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Juan Valdez, Eat Your Heart Out [by Carina Zaragoza] How does waking up to the sweet smell of coffee brewed from beans cultivated at your very own coffee bean plantation sound? If this is your idea of heaven, then LawCrossing Weekend has got your ticket.

Are you tired of waking up to the same old

a recreation center and gym. Feel like taking

pot of coffee? Sick of the hustle and bustle

a dip? You can opt for the Pacific Ocean in

of the city or the boredom of the country?

your backyard, or the swimming pool, also

Itching for your own piece of paradise? Have

in your backyard. A little stressed? Relax

a couple of million to spare? Then pack your

in your private Jacuzzi. Those love handles

bags and catch the next plane to Hawaii. In

becoming a little too noticeable? Work it off

no time, you will be the proud owner of a

on your own tennis court. With the help of a

Hawaiian Estate/Kona Coffee Bean Planta-

healthy diet, you’ll be shedding those pounds

tion. Not only will you reside in a tropical

in no time.

paradise, but you’ll be making money too. Now that is heaven on earth.

You won’t even have to try to eat healthy on this estate because you’ll have your own

For only $3 million, this property is a steal.

veritable grove of fruit trees. You’ll have your

You’ll be purchasing 16 acres of land with

pick of lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges,

not one, not two, but three houses. The main

lychee, avocados, pineapple, guava, papaya,

residence is made from cedar and redwood,

mango, bananas, and coconuts. You can even

and comes complete with a gourmet kitchen

bring LawCrossing along (the thoroughbred

equipped with a gas grill and a built-in

you purchased a

barbecue. A sunken living room with a

few weeks back)

panoramic ocean view is the perfect setting

because the estate

for a dinner party. A single house in Los

has its very own

Angeles can go for five times as much as

barn and stables.

this estate, perhaps even more. And you’ll be And the pièce de

hard pressed to find a relaxing view through all the smog.

résistance: 10,000 Kona coffee trees. Kona coffee can only be made in Kona, the region

On this Hawaiian property, all you’ll have to

surrounding your estate. You’ll be sure to

do is open your eyes to see paradise. And

have a high demand for your beans as this

talk about paradise. This property is isolated

gourmet coffee is rare and highly sought

enough to give you privacy and make you

after. Coffee is easy to maintain and will not

feel like you’re on your own island, but close

cut into your leisure time. Once you create

enough to civilization to enjoy all the luxu-

your own LawCrossing private blend, you’ll

riousness a rich, powerful plantation owner

have earned back your initial investment in

deserves. You’ll have your choice of over 10

no time.

golf courses, plus many resorts and shopping centers.

So just sit back, relax, have a nice cup of coffee, and watch the money roll in.

But that’s not all. In addition to the three houses with a total of 15 bedrooms, you’ll get


Juan Valdez, Eat Your Heart Out  
Juan Valdez, Eat Your Heart Out  

You will be the proud owner of a Hawaiian Estate/Kona Coffee Bean Plantation.