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Short Lists to Law School Student Debts The disparity is wide: At the top end are law schools from where students graduate with more than $150,000 in debts, and at the bottom end are law schools where students graduate with an average debt below $20,000. Do the students from those student-debt kings earn on an average seven times more than those passing from law schools that burden students with a seven-times-lighter debt? Common sense says it can’t be so; though there may be some differences – do the costs validate the benefits?

Be that as it may, the U.S. News Short Lists which

82; Northwestern University – average student debt

are separate from the U.S. News Rankings have been

$139,101 – Rank 12; Pace University (NY) – average

published and here we mention parts of both the lists

student debt $139,007 – Rank 142; Whittier College

– one of those schools with highest student debts,

(CA) – average student debt $138,961 – RNP.

and the other of those schools with the lowest student debts – take your pick.

Law Schools Where Students Incur the Lowest Student Debts:

Law Schools Offering Highest Student Debts: Interestingly, six of the top 10 law schools where It is surprising to find that according to the U.S. News

students incur the least debts are among the top 100

Short List of the 10 law schools saddling students with

best law schools as ranked by U.S. News. One, Brigham

the highest amounts of debts; only one school is within

Young University is among the top 50 and only three

the top 15 law schools as ranked by U.S. News. It is

are RNP. The amounts of loans incurred by students

also surprising to note that at least four law schools

from these law schools are eye-openers.

whose students incur the highest amount of student debts were categorized as RNP, which means they were

The list compiled by U.S. News is as follows: Georgia

ranked at the bottom one-fourth of all law schools in

State University – average student debt $19,971

the nation. In case, you believe that the amount of

– Rank 58; Southern University Law Center (LA)

student debts you incur is something of a badge of

– average student debt $22,138 – RNP; Rutgers, the

honor, it’s time to reconsider.

State University of New Jersey, Camden – average student debt $27,432 – Rank 99; Texas Southern

The roll of honor is like this: California Western School

University (Marshall) – average student debt - $32,449

of law – average student debt $153,145 – found by

– RNP; Drexel University (Mack) (PA) – average student

U.S. News in the RNP category; Thomas Jefferson

debt $33,562 – 119; Barry University (FL) – average

School of Law – average student debt $153,006 – RNP;

student debt $41,190 – RNP; University of Kansas

American University (Washington) – average student

– average student debt $41,574 –Rank 89; University

debt $151,318 – Rank 49; New York Law School –

of Nebraska – Lincoln – average student debt $52,396;

average student debt - $146,230 – Rank 135; Phoenix

University of Buffalo SUNNY – average student debt

School of Law – average student debt $145,357 – RNP;

$52,447 – Rank 82; Brigham Young University (Clark)

Southwestern Law School – average student debt

(UT) – average student debt $54,766 – Rank 39.

$142,606 – Rank 129 ; Catholic University of America (Columbus) – average student debt $142,222 – Rank


Short Lists to Law School Student Debts  

Law school debt has reached an all time high. Law students are graduating with an average debt of $150,000. These law schools saddle their s...

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