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What Clerks of the Court do across the Nation Typically, most courts have a position for a clerk of the court that is usually filled by a paralegal, though in some jurisdictions, this position can only be held by attorneys. The duties and responsibilities required from clerks of the court across the nation can be grasped from this general state-wise sampling given below.

Alabama: The chief clerk of the probate court

In Delaware clerks of the family court are appointed

administers oaths, receives documents and proofs

by the chief judge and have the authority to issue

of instruments of certification, and where there is no

summonses and warrants.

contest, the chief clerk exercises the authority of a probate judge.

Maryland: The chief judge appoints the chief administrative clerk of the district court. The chief

Arkansas: The clerk of the county court is an elected

administrative clerk is responsible for the maintenance

position. The clerk needs to attend each session of the

and operation of clerical staff and supervision of

court and keep accurate record of its proceedings. The

dockets, records and other papers.

clerk of the county court is also responsible to maintain a regular account of the county treasury and papers

Texas: In Texas, the position of the clerk of the county

dealing with settlements of accounts of the county.

court is filled through election. The duties of the clerk of the county court includes administering oaths, taking

California: The clerk of the municipal court has

depositions, issuing marriage licenses, and acting as

the authority to appoint deputies and maintains the

the keeper of court and country records. The clerk

minutes and other records of the courts.

of the county court also has the authority to appoint deputies.

Colorado: Clerks of the county court in Colorado maintain both financial and judicial records.

Hawaii: The position of the land court registrar can be filled by a paralegal and he/she attends all sessions

Delaware: The clerks of the court of common pleas

of court, keeps dockets, and seals all papers and

keep records of the court proceedings. The clerk is

processes. The land court registrar keeps custody of

also in charge of receiving and paying all fees, costs,

documents, administers oaths and receives fees. Maine

and fines. The clerk of the court of common pleas

and Massachusetts also requires similar duties from the

also administers oaths and issues commitments and

registrar of probate in those states.

executions. This is not an elected position, and the clerk of the court of common pleas is appointed by judges.


What Clerks of the Court do across the Nation