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Spence Search Partners, LLC By Teresa Cajot Spence Search Partners, LLC is an Ohio-based legal search firm that works with a range of clients including international law firms, boutique firms, large and mid-sized regional firms, and companies of all sizes. The firm’s primary goal is to “partner with clients to develop a competitive edge by acquiring top talent” and to “work with the best legal professionals in the market to attain career enhancing opportunities.”

Beyond providing placement services for attorneys at the partner and associate levels, Spence Search partners also offers paralegal placement services. Through a solid recruiting process and extensive industry experience, the firm is prepared to find and procure the top legal talent for its clients, while also promoting the success of its job candidates.

and within the market, detailed candidate interviews are conducted. These interviews offer recruiters a better idea of how well the individual candidate’s skills and personality will fit the job at hand. Following these preliminary interviews, Spence recruiters narrow the candidates down even further and present the top candidates to the client for consideration.

The firm was founded by Patricia (Wertz) Spence, who entered the legal search industry following a career practicing law. She graduated magna cum laude from Capital University Law School and cum laude from Ohio University. Through both her past and current legal experience, she has established vast knowledge of the legal industry and an understanding of exactly what employers are looking for in a job candidate. Through this insight, Spence is able to successfully match clients and candidates, while saving both time and resources.

The firm offers retained and contingency search options. With the retained search, clients have the peace of mind of knowing that if a candidate is presented to them, that candidate will not be presented to any other clients during the process. Typically, retained search fees are paid in thirds. One-third of the fee is due at the beginning of the process, one-third is due when the top candidates are presented, and one-third is due when a candidate is hired.

Spence Search Partners aim to learn as much as possible about each client prior to entering the search phase of any project. The expectations of the practice group leaders or general counsel, the overriding culture of the firm, and the formal job description are examined closely before any candidate is targeted.

The contingency search is often used for the hiring of associates. If the client opts to hire a candidate that has been presented by recruiters, then a fee is due in full. However, if a candidate is not hired, no fee is due. Spence Search Partners is involved in the search and hire process every step of the way, from recruiting, to presentation and interview, and through the offer and acceptance phases.

Once the recruiting process is underway, and Spence Search Partners have identified suitable candidates in their database


Spence Search Partners, LLC  
Spence Search Partners, LLC  

Spence Search Partners, LLC is an Ohio-based legal search firm that works with a range of clients including international law firms, boutiqu...