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Bryce Killen: Case Assistant at Thelen, Reid, Brown, Raysman & Steiner, LLP, in San Francisco, CA [By Charisse Dengler] Bryce Killen is a case assistant at Thelen, Reid, Brown, Raysman & Steiner, LLP, a national firm with offices on both coasts as well as in Shanghai and London. Even though he said it can be challenging working for such a large firm and being busy all the time, his favorite parts of his job are the wide variety of tasks he gets to do and the fact that each day presents new opportunities for him to learn and try new things.

“When two or three cases happen to gear

Currently, Killen’s day-to-day workload

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“Often the core responsibilities of my

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Killen currently lives in San Rafael, CA.

asked to do throughout an average day, and I

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He is married, and in his free time, he

enjoy the opportunity to work on filings or do

from organizing all of the defendant’s and

enjoys hiking, mountain biking, skiing,

research for projects that might be outside

plaintiff’s trial exhibits and helping prepare

snowboarding, and beer making. He also

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presentations for court to driving the van and

loves to read fiction and nonfiction and is

because there is no one else available to

gophering documents while the lawyers are

interested in anything about ancient history

complete the project,” he continued.

in court.”

and civilizations.

Killen is currently working on his paralegal

When asked what made him decide upon a

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certificate at San Francisco State University.

career as a paralegal, Killen said, “I wanted

His favorite parts of studying to become a

a rewarding career that would enable me

Thelen, Reid, Brown, Raysman, & Steiner,

paralegal are writing motions and doing legal

to get involved in issues that I feel strongly



about and allow me to use my intellectual

talents as well as my office know-how.” “School allows me to learn to do particular

San Francisco, CA

kinds of tasks that I don’t often get asked

His most precious piece of advice to people

to do at work because there are associates

thinking of becoming paralegals is to attend

to handle those sorts of tasks,” he said.

a paralegal school approved by the American

San Francisco State University

“However, learning to do those things in

Bar Association (ABA).

school has enabled me to show my aptitude for those tasks at work, and occasionally I

“I’m sure that you can get an equally good

have the opportunity to work on meaningful

education at many institutions that are not

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Bryce Killen: Case Assistant at Thelen, Reid, Brown, Raysman & Steiner, LLP, in San Francisco, CA  

Bryce Killen Is A Case Assistant At Thelen, Reid, Brown, Raysman & Steiner Which Is A National Firm With Offices In Shanghai And London....