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Chere Estrin: CEO of Estrin LegalEd in Los Angeles, CA [By Charisse Dengler] Author of nine books and countless articles for paralegals Chere Estrin has been interviewed by Newsweek, the Los Angeles

Times, and the Chicago Tribune. She has also been named as an “Entrepreneur of the Year” finalist by Inc. magazine, received the Woman of Achievement Award from the Los Angeles (Century City) Chamber of Commerce, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Los Angeles Paralegal Association.

Estrin, who started out as a paralegal

the immense creative opportunities that

Over the course of her career, Estrin has

and worked her way up to the position of

come with that. “It’s exhilarating,” she said.

seen the paralegal profession grow in integrity and demand. She started out at a

paralegal administrator, went on to start her own staffing company for paralegals.

She also enjoys receiving feedback from

time when paralegals indexed documents

After 16 years in the staffing industry,

paralegals across the world who have

on 3x5 note cards and were not taken too

she moved on to found Estrin LegalEd, a

benefited from her seminars and resources.

seriously; now attorneys expect to have at least one paralegal on their teams.

training and publishing company. These days, she is enjoying her role as the CEO

“When attendees or students come up to

of Estrin LegalEd, creator of the Paralegal

me and thank me for a great seminar, I light

Estrin currently lives and works in Los

SuperConferences and the Paralegal Trial &

up,” she said. “Or when someone tells me

Angeles, CA, with her husband. The twosome

Corporate Institutes and a powerful force in

they’ve read one of my books or articles and

love to travel, especially to Europe and Hawaii,

the paralegal profession.

it changed their perspective or helped them

and Estrin also loves to go to the movies.

through a difficult time. I learned that’s “On a day-to-day basis, I am responsible

what it’s all about, and I’ve learned the real

for designing and producing our seminars,”

meaning of helping someone.”

Estrin said. “I research paralegal training needs throughout the country and come up

Although she admits that she sort of fell into

with workshops that meet the needs of the

the paralegal profession, Estrin is very happy

elevating responsibilities of paralegals. I

with where it has taken her.

am also in charge of creating our brochures,

“Give me a good movie, a hankie, and a big bag of popcorn anytime,” she said. Her advice to aspiring paralegals is to put a lot of thought into the practice specialty they choose. “It could be with you for the rest of your

newsletters, books, and publications. I

“I don’t know of anyone who says, ‘When I

search for excellent speakers, trainers, and

grow up, I want to be a paralegal.’ That’s

authors. I get an opportunity to talk with

like saying, ‘When I grow up, I want to be an

paralegals worldwide. I’ve met paralegals in

actuary,’” she said. “What happened was I

Europe, South America, Australia, and Hong

was on the road with my theater company

Estrin LegalEd

Kong. It’s a great job.”

doing Broadway musical revues. I wanted

career,” she said. On the Net

to get off the road and settle down, so I In addition, Estrin is in charge of maintaining

applied for a paralegal job. I wasn’t even

marketing and business strategies that

sure what they did. The legal administrator I

enable the company to continue to improve

interviewed with just happened to have seen

and advance in the marketplace. When

one of the shows I directed and produced

asked what she enjoys most about her job,

and thought he would give me a shot at it. I

she said she likes being her own boss and

stayed, and the rest is ‘paralegal history.’”


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Chere Estrin: CEO of Estrin LegalEd in Los Angeles, CA  

Chere Estrin Is A CEO Of Estrin Legaled. She Is Enjoying Her Job Being A Creator Of The Paralegal Super Conferences. She Finds The Paralegal...

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