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Law School Profile

University of Chicago Law School This article talks about the University Of Chicago Law School established in 1902 which has been ranked #6 in the nation by US World & News Report. President Barack Obama was on the staff as a lecturer there for 12 years and the school is known for its outstanding course work in Law and Economics.

The University Of Chicago Law School recently celebrated 100 years in its commitment to the law profession. The Law School in its beginnings started with 5 teachers and 75 students. There was no building in which to hold classes as the Law School began from a meager start with seventy-five students and only 5 teachers. Today the school has developed into an outstanding Law School that produces graduates with premier legal education taught by a profound faculty and supported by an impressive law library. After the celebration of the school’s first 100 years the University Of Chicago Law School was particularly proud to begin the next 200 years with newly remodeled classrooms. The University Of Chicago Law School has also begun a new program which supports legal careers in public interest and also offers graduate opportunities which sees 98% of their students employed upon graduation. Admissions The admission process requires students meet the following particulars to be considered: •

LSAT range is 167 to 171

GPA range is 3.44 to 3.74

Here are the enrollment statistics for the most recent year: •

There are approximately 5000 applicants per year

15% of all applicants are accepted


Currently this years enrollment is at 589 students

Women and minorities make up 78% of the student body

All particulars must be met for GPA scores and the LSAT. The Admissions Department at the University of Chicago Law School provides the following tips to getting accepted. 1. 2.

3. 4.


6. 7.

Go to Law School for the right reasons, not because your family expects you to go. Know what you are getting into because many graduates find upon their first few years in Law that they regret their decision. Focus to prepare and do well on your LSAT. You are investing a lot of time and money in law school. Review the program and courses offered to make sure this law school is for you. Tell your story to the admissions committee during the interview. Who you are, why do want to be a lawyer, and why are you unique? This is an important step to being accepted. All top law schools are competitive. Good grades and LSAT scores are just part of the admission decision. All applicants have the grades and LSAT scores so what makes you standout above the other applicants? Investigate several law schools. Find out all you can about the school’s culture and program specialties. Write your personal statement. Be sure each personal statement you write for Law School admission is different for each law school. Different questions may be asked at each Law School and need to be addressed.

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Start collecting your letters of reference. Tell them what is required to be said and share your personal statement. Your references should be able to verify your “story.” You can express your wishes for the points you would like to be included in the reference.


Rehearse the admission interview if one is required. Practice until your story flows naturally. 10. Take it easy now, as you’ve done everything you can to be accepted at the University of Chicago Law School.

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University of Chicago Law School