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Are You Looking for a Lawyer Position? If you have your sights set on a new lawyer position, you need not only know where to look but make sure you are ready to apply. This means you need to have your resume up to par as well as your interviewing skills. Too often attorneys looking for a lawyer position think that just because they have a good track record that they do not need to prepare. Have you ever tried not preparing for a court case? If you are not prepared, you will surely lose your case, the same holds true for a lawyer position, if you are not prepared, you will lose out on the job.

Your Resume - Your Ticket in Unfortunately, attorneys are notorious for assuming their education and past work history is all they need in order to make the cut and land lawyer employment. However, with more attorney’s passing the bar exam each day, you are in for some competition. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is not predicting a surge of new employment growth for attorneys, but they are predicting that the competition is going to be tougher. This means you do need to put your best food forward and get a professional resume prepared by someone that understands the legal profession. Obviously, your resume is not going to be the same as someone looking for a sales position, therefore be selective when choosing who you hire to write your resume and make sure you ask for references before you actually hire them. When you send your resume for lawyer employment, the company often makes their first impression based on your resume, which means if your resume is sloppy and hard to follow, what impression have you created? How are Your Interviewing Skills? Have you ever taken a brief seminar in job interviewing? It is quite amazing actually because you learn all the questions that you may be asked on an interview for lawyer employment and other forms of employment. While attorney employment is for those that have the educational background and have passed the bars, it doesn’t necessarily mean you suddenly are the world’s best interviewer. In fact, many of the slickest attorneys in the courtroom are the worst at interviewing. Interviewing for attorney employment is just like any other interviewing process, it is nerve-wrecking and often calm people become frazzled when it comes to interviews. This is


why it is necessary to practice hard interview questions with a friend or family member so that when the questions arise in the interview, you know exactly how to answer in an attorney employment job interview. Best Places to Find Attorney Employment Many people assume that heading over to the big public job boards is the key to finding lawyer careers, but in fact, this is the worse thing you can do. Why? Because you and thousands of others are applying for the same openings, and let’s face, how likely are you to find a single fish in the ocean? On the other hand, the private job boards are not just trying to get numbers or volumes of applicants, they are attempting to show you the best lawyer careers openings. On the private job boards you are more like a fish in a small aquarium tank. In addition, the jobs are screened and you typically will not find bogus offerings. If you are just graduating from law school and have just based your bars, you are more likely to need the assistance of a job board in order to find attorney jobs. Many people coming out of school do not have any experience, so therefore, they need all the help they can get in order to being landing attorney jobs. Finally, when you are ready to search for attorney jobs, make sure you resume is professional in appearance, you have brushed up on your interviewing skills, and you use private job boards as opposed to the public boards. Together, these will put you ahead of your competition. Find legal listings with The jobs are fresh and available for you right now! Sign up for a FREE trial today and find your next dream job!

Are You Looking for a Lawyer Position?  

If you have your sights set on a new lawyer position, you need not only know where to look but make sure you are ready to apply. This means...

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