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Temporary Legal Staffing Temporary legal staffing is an alternative concept in which legal assistance is provided by firms on a contract basis. This helps reduce the potentially astronomical legal costs of reviewing and researching documents that sometimes number in thousands and even millions. This also gives the associates and the corporate councilors a chance to engage themselves in other responsibilities.

Temporary legal staffing is a growing trend in America. It has brought about an amalgamation of activities related to attainment and litigations. After the initial slow-down, it is expected that the temporary legal staffing will substantially increase and achieve new heights. The highlighted reports include the following: It is expected that annually, there will be a growth in demand of 6% for legal assistants or paralegals, of 5% for lawyers and 4.6% for legal secretaries. 85% of the workforce is comprised of paralegals, attorneys and legal secretaries. Among them, the fastest growing occupation is that of the paralegals. The process of temporary legal staffing is still concentrated within the 25 major metropolitan cities and the capitals. Most of the legal jobs are located in cities like Washington DC and New York. About 10.4% of the temporary legal jobs are located in New York and 5.7% in Washington DC. The cities with the highest percentage of legal employment have been provided in the table below: Name of the cities

Percentage of population

Washington D.C.




Trenton and NJ area


Carson City and Nevada


New York metro area


Charleston and WV


West Palm Beach and FL area


Baltimore, and MD area


Miami-Fort Lauderdale area


Albany and NY metro area


The public administration and the law jobs comprise 84% of the legal employment. Apart from this, the next large industries are comprised by the insurance and the financial sector. About one-third of the legal works that are provisional in nature is meant for M&A activity. This activity rises sharply during the strong economic situations. The remaining two-third is derived from the litigation and other kinds of tasks. There are many occasions when the attorneys employed temporarily on the basis of contracts are required to perform time-consuming tasks like reviewing important credentials and documents. Professionals dedicating their full time exclusively for document review help save some millions of dollars and at the same time bring in excellence to the jobs with their expertise. These attorneys dedicate themselves to round-the-clock and long-term projects. The associates in the law firms and the corporate councilors on the other hand dedicate themselves towards multi-tasking and meeting other commitments. All this contribute to saving precious time as well as huge amounts of money. Most such legal firms also have access to international and national resources. They have different schemes for providing cost-effective services. Both onshore and off-shore solutions are provided for cutting costs. Most of the leading law firms who offer analysis and research for conditional workforce recruit a lot of temporary legal staffing. These companies provide publications, researches, data, and executive conferences with the help of temporary legal staffing that provide a competitive edge to those involved in the process of decision making. It also benefits those who supplies or purchases temporary staffing. On the whole, the process of temporary legal staffing is useful, cost-efficient, time-saving and relevant to the present day’s requirements.

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Temporary Legal Staffing  

This helps reduce the potentially astronomical legal costs of reviewing and researching documents that sometimes number in thousands and eve...

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