher consumer costs, higher taxes,

titled “Bravo on Exploring the Analogy

Virginia Tech.

lost jobs, and stifled innovation. You and I

between Modern Trafficking in Humans and

pay for frivolous lawsuits, Hantler says.

the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade” discusses

Well, that’s it for this week, folks. See you

Karen E. Bravo’s new paper on the subject.

next week!

Anne Reed’s Deliberations quotes Judge

Mary L. Dudziak considers at length the

William G. Young in a July 18 post titled

analogy and concludes that “comparisons

“Is the Jury System Dying?” According to

of the modern trafficking in humans,

Young, “the American jury system is dying.

white slavery, and the trans-Atlantic slave

It is dying faster in the federal courts than

trade reveal the essential nature of the

in the state courts. It is dying faster on the

phenomena-at bottom, they all trade in

civil side than…on the criminal side, but it

human labor.”


Inside Legal Blogs - Is the Jury System Dying  

The July 19 post on Overlawyered titled Who wins from lawsuit abuse Hint: It's not you or me bashes our lawsuit-happy culture and finds it a...

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