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The Role of Attorneys/Lawyers This article mainly aims to inform the clients that the lawyers as legal representatives are responsible for providing services to the clients very diligently. They are required to see to it that the law and order of the state is abided by all and justice is not denied to any one.

A lawyer can be said to be the officer of the system of law. He is responsible for carrying out special duties and for maintaining the law and order of the country. A legal representative always puts emphasis on the position of the client on the basis of the terms and conditions specified by the adversary system. As a legal representative, a lawyer always tries to look at the benefit of his client. He acts as a mediator and tries to solve the disputes arising out of the differences of opinion among the clients. He even in times of need acts as a spokesperson of the clients. The lawyer is also responsible to look into and evaluate the legal affairs of the clients and provide information about them to the client or others. A lawyer must be capable, punctual, and diligent. Duties of a Lawyer: •

The lawyer must not reveal the secrets of his clients and respect his privacy. However, in exceptional cases disclosure is necessary or allowed by the Rules of Professional Conduct or other legal laws.

A legal representative is required to safeguard the communications with his client with regards to representation. The law processes can make use of rightful practices and should never be used for any ones personal advantage.

The legal representatives must keep in touch with their clients from time to time. It is also expected that the lawyer is completely loyal to his clients.

A conventional attitude of the lawyer is required in any cases whether it is a professional, personal, or business affair.

It is very important that the lawyer is respectful towards the legal system and the persons involved in it.

The morality of the administrative action can rightfully be challenged by the lawyer.

Equally important is the fact that he should provide all the necessary support to the legal system whenever required.

The lawyer as a public tenant must seek to develop the system of law, see to it that justice is administered properly, and also keep a watch on the quality of service provided by the legal professionals. The lawyer as a legal representative must strive to improve the legal system, and consolidate the legal education system. He must not overlook the loopholes with in the administrative system and make sure that justice is not denied to any individual in society. The poor sections of society are the ones who are neglected most of the time and denied justice. A lawyer must make sure that the law applies to each and every one equally. Even if an individual is not that poor, he may not be in a position to make payments for the legal services. In these cases a lawyer must spend some of the professional time and exercise civic influence on their part. The lawyer must take care and see to it that the legal professionals work in the interest of the public.

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The Role of Attorneys/Lawyers  

This article mainly aims to inform the clients that the lawyers as legal representatives are responsible for providing services to the clien...