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Law School Profile

UCLA School of Law is the Youngest Top-Ranked Public Law School The youngest top–ranked public law school in the U.S. is the UCLA School of Law located in Southern California. The law school at UCLA was founded in 1949 and is one of 5 law schools in the University of California System. The UCLA School of Law has several clinical programs which allow students realistic simulations of trials and depositions.

The Top-Ranked UCLA School of Law is located in beautiful Southern California and is located five miles from the Pacific Coast. The campus is situated on the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, between the communities of Brentwood to the west and Holmby Hills and Beverly Hills to the east. As exciting as the UCLA School of Law location is, their list of faculty members are even more exciting! They total over 100 and are experienced in all major disciplines of law. They are said to be the most diverse faculty in the U.S. The faculty is credited with publishing 48 new books, 45 chapters, and over 150 journal articles since 2002. Students at the Top-Ranked UCLA School of Law can specialize in: • • • • •

Business Law and Policy Entertainment Law Public Interest Law Critical Race Studies Law and Philosophy

The Socratic Method is still used in classes by most professors. The Socratic Method involves Socratic Debate from the Greek philosopher Socrates. The method uses inquiry and debate between individuals with different viewpoints. One person asks the questions and the other gives answers. This method is used to encourage deductive thinking and to clarify ideas. There are other classes on campus in which professors offer more relaxed teaching methods.


Top-Ranked UCLA School of Law Clinics for Real Life Experience Another learning experience offered to students is found in the many clinics available. There are sixteen clinics available and three new ones have been added in the current year. Some of the clinics to choose are: Appellate Advocacy Clinic Complex Litigation: Depositions and Discovery Clinic Frank G. Wells Environmental Law Clinic Bankruptcy Transactions Course: Negotiating and Confirming Chapter 11 Plans Civil Rights Litigation Clinic Mediation Clinic Public Policy Advocacy The clinics at the Top-Ranked UCLA School of Law train law students in skills used in real practice. Students will do information gathering, interviewing, client counseling, fact investigation, negotiation, dispute resolution and skills needed in trial advocacy. Each clinic focuses on different skill sets and requires extra time from law students. Clinics that work with real clients require students to work under the supervision of professors. These situations also demand more time from law students. Admissions at the Top-Ranked UCLA School of Law

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Law School Profile Application for admission requires the following key elements: 1. 2.

LSAT with a score of 163 to 169 GPA of 3.57 to 3.72 Applicants can stop here if LSAT and GPA scores are not met. Only 18% of all applicants are offered entrance. After these basics are met there are other items of influence that weigh heavy for acceptance.



Personal Statement and separate essay that discusses the applicant’s ability to succeed in law school and make a distinguishing mark at UCLA Law or in the profession of law. Letters of Recommendation to be sent through the LSAC Service

Tuition is approximately $36K for California residents and $48K for non-residents. Housing for students is privatelyowned or university-owned properties.

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UCLA School of Law is the Youngest Top-Ranked Public Law School