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Heather Conner: Case Manager Paralegal at Shernoff, Bidart & Darras in Ontario, CA [By Charisse Dengler] Heather Conner is a case manager paralegal for famed plaintiff’s attorney Frank Darras. Her daily responsibilities include working on all of the litigated cases, writing all of the ERISA appeals, reviewing new cases, setting up mediations, answering written discovery, calculating damages, and trial preparation. Currently, she works on a team that handles disability and longterm care insurance issues.

Conner, who graduated from the University

Frank is pure joy—he hasn’t lost the love for

“We were able to obtain him a life-changing

of Akron with her J.D. degree in May of 1998

fighting for the little guy, and his enthusiasm

amount of money,” she said. “His first

and passed the Washington State bar exam

is contagious.”

thought was he was going to take his wife

in 2000, worked as a paralegal and then as

on their honeymoon after 35-plus years of

an associate at a firm in Seattle, WA. She

However, she did admit that working for such

marriage. Those are the type of people and

went back to working as a paralegal at the

an expert in the field can bring about some

stories that make this so rewarding.”

firm she is currently at after she and her

difficult challenges. Conner currently lives in Rancho

husband relocated from Washington to Southern California. She has not yet taken

“Because Frank is sought after and so many

Cucamonga, CA, with her husband of nearly

the California State bar exam.

people need his help, I often joke that I need

two years. In her spare time, she enjoys

to clone myself,” she said.

reading, scrapbooking, and spending time with her friends and family.

Conner first became interested in the legal profession after taking part in her

Her advice to paralegal students stems from

high school’s mock trial of the Watergate

her own love of the clients in the field of law

hearings. She played the lead prosecutor

in which she’s involved.

for the U.S. and said she got hooked.

On the Net ERISA

When asked what she enjoys most about

“Make sure to remember to be

her current job, Conner said she loves the

compassionate and grateful to the clients


contact she has with clients and she loves

for the opportunity to represent them,” she

working for Darras.


“So many of them [the clients] are in such

When asked to recount an experience that

desperate situations, yet they continue to

was particularly emotional or rewarding for


conduct themselves with grace and class

her, Conner chose the story of a truck driver

under the most extreme forms of financial

who came to the firm for representation after

Shernoff, Bidart & Darras

and emotional pressure,” she said. “I also

he was injured on the job and let down by his

love working under and for the preeminent

occupational accident policy.

A Modern-Day David versus Goliath: Frank Darras

attorney in this field of law. To work with


Heather Conner: Case Manager Paralegal at Shernoff, Bidart & Darras in Ontario, CA  

Heather Conner Is A Case Manager Paralegal At Shernoff, Bidart & Darras For Famed Plaintiffs Attorney Frank Darras. She Writes All Of Th...

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