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Making the Most of Your Legal Career and Home Life This article talks about a professional woman who has made her life in the medical research field with a family be successful. How do women of law make their chosen legal career work with respect to children and spouses? Many women find that it is difficult to be a lawyer, a mom, and a wife. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.

The age old issue for women in law has been, ‘’How do I balance a career and home life?’’ The answers will be different depending on circumstances. This article doesn’t purport to answer this question in a few paragraphs since it hasn’t been solved in a few centuries. Women today make decisions about careers and plan on developing their life’s work while growing their families. Some give it thought and others just decide to do it and handle the battles between a career and home life as they develop. Women in many professions have the same daunting task to manage their career and home life the same as other women in demanding professions. One example is a young scientist who has made it possible for liver cells to survive outside the human body. This breakthrough will eventually lead the medical profession to grow livers in the lab and make transplants available without the long wait time. This young scientist discovered early she had a rare talent for problem solving. She was the first to solve the problem of why the liver cannot be kept outside the body without cells dying. The research took her and 2 support people to handle her duties. This young scientist started exercising control over her immense work requirement of study and lab work when she was at MIT completing her masters. She didn’t stop there. After her masters she completed her medical degree to be able to carry her discovery through to reproducing a liver in

the lab for transplant purposes. This was Nobel prizing winning work and she started her career and home life during all her endeavors. The young researcher has two lovely children and she spends time with them and her husband. She found that there needed to be assistants for her to complete all of the tasks she had at home and work. She hired an assistant for the lab and a nanny to help at home. Her children are very young now. Her assistant takes care of the everyday duties in the lab and her nanny relieves her from much of the work activities with the children so they can spend time playing and laughing every day. When the young doctor is asked how she handles all her responsibilities with a demanding profession, she responded with this, ‘’Don’t spend time wondering if it can be done. Just accept that it needs to be done, figure it out and do it.’’ In her case, the answer was a support team at the lab and at home. Her friends are amazed at her capabilities and other women are in awe of her problem solving skills that led to the management of her career and home life. As an attorney you might try different solutions to ‘’get it done’’ without thinking whether it can be done. Just say it has to get done and then choose the best solution to make it happen! Just decide to do it. Using your problem solving skills you can.

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Making the Most of Your Legal Career and Home Life  

This article talks about a professional woman who has made her life in the medical research field with a family be successful.