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How to Refine and Revamp Your Job Search [By Mary Waldron] Whether you recently graduated or it’s just time to move on, a strategic and well-planned job search is the foundation for most job-search successes. Read the below tips on how to organize and execute a smooth search for the perfect job.

you want to work for and what specifically

leave. Don’t put in your two-week notice and

you want to do. You might have already

think that you’ll find your dream job before

First off, you need to be real with yourself.

decided on this part, but really look at what

those 14 days are up. That’s unlikely.

What are my qualifications? What experience

you have to offer and how it would fit a

do I have? What are my accomplishments

certain firm’s or company’s needs.

Look High and Low.

questions that you should be asking yourself

Are you a more down-to-earth attorney

Now, where do you find all these career

and honestly answering.

who doesn’t want to get caught up in the

options? Many places. Of course looking

hierarchy of a huge firm? If so, you might

online and researching what positions are

Besides concrete facts about your

want to direct your attention toward smaller

open is the first thing to do. It can also help

professional background, think about what

law firms. Are you quick on your feet and a

you get a feel for what types of jobs are

kind of person you are-what aspects your

good public speaker? If so, you could look

scarce or in demand.

personality and demeanor can bring to a job.

into criminal defense litigation.

Know Thyself.

and special skills? These are some valid

In addition to researching job boards and

If you know very well that you hate calling and meeting people, note that and keep it in

Before you start scouring the Internet and

online resources, it’s also good to learn

mind when considering jobs down the line.

newspaper for jobs, know where you stand

about the top firms and companies that cater

Don’t think, “Ehh…I can get over it for the

and where you’d like to stand by outlining the

to your intended practice area or interests.

salary.” Know yourself and accept it because

types of legal jobs that suit you. Once these

That way, you can narrow down your job

this kind of thing will come back to haunt you

considerations are made, you can effectively

search to potential employers that you’d like


weed out the jobs that just don’t fit.

to work for. In some cases, you may even

Also, evaluate your needs and wants in a job.

Plan Ahead.

want to send them your resume and cover letter and call them directly. Even if they don’t have jobs that fit your needs, you can

What aspects of a job are most important to you? The commute? The advancement

One thing many people do is leave their

still make a connection. If the employer

opportunity? The environment? Whatever

current jobs before they have new ones.

likes you enough, he or she will keep your

they may be, really establish your

Then they find themselves burning through

materials on file for future consideration.

requirements so you don’t have to feel torn

their savings and scurrying to find something

later on. If you build a list of criteria that a

that will do. This usually leads to the person

It’s also good to milk your personal

job should fit, you won’t hesitate when you

buckling under the pressure and taking a job

connections during a job search. Let it be

see a job that sort of fits your needs.

that may not completely fit his or her criteria.

known among the right people that you are

Make the Match.

Unless you’re working under strenuous

those people are not linked with your current

circumstances, plan when you want to leave

employer. You can even send short emails to

Now that you understand yourself and what

and set a deadline to start looking for a job

colleagues whom you’ve worked with in the

you have to offer, think about what company

about two to six months before you intend to

past and so forth. If people like you, they’ll

looking for a new opportunity-just make sure


continued on back




1. 800.973.1177

want to help in any way they can. Never

resume and cover letter with a potential job’s

of the first things the employer reads when

close the door on the option of getting a job

description. Your resume and cover letter

he or she looks at your cover letter. The job

through a colleague or friend. That’s how

always need to speak to the job that you are

ad will likely list exactly what the employer is

many people find their jobs.

applying for. Too many people just dust off

looking for. Be straightforward and logical

their resumes from 1991 and send them off.

by only sending a resume and cover letter

Carefully read the job breakdown and tailor

that exactly fit what the ad says. No matter

your resume and cover letter accordingly. If

what your background is in law, you can

Next, you need to marry your professional

the ad puts a huge emphasis on experience

illustrate the right points to fit the bill.

characteristics and experiences on your

in the courtroom, then make sure that’s one

Align Yourself with Your Desired Job.


How to Refine and Revamp Your Job Search  

Whether you recently graduated or it's just time to move on, a strategic and well-planned job search is the foundation for most job-search s...

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